Easy Aioli Recipe

Thu 25th, Oct, 2012

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G’day!  How you going?  All well here, lots of white paint too!

By the looks of the pictures in this blog post and recipe you would not be mistaken in thinking that this is a recipe for radishes and radishes alone, apologies, having a little radish fetish here in the world of all things Beach Cottage …could be worse I suppose.



So, why don’t you count how many ways one woman with a stick on the beaches of Sydney, broadcasting to the world, can take a picture of a radish while I talk about Aioli?

Sound good?



So we have a nice little story about Aioli, involving a certain little Balearic Island just off of the coast of Espana that stole my heart many moons ago and a lovely little restaurant with a very beautiful waitress whose name was Lorraine.

As many an English girl will testify, the Balearic Islands are part of lots of holiday memories…not from my childhood, I wasn’t quite that lucky but later for me and started with one of these islands when we first had Honeymoon Baby and decided to take ourselves overseas for some much needed sunshine.

I won’t mention that on the way to said Balaeric Island on the plane, lovely Honeymoon Baby projectile vomited a whole feed over the man behind as I bounced him up and down trying to get him to stop screaming.

I will tell you that I never gave a baby a feed on an aeroplane again.


So this little trip came courtesy of some friends of ours who owned a villa and a car over there…we fixed up a time to go out of the main holiday/tourist season, happily hopped over, hung out at the villa, drove the car around the island, hello lovely old historic main town and spent our days on the beach in the sunshine…the place we were staying was perched into the pine clad hills that swept down dusty roads to a beautiful beach with the bluest water that only the Med can give.

Nearby to this villa was a restaurant, the owners friend’s of our friends…years later we ended up going to their house for a extremely long and extremely authentic Spanish lunch in the very hot sun, where one Mrs BC wound up with sun stroke and a very sore head…but that is a whole other blog post…


Anyway this restaurant served mainly typical Spanish food with perhaps a tad of Stilton and some chips thrown in for any English tourists that were passing for good measure but on the whole pretty authentic…

…and, we had heard, back in the depths of the Winter of a cold and grey Old Blighty, so very much about the Aioli at this restaurant, the wondrous garlic filled mayonnaise type sauce that would go to our heads and make us dream of life the Spanish way.

It didn’t let us down.


Since then, and that was far too many years ago for me to admit, otherwise you will know that really I am one old scrawny bird, I have been dabbling with Aioli recipes…and I mean dabbling…and never ever got the same taste as sitting up on the top of that hill, surrounded by sun-bleached oh-so-white Spanish buildings, in a little restaurant with candles poked in the top of Rioja bottles, red 1970’s tablecloths and Honeymoon Baby tucked up in his pram so very much fast asleep.

But this is close.


There is something lovely about the making of this, though I must admit it does, at first glance, seem strange that it made it anywhere near a woman that spends much of her time avoiding situations that might well induce broomstick riding episodes and keeps an arm’s length from anything that requires patience to make.


Along with a lot of not looking easy recipes though, sometimes it’s worth a little bit of effort beforehand so that the whole job lot (radishes in this case lol) can be set up on a platter or board,  wrapped and shoved in the fridge to be ceremoniously brought out when friends are over, and one is beginning to panic just a tad after spending too much time reading blogs in the bath.


Beach Cottage Recipe



1 cup olive oil

3 cloves garlic crushed

1 egg yolk

3 tbsp lemon juice

salt & pepper

selection of veggies raw (I like radishes! but go carrots, endive, peppers, endive etc)

1. whisk the egg & add the garlic through

2. add the oil to the egg whilst whisking one very small drop at a time

3. continue to add the oil very slowly until it comes together and is thick

4. add the lemon juice and pepper to taste


Beach Cottage Recipe Notes – keeps easily in the fridge for a day or so *so easy to prepare all the veggies and cover with cling film, ditto the Aioli then bring out when your guests arrive *you might want to go easy on the garlic or in my case add more than the three cloves above  *experiment with olive oils, this one here was a new one I tried  *just as good and just as little work to serve instead with a baguette sliced into thin rounds * I also have a most excellent cheats version of this for when one is feeling far from authentic and loves to cheat, will blog soon

20121025-11-IMG_9435 20121025-02-IMG_9487_thumb



Enjoy friends and a very happy Thursday to you, 20121025-12-IMG_9472

I hope you like my radishes, oops I mean Aioli recipe.




and just in case you hadn’t had enough radishes for one day, well here’s a close-up, yah Winking smile




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12 Responses to “Easy Aioli Recipe”

  1. Pam says:

    What first to post ? Amazing . Great photos Sarah .
    Love the bowls. Have a good day.

  2. Mmmmm love a good dose of radish…tastes pretty good too!! And cannot wait to see sneak peek of kitchen dresser! Happy painting!!…xx

  3. Victoria says:

    We luv radishes,I have very little patience in kitchen and even less skills,but this looks too nice not to have a try.We did very much like your carrot salad..Thanks Sarah.

  4. My husband is an aioli lover and will be very happy when I test this recipe on him.

    Thanks for the share and love the over head photo with the petals and ingredients!


  5. loulou says:

    Hi Sarah

    I was going to say *le sigh but thought that sounded french so I looked up the word for sigh in spanish.
    So if I could say *Suspirar :)))

    have a great day

    x Loulou

  6. alison says:

    Ahhh, radishes. They always zoom me back to when I was around 7. The father of my childhood friend across the road grew radishes and I have never forgotten the wonder of growing something, harvesting it and then eating it. One of life’s wonderful “wow” moments.


  7. HRH Sarah says:

    Beautiful radishes, erm aioli! I do love it, especially with french fries (chips?) (frites?), yeah all that fried potato goodness. Thanks for sharing, and i will for sure be adding more garlic, nom nom nom.

  8. Pam says:

    Gorgeous pic’s
    Love it all

  9. Kat says:

    Sarah you should work in styling – food, houses, you do it all so beautifully! :)
    I say yum to aoli and thank you (although my flabby tummy may not ;) )
    I have never made it before but maybe I will now :)

    • sarah says:

      in small doses with lots of veggies it’s not too bad, in fact it’s good!

      thanks re the styling, I am quite happy here as editor though roflmao ;-) xxxx

  10. Candice says:

    Aioli recipe , big thanks . Teen son loves it allways on pizza . This time I will do the vegies as well . Pic’s are sooo lovely , really enjoyed sitting back and just sigh awhile . Love it . Happy Saturday from the Sunny Coast . Cheers