a few of my favourite things

Wed 24th, Oct, 2012

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I was reading my emails the other evening (I am *very very behind on those, if you are waiting for a reply from me today be the day) and a lovely gal by the name of Janette sent me an email to say that she loved the pics from Beach Cottage Instagram so I thought I would share on here, my fave little place, this old blog what has been going on through my days, via little snaps from my phone…

oh and before we start, that puppy, the one we all know and love blogged today here, come and see what he’s been up to!





It’s beach basket time Down Under, and ahem, I have a few, ok, scrub that, I have realised since clearing out the hallway cupboard and the study, that I have many many baskets under this forty-is-the-new-thirty belt…but I love me a basket over my arm, I am given to believe that it is something to do with the romantic notions of the Old Country…really though does it matter, have basket will go to beach


Flowers are making big appearances in Beach Cottage Land, to be honest I must say that some of this old cottage ain’t looking too pretty…we have tradies here for work on the outside and the study is in, errrm, let’s just say transition mode, which means stuff all over the place…but in floral terms?  Well all is pretty much good…and even though I do like me a white flower, pops of colour are my preference at the ‘mo, albeit because at last, she says with an air of drama, I am able to got outside and pick

…there are many ways to display them I suppose in your home, I am happy to plump with little casual groups of them, stuffed into white things and plopped here and there…



A strawberry, and for that matter, a raspberry always feels special to me, indeed the colours alone underline somehow that feel good feeling…in the morning with yoghurt, perhaps even more so…


….this is nothing other than my bedroom (with armoire sporting first, of probs three, coats of paint) from this morning and the bed having been made…I also like beds seriously under-made (so climb-back-inable) and posted a very unmade bed on Instagram the other day but this nice…neat and polished off with a few flowers…a little over-exuberant with the pops of colour possibly, but I am all over that right now



There is a reason I am baking more, I have a KitchenAid in my life…here an afternoon of kitchen pottering and lovely baking and this a peach and apple crumble, which is incredibly simple to make with not much other than some random chopping and mixing involved.


Hooks are so de-rigueur in cottages right now, didn’t you know? …and so are these pink geraniums from my garden…how can you blame me for wanting to have them around wherever possible…and if you are the kinda flower arranger who needs a hand, this is the display for you..hang a Mason Jar on a random hook, throw in some white flowers and perhaps a pop of colour and bob is your flower arranging uncle.


I had seemingly forgotten this corner of this old cottage…which came to light with the study re-do…few things more cheering than one’s own handiwork…a whitewashed mirror thrifted for nothing, driftwood by way of a wreath and a self-styled set of hooks, made by one’s own fair hands from an old skirting board picked up from the side of the road…




…yes you see pops of them everywhere…I concede totally that my bedside doesn’t always look like this, but I guess that is not such a bad thing…when it’s like this, so much the better



…what is better than the little things…an open window, fresh air, a ruffle curtain in the breeze





…out here has been so very nice in the Spring weather, not too hot yet and the place for many a cup of tea…is the Adirondack as an outdoor chair just simply unbeatable?  I am still so in love.


and this, the best, til last… a vision of campervan, in white




p.s. there’s a Beach Cottage Giveaway going on on my Instgram feed…if you would like a chance to win one of my lovely Turkish coastal stripe towels, see the deets below

p.p.s I blogged about micro-blogging on Instagram here





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10 Responses to “a few of my favourite things”

  1. Felicity says:

    I like many of your favourites too. I too have a collection of baskets, you can never have enough. I just wish I could grow flowers like you do. Love all your photos.

  2. Diana says:

    Your home is just so beautiful!

  3. anisa says:

    what a cool favourite things that you have. I’m so agree about some old cottage not look pretty.

    xoxo Anisa

  4. My fave pic is the flowers in the sky, so pretty. Also eyeing off your polka dot cup and pretty pink dress! I’m off to visit the puppy now…..xx

  5. HRH Sarah says:

    Wow, thanks for all the snippets of Beach Cottage! Such a lovely place to visit ;)
    I have always had a hard time striking the balance of uncluttered and clean, with vintage, tattered, and chippy. I start with the intention of repurposing some lovely found treasure, and then I don’t know what to do… Wishing you could mosey on up to Virginia and help me style this ‘ole brick rancher, ahem cottage :)

    • sarah says:

      oh I would love to visit Virginia!! just so many places I want to visit in the States…

      I know what you mean about the balance, I bought white leather modern sofas for the family room for exactly that reason, I have never really loved them but I do think they add a contrast and a ‘cleanliness’ to all the old stuff around x

  6. larain says:

    I also have a lotttt of baskets and in my flight of fancy purchased an old back pedal bike with visions of a basket mounted on the back and long flowing skirt camisole top and large straw hat. Was not to be encounter with someone elses dog off lead, my labby is more the air bus type. Any way dog took off and hit me in the shoulders knocking me on my back, six stitches in head and broken wrist later the bike riding is still a dream. Although with my luck the long flowing skirt will probably get caught in chain an d who knows what over break I can get. Am unhappy camper as cast comes off after xmas and guess whose turn it is for xmas lunch????

  7. lisa says:

    Love the blackboard “BEACH” sign & driftwood reath…where can I get these from ? X

  8. Candice says:

    Koombi Campervan pic is a classic . Great post Sarah , awesome pic’s of your fav things .
    Please group hug for them all . They really make you smile as you look thru the collection , the ahhh factor so many memories of coastal life a time ago that merge so well with us now .
    The Adirondack outdoor chair , got a tear in the eye over that one . I love vintage and coastal it is the fairest of them all
    . Just finished painting the loo , so excited getting a new system on Tuesday ….. Can’t wait to have auto flush … Cheers