Is this what they call Hair Romance

Mon 15th, Oct, 2012

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G’day! Well you know that I have been in Melbourne this weekend, what you don’t know is that I went to a blog conference and talked hair.  As you do.

Yep, most people were getting themselves all professional, all blogged up, all excited about all things problogger, I, girl from an old cottage on Sydney’s beaches fantasised about hair…

Now, let me get you up to speed on this a bit…about 4 months ago I went along to my normal hairdresser for my normal regular appointment…I have been having the same thing done to my hair for the last ahem 20 or so years…it’s not hard, I have pretty standard ok hair…I get 3 different colours put through it depending on my mood and the time of day and I rotate between ‘I am growing my hair’ to ‘chop it off’…

…but no matter what the decisions above involve, I come home every single time, with basically the same foofed blow-dried hair, it lasts approximately 24 hours upon which I stick it up in a messy bun, use my sunnies as a hair band, until two months later when the whole cycle starts again…


It has certainly come to my attention over the years that this whole performance is perhaps rather ridiculous and certainly not good for my bank balance, I could totally be spending that on cushions.

So 4 months ago I went in, sat down and this trip’s  instruction was I wanted it a bit blonder.

And after a few hours, came out lighter on the pocket, definitely foofed but one extremely unhappy Mrs Beach Cottage with bright yellow hair.

For some odd reason I did not feel I could march back in there and complain, but I knew I wasn’t going back…and I didn’t, my next appointment I booked in at a new place that had opened up locally and was offering specials, so I booked in.


Much worse. 20121015-02-IMG_0034

Now sporting bright yellow, teetering very dangerously on the edge of Marbella tacky and even worse dry, horrible and candy-flossy.

It wasn’t just me who noticed this strange event on my head, people kindly and not-so-kindly, asked me quite what had happened.

And so I scrunched this hot yellow mess, with by now, horrible roots on top of my head and thought of England.


This story gets more interesting in my exciting life because I decided that I would give the original and my regular hairdresser a second chance – so I booked in with my yellow hair and dark roots with added candy floss benefits, sat down to a new stylist that had just started and told her how I felt that yellow hair and dark roots was not the most becoming of looks on my forty-is-the-new-thirty head.

So she started to foof and fluff and being young and enthusiastic and bouncy said we could balayage….putting my natural colour in and toning down the yellow plus putting in some other ‘lights’.

Go for it said I.

And 3 and a half hours later (yes) walked out with darker, balayaged less yellow hair.

However a few weeks in I am now sporting little patches of orange…I know not how one’s hair turns orange in patches, but it is happening in this old cottage.

Soooooooooooo, getting there people, and now very disillusioned with hair, I knew that this weekend at the Problogger conference I would be catching up with the lovely Christina from Hair Romance, who is the Queen of Hair and I spent my last blog conference with in New York no less.  Christina knows hair and her blog is a wealth of information on hair including tutorials for styling it, products to use in it and ways to help it.  Her e-books are extremely good and very popular with those who wish to do more with their hair.

I messaged Christina on Instagram and said girlfriend I need hair help.

Well this girl rocks hair I am telling you…I mean hello who can put pink in their hair and rock it?  Errm I can’t even get yellow to work Winking smile




A bit before the conference I downloaded Christina’s hair e-book and decided that depending on how it went with her this was to be a new phase for my yellowy/orangey/candyflossy hair.

I will always be a messy bun, flip flop and beach bag kinda girl but it’s time for a play.

I would see my balayage out, be kind to my hair and not look like a yellow based, orange spattered, messy bun person for this month, I would take her 30 days of Hairstyles challenge with my hair and see what occurred.

