Beach Cottage Stagram Barley

Tue 16th, Oct, 2012

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Hey ladies, it’s me Barls.

I am back from my little bloggy break!

Come and see what Mrs Beach Cottage and I have been doing today over at my fan page here xo

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9 Responses to “Beach Cottage Stagram Barley”

  1. Lynne says:

    Hi there adorable Barley . . . welcome back!

    • sarah says:

      thank you Lynne…I am glad to be back blogging, had a little break b/c Mrs BC has been busy working on books and things x

  2. MDN says:

    Good grief! Since it’s been awhile since we’ve seen ya, Barls, you’ve grown a bit more! Those longer legs you’re sprouting definitely show the Poodle in your heritage…you’re such a (handsome) cutie. Good to see you again! Keep on your duties taking charge for Mrs. Beach Cottage and the BC Family and enjoy your first Summer.

    • sarah says:

      ah well thank you very much, yes it seems I do have long legs…you need that in a guy right?

      my family call me ballerina puppy because I stand with my legs in position and turn my head to the side…(I only do it to look really cute and get treats)

      ..everywhere I go people stop us and tell us how handsome I am, heehee I love that…

      love Barlsx

      • MDN says:

        Long legs are very.good, Barls! Can understand that while your “pose” is sincere, that it’s most effective on all whom you meet. Keep on bloggin’ and with your duties as the take charge, “supervisor” for the BCF and Mrs. BC. Enjoy the mysteries you unravel (Freudian?) on those investigatgions. Life can be so fun.

  3. Hi Barls…
    glad to hear you are back blogging..
    I am in need of a bit of a hair cut myself…
    But i do know that my lovely “mummy” does stress about me getting a hair cut at the SALON cos i am heading towards 14 yrs old..
    so Mum stresses a bit..
    But thats good cos i know she loves me soooo much..
    She puts drops in my Blind eyes twice a day…
    cuddles me all the time…(sometimes a bit OVER the top..)..
    BUT we get used to being adored and spoken to like a little baby!!
    MMM~~ I do say i LOVE a little bone (cos i am small..i only get LITTLE ones)..
    Yours looks TOTALLY scrumptious to me…(but i know i would guts it down and be literally “sick as a dog”)..
    keep blogging BARLS..
    keeps me sane from my OLD master..
    Just joking..I love her to bits…

    xx sooty

    • sarah says:

      well G’day Sooty old man :-)

      I think you must be a very lucky doggie to have someone like that in your life…I think I have the same here :-)

      I cannot believe I have not had a bone before, this one has kept me quiet all day (after a long walk though – and it’s HOT here in Sydney)

      …good luck with the hairdressers, I am all soft and cuddly now xo

      • Yep Barls..

        having a loving family is what it is all about..
        You are lucky, like me, to have an awesome family..
        (i think i told you before I was bought for my younger “brothers” 10th birthday…
        he is now nearly 24 & me 14~~
        a doggie cannot ASK for more than this kind of love..
        speak soon BARLS…take care..
        ps..look after the whites/the shoes…~~ Be a good doggie!!~~
        xx sooty

  4. Shar Y says:

    Yay! Barley is back! Love you, dude!