The Annual Beach Cottage IKEA Pilgrimage

Tue 27th, Nov, 2012

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Oh yay!  Oh yay!  Roll up Beach Cottage ladies near and far, it’s our favourite time of the year and the beach cottage annual trip to Christmas IKEA.

Oh yes, in my exciting life, not only do I have Christmas baths with sparkles, plan a reading fest with Christmas magazines, I take myself off, alone, for a Christmas mooch around IKEA.

So, sit back, strap yourself in and get ready to see what those people at my personal little Swedish boutique, Iqkea, are offering us this year.


Now,before we start though, can I just get something straight…we all know I love IKEA, but what I didn’t realise is that some people are under the illusion that I am sponsored by them.  Errrrrm no, that would be a no, well not that I know of anyway.  I am thinking that Mr Beach Cottage may well be thinking it is the other way around.  I am possibly thinking that Mr Beach Cottage may be thinking that we be keeping IKEA Australia in business sometimes.

Anyway, let us get back to the trip…

Now I must say I was surprised this year with the whole IKEA Christmas displays…this year they were at the bottom of the stairs as you come down from the cafe (where the super cheap offers normally are). Ooooh I thought, they didn’t run that past me, chief Iqkea boutique shopper and my view on how that would go Winking smile

20121127-03-IMG_1000005879 20121127-04-IMG_2360

and then the lights were separate in the lighting department

20121127-05-IMG_1000005893_thumb 20121127-06-IMG_1000005898 20121127-07-IMG_2364

The star lights were everywhere, I bought these last year and they were great!


as were the little trees, I also bought these last year and at the time remember thinking they weren’t that cheap if you wanted more than one…but they looked really good when I got them home and are great to pop in little spots around the house …they don’t take up much room either so if you need a space-friendly version of a Christmas tree, one or a few of these could be for you….


I did this look last year with the lights behind the curtains…

20121127-10-IMG_1000005865_thumb 20121127-11-IMG_1000005877_thumb

These big stars were around and about again this year, I guess they must be good sellers….


(lovee dovee these curtains and fell.in.love with this velvet sofa in raspberry)


These are some of the little treasures I came home with below…I must say I had a wonderful time indulging in all the little bits and pieces.

I LOVE mixing things found on the beach, coastal decor and IKEA finds at Christmas for a sorta Euro, Scandi coastal beachy Christmas look…

Here are some of the things I picked up this year


I always pop in a couple of packs of the gift bags in red – I mostly wrap presents up in brown and white paper but like the Christmassy Nordic pop from polka dot reds..IKEA always has them for a great price and lovely quality…

I needed to invest this year in lights and after a few years of trying different places to buy them in Australia, I have found that IKEA’s offer good value and good value…these Strala lights did well last year and I plugged the in this year hoping that they still worked and they did…so I got some more of these



These puffy white furry hearts topped with red, a bit twee perhaps but once home I am liking them…


Again this wreath I bought before and it’s done really well…personally I prefer a real wreath but in this climate I have to say it’s tricky keeping one alive on just about any door…and especially the front door which roasts at this time of year…these are pretty good alternative, I like them left pretty plain but will be doing a little zooshing on them…


and my best buy?

these little beauties below and once out of the packet and on the deck of this old cottage, I am kicking myself that I did not get more…little glass lovehearts make me swoon…and look and feel a whole lot more expensive than as if they came from the place that they did!


20121127-18-IMG_2942_thumb 20121127-01-beach-cottage-ikea2

I hope you enjoyed another little Beach Cottage Christmas Tradition!  (I have come to know that some of you who read this blog cannot actually very easily get to an IKEA (shudder) and I know that you enjoy these posts, so I hope this went down well….)

All I have to do now is get decorating….

