Crock Pot Chowder

Wed 14th, Nov, 2012

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OK, here we are again Beach Cottage ladies, it’s mid-week and that oh-so irritating question begins to loom, just what is for dinner? If you have been a slacker and not done a meal plan, tut tut then there may be an underlying sense of panic about your person.

Well, here this morning, from deep in the depths of Down Under, I have a little gem for you that may just rock your world and solve all of the above.

Ahem, ok, it might just add a leetle bit of jiggle to your thighs too, but, I think it’s worth it.  Pinky promise.


This began life in Beach Cottage Land when the crock pot had first came into my world and had literally changed my life.

And on the slow cooker recipe forum I belonged to, back before the days of blogs and recipe sites, there was a recipe for potato chowder – I had no idea at that point how to cook a chowder, what it looked like (there were no pictures on this site) and whether the recipe was authentic or not (since then I have had an out of this world seafood chowder in a fisherman’s restaurant in San Francisco, and never tasted the same since).  But, wishing to experiment and provide my lovely husband something other than pasta for dinner, I gave it a go.



Now this recipe called for, shock horror, hold your breath and don’t squeal, a can of cream of chicken or mushroom soup, as indeed do a lot of slow cooker recipes that one may come across on the internet…now I see nothing wrong with that…though it does make me shudder just a little bit…but I am very much of the philosophy that if throwing a can of soup over a few healthy ingredients in my slow cooker means that my kiddos eat a decent dinner and more importantly I am not stressed and do not ride around on a whitewashed broomstick as the night draws in, then all is good in the world.

However, once I had made this a few times, it was apparent that a can of soup here could very easily be omitted and so it was.  But I have to say, and so include that version below, that sometimes a girl with kiddos, laundry and not much in the pantry can do with a can of soup in her life.


Now, you need to know here though, that soup or not, this ticks the Real Girl boxes that make a recipe stay in this old cottage…it’s super easy, it uses regular ingredients, it’s sooooo tasty and it has that air that it took a long time to create, when it didn’t.


The best thing about this though is that you can dress it up…I mean dress it up for dinner guests…it has that air of special about it…and I like that…you can quite easily throw this in your slow cooker, hit the deli for a few bits and bobs for a starter, add a designer salad and some fancy ice-cream and people may well consider you a goddess of all things domestic.  When you so are not.


And lastly, my kiddos love this plus it fills up anyone who has been for a surf, been running around a sporting field or heaven forbid spent too long on a skateboard.

Throw this together, do an extra sit-up and think of me.


Easy Potato Chowder


serves 4-5

1 cup white wine

4 to 5 cups chicken stock / broth

5 medium potatoes roughly chopped

1 block cream cheese roughly chopped into cubes

fresh herbs

salt & pepper

2 medium onions finely chopped

1. add onions, potato, herbs, wine & stock to crock pot

2. cook on high 4 to 5 hours

3. about half an hour or so before eating stir in the cream cheese & stir to melt it into the liquid

4. serve with a green salad & topped with herbs

{ Can of Soup Version }

if you don’t have the time, inclination or energy for stock and wine in place of those use a can of soup and top up the liquid content with chicken stock (or water and a cube)

Beach Cottage Recipe Notes*

* I have never used low-fat cream cheese, it’s not allowed to enter the house but I guess it could work here  * I like lots of herbs on mine any and all have been tried but Parsley works nicely  *you can add more potatoes to this for more servings but up the stock  * if there are any leftovers, throw in a can of white beans or two and a French stick and this makes another meal  * easy to do on the stove top or in the oven too…similar timings on low or about an hour or so at a hotter temp



I hope you like it, it’s on our weekly rotation here and we love it…plus it’s good on the budget too.

I’ll be off then…oh and gluteus maximus news?  Not good Sad smile  But vintage dresser news?  Awesome ;-) 



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17 Responses to “Crock Pot Chowder”

  1. Yowsers! No wonder these bowls are empty. What a great recipe and I’m always in awe of your photos C:

  2. alison says:

    I love the beautiful green of the herbs and the bowls in your photos.


  3. Ha! Must be the time for chowder, I posted a chowder recipe on my blog today too, went to sift through my Google reader and was like… no way. haha! Your chowder sounds incredible! Can’t go wrong with white wine.

  4. MDN says:

    Recipe sounds delicious…am planning to try it! Your pics of it cause one to salivate (Pavlov, ‘ya know?)

    You may have noted sometime back, but for those who are rather new to your site, what’s the source of all of your wonderful patterned dinnerware? And, does it have a name? They add even more appeal to what already are sumptuous recipes!

  5. Marnie says:

    yum and great photos too
    as usual
    x Marnie

  6. Green! Very pleasing to my eyes, Thanks for sharing!

  7. Liz C says:

    Oh my goodness, this chowder sounds like heaven! Can’t wait to make it!

  8. Clare says:

    Yummo!!! I’m going to make that this week!!! Beautiful pictures Sarah, as always ;)

  9. Candy says:

    Stupid question here but what is a French stick? Same as French baguette , perhaps? Thanks, Sarah, can’t wait to make this!

  10. Hi Sarah,
    This is going straight onto my weekly rotation too! I suppose you could add other yummies (prawns, crab etc) if budget constraints are off.
    I have just found your wonderful blog – thank you so much! All I need now is a beautiful beach here in the country…

    • sarah says:

      oh thanks for the blog love!

      yes you could throw anything in but I do the seafood one a bit different…this is just too easy to throw in the crockpot x

  11. Terry says:

    Just made this for dinner tonight….totally amazing and sooo easy. Hubby was amazed that it had no actual milk in it. I’m adding it to my go-to list for easy dinners. Thanks for sharing!

    • sarah says:

      my pleasure! so glad you liked it

      oh and thanks for taking the time to come back and leave feedback…yep it rocks and in high rotation here x

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