a coffee, a recipe and a giveaway

Wed 7th, Nov, 2012

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Sponsored Post Woolworths Caffitaly


G’day Beach Cottage ladies, well have I got a goodie for you today!

If you love a coffee, a giveaway and a recipe, you are so in the right place.

Now I love me a cup of coffee, I am a simple full fat, don’t mess around Cappuccino girl all the way, just don’t give me a skinny, ever , I don’t do skinny anything.


That’s my morning go-to coffee but anything after mid-day will be an Espresso, knocked back quickly after a meal or a double whammy to beat-the-afternoon slump.

And at home too, I love that pot of coffee on the stove kinda Saturday morning feeling…where one forgets about one’s taxi driving sport duties, hangs around in pj’s all day, sips coffee, reading a book while sitting on the front deck, eating crepes and continually topping up the coffee.

I must say I have dabbled with a few ways to make my coffee at home, from dripolator to cafetiere and really had settled on the stove top Continental Percolator.  Plus there has been much lusting in this old cottage after the styling of those Italian professional coffee machines, but I have never taken the plunge, because, after having countless cups of coffee from various machines at various houses of friends, those machines have never ever cut the mustard and I have always had the view that a café style coffee will always be just that, in a café.

That was until Woolworths sent me one of their new coffee capsule systems, Caffitaly, to have a little foof with and my at-home coffee drinking, stay in my pj’s all day experience changed forever.

This thing is just fabulous…the coffee is good, it’s quick, you can buy Gloria Jean’s coffee for it too, but most of all it’s fuss free, no dabbling around with different levers pretending that you are a barista but without the qualification, no foofing and fussing and grinding. No, you turn this little baby on, fill her up with water, slot in a capsule and all systems are go.


There’s even a frothing machine thingy. Now I thought that this might be a bit tricky for my forty-is-the-new-thirty brain, but no, want froth, pop in machine, will happen.

But you know what, as well as that just been to the café but all I really did was hit a switch on a machine feeling, I wanted to try this little angel that now sits on my counter with my fave way of indulging in a coffee treat – an iced coffee.

Now I must say that back in Old Blighty an iced coffee seemed nearly as bizarre to me as Iced Tea did, I mean, hello why the heck would you want to take a perfectly good and warming beverage and turn it into something icy?

And then I moved to Australia.

It was hot.

And I realised quite quickly the attraction of iced beverages.


The first time I tried an iced coffee it was forty-four degrees centigrade in the shade in Sydney, that’s over 110F in old speak. Errrm we were fresh off the boat from England, we had only been here on this fair soil for about a month and when we opened the front door it felt like a hot hairdryer was blowing in our faces.

So, without any air conditioning in the rental house we decided to go out for a drive in the car with air-conditioning on full blast, to stop off at the beach for a swim to cool down and to get this girl a coffee before Mr BC or a small person had a rather unfortunate turn of events with a whitewashed oar.

When we arrived, after running from the car to the coffee shop to avoid the scorching heat, the thought of a hot drink seemed ridiculous, the kiddos had lemonade, one of them tried Iced Tea and after a bit of deliberation the barista said why didn’t he make me a lovely iced coffee? Hmmm, well thought I, I’ve just upped sticks and moved to the other side of the world, and taken on a few changes, why not the coffee too?


It was lovely, icy creamy, coffee and cool in one long delicious caffeine hit.

And so, as Sydney’s summer rolls in, I make these every year…not every day but whenever I fancy a nice long sip, from a Mason Jar, no less, and a little sit down and watch the world go by.

I thought this Caffitaly System machine would make this whole Iced Coffee making scenario a whole lot sweeter, turns out I was right, with this little baby in the equation, the whole thing is easier than it’s ever been.

I have meddled around and fussed with iced coffee until finally hitting on this recipe, it does require you to think about it the night before but the cooling and freezing of the coffee means that your iced coffee, is errrm very iced the next day.  I have read other recipes that require you to ‘cold brew’ the coffee bit, I have tried that but really ended up with a big old mess – I find it much easier to use a coffee machine to get the coffee bit and then chill it overnight.


Easy Iced Coffee Recipe

2 cups coffee in a jug

ice cubes

1 cup full fat milk or 1/2 cup milk 1/2 cup cream

You will need to start this the night before or a few hours before for a super icy, brain freezing coffee – see those little nuggets of pure caffeine heaven right there – floats a beach cottage boat or six.




1.  brew up 2 cups of coffee (this was super easy in the Caffitaly System)

2. pour about half of this brewed coffee in ice cube trays & freeze these little cubes of caffeine and pop the jug of coffee into the fridge overnight

3. to make the coffee, add ice cubes to your mason jar & then pour over the cream or milk/cream now add your coffee ice cubes, yum.

4. pour over the iced coffee

5. I prefer not to stir mine and if it lasts long enough to start to melt, pop in a few more coffee cubes as I go along…


If you have had your eye on a coffee machine that makes café style coffee in your home but wasn’t sure whether to invest, or perhaps you would like a little something special on your Christmas List, take it from me, one of these will certainly tickle your fancy.

But, not only is it good for your budget, easy and churns out good results every time, it’s styled well – which is important to me too.


C’mon you know I wouldn’t have a coffee machine sitting on my counter that didn’t, you know, pass the BC looks test. Not that I am obsessed with this old cottage or anything.

While it isn’t white, it’s nicely black, if you know what I mean, and sleek enough to slot into the tiny amount of counter space allocated for coffee in the tiniest kitchen in the Southern Hemisphere.




And as it whirs, purrs and works those little capsule pods to within an inch of their lives it has the air of Italy and an ever so faint hint of the vintage about it..

And that I very much like.


If you would like to win one of these coffee machines, a frother and a hamper full of goodies to go in it then all you have to do is answer this question.

Where would you sit and enjoy a lovely café style coffee in your home? On the deck as the sun goes down, curled up on the sofa with a book, in bed tucked up in white?

Just let me know, I’d take all of the above!


See you next time Beach Cottage girls.


p.s. come & see poor Barley, he’s sad 



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265 Responses to “a coffee, a recipe and a giveaway”

  1. LoriLee Long says:

    If I had the wonderful accessories above, I would sit in the backyard on a reclined deckchair with coffee and kindle in hand. I currently live with my in laws and this would be a great way to take some time out for myself and enjoy their lush rainforest like backyard. A good cup of coffee is my ultimate weakness! And I have never owned a nice machine before (just a sad 1 cup bitter maker)! I just moved to Australia (Kiama to be exact) (from SF) and would love to start my own household collection with such a fancy device!

  2. Janet says:

    Oh in my comphy chair snuggled in with a good book and a scone to go with it.

  3. Jessie C. says:

    I’d curled up on the sofa with a book

  4. Sara P. says:

    I love to sit on my desk with my ipad and a cup of coffee in the morning! (gotta love the mild California winters :)

  5. Fiona says:

    I’d be perched on our teeny tiny balcony, amidst our herb “garden” and overlooking the Fremantle port. Perfect for watching the sunset over the ocean!

  6. Iced Coffee is my fave drink ever! i enjoy mine with Ice cream though, it has to be bulla, which doesn’t melt all frothy but is a bit icey when it hits the milk. Never cream, it sort of coats my tongue and roof of my mouth which I am not a fan of. I like to have mine on the couch after dinner at night.

  7. Maryellen says:

    Sitting by the fire with my iPad….it gets chilly in South Carolina!

  8. Mary Kaeding says:

    Depends – in the Winter – at home in front of the fireplace, reading a book or doing needlework. In the Summer – at our lake in the middle of Minnesota, outside in an adirondack chair looking at the lake and watching the birds, or on the pontoon puttering around the lake.