I’ll be seeing you…


p.s. here’s last years trip too…all will be in use this year again…love

and Barley super dog blogged here!  bless his cotton socks xo

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53 Responses to “The Annual Beach Cottage IKEA Pilgrimage”

  1. Mandy says:

    Totally with you on a christmas ikea shop alone – time to browse and choose with no man rushing the process! Enjoy your purchases – must plan my trip soon :)

  2. Deb says:

    Ho Ho Ho Sarah…and so it begins :)…I have been looking forward to your annual Ikea Pilgrimage post and was so chuffed to find out last week, that a brand new Ikea store is going to be built about 5 minutes from here!!!! (in the car!!). Usually it takes me over an hour, to get to the nearest store and what with school runs and working, I find it so hard to get there. Was hoping to head there before Christmas myself, but pennies are short…petrol extortionate…so maybe have to just drool at your post and await the new stores opening sometime in the new year! Look forward to seeing your little ol cottage decked out for the festive season! Enjoy :) Deb xxx

    • sarah says:

      Hi Deb

      I am glad to hear there is one opening near to you… I have been before when not flush with money, I kept to a tiny budget and indulged in the coffee and pastry deal for 75cents and few little decs….was still lovely x

  3. alison says:

    I’m really looking forward to seeing how you decorate your house for Christmas.

    I like Ikea. I’m even a card carrying member but it struck me when I went to the newish one kinda near my house that at the age of 55 is the new 45 that I have everything I need in life. I spent a whopping $5 the day I went. And gee I’m loving my Ikea 10X Bevara bag clips. I think from the age of 50 my values and goals shifted significantly…shifted in a nice way. Twenty or thirty years ago I would have been practically hyperventilating at Ikea. LOL :)


  4. Krisztina says:

    Looks like fun! My Ikea pilgrimage is going to be this coming Friday. … I can hardly wait!

  5. It looks like I need to plan my own little pilgrimage to IKEA – I love those little star lights on garlands – thanks for the peek into the store :)

    PS – I just have to add – I just got a Macbook Air as a birthday gift, and I have to say – your blog looks so much nicer on the macbook – I always had a hard time reading your menu bar on the windows PC (using Google Chrome), but things are much clearer here on the Mac. :)

  6. I have a love/hate relationship with your annual xmas ikea pilgrimage Sarah!! I loooove seeing the in store pics and your lovely purchases (agree – those glass hearts are gorgeous!) but our nearest store is so flippin far away!!! I am lusting after the little hanging star lights….I could quite easily have them hanging on every window of the house!!! Must get hunting for some alternatives…..xx

  7. Twexploits says:

    I miss IKEA! Used to live near one in Ontario, Canada, and now, I live on the coast with the nearest store being Montreal. Looks like they have beautiful things this year. It’s so nice to relive one of my favorite traditions through your blog. Happy holiday preparations to everyone.

  8. Alice says:

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Thanks girl! You just rocked my world… I was meant to be doing that trip yesterday evening but had to post pone it ’till tonight…It looks like I will not be disapointed, yahooo!!!Can’t wait ’till later I need some xmas goodies for my tree… Yep we put it up, had to move a sofa chair into my daughters bedroom (and move her desk in front of the bookshelf blocking access to about half of it but hey it is temporary) and it looks lovely….It is finally beggining to feel (look) like Christmas in this house…Oh, they look to have exactly what I need too judging from your photos!

  9. Rukmini Roy says:

    I have 2 curtains from IKEA and that’s the only thing I own from them. That too, hand me down, from sis in Perth. If I ever make it to Australia, I’m so going to the IKEA store. Been drooling over their displays for ages now…
    Love your buys…specially the glass hearts. Is there a stopper to it from where you can open it? Or closed? If it can be opened, throw some sand in there. :)

  10. laurie says:

    Ok….I’m totally sitting here trying NOT to be envious of your yearly adventure to IKEA-land, Sarah! lol! I love love love those star lights!!!! Wish they would do online orders!! Anyway, you brought home some “made for the Beach Cottage” treasures for sure! :)

    xoxo laurie

  11. Selby says:

    Oh I do miss Ikea treks since we moved towns a few months ago-!!

    Thanks for sharing your trip – next best thing to getting to go myself & considering how tempting it all looks probably better on my budget too hehe:)

  12. Felicity says:

    I am one who cannot get to an Ikea. Thank you for all your photos. I enjoy to shop the Ikea way through your eyes.

  13. Aisling says:

    Thanks sarah. Great to see your trip and i just love those glass hearts. A friend and i have been talking about doing a weekend ikea trip to australia sometime – i wonder if 1000 miles is too far to go to get to our nearest one:) we even thought that as we both need new kitchens we might be able to ship a couple back ….

