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Fri 26th, Oct, 2012

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Well morning Beach Cottage ladies, how are you this fine Friday?  Well here it’s overcast and pretty warm, I have been for a nice long walk with Barls and then for a coffee with my friend lg, sitting, watching the world go by by the sea…not a bad way to start the day for sure.

This then is a recent little tablescape of mine while playing Beach Cottages and for me what it’s all about…because it is simple, easy and most importantly didn’t break the bank.

Just call me thrifty Mr BC, just call me thrifty baby.




This is such a basic fall back of mine but I still love it..vintage bottles, a few coastal / nautical things and some stripes…

There is something about the bougainvillea, the bottles and the white that makes this look tricky but really it’s established in as short a time as it takes to shove a pizza in the oven and wait for it to cook.




Over the last few weeks I have come across various tables, dressed in different ways that have caught my eye…one recently while I was in the waiting room for an appointment…you know those magazines that are always there and always seem to have an article that you love…quite how does that happen?

Anyway, this one recipe was in a magazine that I would never buy, a high-end homes and interiors magazine with glossy pages, lush styling and advertising clearly aimed at a lifestyle that is about as far from mine as it is to the moon.

Hello sweet bokeh, how you going? ;-)


Said magazine had an article on laying the table…how it changes your life yadda yadda and although I agree with that and love me a dressed table in the house, really it is not the be all and end all of my life.

Well not all the time.


So the article had a really lovely table, the stylist had kept it simple but stunning, vintagey with flowers and dark colours and some napkin ring holder type thingies that were really quite unique, now I have encountered in my escapades with table dressing many a napkin ring and usually I prefer without but I do think that they can add just that touch of formality when and if you need it….and so I checked out in the little source thing in the side where I could get these napkin rings.

At which point, I fell off my chair.


Like really??!!

Like $198 per napkin ring?

So for the 6 in the pic that’s $1200?

Man I am so out of the loop with my silly little tables dressed with thrifted vintage bottles, a Turkish beach towel as a tablecloth and the random sprinkling around of flowers from my garden…

But hey ho I think that is one of the main reasons I like blogging and blogs and rarely buy a magazine these days…what about you?  Are you like me and look at some of these things and your heart just sinks?


And yes I guess if you are spending $198 on a napkin ring, dressing the table really can change your life…and in my case if I did that it would very much change my life…with a divorce….I mean hello I can hide a whole lot of things in that magic white wardrobe of mine but napkin rings at $198 each might be pushing it just a leetle bit too far.

See you lovely ladies again soon, I have a trip off of the beaches tomorrow…looking forward to discovering a new beach down to the South of Sydney, having some sushi and having a play with my camera, I haven’t done that for ages…







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23 Responses to “I love this”

  1. Oh Sarah yes you really are out of the loop aren’t you you poor thing…..why I’m always spending thousands on little things like napkin holders….isn’t everybody?? Actually I honestly believe even if I did have that sort of $$ to throw about that wouldn’t it get boring just buying up anything and everything you fancy all the time? So much more fun (??!) hunting, thrifting, using one’s imagination abit?? Gorgeous pics per usual and have a lovely w’end…xx

    • sarah says:

      yes Janelle I feel the same way, I would never even if I could be that sort of person, well you never know haha be nice maybe to see!!! x

  2. Sarah-


    $198 a napkin ring- BLAH!!- I’d rather sit at your up-cycled table any day!!

    Melissa x

  3. Alice says:

    Yes I would have fallen off my chair if I had been in your shoes at that moment!A bit like the time I had to choke back my tea and laughter when the real estate agent wanted over a million dollars for a (nice) house in a not so nice area (which I happen to know well) right next door to a train line (yes it is a little pocket of paradise if you are a train enthusiast and love falling a sleep or relaxing to the sound of commuter and freight trains all day and night long). Umm for over a million bucks I could get something so much better or at least in my ideal location… Sigh…I sometimes wonder what people are on when coming up with prices for things ($198 indeed!)…
    ummm…..Sorry about the rant I get a little ruffled at the sound of being ripped off lol…It really grates the nerves a bit like chalk boards and finger nails…

    Your table looks great too…Loving the beach towel turned table cloth too…I have my eye on that fish towel from Aldi for my table hehehe…..It all depends on the fabric though… Now to find a reason as to why I need the beach towel so I can convince hubby to bring it home with us lol…
    Enjoy the South of Sydney (I am assuming wollongong way right? If so It is very nice out that way and they have an awsome fish and chip shop by the beach too YUMMO! I am so sleep deprived that I can’t even remember if it’s by the light house any more…)Any whooooo…Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Felicity says:

    I just don’t understand the price of the napkin rings, made out of solid gold maybe. Surely someone really doesn’t expect anyone to pay that. I love nice things too but that’s just way out there. I have found some vintage, blue mason jars, just like yours. I am just talking my husband into buying them for me for Christmas so I too can have a beautiful table setting for Christmas day, fingers crossed.