This is the start of the challenge…the first one (yes that is the Etihad stadium in the background)


super super easy, just three little buns twisted and secured with bobby pins, Christina whipped this up in seconds, simple but oh so ingenious

I loved this, it felt easy and casual and more importantly quick, you could throw this in just as quickly as a messy bun & be good to go

and this is the second one


a thick braid with the bottom tucked up and underneath to the side


I love this, it actually made the colours in my hair show up in a good way, it was comfy and easy but I felt ‘done’

I can’t wait to try out the next 29 days, I am not patient with anything in my life, I need things quick easy and real girl but with this I am really going to have a go with…

Christina, I think I am in love with you.


the girl with the multi-coloured hair.

p.s. I’ll be spending the next 31 days foofing with my hair…if you too have orange, yellow or indeed multi-coloured hair or shove it up every day in a rush why don’t you join in (I’ll be posting my progress) for the styles, hair how-to’s and more things hair hop over to Christina’s place and get yourself some inspiration

p.p.s if you have any views on my hairdressing situation or indeed would like to offer me your services or advise me on my next steps forward in colouring my hair please see the comment section below, I will be waiting



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67 Responses to “Is this what they call Hair Romance”

  1. She did an amazing job. It looks fantastic! I went for the chop and have regretted it. I can’t just throw my hair up into my usual undone do. Rachel x

    • lg says:

      I feel your pain – I did the same thing. I didn’t go super short though, but short enough to not be able to do anything. And now I see all those beautiful hairstyles……..sigh!
      lg xx

    • sarah says:

      yes I have done that before too!

  2. You have to learn to communicate with your hairdresser – and then stick to them – I’d be going back and showing my orange. x

  3. Megan says:

    Mana is a great salon in Avalon. Outstanding colourists, run by a mum and her three twenty-something daughters so you get experience plus youthful exuberance. They are all gorgeous and understand beachy glamour.

  4. Melinda says:

    I have brown hair – and Im good with that………now

    Before I got married etc I was blonde – similar to yours,lots of artfully blended colours etc. I liked it but it took VERY regular maintenance.
    When married and living in the country, my hair suddenly morphed to ORANGE tones due to the amount of sun exposure it was now getting on a regular basis/ the water ?? ( eek). I didnt trust any of the local stylists to do my hair so Id have to wait for a trip to Melbourne – this meant dark roots + orange hair = not pretty.
    Good for a bit but eventually back to orange + roots … an ongoing cycle
    Eventually I decided the only option was to return to the colour God had given me and dyed my hair brown until the orange grew out – phew

    If ever a hairdresser mentions colour I shut her down QUICK SMART. No more mussing with it

    I think your hair looks lovely in these shots – love the do and the colour. I do sympathise with the frustrations of colouring though !!

    looking forward to more days of style xx

    - cough cough I may have to eat my words on colour soon as I do notice a bit of grey lurking underneth my fortys is the new thirtys head of hair – - oh dear

  5. Susan W says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that braid. so wonderful.
    You might enjoy: longhaircommunity.com
    it’s everything you could want to k now about

  6. I’m also guilty of having my hair done the same way every time. In fact no one usually notices if I’ve been to the hairdressers. Love the braid. xT

  7. Thea says:

    I friend of mine always got the same colour by the same stylist, and one day it came out bright red. The batch of dye was different, so it was actually the fault of the product, not the stylist or the hair. The stylist made a complaint to the company, and the costs of returning the hair to its original (dyed) colour were covered. It was a defective batch of dye, and they need to have a number of compaints to track. It took a couple of trips to get it sorted, but it didn’t cost her or the salon anything. The company helped with advice on how to proceed with redying the hair so it wasn’t hit or miss as much as it could have been.

    • Thea says:

      Love the updos by the way. Of to get me some ideas on what to do with my mop. One advantage of covering the greys is that my hair actually behaves better and is more likely to do what it is told!

    • sarah says:

      hmmm that is interesting, I may go back and speak to them x

  8. Judy Clark says:

    Love the braided one. Good friend and talented too!!


  9. Candice says:

    Love the hair styles you are wearing . I have kept my long hair but when I put in a bun its like a blonde Marge Simpson look .My teens sigh when I put it up … I really like the 3 bun look . Day off today and I am not going anywhere near a paintbrush …. I am ging to play hairdressers . I am checking Christina’s blog now … Cheers .

