Beach Cottage Land Behind the Scenes DIY

Fri 19th, Oct, 2012

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Morning ladies, happy Friday to you Beach Cottage lovelies!

That above is a picture of a plain white wall.

I like this wall very much.

This wall made me dance, hug my phone to myself, twirl around, kiss Mr Beach Cottage and pop a Peroni.

I have been talking to this wall…it’s amazing how engaging with a wall can help one’s forty-is-the-new-thirty brain cells, I recommend you try it next when you have been taxi-driving around the beaches, arrive home late at night to a sink full of dishes, have teenagers lazing around and more laundry than one woman can seriously be expected to cope with.

Talking to a wall may well help you too.

‘Hello wall’

‘What’s wrong with that, there’s a woman three doors down who talks to her microwave’



So, behind the scenes here when we are not talking flowers, pretty beds and pillowscaping there has been talking to walls and lots and lots of DIY going on…and one of the reasons progress on the Armoire and the vintage kitchen dresser is slow at the moment…

I haven’t shown you all this but more jobs are going on here and we are also getting ready to do some more work on the outside of this old cottage…plus right now the study floor has been ripped up and is being replaced…


This though was a built-in cupboard that had been the bane of my life for far too long…it was ugly and dated and yucky and not on this blog hahah….a few days ago, it got a sledge hammer taken to it and finally we are rid of it…

We ummmed and ahhed on ripping this out, as I have said before there is very little storage in this cottage and this held Winter stuff, blankets etc, memories stuff (like my wedding dress) and also seemed to gather about itself things that did not have a home.

It really cut the light in this room and into the hallway plus it was bulky and made the room a whole lot smaller, being floor to ceiling it also felt over-powering….leave alone that it was ugly and badly designed…

So out it went…

Why oh why did it take us so long???

(If you have something similar you have been meaning to take a sledge hammer to too…just do it…then you can be like me and talk to a nice clean plain white wall)

We were left with this…not so pretty…but oh right away we had lovely lovely Aussie light pouring in to this little corner!





This is what it looks like now…



…we sanded & filled the walls and here it is with one base coat of paint to see how the walls were..it will be needing more sanding and making good…you can’t really see in this photo (all photos from my phone) but there are some bumps….we also needed to make good the coving and add a corner baton to replace the one you see in the before above…Mr Beach Cottage, aka Frank, as in Spencer, did a good job of this baton fixing I think, seeing as he is far from skilled in this department, but we won’t tell him that, if we do he might see that this deed may require a favour

Winking smile

The skirting boards are a mess and as you can see far too skinny for my liking but I don’t think we have the enthusiasm to rip those off too – I am surprised at the skinniness of these skirting boards because this is the old part of the cottage and the ceilings in here are pretty high…and some of the older features are nice, I would of expected that all those years ago the skirting boards would have been higher…perhaps they were replaced at some point…

The section of  floorboard that was underneath the built-in has been sanded down and is ready to go also…


All in all not a bad job, more work to be done this weekend…I am looking forward to doing the stuff that I like doing…the pretty bits…

oh and talking to the wall

See you next time, go on you know you want to, embrace your inner Shirly Valentine, go talk to a wall


p.s. Barley blogged today over here, come and say G’day



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31 Responses to “Beach Cottage Land Behind the Scenes DIY”

  1. Cheryl says:

    Wowee! While you can’t have enough storage space, if the cupboards are ugly and limiting, then it makes more sense to have a blank wall. Can’t wait to see more!

  2. Anne says:

    Oh Sarah, I talk to the wall in between my living room and dining room all the time… I want it gone!!!! but it is a supporting wall and I am not skilled enough to diy it alone. So until I can bring someone in to do that job for me, I will continue as I am. Sigh. Your wall looks lovely!

  3. Marnie says:

    I love that movie ……..and your wall :)
    I’m a little over painting atm (I’m so very nearly finished
    And like you, Sarah, I just can’t wait to do the “pretty bits”
    have a great weekend. xMarnie

  4. I’d be chatting to that wall too…it’s a nice wall..xx

  5. Looks so much better Sarah…

    isn’t it awesome when one achieves a BIG milestone in the home??~~

    I am used to being home ALONE quite a lot with various family members doing “their thing”!!!~~
    SO i often talk to MYSELF…(let alone a wall)..
    AND to SOOTY…
    what’s worse though is I often call “sooty” my 23 yr olds name ~~~
    and when MR C is home i sometimes call him “sooty”~~~

    sooo talking to a blank white wall sounds totally NORMAL to me..!!~

    xx andrea

  6. Wow, what a turn around. Isn’t it awesome what a little elbow grease can achieve.
    Can’t wait to see more of your projects. I hope you’re planning a reward once it’s finished.