    Either way, sounds heavenly!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

    Mary in MN

  9. Liza Glick says:

    I would sit curled up on my couch with an afghan!

  10. Teresa says:

    On my porch swing with a good book.

  11. Michelle says:

    I’d be sitting at the dining table ,like I do every morning …reading blogs looking at the clock and hoping that time would slow down …cause come 7.30 its all about the kids and it is crazy! Making lunches , getting boys to shower blah blah blah. But before 7.30 ….well that’s my coffee time!

  12. maura says:

    I have a screened in porch that is lovely on a spring morning. Thanks so much for the giveaway

  13. Deb says:

    I would sit in my hammock ( when I get one for christmas!!!) but in the meantime, just in my fave chair, under my verandah, in the backyard, taking in the sights and smells of beautiful Aldinga Beach in South Oz! I love it when the kids are playing, and just enjoying our space that we have built, but even more so when they are at school ( hehe!) I have been looking at these coffee machines for a while, and I think it must be the most user friendly way to make a nice cuppa at home, and time!

  14. Emma says:

    I’d love to have my coffee in a quiet moment sitting on my deck the sun, but in reality it’s usually slurped quickly in the car dropping kids at school on the way to work!

  15. Bec says:

    Sounds like a fab machine! I love my coffee while having “me time” which usually involves being perched over the laptop and taken away to blogland while my toddler has his snooze! The house is oh-so-quiet and I can sit & have some zen time amidst the white, flowers & shells! I discovered your blog a couple of months ago & must admit that I’m slightly addicted! lol .. Thanks for such a dreamy, inspiring & funny blog :)

  16. Mia says:

    I would be in my courtyard, surrounded by my white potted hydrangeas and of course reading my ipad.

  17. Michelle W says:

    Mmmm, I love a good iced coffee, but I make mine with ice-cream and milk, YUM! Where would I enjoy my barrista style coffee at home? Curled up on the couch by my front windows watching the world go by in between reading pages of my book. :-)

  18. Viper says:

    Oh, how lovely! I’d probably sip on it in front of the computer, hahaha!

  19. Angela says:

    Oh Sarah,
    My iced coffee drinking is totally comparable to a drug addiction. Love it. It’s bad.
    I would drink it on a boat, or with a goat.
    I would drink it with a mouse, or in a house.
    I would drink it anywhere. It’s iced coffee – I don’t care!


  20. Missy says:

    Sarah, I would have a frothy cup on my back screened porch if it was a fine Pennsylvania summer morning, or sitting in front of the fire if it was a chilly fall morning! Either way, I love my frothy coffee!!!!!!!

  21. Karen says:

    Hi Sarah,
    For Iced Coffee it would have to be down the back yard in old deckchair sitting in the shade of my old willow tree at the beach house dreaming about how one day I will be sitting on the deck of my rustic shed in the exact same spot. I already have the rustic door knocker and the complete image in my head. Just waiting for the finances to match my aspirations!
    Karen NZ

  22. kerry says:

    If I won one of these fabulous coffee making contraptions, not only would it sit with pride on my kitchen bench, where I could enjoy a fabulous cup of delicious coffee on the balcony of a morning watching the neighbourhood wake, BUT it would come glamping with us! I would take my amazing brew the small walk down to the beach and watch the sunrise whilst the waves came crashing in! OMG we have dreamed of being able to have REAL coffee on site – this would be a dream come true!!!
    & it would be so easy to use on our powered site (I believe in the beauty of the great out doors – BUT not without POWER????)
    BTW – I love an iced coffee, I do pop my coffee in the freezer, but NEVER thought of actually making espresso ice cubes INGENIOUS!!
    My naughty but nice way of an adult ice coffee = espresso martini – you can find recipe here….. http://www.absolutdrinks.com/en/drinks/espresso-martini/

  23. Kim says:

    Lounging on my fave outdoor chair, starting at the vacant block behind our new house, watching the roos , watching me and wishing we didn’t have to build a fence. That is how I have my coffee!

  24. Debbi says:

    I’d be sitting on my back deck watching the sun rise over the lake…bliss xx

  25. On the deck, at sunset, reading a beach cottage blog :)

  26. Beverly says:

    I have this enormous, lovely chair that I love to curl up in with a good book and a hot beverage!

  27. Annie M says:

    I would sit and enjoy a lovely cafe style coffee out on the back patio overlooking the garden, listening to the sounds of the Aussie bush. Perfect!

  28. Sandy says:

    I would sit it at an open window overlooking the sea :-)

  29. Pam says:

    I would sit in front of our fire in winter with my iPad or out on our deck just watching my garden. X

  30. LucyM says:

    well with iced coffee I think it would have to be on the beach with a book, the ocean and a cool breeze!

  31. Clare says:

    I love sitting in my bed in the morning enjoying the white bliss and playing with my iPad. That’s my chill time!!! I’ve been wanting to get a coffee machine for awhile now but so confused by them all……might have to check this one out!! Thanks Sarah :)

  32. kat mccarthy says:

    if i was enjoying a cup of ice coffee,id be sitting in my livinggroom,on my off white couch,slipcovered ,and used,i bought late summer,i was changing my theme from rustic to beachy,and ive been doing lots of research on beach interiors,ive been busy making string of garland shells,for my bedroom door way ,painting shelves turquoise,making ornaments for my tree for christmas this years with oceany blue ornaments and hot gluing shells to them, ive been finding all my ideas on facebook at night on all the beachy siites ,so thats how id be enjoying my ice coffee, probably driving my friends mad with all the beachy stuff on my profile.. i stop by mcdonalds every day after work,and usually get a ice coffee,love em!

  33. Nettie says:

    Now let’s see, where in my home would I enjoy a wonderful cuppa? For starters, my life is upside down right now. Due to the challenges life sometimes throws at us, my lovely little beach town cottage has been packed up and is in storage awaiting the final “ok” to relocate it and upack it… in a quaint mountainside location in the lovely hills of PA, USA. My beach cottage will become a mountain retreat. I still adore the beach. But I crave the quiet seclusion of this new location.

    Meanwhile, coffee and my blogging friends are my cuppa cheer. Together with my faith, they inspire me to continue on in this adventure of life and anticipate the next season.

    For now, with coffee machine in tow, I enjoy a good comforting cup anywhere I find a seat. When needed, I simply close my eyes and take in the aroma, savor the flavor, and think lovely thoughts of where my new steps will take me.

    Sarah, I enjoy each post, every picture, and the lovely discriptions of your BC life! So here’s raising this cup to the cheer I hear from you… down under! :-) Nettie

  34. i am addicted to coffee, and over the years have tried various machines. from the elchepo to the mega expensive $4k machine which died on me. Currently i rent a pod machine but looking at sending it back, and going for something that i don’t have to wait for the pods for, and a bean machine that hubby brought last xmas for me. Do however prefer the pod system over the beans for its ease of use.

    • We have recently moved into a house with a lovely back deck, so in summer it will be lovely sitting out there, if not i can sit on the front verandah and perve on the firemen at the station across the road. best of both worlds.

  35. Cathie says:

    In Summer I would sip my coffee on the back verandah of our old Queenslander looking at the pool and
    the gumtrees in our garden. In winter you would find me , coffee in hand curled up in our lounge with the warm comfort of our pot-bellied stove and a good magazine or book.

  36. whitney says:

    I’m here in the USA in a little country town in Ohio. I love iced coffee. Well, I would be on my loveseat (white) with a good murder mystery love the ones that have recipes.

  37. Melissa says:

    On our brand new deck that has been a long time coming!! Hubby built it himself and we are loving spending time out there with our 4 month old bubba admiring his handi work!!