  10. Selby says:

    Lovely braid!:)
    Very much sympathise with the hair colour trials- I too have had hair go orange splodges, no fun!

  11. Susan @ Afford Your Passions says:

    Love the braids!

    No advice on the hair – I’m 50 and have never colored my hair :)

  12. I can’t help with the hair color but that braid just may be the salvation to my hair’s response to the humidity in the south of France.

    Love, love, love it!

    • sarah says:

      Hi simone I definetly think this would be a good idea for humidity, I am going to try Christina’s styles for the summer heat here! x

  13. Shaz says:

    Love those 2 designs. Especially the braid. It looks stunning – I am going to try it.

  14. HRH Sarah says:

    Wow, that’s a couple of gorgeous up-do’s! That loose braid looks so very romantic… makes me wish my current cut was grown out. Every couple of years, I take my thick, long hair and have it all chopped off, a la Audrey Hepburn in “Roman Holiday”. The problem is, I’m not Audrey, and I don’t have the giant eyes or sharp jawline to make it spectacular. Then I grow it out, get bored, repeat ;)
    Thinking about going blonde (from very dark brown), but still scared of the “what if”???

  15. Jasmine says:

    Love those hair styles! I’m guilty of always doing the same (easy) styles with my hair – messy bun is one of my specialities! My little sister is the hair queen. What she can do with her hair in a matter of minutes is mind blowing!

    When done right balayage is a dream. I get my hair balayaged once a year and spend the rest of the year in various stages of a natural grown-out look. I think the tip is to make it super subtle with the colour of your ends being only a few shades lighter than your roots. I’ve seen some where it looks like the ends were simply dipped in bleach, with a very obvious line which is great if that’s what you want, but I have a feeling you’re like me (effortless beachy blonde, yes please!). Here are two photos of my hair: http://i877.photobucket.com/albums/ab335/real_street/10_things/07_messycurls.jpg and http://i877.photobucket.com/albums/ab335/real_street/wedding/IMG_5579.jpg

    Another suggestion is peekaboo foils (I have no idea of the technical term, haha!). Basically you get the foils done under the top layer of your hair so they only show sometimes and you can’t notice the roots, but you can see them when your hair moves.

    Can’t wait to see more hair inspiration!! I might even try some myself!

    x Jasmine

  16. alison says:

    I have similar hair to yours. I FEEL YOUR PAIN.

    Your story is so similar to a recent experience I had.

    I tried my newish neighbour who has a salon in her house as it was convenient and cheaper. Now…I knew I was entering dangerous territory here but I went ahead.

    First appointment went ok but she was having a bad day the next appointment and my foils were all over the shop. So… back to my lovely, local, but more expensive salon, made a complete confession. My hair restoration became a team effort and they could not have done enough for me. Not long after I went to this neighbour’s house for a social get together. After much deliberation (and pushing my hair back with my sunglasses-as if that’s going to work!) I employed the “just don’t say anything” approach.

    Oh, life throws up challenges all the time. LOL LOL


    • alison says:

      PS Balayage. Thanks for a new word. I had noticed a lot of celebs had it, didn’t know it had a name.

  17. Julie says:

    What is it with hair Sarah! We spend our whole lives grappling with it and are never happy with what mother nature gave us. Grrrr …. I literally HATE my hair. I was given mouse brown, very thin and fine, dead straight hair with a “crown” at the back of my head!! It couldn’t get any worse. I gave up trying to have long hair in my 20′s – the longer it got, the thinner and straighter it looked. For the next 30 years I have tried every way of foofing it to make it look like I have a fuller head of hair and trying to manage that darned crown. I have a tint put through mine regularly and some blonde foils but I never achieve the look I want. My hairdresser says I am chasing rainbows as he proceeds to charge me the same price as other clients who take 3 times longer because they have so much more hair! The only upside? At 58 years old I have very little grey hair. But even that works in reverse because I have been told that when your hair turns grey it gets a coarser texture which might finally make my hair look a little thicker. I have even considered shaving my head to see if it will grow back differently! Sometimes I think I should just put a bucket on my head!!!! lol Oh dear ….. rant over. Be happy with your beautiful hair Sarah – you will get those colour issues sorted. And when you do, think of me wearing my bucket! :-))

