new beach cottage paint in the sitting room

Mon 12th, Nov, 2012

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Well happy Monday, I am feeling very bright and cheery this morning.  Odd for a Monday.  Watch out people.

So this is the newly refreshed Sitting Room, after the coffee table from an old door the other day I pulled up the blinds in this room.  Yowzas.  Time for a freshen up.

If you get my newsletter, you will know that it has been a bit of a mess here over the weekend with the painting…


…furniture in the middle of the room, ladders and a lot of white paint!

20121112-03-IMG_0112 20121112-04-IMG_0131_thumb

…the hallway too, it needed it!


I went for a slightly different white this time, with a hint of grey in it.



It’s hard to tell from these photos but if you look up the top there to the cutting in you can see that it is ever-so slightly more grey than the regular old white on the ceilings and coving.

My old sash windows scrubbed up well…these were actually pretty diabolical, amazing how the sun treats them – the paint was peeling and fading and it all needed a very good refresh… much better now, I am very pleased


I went for a gloss on all my woodwork this time…I much prefer a more matte look and at one point in my exciting life I may possibly have bored you with my loathing of gloss and how I was a low-sheen kinda girl…nowadays I am a whole lot more realistic that glossy woodwork with 3 kiddos, a husband and a certain little four-legged friend will be a million times for practical on the old cleaning front…so there they are oh so white and glossed to within an inch of their lives…

I loveee old windows, I lust after them, I know these are the poor man’s version and I would love some floor to ceiling Victorian overlooking the ocean windows but that ain’t about to happen anytime in the near future…for now these will do nicely thank-you-very-much.

As you can see all has been filled and the curtain poles and double layer linen curtains are probs not going back and I am going for just blinds on here, if this faced a different way I would leave like this but perhaps strung with a garland or some bunting but really, in the evening we need something here, so I have seen some nice linen blinds which hopefully I will get in the next few days…


I am now at the stage of putting things back in and foofing.  We like a good foof in Beach Cottage Land do we not?

I am making a few changes and think I am going for a bit of a less is more approach…when clearing this out for painting it was amazing how much one, ahem, tends to gather – I feel a bit loathe now to junk this up.  But really, who am I kidding, that probs won’t last long lol.

We left the hooks for the vintage mirrors to go back up but now I am wondering if I might not do the vintage mirror thing – haven’t told Mr BC that part yet, ahem.

Oh and the vintage kitchen dresser?  Well that is really nearly ready and on the other side, will show you that soon.

Anyway, that’s it from me and my white paint and yes the dining room and family room are being done too…..phew …what do you think?

See you soon


p.s. Barley blogged here this morning too!

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15 Responses to “new beach cottage paint in the sitting room”

  1. Astem says:

    There’s nothing quite like a fresh coat of paint! Looks great. Can’t wait to see the rest :-)

  2. Clare says:

    Good work Sarah!! We are always painting here, everything feels so lovely after a fresh coat of paint

  3. Tiff says:

    I’d like to harness your painting power Sarah – I have an awful lot to do and am completely overwhelmed by the thought of it. I’m in the middle of a BIG junk-out at the moment and hope to paint when that is done. I’ve lived in this house too long and collected too much!

  4. Looking good, Sarah, looking good! I have one huge painting job to do myself. I had painted our family room, and bedroom, now I’m going to do it over. I listened to and took (shame on me) a real estate agent’s advise and went for a dark beige for both rooms. Do you know how very little brightness is in a room with dark beige walls?!?! Sure, beige is the new “modern” color, however, as Mr. House Pretty and I were discussing just this evening, maybe the “older” generation had it right on the money when they painted everything a light color, duh!

  5. MDN says:

    Looks nice! Must admit that you’ve surprised me w/ your selection of a touch of grey to the white. Unexpected! Didn’t guess there’d be any variance from true white; but, if so, possibly a tinge of beige, blue, or pink…the accent colors oft used in the BC. This tiny grey bit is good, too! Anxious to see the final “product” w/ window treatments (bunting & blinds, etc.) and whatever you put up on the walls… (Have you considered a collage of your pics?) Also am looking forward to seeing the vintage kitchen dresser. And, are you doing anything with the piece your friend brought to you, too? If so, what – and where will it go?