  38. Sarah-
    That Mason jar iced coffee looks amazing!!
    I’ve never managed to make the perfect iced coffee at home – I am now into the ice cubes- THANKYOU in anticipation of the coming summer!
    My absolutely favourite time to have a coffee is just as I arrive home after school drop off…after the racing around of a busy morning, three kids before school, doing and needing three sets of everything…you know the drill Sarah…I soo look forward to sitting in my cane chair on the back balcony sipping and stopping for a moment…
    It’s nothing to a city worker grabbing a takeaway…but to me it’s HUGE!

    Thanks Sarah…Melissa x

  39. alisonkirkland75 says:

    I have been looking at these machines and wondering weather or not they were easy, I think I might try them out, I do have a coffee machine at home but it is never as nice as a cafe coffee, maybe this will change that!

    I love coffee anywhere in my home but ice-coffee would be outside on the lounge :-)


  40. Bev says:

    I would be sitting right where I am now ….. on my sofa and reading your blog of course :)

  41. Melinda says:

    This machine would revolutionize my “coffee at home” experience – please save me from instant coffee!

    ( Im not a fan of plunger nor my stovetop thingy – Ive tried, but no)

    Ive always thought a coffee machine at home would be great but then wondered if it might spoil the treat of buying it when out…..but maybe if I won it there’d by a treat everyday :)
    I would sit in all manner of places, I expect, as Id probably ACTUALLY SIT to enjoy a lovely cup of coffee – it would certainly be out in the morning sunshine

    fingers crossed big time !!

    and really lovely pictures too xx

  42. Charity says:

    On my back deck overlooking preserved wetlands and a bird sanctuary, a book and my labradoodle and golden retriever at my feet. De-liciious!

  43. Tiff says:

    What a lovely giveaway!
    If I won I would drink coffee everywhere! The front patio in the morning, the back patio in the evening and on my cosy couch during inclement weather. I would most certainly try your ice coffee recipe Sarah – it looks perfect, unlike one I had in America – I asked for iced coffee and received a plastic cup full of ice cubes with hot coffee poured over them. Watery, tepid coffee was the result. Yuk!

  44. BIG XXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOXXXXXXXX to gorgeous Barls!!!…xx

  45. indiansummer says:

    I would drink it on our balcony in the mornings and watch the goings-on on the street below us. Thanks – great giveaway!

  46. anisa says:

    I would love to taste that..in fact I feel so into it when I read it..

    xoxo ANISA

  47. sandy says:

    How lovely this sounds…..I would sit on our newly remodeled “old” houseboat that is decorated beachy, cottage, relaxing and just sit on the front deck. It has taken years and to just relax with an iced coffee would be wonderful, thank you very much!! Thanks for the delicious looking pictures.

  48. kelli says:

    I would enjoy a warm coffee on my enclosed porch with my Nook and a cat on my lap and pretend that winter isn’t on its way!

  49. mellie lang says:

    Hey Sarah, thanks so much for this, just what I needed, not sure why I hadn’t thought about making an iced coffee but hot coffee isn’t really cutting it now it’s getting hot here on the Sunshine Coast. I will definitely be giving this a go and you’re right the only messy bit is the coffee bit, I use a cafetiere and its a pain, mostly cos I hate cleaning it.

    I would most like to enjoy an iced coffee on our veranda nestled up in the trees to enjoy the cooling breeze, probably on a nice wicker sofa (which is on the list to find) with my lovely husband and doggy George snoozing ;-)

  50. mellie lang says:

    Love & a cuddle to Barls too, my George just had an xray and then had to have an operation as he ruptured a ligament in his leg, ouch! He’s been laying around the deck sad now for a couple of weeks, hope they spring back to their cheeky selves soon xxx

  51. Susanne says:

    My recipe for a perfect day……..
    1. Children at school. TICK
    2. Hubby at work. TICK
    3. PJ’s still on. TICK
    4. Comfy cane lounge on the front porch. TICK
    5. Two adoring cats for company. TICK
    6. Caffitaly iced coffee in hand. TICK
    = BLISS!!!!!!

  52. maureen says:

    Sitting on the couch with a good book and a tote with a knitting project in it. The couch is near the fireplace. I would have some cut up fruit and a coffee there for me would be wonderful.

  53. Kelly D says:

    I would sit relaxing on the couch, watching tv with the fire going, sipping on my coffee. Thanks!

  54. Elizabeth says:

    Sitting on my front verandah early morning and listening to the birds chirping and singing as they go about their early morning chores.

  55. thewhitehorsebs says:

    Nice pics!

    I love any coffee and I would drink this anywhere in my home

  56. Leisa says:

    What a lovely giveaway – I would so enjoy that little coffee machine. I would experiment with different flavours and places to enjoy them – the front veranda, the back deck on my day bed full of squishy cushions or I think my favourite, down in the garden in my adirondack chair – what a dream it would be!

  57. Larain says:

    Where would I sit, not a hard question, in my lounge room which has a stunning view of the lake, in my favourite chair, which I keep saying I will reupholster. Have read all the blogs which tell you how easy it is, but am terrified. Well sitting on my chair with good book, watching the walkers of dogs, and runners for health, do their exercise around the lake, with my iced coffee and thinking how good life is. Then think about preparing dinner and sitting down afterwards with a good cup of coffee and sharing my day with my loving husband. Life is sweet!!

  58. Tina M says:

    Sitting on the couch and just relaxing

  59. Sarah, I must tell you! We adopted an Australian-Kelpie mix doggie over the weekend and I looked on your blog to get name ideas…We named her Sydney! OK, back to coffee and the fun give-away;
    I love my coffee in the summer sitting in my red rocker on my rental’s wrap-around porch. It is wet and chilly now here in the Northwest so I sip my must-have mug of coffee on my couch. (I did go out wrapped up in a blanket one day.) When the weather turns warm again I will totally try your yummy iced coffee recipe! Thank you for the opportunity to win a snazzy little brew machine. My fingers are crossed.

  60. Marnie says:

    wherever the sounds of annoying husbands and whingey children cannot be heard…..
    silence + coffee = bliss
    x Marnie
    (can you tell I’m having one of those kinda days?)

  61. Mel says:

    Parked up on the deck with my feet up and the glass resting on my 30 weeks pregnant with twins tummy. Must also contain icecream!

  62. jessica w says:

    I enjoy it on our loft walkway where I have a nice reading chair and ottoman

  63. Lenka says:

    Surely it’s perched on top of a BC-styled vintage ladder wrapped only in a white Sheridan sheet, daintily sipping your iced-coffee, waiting for the other half to come home!! I loved the decadence of your post on that subject earlier this year and think having the wherewithal to make one’s own coffee (iced or otherwise) at any time of the day or night is equally decadent!!

  64. Elaine in Laguna says:

    This West Coast gal would enjoy an iced coffee at my white kitchen table, while looking out at the garden or reading a good decorating book. Even though it’s November and fall-winter here, we had record-heat on Monday and it’s just slightly cooler today. So this cute little coffee maker would come in handy year round. And I’m saving your ice coffee recipe for this weekend, too!

  65. Felicity says:

    Any coffee other than instant would be bliss. I would enjoy it on the couch with my husband and a batch of fresh scones with jam and cream.

  66. 12frederica says:

    I think one of these icy coffees would be nice to leave my home with – I would make it before I left, seeing as it seems easy and then take a bit of cafe/home out with me for a walk, some air and a stroll around the beautiful park that is nearby to where I live.

  67. krissie says:

    here in the west, as it heats up towards summer, the thought of having an iced coffee just about anywhere in the house sounds incredibly appealing. I’m erring towards having one with my feet up just this side of the aircon on a really hot day.