  18. Oh sarah, I love those styles you have shown..
    I have always had long hair (still do at 55 yo)..OUCH..
    when a much younger lass, i was a really natural “redhead”, but alas with age a lot of the red has kind of faded..(i blame breastfeading both my boys for 12 months each!!) i think they literally sucked the colour out!!!~~~
    anway i have some nice copper tones put through every 3-4 months and all looks “good” again~~

    I always have to have my hair up in a knot/bun when working around home and especially cooking, so i shall try some of the ideas you have shown…
    thanks for the “heads up”..
    x andrea

  19. Marnie says:

    Your hair looks great Sarah. It’s fun to play with styles…I’m into the hot rollers atm (hot rollers for the lazy that is..)
    Next time your in Melbs we’ll have to play make up!
    x Marnie

  20. Rukmini Roy says:

    Is this the season of hair disasters? I went in for a trim and became victim to the stylist’s fancy. I asked for volume and she chopped off my manes like it was no body’s business. I look like an Idiot now with fly away hair, unless I end up pouring that bottle of serum. A friend from Chicago (poor thing is going to Paris this week) wanted honey and champagne but ended up with a big mess of gooey brown hair. And her hair was a beautiful ash blonde. gah.

    Best part is Sarah- This too shall pass! Absolutely love your updo though. Life saver innit? Hopping over to Christina’s.

  21. Jane says:

    I love Christina’s braid and the braid up-do she did on you!! Here on the other side of the world and 10+ years older than you I ‘ve just been through a similar scenario…I even wrote about it about a week ago-oh blond drama! http://learningjane.blogspot.com/2012/10/was-it-worth-price.html
    Can’t wait to see all your fun styles!

  22. Irene says:

    I love the braid do!

  23. Fiona says:

    hi Sarah. your hair looks great! I love what she has done. I’m like you = hair always pulled back. I follow Christina on Pinterest since I met her at Blogopolis but have just downloaded the ebook now so thanks for that. I will have to get braiding a bit more often.
    cheers Fiona

  24. Elaine in Laguna says:

    Love the up-dos and the cute braid!! Looks great! I’m dark-haired but have been down this road before, too…I was highlighting and my hairdresser over-processed my hair over a long period of time…. I simply called another shop that my daughter had visited. She’s blond. New shop spent a year correcting, and nourishing my crunchy (yes, crunchy!) over-processed hair. Now I only highlight/toner lightly now and again. You’re doing the right thing in researching your hair options! (And it will work, err grow, out!)

  25. I love the braid… I wish I had an advice on hair… I don’t go to the hairdresser. At all. I let my hair grow and every summer when I visit my mom, I have her cut a few inches… It doesn’t mean that I have naturally great hair, though… I have many, many bad hair days… But I’m not sure it would really be better if I went to the hairdresser every now and then… I noticed in the past I only looked good right after the appointment, the next day was already a mess! Besides, I need cushions, so…

  26. laurie says:

    I LOVE that tucked up braided style on you, Sarah! It’s sooooo pretty! Very “undone chic”!! :) I’d like to meet one blogger out there who doesn’t have a hair horror story to tell. Luckily, my BFF is also a hair dresser who is known in our town as the “Color Queen”. She totally rocks with hi-lights, low-lights, and covering the fifty-is-the-new-forty grays. :) Color me one happy gal! :)

    xoxo laurie

    • sarah says:

      lucky you! I wish I had someone I really could trust with my hair…that’s not happened for a long time x

  27. Claire says:

    I’m so looking forward to following this project Sarah! Having finally got my own hair to a length where I can do something with it I’ve been struggling for style ideas that are easy to achieve and don’t take hours. Knowing you’re a no fuss, quick and easy person I’ve got high hopes for some ideas to pinch. I’m also keen to see the photos you take of yourself – it will be an interesting exercise in self portraiture I’m sure!

