A Beach Cottage Anniversary

Thu 11th, Oct, 2012

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Well, here are some pics of where I now live and love.

Still very much pinching myself on that front…

This is where we went for our wedding Anniversary recently.

Umm, it’s been a lot of years now.

Can’t quite believe that.

I have been with that guy I call Mr Beach Cottage a long time now.

Really, I haven’t been away from him too much.


He’s taught me a lot.

I can’t quite believe he has put up with me.

Though he drives me around the twist.

It’s made me think about marriage this Anniversary.

And how far we have come.

Since that girl and boy in their very early Twenties.


Every year we say we will do something ‘special’.

And every year we don’t do that but rather we go out for the day and explore and just do stuff…not fancy stuff…just stuff…

Very often ‘stuff’ involves going into the city.

Mr Beach Cottage and I both love doing that.

It wasn’t easy when our kiddos were littlies.

But we still did stuff.


‘Stuff’ this time involved taking Barley on his first boat trip.

And being near the water.


We didn’t dress up or do anything fancy or spend much money at all.

20121011-06-abeachcottage-blog_thumb 20121011-07-IMG_8392

The Beach Cottage Crew came with us.

They are used to our ‘stuff’


I had the most splendid of days.

20121011-09-IMG_8282 20121011-10-IMG_8421 20121011-11-coastal-photography

It got me thinking.

I love my little family, I love Barls more than I ever thought.

And really.

I just love our stuff.

In our new life.


It took me a long time.

To find out what was my stuff.

40 odd years.


My stuff, it seems, is all about simple.

It hasn’t always been like that though.

For a good while I was caught up in crap.

Now I think I am getting there.

Good friends, fresh air, easy days, loving home, the little things…


and I think Mr BC is the same…

Which is why we are still here.

What about you, what is your stuff?



20121011-15-pelican-image 20121011-16-IMG_8512

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39 Responses to “A Beach Cottage Anniversary”

  1. Sue says:

    I just pinned this so I can go back to it often and read it to remind myself that (1) its okay that it has taken me 40+ years to figure out who I am and what I want and (2) there are beautiful places and beautiful people saying and doing beautiful things in this world. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Jo says:

    This is very sweet. Thaks for sharing this. Congratulations ony your wonderful family.

  3. Sarah, Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. BC! Thanks so much for sharing the pics. LOVE!!! Simple is what I am all about now.I wish I would have listened to my Mama a long time ago when she said, it’s the simple things in life that will eventually make you happy!

  4. Linda Jacobs says:

    This reads like a poem! Beautiful words and pics! Congrats on your anniversary. I agree that the simple ‘stuff’ in life is the best.

  5. Shar Y says:

    This was great. Thanks so much for sharing your “stuff” with us and Happy Anniversary to you all. I like simple stuff, too, and am so glad I figured that out. No more pining for this or wanting for that. I like to say that being in bed with a good book on a Friday night is right where I want to be. And, a beach walk, when I can, is the most thought provoking place to be. And, I bet you that Barls loves you back!!

  6. Helen T says:

    Well Sarah did the end of the day involve more ‘stuff’ viewed from the top of a ladder…. lol

  7. Kim BUca says:

    thanks for sharing SArah such beauty in that land that you love now that i live at the lake i see things so differently too such simple beauty!! sometimes i feel like i live in such a cute coastal town and my hubby says we do honey!!! well just not the beach near the ocean lol! i love taking the strolls along with you fall/winter weather is creeping in and i cant stand it even loooking at all the sad boats in the lake HAppy Annvs to you and mr. .B.c.

  8. Michelle W says:

    Sarah, I knew there was a reason I liked you! Your stuff sounds just perfect, and pretty close to my stuff. :-) I frustrate my girls sometimes because part of my “stuff” is to take in the beauty and wonder that surrounds us everyday, and that can mean I’ll pause in a task to look at how the light is falling on a particular leaf that particular minute, and probably dash off to grab my camera so that I can capture the moment, LOL!

    Happy Anniversary to you and Mr BC!

  9. A lovely post Sarah! I love life here too, and although I miss many things about Canada, sometimes I think it’s easier to find what our ‘stuff’ is when we do move away… like… say… to Australia… Because we have to make a new life for ourselves away from all the old expectations… our own and other people’s too… and I get that, I really do. Simplicity somehow does seem more achievable here than anywhere else I’ve ever been. Is it us, is it Australia, or is it getting away around the world? I don’t know (do you??) but on a sunny day by the water, it sure feels good!

    x Catherine @ The Spring

  10. Your “stuff” and my “stuff” seem a lot alike. As I will be turning 47 in a couple of weeks, I realize more and more that home, friends, and sometimes just a simple life are all VERY grounding. And I like that. I too live close to the sea. Wouldn’t live anywhere else.

  11. Candice says:

    Hi Sarah ……Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. BC …. Thankyou for sharing this lovely post . The meaning of simple really got me thinking here .http://www.definitions.net/definition/simple
    direct; clear; intelligible; not abstruse or enigmatical; as, a simple statement; simple language straightforward.
    Wouldn’t we all be so better off , mind , body and soul . Simple just do it … Simple just live it .
    So many waste a lifetime waiting to be happy , have more money and things that money buys so they feel like they belong . It is so awesome to come and read your posts and replies from your friends here , we all stumbled on keeping it simple and never looked back and are so happy . Cheers from me .