  7. Min@MinsMash says:

    Wow Sarah – the difference is amazing! How therapeutic it would have been to take the sledge hammer to the wardrobe that annoyed you. It is a beautiful white wall to talk to ;-) Nothing odd about that at all! I talk to my plants – shh. I love watching makeovers happen. I look forward to seeing the progress photo’s as your study transforms into your usual gorgeous BC style :-) x

  8. Renee says:

    Hi Sarah
    Great post! I did haves pop up telling me I had won an iPhone 5 though. Don’t know where that came from- I’m viewing your blog on my iPhone and this is the first time that’s happened.

    Sorry to bother you. Have a nice weekend.

  9. Claire says:

    Nice job! Where are you going to put all the stuff that was in the built-in?

    • sarah says:

      interesting that a LOT of it has gone to Vinnies! de-cluttering like mad here, I always seem to say that but with 5 of us I always am x

  10. bec says:

    From the photos I can see the removal of this clumsy cupboard would have been very liberating… enjoy your blank canvas. Bec x

  11. moleymakes says:

    LOL As soon as I started reading about your conversation with the wall I thought, Oooh Shirley Valentine. I do love that film so much.

    Can’t wait to see what you do with your wall.

    • MDN says:

      Agreed re movie! Definitely, Mrs. BC and followers, if you haven’t seen it, go out & rent the 1989 movie “Shirley Valentine” w/ Pauline Collins and ,,(sigh) Tom Conti (or substitute your fav). Fashions are dated, but the story remains great. Scenery, too. Bottom line, you’ve gotta do what you need to do for you. Or, at least something for you! Get yourself some wine and good, dark chocolates for while you watch. We all can identify w/ talkin’ to the WALL [plant, hubby, pet, yourself, etc.], now and then! Right, Wall?

      PS – How did the story end…guess what…you get to…

      • sarah says:

        ooooh I recently recorded it and watched just the wall bit….LOVE that film, it’s even better now that it is organically dated x

  12. Tamara says:

    Oooo I love a lovely clean, sparkling white wall – how satisfying ;-)

  13. Susan says:

    Oh Sarah…. if walls could talk! And I’m sure they will thank you when it’s complete. Enjoy the journey..you do it so well~ Happy weekend!

  14. loulou says:

    Hi Sarah,

    isn’t it extraordinary when you can’t stop looking at the ugly thing in your house.
    Probably none else would notice it but it is the only thing you can’t stop looking at.
    Well I had to live with peach walls for I don’t know how long. Everyday we were not friends and I talked to them and told them they were going to have to go.
    One day I got my own way and they are now called wild rice.
    However I talk to them every now in a while and tell them they will go too one day as I really want white. :))

    have a lovely weekend

    x Loulou

  15. laurie says:

    Hmmmmmm…..I see a perfect place for a perfect armoire….. :)

    xoxo laurie

  16. alison says:

    That wall is a thing of beauty and not one paint run!!!!!


  17. Jojo3b says:

    I have recently talking to a yellow 70′s style bubble glass….telling it oh so gently..sorry ..but you have to leave…I did that for ummm four months. Then one day it was gone and now ..bright lovely Aussie sunlight streams in. Yay! So well done to you and your assistants. Keep talking to that spunky white plain light giving wall. Enjoy,enjoy. Jojo3b :)

  18. Nice job, well done! I will enjoy seeing the end results!

  19. Sharon Forward says:

    What’s wrong with talking to things like walls? lolfunny but our ol house likes things being removed too it feels like it can breath or is that just me? Well done Sarahx

  20. MDN says:

    PS Checked Barley’s blog today, too. See that something to his left has his rapt attention: could it be watching whomever is laying down those Peace symbols (seen to his right in the pic)…perhaps modern versions of the Lines of Nazca in Peru? (If he has figured this out, he’s ahold of the answer to one of the world’s biggest musteries! …Ahem!) Or, is he looking out for BC Crew – his primary responsibility? What’s the distraction? New people or doggies to befriend? Perhaps something to chase or investigate further? Regardless, it is a treat to see Barls’ explaits on his blog again!

  21. mellie lang says:

    “Hello wall” sorry I mean “hello new pretty white wall”

  22. It is always good for the soul to take a sledgehammer to something like that. Its like cleansing your soul!!

  23. tanya says:

    you make me smile :)

  24. Mel says:

    Looks great… Who’s sanding and restraining the floor, you or Mr BC? I’d be keen to learn more and wonder if I could do it myself!

    • sarah says:

      I will be sanding it down and re-varnishing it…we have done it before ourselves, hired a sander (for this patch will use a hand sander) and then used yacht varnish (this was in our house in UK) but for the floors here b/c we were renovating and had the whole house to do we hired floor sanders…it was actually fairly economical doing it that way x