    I would have my tiny spot of luxury, with an iced coffee at ‘me’ time when I’m all alone in the house . . . sounds just perfect I’d say!

  68. Tamsin says:

    I love the frozen coffee cubes idea and I would have this on the sofa at the weekend when I would take my time, with a book, the windows open and perhaps a shot of something else in it.


  69. Jordan D says:

    I’d love to curl up on my couch on a rainy Saturday morning with a crossword puzzle and a hot mug of coffee. Cozy!

  70. Ainslie says:

    Ok .. since I’m a coffee snob and prefer cafe coffees (only because I don’t have a fancy schmancy coffee machine at home) I am imaginging where I’d drink my coffee at home if I do win the fancy schmancy machine! Definitely curled up on the couch with a housey magazine or out the back curled up on the day bed, sitting under the shade of the bougainvillia.

  71. jan says:

    aah ..cafe coffee on the deck under the market umbrella reading the paper at the recycled table , with the aroma of the herb garden and citrus trees inspiring the grateful mood as I punctuate the incessant chatter and running commentary of our tireless 4 year old boy (we have 3 teenage/uni kids) and then look forward to the end of the day sunsetting time to do it all again with the summer ice version! Can a machine that small and that easy be that good?…sounds like joy..

  72. samantha lynch says:

    i would enjoy mine sitting on my cape code chairs in the comfort of my courtyard ,latest house magazine and the peace of the kiddos at school x

  73. lisa says:

    absolutely ALL of the above ;0

  74. Dee says:

    I would sit at the kitchen table where there’s a nice big window to peer out of :)

  75. Ivy Myrtle says:

    My first coffee would be a leisurely one snuggled up in my white-with a hint of pink-bed (inspired by BC) but curtains open to see the garden and hear the birds. I also do the top-up thing so after finishing first coffee, collecting a book or mag my next coffee would take me out to the deck for ‘me’ time. Only after this will I consider Sunday morning housework or my next painting project. xxx

  76. Anonymous says:

    I’m liking those coffee ice cubes. Great idea.

    Sarah, I don’t qualify for this competition as I won your Bunnings gift voucher prize. Wow, I enjoy sitting in my backyard, under the umbrella at the outdoor setting that I purchased with the help of that gift voucher.

    I’m sure the winner will get lots of joy from this prize like I continue to get from mine.


  77. Lou P says:

    I have never tried ice-coffee at home but if I did I would drink it outside on the patio in my glass mug and top it with oodles of cream and sprinkle it with nuts I think. My patio is a place to sit in the sun all year so a good nook for sitting and drinking.

  78. Elena Vo says:

    Cuddling in that big chair by the window with my favorite cashmere shawl and a crossword puzzle!

  79. bec says:

    my one and only mid morning coffee when not at work is made and taken out to the vegie/herb patch where I sit and sip and admire my babies growing and sip and fluff around picking off dead leaves and sip and remove any nasty bugs and sip and admire and sip and plan bigger and better things and……sip! Ahhhhh heaven.
    Bec x

  80. Tracie Morrissey says:

    Sharing the experience of a beautiful coffee with my husband. We are doing it a bit tough at the moment like the rest of the country. So it would be a wonderful surprise to have it ready for when he comes home from working so hard. We could sit out on our deck and escape from reality while enjoying the little things in life for a while ,

  81. Rukmini Roy says:

    Sofa, curled up and tucked in, in my super rag pj, with a good book or a Meryl Streep movie. IDEALITIES OF LIFE BEGINS THERE!!! coffee time is me time to close my eyes and feel life’s good.
    Please tell me this is also applicable to people beyond Australia…

    Trying the recipe this evening! It’s unbearably hot here in India

  82. Claire says:

    Definitely curled up in my white bed with a good book. Blisssss

  83. Ann says:

    Has to be early morning while the air is still crisp. The house is quiet, everyone is still sleeping. Hubby is on the verge of waking but trying to catch a few extra zzz’s before his day begins. I like me time – in a cosy chair in the family room. The aspect is glass double doors looking out at the pool with a view of the mountain as the back drop. And theirs me with my coffee at peace with myself and thankful for all that I have.

  84. Marnie Fiedler says:

    that iced coffee recipe sounds delicious. As a Bris Vegas girl I’d love to be sitting in the kiddie pool (kids optional) with an iced coffee in one hand and a trashy mag in the other

  85. Stacey Gallina says:

    The perfect place to enjoy a coffee is sitting on my deck first thing in the morning. Such a peaceful place, also grabbing a coffee to drink in the car on the way to work!

  86. annie says:

    I like sitting in the cubby with my feet up on the chooks hay bale watching my girl making sand food and beverages as the sun beats down through the frangipani shadows. A magpie chattering in the tree is a nice touch too.

  87. I would sit and enjoy my coffee in front of my computer reading the latest blog on A Beach Cottage. :)

  88. Ellie says:

    I love the idea of the coffee cubes. Why have I never thought of that before. Lucky I read you, I say.

    We have a good coffee machine at work. So I would like to enjoy a good coffee on the weekend. Please, thank you.



  89. Sue says:

    I would be curled up on my couch first thing in the morning, coffee in hand, before the rest of the house awakes. Bed socks still on and catching up on my emails on my iPad. Enjoying the peace and quiet before my hectic day begins. A moment of bliss :)

  90. Cindy says:

    Peace x 10 mins + Cafitality coffee + chocolate + BC blog and I would be a very happy girl! Really with coffee, anytime is a good time. My husband & I are both caffeine lovers and I fear my two girls know how to drink a babycinno a little too well!

  91. kath says:

    Nice to dream about summer! NY is awaiting its second storm in a week, and first snowfall to boot. Post some beach photos to get me through this! LOL

  92. Danya says:

    Oh I want to take this little baby with us for our lap! We are going around Australia next year in a teeny tiny little camper van (it’s kitchen would rival BC) and I can’t think of a better must have!! Imagine being able to pull over at some gorgeous location, and 5 minutes later, while hubby is fussing with tethers and pegs blah blah and the kids are still brawling over who touched who in the car, I can be sipping a lovely cup of flat white …. Now that’s my sort of special.

  93. Vic says:

    Where would I drink my coffee? Why sat in my fresh pj’s with my feet up on my homemade re-upholstered window seat cushion, surrounded by all of my up-cycled (white) painted furniture, looking out to the blue sunshine, with my lap top, cruising through your blog to get more ideas and inspiration no else!! Happy Days x

  94. Brandi Nelson says:

    I enjoy my coffee while catching up on my fav blogs. (at my vintage desk)

    Brandi N.

  95. Diana says:

    Ahh time to unwind ~
    and imagine the sound of the sea

  96. Shar Y says:

    If its the weekend, i would be out on the deck down at the beach looking at my tiny little peek at the sea! the photo of your coffee drink above is so perfect, it almost looks like I could pick it up and start sipping!!

  97. Shar Y says:

    Barley! Get well, we couldn’t live without you either!! Woof!

  98. Audrey says:

    Curled up by the fireplace listening to Christmas music and watching my little girl enjoy her presents…on our chippy white church bench in the breezeway outside on a hot summer day…

  99. Meg S says:

    In my bed on a cold morning, all covered up with blankets. Sounds lovely!

  100. grace says:

    In my screened porch, especially in the fall where I can just watch the falling leaves, enjoying the nice cool weather with a lovely cup of warm coffee. I love the crispy clean cool fall! Thank you for this giveaway.

  101. Danielle T says:

    i would enjoy it on our patio in the sun spot that gets so cozy!