    Have fun with a your boutique purchases

    Aisling X

  14. Ellie says:

    Love that pine tree wreath soooo much potential.
    Waaa sometimes living in regional Qld sucks I want an Ikea near me. ;-p

  15. Naomi says:

    Sarah I go every year too. Well I go every six weeks or so but go every year for Chrissy decos. Pilgramage, love you call it that, mine was last week. Got some cool little things to add to my red and white tree this year. I have to go back to get the little tree. Kicked myself when I got home and didn’t get it. Then saw your tree in your bedroom just a few days later. Damn. Oh well. I also love that pink and white lounge room they have at the moment. Gorgeous. Both being huge Ikea lovers is one of the reasons I enjoy your blog so much. And of course your ever tasteful beachy style. Have a look at my blog and you’ll see how much I love Ikea too. We’re kindred Ikea spirits!

  16. Claire says:

    I had a little trip there myself a couple of weeks ago. Good to see that they have gone back a bit more traditionally Swedish with their decos – the last few years I’ve found them a bit blingy and not so nice. I like to stock up on their cinnamon/fruity candles too – always nice at Christmas time and cheap as chips compared to some of those expensivo scented candles you can buy nowadays. Yey, IKEA, we love you!

  17. Thanks so much for sharing your trip again this year Sarah! So beautiful to look at and helping me to get in the Christmas spirit.

  18. Lidija says:

    Sarah,thanks for the virtual tour !

  19. Karen says:

    Fab haul! Have fun foofing the ikea pretty things! x

  20. Kim H says:

    Oh I LOVE Ikea! We live a a long way from one so it was a real treat to have a little shop around with you this morning:) I wish Canberra would open one. That’s just a day trip for us. Love that wreath a lot! x

  21. Shar Y says:

    This will make you cry…I pass IKEA every day on the way to and from work! Need to get myself over there pronto after reading your post!

  22. krissie @winterwood says:

    Sarah – I went straight to Ikea after reading your post yesterday and here in perth, they have some of the decos but not all!!! I was so disappointed> I bought a strala hanging star which I have been after for a while, and a few other bits and pieces… but they dont have as much of the stock here! :( I think we found the same thing last year! still it was a lovely trip anyway!

    • sarah says:

      oh what a shame! I wonder why? seems odd that they wouldn’t stock it as I didn’t actually think there was that much this year anyway…hope you didn’t have a wasted trip! I hate that x

      • krissie @winterwood says:

        nope not a wasted trip, just some stuff not there like the robins decos, and the hearts… there was more there than last year… I cant work it out why the stores differ so much across the country. I think I will have to go again just to check,….once more! lol!! any excuse huh?

  23. HRH Sarah says:

    My mum and I went to Ikea a few weeks ago, on our way back from a concert. The closest Ikea is an hour and a half, so it must be planned for. I got ONE of the little garlands that looks like striped material stuffed with marbles and I’m kicking myself for not getting 3 or 4! They have long ribbon-type ends so they can be tied together, as they’re only a yard long. Oh well, hoping I’ll be able to squeeze in a trip before Christmas~ if not, I’ll just have to daydream in Beach Cottage land…

  24. Minna says:

    I love ikea. I’m off to Perth next week for my Christmas ikea pilgrimage with my sister :)
    Your photos have given me inspiration, thank you

  25. Linda Cooper says:

    Sarah I am so excited about IKEA! I was in one for my very first time yesterday.
    They opened one about 10 minutes away from me in the middle of Canada yesterday! I am part of a small Scandinavian community choir and we got to sing the Swedish National Anthem while the flag was being raised at the opening ceremony. (outside and the temperature was about 15 below zero C.) We were there with VIP passes and we were sharing breakfast at Ikea within a half hour of it opening. I was .. shock.. too excited (and cold) to shop. I will go back and shop tomorrow or on the weekend, Let the shopping begin!!

  26. Clare says:

    although i had already been to ikea at the begining of november or was it end of october (?) to look at their christmas stock, after this post i felt that ikea urge again. So off i went today in the search of the small christmas trees, sadly all their floor stock was sold, but undettered i liberated some of their decorations in the cafe and now have three lovely specimens at home. I did of course pay for them, but I am not sure if I was meant to destroy their displays ;->

    • sarah says:

      oh good work Clare…must say I wish I had bought more of the trees, for some stupid reason I did not!