well I never, I snooze on white crochet

Wed 19th, Sep, 2012

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Dudes, like hello I didn’t think I’d be on a white crochet blanket.

Doesn’t do much for one’s street cred in the puppy world.

Mrs BC has a big collection of these for me to try out tho…and I quite like the look of this beachy blue cushion

Quite nice really Winking smile

Barls x

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7 Responses to “well I never, I snooze on white crochet”

  1. Alice says:

    Too cute…My Bella would have chewed and eaten the blanket intead of enjoying the comfort and warmth… Such a greedy dog… Thanks for the carrot idea… She wasn’t too keen about it on the first day…She took a nibble made a funny face and left it there all day… Tried again the second time and she seemed to like it better…Seemed to enjoy each bite until it was finished…

  2. alison says:

    I have bubble wrap on our lounge chairs to keep Bella the wonder cat off. V e r y chic. The vet, when she did the home visit because Bella is too highly strung to do a surgery visit, saw the bubble wrap she was “fascinated” with our strategy. However, as of this week, Bella has overcome her fear of bubble wrap and I am considering new options.


    • bridgette says:

      Hey Alison i just read your comment about bubble wrap, We used Aluminium foi; around our lounge for about a month, it was very ugly to live with at the time but now my cat as learnt that the lounge is a no go area, he is one now and is happy to sit on the lounge and he is very gentle, He used to be a CRAZY cat too :)

      Sarah Barls Is simply gorgeous :)

  3. HRH Sarah says:

    Barls is so cute! And he looks so elegant with his new vintage crochet puppy blanket!

  4. Angela says:

    That furry baby is rotten! As they all should be. :)