    • Kat W says:

      I would enjoy a sneaky coffee on my balcony looking out on the garden in the sun whilst my baby is having a nap and my toddler is busy playing on his own.

  102. Madeline says:

    I’d enjoy it while curled up on the sofa with our cats.

  103. Melissa says:

    Ohhhh, now that our autumn is rolling into winter, I would so take one cozied up on the couch with a good book, next to a roaring, crackling fire!

  104. Cee says:

    I’d also go with cozied up in an armchair with a fuzzy blanket and book, well before any other members of my household are up!

  105. Christine says:

    I would sit in front of the fireplace crackling with wood, a few lit candles, snuggling my cats on a chilly winter day sipping the delicious coffee. Most likely with a few home baked goodies too.

  106. Sarah says:

    I would be right where I am now, and everyday with my instant coffee- in front of the computer reading my decorating blogs.. That is my happy time. I add a little milk to mine and a packet of Truvia sweetener- yum. Sweet enough to give me my sugar fix so I don’t snack on chocolate chips.

  107. Trish says:

    Under a shady gum tree , sitting on my recycled wagain wheel love seat watching the sun set over yonder.

  108. HRH Sarah says:

    Ooooh, if I had a lovely fancy coffee machine, I would enjoy a cup in the evening, curled up in my big armchair in the knitting room. I would most likely be reading a Jane Austen novel on my NOOK and working on some socks or my Beekeeper Quilt.

  109. HRH Sarah says:

    Aww… poor lil Barls. Hope he’s starting to feel better! xoxo Barley Boo

  110. Anne says:

    Oh yum! If it wasn’t so freakin freezing here, I’d have one of those lovely iced coffees right now. In my hammock. Swaying back and forth as I enjoy the warmth of the sun… sigh. I feel better now!

    Thanks for the chance to win.

    I love those spoons!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers xox

  111. Lee Mills says:

    Yep me too – I’ll take it anyway it comes…usually in a takeaway cup balancing in the car as I travel around with that “Mums Taxi” sign attached…..hmm but in my dream I am curled up outside on a day bed with loads of comfy cushions and a book, one that I simply can’t put down, sipping on my latte, nibbling on a macaroon and just ‘being’ …..ahhh dreams are free, one day!!!

  112. Jo Brosnan says:

    Out on the couch in my pergola, with a nice breeze & a book! Love your spoons, too! :)

  113. Amy in Austin says:

    My favorite place to sit and enjoy my coffee is definitely my balcony in the mornings, staring at the greenery and pretending there isn’t a noisy street on the other side of said greenery.

  114. Rebecca says:

    When it comes to coffee, I will drink it anywhere and anytime. My favourite spot is in our sun drenched backyard on a deck chair, on a beautiful spring day.

  115. Anna says:

    My coffe ritual has recently changed after the arrival of my gorgeous son. He loves to wake up with the sun and I kind of love it (even though I used to hate mornings) because it’s a special time of just me and him before the rest of the family (world) has woken up. I like to drink my coffee (strong and huge!) out on our deck on one of our deck chairs, snuggling my boy and watching the sun come up. Precious memories.

  116. [...] help me with this sudden business I have enlisted the help of a Beach cottage Iced coffee which really is the biz and is helping me massively, mainly because once its all in the [...]

  117. Bonnie says:

    I like all of your suggestions and then some! Probably my favorite place to have a cup of coffee at home is sitting in my old wing back chair in the den while watching Interior Design shows.

  118. RosieRose says:

    Hmmm I would like my coffee here and there I would like my coffee anywhere,( in a house.. with a mouse…ha ha been reading too much Dr Suess to my boys).

  119. Hi Sarah!
    Q: Where would you sit and enjoy a lovely café style coffee in your home? On the deck as the sun goes down, curled up on the sofa with a book, in bed tucked up in white?
    A: We have this fantastic sunroom in our house (we live in an older house) that overlooks the large lake in town… in the summer it’s fantastic to lie on my grandmother’s white wicker couch and stare out the windows at the trees, and in the winter we have a much better view of the lake but it gets quite chilly out there… so wrapped up in blankets is always nice.

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway! I hope I am still qualified as I live in the US… I didn’t see anything about location otherwise :)

  120. Julie G says:

    Sitting in my comfy chair, playing in my ipad…oh, Wish I had one right now!!

  121. Eileen says:

    on a drizzly morning like today I want my cup of coffee while curled up on the couch with the fireplace going and my laptop nearby

  122. Melissa says:

    Ooh tucked up in bed sounds good right about now. But sadly im drinking my INSTANT coffee at work :(

  123. I’d love to have coffee on my back deck and look down on the park. If it’s too cold, I like to curl up in the family room chair.

    What a great post today!

  124. Motherofluvlies says:


  125. I’d be curled up on the sofa with a book….and oh, how I would enjoy these goodies! Thanks!

  126. Elizabeth says:

    ah… i’d enjoy mine sitting under our patio in the garden, watching the wildlife and the chickens :)

  127. Charmaine says:

    I have taking to stretching out a picnic blanket in the backyard, under the shade of the tree & painting my nails (i try for every Sunday :)) So it would be glorious to be drinking one of those as well wouldn’t it? Would just be the cherry on top of my Sunday!! ; )

  128. Brooke says:

    I would simply enjoy my coffee in my kitchen readingThe Beach Cottage blog, but only if my children were out of the house so I could enjoy both in peace ;)

  129. Michele O. says:

    I would enjoy my beverage anywhere I could put my feet up! :)

  130. Jo F says:

    I love a coffee every morning and enjoy it sitting in my enclosed outdoor room (so the flies can’t get me!!)

  131. Debora J says:

    I would snuggle up in my cozy chair when the sun beams through in the morning and enjoy a cup and a great book.

  132. I would make enough for two cups, pop them in a thermos and meet my friend (who also has a small baby) at a local reserve. We would drink our glorious coffee by the duck pond and marvel at the miracle of utter contentment. My idea of a perfect morning.

  133. Emma de Vos says:

    On a hot day, I would sit on the steps of our pool and sip on one of your delicious iced coffees while enjoying watching my newly planted tomatoes grow!

  134. Dana Sarah H. says:

    I would first go buy some mason jars and colorful spoons (I already do have mint growing over here:) and then sit on my front porch on my white chippy swirly iron bench and look out at the fountain with the passionfruit vine hanging down over it and watch the cars and dogs and people go by….Thanks for the chance to enter! I live in California…hope I’m still eligible for the contest!!!

  135. Jules G says:

    Ooooh, definitely on my north facing deck, on my new daybed that I’m currently making from salvaged shipping pallets!

  136. Janna X says:

    Ooohhh I LOVE iced coffee. I did try the cold brew method with good success. It was bliss just after I had my daughter and I needed a caffiene hit through the dying heat of march.

    I would love to have my coffee sitting around my lounge room with a bunch of friends, each nursing their own freshly brewed cup, having a chat. Everything tastes better when it is accompanied by good company :)

  137. Lynda says:

    I’d love to drink a really good cafe style coffee after breakie. I’d sit on our verandah and watch the day come alive – the birds cheeping, rabbits hopping and the cattle grazing.

  138. Kerry says:

    I would enjoy a coffee sitting in my sun drenched family room at our oak table (a family hand-me-down). I’d have the computer and the paper too, while ignoring all the housework that needs doing.

  139. Heather says:

    In the morning sun, reclined in my settlers chair (lovingly restored after a retrieval from local tip) with my blind little dog lying on my feet! Bliss.

  140. Hi Sara, I love this giveaway! I would enjoy it sitting in the rock on my front porch overlooking the river! Or maybe on the couch looking at the beautiful Christmas tree lights.

    Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs… Tracy@CottonPickinCute

  141. I love to sit and enjoy a coffee under the big tree in our back yard next to our white Hydrangea and Gardenia. The smells of coffee and Gardenia are magical!

  142. Glenda McDonnell says:

    Hiding in my wardrobe… it’s the only place I can get some peace and quiet, besides if anyone found me I might have to share !.

  143. Lisa says:

    Curled up in my nice warm bed, eating a delicious piece of cake and watching a good movie

  144. Mary says:

    I love having my coffee at the dining table once the school run is over and I’m either alone or have Master 3 for company – just sitting and sipping and thinking about the day.

  145. Lulu says:

    In my husband’s woodworking barn! Or as he calls it, his ‘man cave’! It’s in impeccable order, not a thing out of place (unlike my chaotic, messy house!). It’s rather cosy with a pot belly in the corner, a very comfy couch and no mod cons to distract me (i.e the phone, internet etc). No one (like the neighbours or a courier) would think to come looking for me in there so it’s the perfect place to indulge, escape and enjoy a cafe style coffee with a good book or some great music!

  146. Jodi R says:

    I would enjoy on the lawn beside my daughters swings in the shade of my Cape Chestnut Tree which is just starting to flower. It has the most beautiful pink flowers which catch the sunset and seem to glow at this time of year – I can see it from my kitchen window and it just makes me smile. As the mother of an energetic toddler a beautiful no fuss 3pm pick me up coffee while she plays would be a God send. I love iced coffee by the way but have never had it made your way …. must try that with my new coffee machine if I win : )

  147. Judy says:

    My coffee mug accompanies me to my front balcony … perched up high we scour the great southern ocean waiting to enjoy all it has to offer….another sip and the sensors awaken, aromatic blends of coffee and salt air…simple pleasures awaken the soul.

  148. Lesleigh says:

    I would love to enjoy my special coffee in a bubble so that nothing can penetrate to me until I have finished my coffee in peace and while it is still hot.

  149. Ally says:

    I have a seat which is under the rose arbour in my back garden. I am lucky enough to have my back garden looking out onto a park . I would sit with my coffee under the rose arbour and watch nature at its best, blue skies. lorikeets in the grevillea bushes, and kookaburras calling in the gum trees. Just enjoying the simple things in life with my lovely cup of café style coffee.

  150. sonya says:

    In a hot bubbly bubble bath, along with a good book to read and a choc on the side!

  151. Fairlight Marz says:

    Oh Sarah, I would be happily caffeinating myself on the front porch of my finally habitable freshly renovated Bungalow in Fairlight. We have been renovating all year with two babes in tow and it has been trying at times to say the least, but coffee has kept me going and I have already warned my hubby that I am not going anywhere ever once we move in (in a few weeks time) so a coffee machine at home would be just the ticket. Thank you for all of your wonderful creative inspiration (and recipes) since I found your blog this year and which spurred me to turn many hard collection pieces I have rescued from the curb into funky treasures to decorate our new home. (Not without many raised eyebrow moments from hubby, but who always loves the end result).

  152. KC says:

    Always an early riser and a morning lover, I cherish my 1-2 hours before the fam wakes! That’s when my mental planning happens uninterrupted – just me and my coffee!

    • Gayle says:

      I’m really a gazelle with two legs, I love the mornings, a walk with Mr Colonel (he actually has four legs), a walk along the beachfront, a stroll around the garden picking weeds and dead heading, shower, get dressed for work and a long coffee sitting outside for as long as possible before I’m off prancing into another day. A non-instant coffee would be very groovy and if you can use that recipe of yours for iced coffee, just the icing on the cake.

  153. Karen says:

    I am always sad that I don’t like coffee. I’m a tea girl, but the whole notion of coffee is so appealing! My poor deprived husband is a coffee drinker but has been stuck with instant all these years coz it seemed to me a bit extravagant for a fancy schmancy machine just for one person. But this new machine sounds great….

  154. Michelle Frain says:

    well I would enjoy my new coffee machine brew tucked up back in bed early in the morning reading the newspaper before the day starts rolling in

  155. kerry santillo says:

    For my husband and I to escape the stresses of life and the children, we sit on the flat part of our roof!! You might find this wierd but its very relaxing watching the stars the moon and drinking our coffee./ wine ♥ We have a little tray that holds the hubbies short black and mine is the cappuccino, like you nothing is skinny!! We have little bickiesthat little fingers cant touch!!! We visit our spot mainly on the weekend and how beautiful it is to sit and reflect on the week that was probably yuk!! It perks us up and gets us ready for what life might bring us next week!!! The kids on the most part leave us alone for about 30 mins, just enough to rejevenate ♥♥

  156. tracy says:

    My coffee on the sun lounge near the pool deciding weather to take the plunge or not.

  157. VandaB says:

    My little balcony off the upstairs sitting room that has a glimpse of the ocean. The perfect spot for a coffee shot!

  158. Abby L says:

    In the bath – its the only place I ever get any peace and quiet!

  159. Tracy Boulter says:

    I am an outdoors girt, hate being cooped up inside, love my coffee on the veranda watching my dogs, and all the little birds play and enjoy themselves splashing in the bird bath.

  160. Liz C says:

    If it’s morning, I drink my coffee at the table while checking email. If it’s afternoon, I’ll curl up on the sofa with a cuppa.

  161. Marti says:

    First time reply here! I would enjoy my iced coffee on my wrap around porch, overlooking the historic urban scene in my neighborhood. The diversity and energy I see everyday, combined with the refreshing taste and feel of creamy, icy coffee gives me the perfect perspective I need.

  162. Rebecca Brantley says:

    This iced coffee sounds creamy, yummy good. I’ve trained myself to drink my 4 or so cups of am coffee straight up black, but the thought of real cream or half&half in this sounds lovely. In the nice weather I like to sit on my patio and watch and listen to the little birdies as the day begins.. This sleek little machine sounds great.

  163. Angela says:

    Hey Sarah,
    Angie here again. Just wanted to let you in on my A-HA moment..
    As you know, I comment from time to time on your blog, cuz I do love it. Well, I usually click the box that lets me be notified of a response, so I can know if you responded to my comment, and if I need to respond to yours, yada, yada, yada, and you know. Well, I have now received all of these lovely comments in my inbox.
    So, note to self…
    Next time Sarah is having a giveaway, either don’t comment, or do. not. check the the box.
    I’m off to delete some emails. :)
    Have a great day!

  164. Diana says:

    I love sitting on the deck of our mountain cabin, enjoying all the wildflowers while I sip my coffee. I love ice coffee with coffee ice cubes or a scoop of coffee ice cream!

  165. Elaine williams says:

    I love sitting on my chaise lounge chair, beside my fireplace, drinking coffee and reading my favorite blogs!! Of course, my dog and cat are right beside me, they love blogging too!!

  166. Shannon says:

    I would love to have that kind of coffee right now while I’m sitting on my balcony looking out at the ocean!

  167. Lynn says:

    In the am at the table reading the paper.

  168. Carolyn Rogers says:

    I love to sit down with my husband and have a coffee after running the kids to school in the morning. We catch up on things to be done during the day and just some good ole us time over my favourite drink!! Coffee! :)

  169. I’ll take mine curled up on the couch with a book!

  170. janet c says:

    I love to have my coffee first thing in the morning on the couch and then another cup at the end of the day on my porch.

  171. Nicole Goddard says:

    Sitting in my favorite chair in my pjs overlooking pool sipping my coffee is the place i love to be its so peaceful and noone bothers me there

  172. Lani Kennedy says:

    Early morning outside on my terrace, smells of coffee and countryside, the sounds of cowing mooing from across the paddocks, and screeching birds overhead- bliss !