  12. alison says:

    Where are the places in the beautiful photos? They look kinda familiar.

    You nearly made me cry. I had a really big crapola event happen to me on Monday. My birthday too!! I turned 55 (crikey!) and I’ve only just started to work myself out in the past couple of years. People around me were shocked at what happened to me and I thought to myself, “This is the beginning of something else. What’s my next step?” I’ve had a great few days regrouping and don’t give a “rat’s” as I feel centred within myself.

    Sarah, you speak to my soul.


    • HRH Sarah says:

      Aww, {{hugs}}. Hope you’re on the way to a happier time, and congrats on the birthday! Every one is a blessing!

  13. Fantastic post Sarah- simple…life loving…memory making…non-crap stuff….

    It took me a while too…just to find the *space* I wanted to be in…I’m now soooooo ok, and delighted at the decisions I’ve made in the past – like staying at home with my three kiddos, whilst everyone and their dog had a comment to share with my over this decision!!

    I hear you loud and clear girl- Happy Anniversary again!

    Melissa x

  14. HRH Sarah says:

    More and more it’s about the simple things. And the things that will not change. Like the memories we’ve created as a family. And the satisfaction of raising my daughter to be the kind of person who truly cares more about others than things. Those are the things that make the “stuff” so sweet. Glad y’all found a fun, relaxing way to celebrate your time together, and the family that you’ve been blessed with.

  15. So so lovely … happy happy to you!

  16. Bec says:

    Congrats Sarah. It’s really lovely to read about happy married people enjoying the children they have been blessed with. Lovely. Thanks for sharing:-)

  17. Neen says:

    Simple things are so important, I’m sitting looking out my window at a planter full of pansies and yep they make me smile. Family is all home for a few hours ( 3 of us are in the same room lol ). What a beautiful post Sarah, congrats on anniversary xx

  18. Tricia Rose says:

    Part of it is realising you’ve pulled it off, that you have managed to achieve something and in the process a lot of superfluous things have just fallen away. A good feeling!

  19. Hi Sarah…glad you ahd a good anniversary….
    And my stuff is simple away from work when it can be frantic (don’t get me wrong, it’s great being a BBC journalist!) …but being at home, walks with the dog, time to breathe and appreciate what’s there in front of me makes me happy…

  20. Elaine in Laguna says:

    Sarah, this is a delightful and happy post. I loved it. The photos are great, too! Congrats to you and
    Mr. BC and the kids….In this age it is an accomplishment for all…I love being simple and living simple, too. That’s why I love your blog. Blessings to all of you!

  21. moleymakes says:

    Wishing you both a Happy Anniversary. You truly have found the perfect paradise. There is something truly magical about Australia. Thank you so much for sharing with us. I only wish we had taken on the gamble to move there back in the mid 90s.

  22. Isabel says:

    thank you for a wonderully insightful post. I will be thinking more about what is my stuff in the future.
    oh, and happy anniversary!

  23. DeAna says:

    The real reason to look forward to getting older is that your stuff is figured out…mostly.

    Thanks for your lovely post.

  24. It DOES take us a long time sometimes to figure out who we are and what is important. My Sweetie and I really do have the same values, and it makes such a huge difference. We always say “Family First”. And for fun we love to be outdoors, we love to walk, hike, camp, fish, read outside, garden, go garage saling, and antiquing, We both love the peace and quiet of our little farm too. It’s a special place.

  25. Kim H says:

    Happy Anniversary, Sarah. So lovely to hear these good marriage stories:) x

  26. Rukmini Roy says:

    Happy Anniversary Sarah!
    You know, its only 2 months to my wedding and sometimes I think will I be able pull it all off? Look back after 20 years and write a happy blog post? And then I see this post and posts as such and look happily forward to it.
    i really do…Im not just telling this to comment on your blog, believe me. :) Keep inspiring us littlies in our early twenties.

  27. Kathryn says:

    Love this post! Happy Anniversary!

  28. mellie lang says:

    gorgeous photos, love that you took Barls on a boat, my George hates boats, but he has only been on kayaks so maybe we need to take him on a bigger one :)

    • sarah says:

      Barley seemed to really love the boat…we thought he might not…yes a kayak may well be a different experience altogether x

  29. Kat says:

    Really lovely post about what is important in life Saarah. Not the big stuff, but the little moments with your family and grattitude for what you have.
    Yep, that sums it up for me. :)
    My “stuff” is my hubby, kids, family and friends, our life by the beach here in Tas and just soaking up the little every day moments that make me smile and bring me joy.
    Often that is simple moments spent with my kids and hubby, time at the beach. reading a good book or eating and drinking good food/wine. Laughing and dancing and taking photos are also pretty good too ;)
    Happy anniversary to a couple who gets what is important.

  30. sue austin says:

    Great post! Your “stuff” isn’t just stuff – it is Great Stuff!

  31. Mhairi says:

    Thanks so much for this lovely post. It was mine & my husband’s first anniversary last month. We didn’t do anything on the day ‘cos we planned to go scuba diving in husband’s half-term. However he’s just drawn-up his work timetable so it won’t be happening :-( But looking at your photos, I’ve had the idea of making a picnic and going to a local lake… even if it’s raining, LOL.