  5. S says:

    The bouganvilla was a good choice in the bottles.

  6. zella says:

    We got v expensive napkin rings for a wedding pressie many moons ago – thankfully very very plain silver so haven’t dated. Sadly they are rarely used but this post has inspired me to dig them out… Don’t know if you follow My French Country Home blog but the other day Sharon laid a lovely autumn table there that just reminded me of your style but in the Northern Hemisphere. Gorgeous photos – lovely start to my day!

  7. alison says:

    Woohoo. I hope you enjoy my side of the Coathanger tomorrow.

    $198. Murray, my accountant- who is a legend-said as we philosophied during my recent tax return preparation that we all tend to live up to our income. It’s so true. When you have an unplanned income decline, a subsequent reality check you then realise your life is really none the worse. LOL


    • alison says:

      PS Msg me and I’ll swipe you in and out the Shire boomgates on your way south. Enjoy the new beach.


  8. boomerang jane says:

    Love the colour of those bougainvillea. Just beautiful.

    I am so glad I’m not the only one who really gets quite miffed when I see those fancy pants magazines displaying such outrageously priced items that are not only out of reach of the average Australian family, but out of reach of any one with any common sense. I am always ripping images out of sales catalogues or magazines (my own copies of course) and finding almost replica items for a fraction of the price. I get quite the buzz knowing I have something similar that I didn’t have to squander good money on…and no one would be none the wiser. I couldn’t in good conscience pay exhorbitent money for homewares when there are so many people in gneuine need throughout the world. Cheers, Kylee

  9. karlene says:

    love me some Bougainvillea! I just love the color in your photos!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Shar Y says:

    Holy Cow!! That is unreal, 198 for a napkin ring? But then, I cannot understand why a couple of people with no kids at home need a 10,000 sq ft home? I just carry on thanks, and love your table settings. Such prettiness!!

  11. On the bright side, who needs napkin rings? Napkin rings aren’t meant for fancy tables – they were meant for those households that couldn’t afford to wash their napkins every day (or didn’t have enough napkins to use one napkin per person, per meal) – napkin rings originally came about as the way for a member of a household to know which napkin was theirs between meals…

    Per Miss Manners: http://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/miss-manners-to-fold-or-not-to-fold/2012/04/04/gIQAJFZyvS_story.html

    “Among those happy few who use cloth napkins routinely, even fewer are quite fortunate enough to have them laundered every day.It was always thus, which is why those lovely old monogrammed silver napkin rings exist to identify each diner’s napkin for the nextmeal. Therefore at family meals, the napkins are neatly folded, including by houseguests.

    This is not true for one-occasion meals, such as at parties orrestaurants, which is why Miss Manners is bewildered when magazines show formal dinner tables set with napkin rings. Does that mean theguests are never going home — or at least not until laundry day?”

  12. dorota says:

    $198 i imagine that it’s for really rich people
    i don’t know how i can spent my money if i earn $10 000 per hour – a lot of people have really big big big cash, i guess this price is for them!!!
    i saw some mega expensive homes, but i don’t feel any spirit, any soul there – most of them are cold, why?
    when i see really great inside, like for example yours house – i fell warm atmosphere, i fell i can even live there, i imagine myself there
    when u see picture of coffee, sometime u want to catch this, even by the screen, looks so great & real
    but another pic of another coffee, telling u that it’s so artificial, beauty pics but something is wrong with that coffee!!! u cannt imagine to drink this
    yours table looks so great i imagine taking rest there!!!LOL!

  13. loulou says:


    your photos are a delight to wake up to on a saturday morning x

    have a lovely day

    x Loulou

  14. Oh, my. I was busy admiring the pictures of your table and then you managed to make me laugh hard (the $198 napkins rings) when I was least expecting it. Thanks so much for the laugh! And, your table is beautiful.

  15. Ooooh yeah great bokeh- I love how there are some that seem to look like flowers or bursts, well done! yeah that seems excessive for a napkin ring- I would need 12 for my big table and 8 for my little one! um that is a lot of dough that quite frankly I would rather spend on the food and booze!!