  173. tanya bowers says:

    would be in my small court yard surrounded by beautiful australian plants and native birds reading one of my romance novels curled up in my balinese wicker round cane chair legs tucked under sipping mouth watering cafe style coffee away from the loud noise of my life and stresses of the everyday life that come our way everyday and just a few minutes of not hearing the words “mummmmmmmmy”

  174. Chrystal says:

    Cuddled up on the veranda with a blanket listening to the summer rain.

  175. pat says:

    well hopefully my husband would spoil me and bring it to me in bed I can dream

  176. roberto colombi says:

    on the balcony – it would take the ‘Grind’ out of the day!

  177. Marie Pohnetalova says:

    In the kitchen with a croissant so the ‘Chow’ can go on!

  178. Sarah Collett says:

    On a warm morning watching the sunrise with everyone tucked in bed is the only time in my mad house that all seems peaceful in the world. Birds singing, sunrising. Heaven.

  179. Sarah, where did you get those spoons…..THEY ARE TO DIE FOR!!!

  180. johanna rees says:

    First thing in the morning
    Sun coming up,
    On my front verandah,
    Cradling my cup,
    The rich full aroma,
    My new best friend,
    Savoring it’s flavor,
    Not wishing it to end.

    And as my mood starts to lift,
    I can start the new day,
    With cattle to muster,
    And to cut the new hay,
    But at the days end,
    I return to my place,
    On the verandah, with my coffee,
    And a smile on my face.

  181. Caprice Burrows says:

    Mine is usually in a tent surrounded by dolls. The joys of having 3 little girls that love tea parties! At least I could get a great coffee while they pour their tea cups of water and we pretend to eat toy biscuits and cakes!

  182. lynn lucas says:

    Out in the garden under a tree, sipping my coffee. While my mind runs free, enjoying the perfume’s of my garden that the blooms have set free.

  183. sam says:

    On my balcony overlooking the water – it ‘perks’ me up and ‘filters’ away my cares.

  184. nadine says:

    I would drink my coffee sitting in my wrought iron garden love seat the kind that looks like an S, with the small glass topped table that is just tall enough to read a book or something I have been writing, with my elbows on the table and my chin resting on my hands, and this seat is located almost at the back fence in the shade of a mulberry tree and with view of my lovely house extension. Currently, my kick start coffee is made in one of those cafe-press cups, or, a dripulator cone which is easily 30 years old and sits on a ceramic mug, so I am way back in the last century.

  185. Tess Howard says:

    Kids and hubby clean and cook
    While I enjoy a drink and a book!
    Something sweet, coffee hot
    Sitting on my deck in a sunny spot

  186. Elisabeth says:

    I know this might not sound nice but I would love to enjoy it while on the computer catching up on my favorite blogs! :)

  187. Amanda says:

    Gazing out from my bay window, sitting on my cushions, watching my hubby mow the lawn in his speedos and being greatful I have curtains!

  188. Jan Witsoe says:

    Wow! Your new Caffitaly system sounds like it puts out that one perfect cup of coffee. The coffee I make each morning is fine…..and does the job of getting me started for the day…..but, having the perfect cup would be – well – perfect. I would be drinking that cuppa on my front deck as the sun is rising. I could greet the morning walkers going by and keep and eye on our beach coming to life. Thanks too for the iced coffee recipe – I have all that is needed and will try this one for sure.

  189. Lynn says:

    I would just love my Caffitaly Coffee while sitting in my portico, aka beachy Greek taverna look alike, watching the sun rise glitter on high rise buildings and shimmering on my water view – just me my Bella dog and the aroma of a fresh brew

  190. judith perez says:

    In the bench outside the house in the moment that husband leaves to work and kids walk to school enjoying that moment of peace and relax,with a deep breath and my cup of fresh coffee

  191. Melissa Wilkes says:

    I love to curl up in front of the computer reading some funny informative blogs on topics I love with a ice cream topped ice coffee.

  192. Julie says:

    Curled up on the couch with my husband watching the snow fall as our 15 month old daughter is sleeping soundly on a cold winter’s night.

  193. Dimity says:

    I love a good coffee after a bit of a sleep in on the weekend, in my bodum cup (not my travel cup that i rush to fill before the drive to work during the week). On the weekend I can take my time. Sip my coffee. Sit outside in the morning sun, with a magazine on my lap, watching my ginger cat frolick through the grass while our kelpie dozes in the sun. Happy times!

  194. Tracey Waller says:

    In our beautiful day room, where the sun streams in early in the morning, and the sound of the waking world outside – perfect!

  195. Susan says:

    It is lovely either out on the patio with the chicken making chicken-y noises in the yard….or sitting in the family room…watching those same chickens!

  196. Susan says:

    And goodness…where did you find those yummy spoons?

  197. Renee Annison says:

    Superior blend enjoyed with a friend, carefully brewing our next shopping spend

  198. Theresa Collins says:

    I don’t drink coffee myself but I would love to see my hubby and kids faces if I served them up one. It would’nt matter where they where the looks on their faces would be priceless and I LOVE that.

  199. Sharon T says:

    Personally I’d hide in the hall closet with a coffee, away from children, so I have at least ‘one-cup-of-coffee break’ without the mum, mum, mum.

  200. Kim says:

    There’s nothing better than sipping my morning coffee and watching the summer sun rise with my feet dangling over the side of the pool.

  201. Tina says:

    Sitting at the desk working from home yum!

  202. Toni Crawford says:

    The perfect ambience in my home to enjoy cafe style coffee is from the seat of my lounge. Laptop in hand, coffee in the other, savouring each sip recharging this worn out mother.

  203. Di says:

    I’d sit in sun on garden seat,
    two lovely cats are at my feet,
    flowers galore & my animals I adore,
    can’t want for more but good coffee & treats

  204. Melissa Jones says:

    I would sit in my backyard to drink my coffee while admiring flowers and watching my little one chasing the butterflies. Such a comfy life!

  205. Vivian Di Biasi says:

    I would love to sit on our balcony, as if I was waiting for my Romeo, every girl has the right to dream.

  206. Falon Downing says:

    Curled up with my puppy, book in hand!

  207. Marcia McCarraher says:

    Unfortunately I don’t have a place yet that I could imagine feeling that special way you do, when you are in just the right spot to lose yourself with your favorite things. Someday I hope to.. …when I do read at our temp place, I curl into myself on my husbands side of the couch and read from my favorite Diana Gabaldon books, covered in a cotton throw I bought years ago at a yard sale. It’s the closest thing I have to being “home”.

  208. My favorite spot for coffee is in one of the comfy white armchairs in my LR. But I also very much love coffee at the distressed wood dining table. Also on the back stoop with my hubby early on a summer morning : ) Thanks for the giveaway!

  209. sharron smith says:

    Recently retired i finally have my own vegetable patch going very well for a first timer i love to relax in the veggie patch early morning with a big mug no not hubby a mug of coffee

  210. Tracy Harris says:

    Sitting on the back verandah, watching the sun slowly set and enjoying the lazy evening breezes. Bliss in a cup, if only I could add a moment of peaceful silence to the mix!

  211. Diane Carlson says:

    With the wind gently blowing
    and the birds all crowing,
    sipping coffee on my veranda
    What could be better, or grander!

  212. Glenda says:

    I would love to say on my deck but I don’t have one so I would have to sit out the front of my house in a little sunny spot and hope that I’ve (wish it was someone else) picked up all the dog pooh and the damn gum leaves. I’m tellin’ ya – living amongst nature is not always what it’s cracked up to be!
    Nice to gaze up at the beautiful branches – sucks the big one, down at ground level, drowning in freakin leaves – I need me a coffee pick-me-up to get through the job!

