Monday Morning Postcards

Mon 19th, Nov, 2012

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Helloo all!


Just a Monday morning iPhone quickie from us today.

Mrs Beach Cottage is off to get her back fixed, after a Sunday spent mostly in the hammock not being able to do much, though she did ask me to point out that a full roast dinner, apple strudel and ice cream still somehow managed to magically appear out on the deck table for the BC Crew Winking smile

And me, well as you can see I am feeling rather sorry for myself, I have been to the vets for my eye, which was really causing me some problems…which it turns out was an abrasion…everyone in BC Land was very worried…but I am good now I hope..

I am taking the opportunity to milk it to the hilt, as one does in these situations and am sitting in my favourite spot…on the end of the bed in the sunshine watching the Kookaburras…

I am told normal broadcasting will resume soon…Mrs Beach Cottage is planning to paint this afternoon

see you then


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11 Responses to “Monday Morning Postcards”

  1. Selby says:

    Hi Barls:) hope mrs bc feels much better soon & so do you.

    Loving mrs bc’s beautiful spotty sheets!

    • sarah says:

      thank you selby…Mrs BC’s friend sent her a text about a painkiller she had forgotten about….oh sweet heavenly joy, her gluteus maximus let it all go in about half an hour…that was so good I can tell ya ;-)

  2. Umm…when did you get SO big Barls????!! Looking good! xx

    • sarah says:

      I know I am bigger than the BC Crew thought I would be…they call me ballerina toes, because of my legs and pitter patter feet…I think I have stopped growing now…great thing is that I do not shed any hair around this place…think I would get the boot if I did that x

  3. Alice says:

    You look adorable Barley. Tell Mrs B.C that I hope all is better with her back…Take care :)

  4. meg smyth says:

    I have been drooling over that blue cushion on your bed all year Sarah………..please,please reveal where it came from …I have to have one!!!!!! x x

  5. Dear Barley,
    My, the spotted bed linen looks very cute. I hope my “human” doesn’t see them or she will change her (I mean Our) bedrom again! Psst, tell your “human” mine stays long minutes in a hot bath when her back hurts. It doesn’t do wonder but she’s less cranky afterwards!
    Shadow, the Litlle White House Cat.

    • sarah says:

      thanks I will tell her…tho in the bath she has been with no relief….she’s a bit better this morning x