  28. Bev says:

    Great photo…love the braids……. Sarah the same thing happened to me last week. I have two colors put on and I am getting more grey soooo when my stylist was done , I looked and it was white instead of warm blondes so I said that wasn’t going to work for me. The manager came over and gave my stylist some ideas to do and she did it over . I was there 4hrs but so glad I said something. I left a happy camper !!!!

  29. Rochelle says:

    Oh me gosh, sounds like me. Been wanting to chop it all off and then I am scared and then I revert back to the sloppy bun, ponytail etc. Cause it saves a hec of a lot of time. Perhaps I’ll join in. I could do with some inspiration.

    Love what she did with your hair.
    hugs from Denmark xox

    P.S. You look like you have strong and healthy hair.

  30. Tamara says:

    My lovely hairstylist of 5 years left to train as a nurse and since then I’ve had a series of disasters :-( The last debacle done by a camp, orange hairstylist who during my appointment constantly answered the phone, checked his texts, left me to go home and feed his dog and then charged me a fortune! Like you, I felt unable to complain but was back in there a few days later to have the highlights on top evened out rather than yellow streak, dark square, orange blob that was going on (and that was because my husband forced me to!) My hair has been dry and in dreadful condition ever since. I am praying for a lovely, talented girl hairdresser next!
    I love your up do’s, they look beautiful but do they stay in for the whole day? ;-)

  31. Oh dear I feel your pain, I really do! For different reasons. Earlier this year I stopped colouring my long brown highlighted hair, I have been colouring it since I was 19, with permanent colour often not happy with the results. THe hairdresser and others kept up at me that it was getting really thin on top- I have had cyclical periods of thinning hair in the past , but it had always kicked back in within a little while, this time it wasn’t. So I stopped colouring it in FEB. I went to my Gp (president of the cosmetic physicians) to have the full range of tests done- nothing! she said she had never seen a more perfect set of blood tests, no hormone imbalances, no thyroid problems, no reasons! She referred me to a specialist in Double bay. He is a cosmetic physician and is a world renowned hair transplant surgeon. Off I went in June and told him of my woes and that my mother had also been quite thin before she died. He said I had hereditary thinning- age related baldness. He prescribed some medications and a foam to rub in and guess what, No one notices the thinning anymore. But they certainly notice the grey hair!!! all different shades of grey! probably a hundred not 50! White for about an inch all around my face! then steel and all different shades for the rest. I truly believe that in addition to the Meds not colouring has made a huge difference. I would seriously rather be grey than bald!I have since the moment I stopped with the dye had the most incredible growth of quite fine hair all around my forehead and I am imagining it must be in the rest of my hair too. I had noticed it before a colour and then gone afterwards. I think that the colouring was badly snapping it off at the roots! they had to use a really strong brew for my highly resistant greys. So at the moment I have this odd short style- with about 9 cm of natural colour, trying to trim out the (burnt orange now) coloured ends. I have kept the front bits a bit long so that I can tuck them behind my ears- I can’t stand hair on my face. but the back is a chopped up , chipped in, short cut. I reckon by next February there will be no more colour in it and I can get back to growing it a bit to put it up. I can’t stand this short business! I too need ( yes need!) to be able to get my hair up and off my neck and face into some sort of clip/ bun arrangement- not the tight bun sort as most old fashioned Librarians are but a messy floppy kind of bun. Gardening with these floppy bits flapping all over my face has near driven me insane! So yes, I definitely ‘get’ your hair woes! There is an answer for you, it may not fit in with fashion or style, but you will feel good about it suiting you and your life. Let me tell you though if you choose to go au naturale it is the most tedious frustrating experience ever and takes REAL determination to get past that ugly, patchy growing out stage, Plus a great selection of Hats! Helen Kaminski must be about to name a range after me!
    Good Luck!