  213. Belinda Fletcher says:

    I love enjoying a strong coffee in the afternoon sun when we’re camping. Preferably with a good book in hand and the fire roaring!

  214. Crystal McFarlane says:

    In a secret hideaway place with the kids not there yelling and screaming

  215. paula winspear says:

    I would sit on my deck watching my husband forage in the garden and my kids shoot hoops. I would have a coffee in one hand and a stack of house magazines to browse through by my side. I would be lying on a comfy lounger with home-made flowery cushions and quilts. I would have a bunch of huge old-fashioned roses bobbing in a crystal vase on my table. Occasionally I would look up and peer over my sunglasses and just breathe.

  216. Charisse Childs says:

    The perfect place for me to have my cuppa would be curled up in bed with my hubby (he’s the only good view from my house) and a good book.

  217. Narelle says:

    Out in the alfresco, it’s not finished yet, but I’d love to sit with my ice coffee and picture it all finished! Perhaps there are some builder fairies in the hamper too!!

  218. Anna says:

    Foster mummy to five,
    A sumptuous coffee is needed for my sanity to survive!
    More often than not it is chilled,
    But when enjoyed “HOT” and “UNINTERUPTED” I am thrilled!
    The baby nursery is where I can enjoy solitude, relax and just be still,
    Immersed in a rocking chair overlooking a daisy filled hill,
    The world needs brilliance and grace,
    A homemade skinny latte I will gladly embrace!

  219. Elizabeth Davey says:

    outside in the garden watching the butterflies flutter around

  220. Natalie Stoute says:

    We have a huge kitchen bench and I love sitting there with my boys whilst they do their painting, drawing, colouring and, with a big hot coffee and my trusty laptop, I check facebook, emails and enter comps to win coffee makers ;)

  221. Kylie Bowers says:

    I love sitting outside in the afternoon sun watching the kids play and enjoying a nice strong coffee to give me the kick to get me through the afternoon!

  222. Kim R says:

    It’s all in the imagination. I have several favourite places to relax and drink my coffee (comfy loung chair, in my garden). But nothing beats where my mind can take me!

  223. Lynne lillington says:

    Smell the beans, enjoy the taste, the smoothest coffee I drink any place

  224. carolyn wrigley says:

    Sitting out the back in the sun, enjoying watching the kids and the puppy play in the backyard. Coffee in hand, relaxing, enjoying a sweet treat. Heaven !!!

  225. Mary Jo says:

    I drive my kids to school, I love to 20 minutes of quiet togetherness in the car.
    So I would take my iced latte in the crar and the morning comute even more pleasant.
    Ane make mine a skinny!

  226. Carolann Reale Barrett says:

    Hi Sarah! Well, in bed tucked in white sounds dreamy, in my dream beach cottage….and since I don’t know what my future holds, anything is possible, someday!

    from Carol in NY, to you with much peace and light!

  227. Vija says:

    PJ day! Lazing in bed with some magazines and enjoying the luxury of the moment

  228. Lyndel Tasovac says:

    I love to pull up a ‘kerb’ seat outside my house with a wonderfully delicious coffee…soon I’m rewarded equally delightful neighbours, a laugh, a catch-up..sometimes some gossip and always a sense of…belonging.

  229. Fatima says:

    I adore iced coffee and actually only ever iced coffee when out – no matter how cold or hot it is. I have to admit I would love to put in a scoop of vanilla icecream into that jar to make it perfect (though probably not very healthy). As for where to sit I’d sit in bed with a good book and most importantly my husband would be gone out with the kids so I am not interrupted – coffee and book uninterrupted is my current definition of bliss!

  230. Tegan says:

    I would sit curled up on the couch with my 2 year old daughter – both sipping on our ‘chinos’!

  231. Alicia says:

    Very early before hubby and the kids have stirred. I would make my coffee in my favourite mug and sit on the deck with my faithful dog and watch the sunrise together.

  232. Kirsten W says:

    Snuggled in bed,
    Snug as a bug,
    Enjoying cafe style,
    Coffee in a mug,
    Nice and cozy,
    toasty and warm,
    Hiding away,
    From the crazy kid storm!

  233. Judith Senese says:

    I would be sitting on our verandah, with the gorgeous views of trees and hills. As the sun is setting and the colours of the trees are changing. Its such a gorgeous view.

  234. Judy Roney says:

    On the front verandah, next to my wonderful husband, discussing our day, watching the grandkids play, cows grazing in the paddocks, hay rolls neatly packed, another job well done!Farming can be a rewarding life!

  235. Chris says:

    A good coffee I can drink anywhere but with a friend having a chat under the pergola in the sun.Priceless.

  236. Nelll Hamilton says:

    I’d relax on the verandah in a comfy seat
    Grandkids happily playing at my feet
    And the best bit is hubby ‘s here too
    Not gone to the coffee shop. Thanks to you!

  237. Jodie Taylor says:

    On my balcony we have ocean glimpses (read crane your head around the corner and lean out a bit and there is the ocean) I solved this problem by putting a massive mirror on the wall of the house on the balcony, now I sit out there in my rattan chair with a good book and watch the sunset each night, this would make my little nook Perfecto!

  238. Elizabeth Guenter says:

    My porch meets a huge tree that local parrots call home. My favorite chair is nestled amongst my homemade bird feeders and planters. Paradise.

  239. Leanne Conroy says:

    I would have a sip beside the pool next to my beautiful puppies, dangling my tootsies in the water.

  240. Jacoba Evans says:

    In bed, after a sleep in because hubby has taken the kids to see his mother. A beautiful way to wake up.

  241. julie bennett says:

    sitting outside on an arm chair while watching the kids run around playing in the backyard

  242. Deb says:

    The front steps looking out over the garden and the beach, soaking up the sun would be my ideal spot for a delicious coffee.

  243. Tess Lindsay says:

    Sitting on the bottom shelf of the pantry – it’s the only place the kids can’t find me… plus it’s where the Nutella lives, mmmmmm mocha!

  244. Daniela barbaro says:

    I’d take it on my walk,i keep my walks as thinking time and would love my face coffee to go with my face me time

  245. Debra Cannon says:

    I’m not fussy so long as I can enjoy my coffee in peace (without kids interrupting) I will sit huddled in a cupboard!

  246. Jennifer H says:

    Under a palm at THE EDGE OF THE JUNGLE – I’m lucky enough to live next to HOT STEAMING RAINFOREST – Coffee Beans very much at home in this part of the world – Your ICED COFFEE ideas would go down a treat in our TROPICAL SUMMER xxx

  247. Thea says:

    I love iced coffee made like this – lots of ice, just milk, no cream, ice cream or any other things designed to take away the joy of coffee. This is Japanese iced coffee – just add sugar syrup as desired.

  248. Jan white says:

    Home from. Work early in the morn

    Tired trying not to yawn
    Coffee out by the water feature
    With zia my Pomeranian she’s my favourite creature
    What a way to start the day
    Sipping coffee and watching nature at play

  249. Noelene says:

    A girl can only dream of a beautiful iced coffee in a mason jar with straw on a 40 degree australian summers day ,or in my case as I am addicted to coffee all day every day all around my house.

  250. Courtney says:

    Such a great idea, thanks for sharing! I am utterly obsessed with coffee and will take my daily hit anyway i can get it but have also really been loving iced coffee during summer! So refreshing :-) And I love your idea of the ice cubes to make it extra strong and chilled! Mason jars are adorable as well!!

  251. [...] on the cob, hammock {row 2} homemade summer book, banana split {row 3} cocktails by the pool, iced coffee, [...]