    PEOPLE FOOD AND DOGS: So glad that Barley’s better. I’ve been hesitant to mention this, but it may help one or more of the BCers out there. We had a female mixed poodle/terrier years ago, and at the same time, a male Weimaraner. (She 12.5 lbs., he 79 lbs.) They were great friends – she was the boss since she was 6 mo older when he joined our family as an 8 wk. old pup. We regularly provided them table scraps after dinner, including bones… One time, the male got up to do something while she still was “working” on her bone – she growled and really “went after” the remainder of the pork chop bone. It got stuck in her throat! She was struggling to breathe! PANIC!!! My ex tried to scoop it out of her throat with his finger and after multiple attempts and what felt be an eternity, remained unsuccessful. Since she was choking fast, as a last resort, he pushed the three pointed bone down her throat. She was able to breathe, finally. We watched her carefully (We lived in a rural location and it was a Sunday night. There were no 24 hr emergency Vet sites then, either.), and took her to the “local” vet the next day since she still seemed poorly. That vet (20 mi away) examined her and told us she just had a sore throat from the trauma. I felt the bone was lodged and asked about an x-ray (which had to be done @ a hospital back then) and he “played off” the suggestion. I just knew something remained wrong, though, and we kept watching her closely. Two days later, tho she took a bit of water, she still was not eating, so we took her to a specialty vet in a city about 50 mi. away. He examined her, took an x-ray and…yes…the bone was stuck in her esophagus. It was in a place where he could not safely go in for surgery, so he referred us to the only Vet School in our state: Purdue, 200+ mi. away. We got her there lickety split. They gave us only a 40 – 70% chance for her survival from the complex surgery, but what else could we do? Bottom line, thank goodness for those vets and vet students at Purdue! She pulled through surgery, subsequent “intensive care” w/ vet students monitoring her and after 10 days, we were able to bring her home. They did warn us, though, that there could possibly be complications from the vertical scars left in her esophagus, that these could shrink and cause serious contractures. (They also noted that under the circumstances, pushing the bone down her throat when it was stuck did save her life until Vet care could be obtained.) Fortunately, the scars did not contract, and she survived her near fatal episode at 3.5 yrs, living to the ripe old age of 17.5. Like many folks, we did not realize the potential complications by giving bones and other foods to our beloved pets. Naively, we thought if we could eat it, so could they. We immediately stopped table scraps, all bones (raw or cooked – which the Purdue folks told us could splinter. They also mentioned potential problems w/ rawhide, too.) and only on special occasion gave the pups a bit of people meat – cut small. So, if any of you BCers are unaware of the dangers of people food and pets, please remember the BC Family’s recent ordeal and the one related above… You can avoid a similar trauma to your pet and you! (Also the $$$$$ involved.) Here are links to the ASPCA with a list of human foods to avoid giving your pets. After stopping all bones we stayed with Milk Bones…no Kongs back then! There are lists on line for kitties, too. (Those lists vary somewhat from the dogs’.) PS I didn’t know that chocolate potentially is lethal to dogs and cats, either! ASPCA: http://www.aspca.org/pet-care/poison-control/people-foods.aspx Another link (including both foods you may and those you should not feed dogs) http://www.takepart.com/blog-series/paw-and-order/2011/11/22/dont-poison-your-pet-10-thanksgiving-foods-not-give-your-dog

    Sorry for the length…the situation is remembered as though it occurred yesterday. I hope to help ensure that none of you ever have to go through something like this! Pls. know this is not meant to be perceived as negative…merely helpful.

  6. Candice says:

    Looking at your tarps … now I have tarp envy . I am slowly tapeing up the interior testing the boundry’s of how long the tape will work well .. Thinking now instead of moving everything out I will cover all furnture now . Last time I tried to move it all out to veranda the wall unit got stuck in doorway … had to wait a week before hubby came home from work , kids and I had to crawl thru a small opening .
    Our house only has one entrance I can laugh now . BTY unit stands proudly painted white on the veranda now , very useful storage and I giggle evrytime I look at it .. but I am banned from pushing furnture thru the doorway now . Love your fresh spring nearly summer white look , can’t wait till mine are done . Cheers .

  7. Alice says:

    Lovely Sarah… We are in the process of re-doing all our ceilings. Finally got rid of all the down lights and replaced them with Fan aways (a little noise and very pricy but so worth it, no more raining spiders, roaches or beetles…) Can’t wait untill it’s all done!

  8. alison says:

    Noice. What a woman you are! Always painting or foofing.

    I have removed the 3 remaining curtain rods in my house after I washed the curtains. Mr alison wanted them back but…well…I don’t. Sooooooooo, I’m using that technique where you just let something be as is and hopefully he’ll forget all about them and not notice they weren’t put back. ;)


  9. Katherine says:

    Someone needs to paint this old bungalow!!
    Good work!!
    Katherine X

  10. HRH Sarah says:

    Wow, such a busy painting bee! If I’m counting correctly, all the public spaces in your cottage have gotten a new coat of paint this year, in addition to the amazing bathroom remodel! I wish I could get you over here to my side of the world for just a month. We’re in the process of getting our house ready to sell, but it’s sloooow going. I work really long hours, and my husband has 3 generations worth of cr@p to wade through and toss. It’s so tedious and at times emotionally distressing. I am definitely on the less is more train right now, except where pillows and my yarn stash are concerned ;)

    Anyway, now that I’ve written you a novel, the sitting room paint looks fabuloso, and can’t wait to see that cabinet!

  11. Kim H says:

    Love it! Nothing like a fresh lick of paint to make everything better in this world:) I’m soooo with you on the gloss thing. I used to be a matt girl from way back too but this new house of mine now has gloss trims and I’m loving the ease of them. Must be the 40 thing, huh:) x
    PS Sarah, I’m wanting to do your blogging course soon too. Do you have dates for it to start or is it something we can do whenever???

  12. rosemary says:

    Hi Mrs BC, what the the brand and colour called of the ppaint you have changed to looks great in photos

  13. Tricia Rose says:

    Have you heard the old story that the queen thinks the world smells of paint, as she is always going places that are freshly painted? You may have royal blood!

  14. New paint really freshens everything up! And there’s the added bonus of purging since you’re touching everything anyway and may not want to move it *all* back in again. I love semi-gloss on my walls, gloss on my woodwoork. With our California sunshine, the semi-glossed walls have such a nice clear, soft, shine to them, a little brightness that I can’t get with satin. Friends just love it, too!

  15. I have thought of just having blinds too, only in my family room (I am heavy drapes everywhere else!), but I am worried that I might find them too sterile! As I would do in my room, I suggest some lightweight drop cloth drapes over the top which would soften the look, especially as this looks like one of your “good” rooms.