it beats a frozen soccer pitch I believe

Mon 29th, Oct, 2012

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Morning ladies, how the heck are you?  Happy Beach Cottage Monday!

Well the sun is shining here and it’s time for laundry in my exciting life, I am not quite sure how but it seems the laundry seems to grow all by its little lonesome in this old cottage…do you have the same monster growing in your house too?


Anyway, these are some beachy pics from over the weekend…from a little trip I had over the two bridges that lead to Sydney and down the coast to more lovely Australian beaches.


I did this trip with one of my kiddos for sport this weekend and this travelling around the countryside has become our routine….our start to Summer is when these trips start…we pack up an eski of food, our sun gear and beach blanket…

…one part of the partnership partakes in sport and the other part finds new places in Australia to ogle at and wonder, yet again, quite how this place came to be.


I usually team a long walk on the beach with my camera with some vintage treasure hunting but this time there wasn’t any treasure hunting just beach walking…to be honest so stunning that I didn’t want to venture too far away…and I am trying to de-jiggle my legs as we approach short-wearing weather…I can testify to you ladies that walking on the sand is extremely good for one’s jiggly legs.

20121029-01-beach-cottage-blog 20121029-04-IMG_9714

I’ve mentioned on here before that one of our kiddos does a lot of sport, it’s not always easy being the taxi-driver for this and sometimes a lot of tiredness (on my part), a lot of logistical manoeuvring and a lot of toing and froing goes on…sometimes I whinge at it all…


…and other times I get to see places like this


and poke myself in the eyeball and tell myself to get a life already…this sure beats the side of a frozen but still muddy somehow soccer pitch in Old Blighty on a Sunday morning don’t you think?

Byee I am off to paint the vintage dresser and I have something new on the deck to show you that I am in absoluteeeeee love with…

Sarah x

p.s Barls blogged here, he’s funny Winking smile



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24 Responses to “it beats a frozen soccer pitch I believe”

  1. Gorgeous photos. Have a wonderful Monday. X

  2. The traveling with the kiddo is worthwhile if you get to visit new places, I reckon :)

    As for laundry – yes, I don’t know how we get so much laundry at our place – we only have 3 of us living in this house!

    Have a wonderful week, Sarah!

    • sarah says:

      yes it is a good think to see new places and I have seen a lot of New South Wales and the rest of the country on bigger occasions b/c of it

      the laundry is a interesting one! x

  3. KIM BUCA says:

    G’day friend! yes lots of laundry here seems it never stops running! i am loving my brand new front load washer and dryer they never seem to get a break someone was saying to me not to forget to dry the rubber ring around the door between washes and i said as if it ever stopped running to do that lol

    • sarah says:

      ha I hear you, my washer is on all the time…funny tho when I came here one of the things I wanted was a top loader…I wouldn’t go near a front loader after years of them in England xo

  4. Kris says:

    Happy Monday to you Sarah ,, ahh yes the washing , but not much beats the fresh spring sight if washing flapping in the warm breeze.. Thanks for the lovely coaster pics, we haven’t had much rain out here in sunny south east Queensland so it’s a bit dry . Hope your week is bright and sparkly x Kris x

  5. Lucy B says:

    What an apt post, not only is it freezing here in old Blighty, but the clocks went back this weekend too, plunging us in to darkness way before we’re ready. And let’s face it, that laundry monster seems to get angrier and dirtier come the winter months!! Enjoy your beautiful spring weather :-) x

    • sarah says:

      oh gosh yes but at least you have airing cupboards! that’s a bonus right ;-) xx

      • Lucy B says:

        A poor substitute Mrs BC, a very poor substitute! However, you do get points for optimism ;-) x

        • sarah says:

          haha Lucy, funny but I dream of the smell of my old airing cupboard, sad but true…our boiler is outside!! like to the elements outside! so wierd! x

  6. Rah says:

    That shot with the grass – STUNNING!!

  7. alison says:

    Your photos made my heart sing.


    • sarah says:

      ahhh too kind, lovely Alison, thanks for always leaving me comments on here, I appreciate it and love to read them! :-)))))

  8. Mumofsix says:

    Oh laundry! It’s never ending cycle isn’t it? I’ve forgotten what the bottom of my basket looks like. I try to do just one load a day. Otherwise the house is overrun. Oh for a proper laundry room. C’est la vie….

    My boys play football matches on Sunday mornings too. Trying to discourage my younger trio! We watch far less frequently than we used to because of shared lifts. I feel bad not supporting them but do not miss the icy winds blowing through me!

    Your photos are glorious, on here and IG. Thank you x Sarah in Brighton

    • sarah says:

      hello Sarah in Brighton!

      Yes I know the feeling of the shared lifts…last year I didn’t get to see any of my little one playing soccer, but this year my older one will really be doing his own thing and the middle one is just constantly doing sport so always an opportunity to watch lol

      I do the one load a day thing, but really who am I kidding, it’s normally at least two and that’s not on sheets and sofa day…or the day when the dogs stuff gets done…

      hey thanks for the photo love ;-)

  9. Shar Y says:

    They grow up too fast, so you are indeed lucky to get to go to the sporting and also walk the beaches! Win-Win!

  10. I have learned to use great tools to tackle my Laundry monster! when I had my first baby I took out my large sink and put in a tiny one so I can fit in a smaller narrow one and a second machine. I swear I live with the filthiest men on the planet who just love to wallow in mud and dirt and a princess who likes to wear new gowns several times a day! I have great tools though, my pretty big Laundry is now set up as a mini laundromat. I have 4 washing machines! yes 4! 2 of them are LG 10kg steam washer dryers (absolutely fantastic and I cannot recommend them highly enough!! there’s not a stain they can’t get out) plus 2 top loaders ( one out on the verandah especially for really dirty stuff, like doggie blankets and hubby’s crusty cow shit covered clothes) and 2 tumble dryers. My washing rarely gets out on the Line as out here in the bush it always ends up with tiny bugs or bird droppings or some other hideous crap on it. Plus I work full time, so I do what suits my lifestyle! I am no longer a slave to my laundry.
    Kiddo’s sport does get you out and about doesn’t it? we have travelled a fair bit for our kid’s whipcracking too!

  11. Those sunny beaches are a feast for the eyes where I am in rainy Western Canada. It’s nice to know that out there somewhere there is sun, sand and sea. Thanks.

  12. Julie Johnson says:

    I know it’s late to post on this article, but I noticed what you said about the laundry and laughed because at my house I tell my crew that the laundry basket is on automatic refill. Love the beach pics. Wish I was there. I can see why you call it the lucky country. It’s gorgeous.