    • Susan says:

      Sarah you always look great no matter what you’re doing but it is no fun having hair issues. I’m wondering if Jodie might share what those two items were that the good doc suggested for her. I’m going thru some hair issues myself :(
      I love that women help women no matter what it is; receipe, health, hair, fashion, gardening, kids, pets etc. May blessings surround you :)

      • Ah Susan they are prescriptions, Plus regaine foam that I have seen off the shelf at the chemist, but I use only once a day not twice like men. That doctor really knows his stuff. Don’t muck around if you are thinning as the follicles can get past the stage of being restarted. I am on a vigorous regime to kick them up. I think it has made a big difference. The colouring darker makes that white/grey regrowth seem to be see through and thus thinner hair. I think if i go for a colour again i will be an ash blonde as my regrowth needs to be darker than the hair colour. Good luck!

  32. Catherine says:

    Paul Corbiit Salon @ Fairlight shops. Heather the colourist from Scotland is absolutely brilliant. They’re not cheap but I’ve been going there for 2 or more years now and never looked back! Good luck, love the triple bun.

  33. Kim H says:

    Sarah, your hair looks great, not mutli-coloured in a bad way at all. And I love the up dos but they do look time consuming to me. I’m sooo lazy when it comes to my hair. How on earth do you do that gorgeous thick braided one yourself? x

  34. Tara says:

    Nicki is right! As a hairstylist I see MANY folks (esp. women) who jump around from salon to salon never really satisfied with their hair. Restless souls.

    Try to stay with the same stylist and ALWAYS go back if you are unhappy. They need to know what they did wrong or they will think you just moved away, when you don’t go back.

    I have an older sister that always seems to mess with her hair after I give her great foil highlights.
    I spent 3 hours once on her. Gave her dimensional color/full foils, cut & blow dry. She was salivating! She LOVED it. So did I. It was stunning if I do say so myself!

    When her grey roots started to come in 6 weeks later.. did she call her hairstylist sister who lives 20 mins away??? Nope! She goes to CVS and plunks down $5 and buys medium brown??? L’oreal in a box and dumps it all over her hair. When I saw her a month after (I went over to visit and had NO idea she had done this)..and saw her hair…. I felt kicked in the stomach.

    If she had to PAY for the coloring cut & blow dry I did to her it would have cost her well over $150. But she got it all for free from me since she is family. I swore that day, that I would never do her hair again. I haven’t. Even with her begging me, I refuse. I told her that was the biggest insult to me.

    If this was the fist time I would have thought she just panicked. But it was around the 5th time she has done this a month after I do her hair. Lessoned finally learned by me. Now she is someone else’s problem.

    I would stay away from Balayage. It’s unpredictable since the highlights are not under any foil many areas will stay in the “orange” phase. They can’t put you under a dryer to boost intpo blond since that will dry out the color on your head.

    My advise to you: Stay with one stylist and stay with foils. If you crave a change have them “tone” it for you with a semi- permanent color. At least if you grow bored of it- it will fade in a few weeks.

    Happy Hair Days!


    • sarah says:

      well thanks for the input, I am very happy to see it from the other side…I was embarrassed to go back but now see I should have done and will tell them when I go to my next appointment…oh that is unless you want to come around here and spend three hours on my hair in return for a piece of furniture painted white haha x

  35. Tara says:

    P/S …

    Balayage is only for the top most layers of hair. You will still be all dark underneath. Personally I don’t like them and don’t do them. I had to do one once for a fellow stylist who was out sick. His client “Insisted” upon her normal balayage. A foil would have been done faster and looked better on her but I gave her what she wanted. I think it was invented by a colorist that couldn’t foil!…lol