this is awesome right?

Fri 7th, Sep, 2012

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Good Day Beach Cottage lovelies, Happy Friday, Happy End of the week and if you are in that place they call Down Under, Happy Spring!

You know, there is a lovely feeling in the air right now, Sydney is putting on a stunner of a start to Spring with the last few days clocking in at about 27C and the promise of a hot Summer in store.

Bring that right on.

Spring has to be the best Season though doesn’t it, though actually I say this about the other Seasons when they first come in too…here though on Sydney’s beaches it is just right…warm enough to perhaps sit on the beach and idle away a couple of hours people watching with a coffee and a book but cool enough to not worry about sunburn and umbrellas and escaping the heat.


20120907-02-beach-cottage-ocean-sea-bird 20120907-03-IMG_6612

A couple of people recently, on different occasions, in totally different settings have said to me ‘I love how you love our country’…I always find that a trifle odd…hello how can I not?

But I guess in life it all depends where you come from…I don’t mean to sound odd but coming from Old Blighty this climate is pretty darn fantabulous to me, like gushingly so, like even in Winter every   time I open the door so..and for our family has opened a door that we really wanted to open to a whole new lifestyle, we all love the outdoors and I love walking and getting out in the fresh air…but with this new love of this new land also comes an appreciation for what we have left…and now after being here for a few years I can see that too…

20120907-04-IMG_6049 20120907-05-IMG_6630

This upcoming Summer then is promising a lot for me…our kiddos are getting a bit older and with that we are hoping for a slowing down of commitments (and sport!, errm actually who am I kidding there!) and I am looking forward to long days out down the beach, packed up with a Eski full of cold things, lots of food and enjoying this place we packed up, picked up sticks and moved slap bang to the other side of the world for….

I want vintage linens in that Eskie too and a basket and coconut sunscreen and cucumber sandwiches Winking smileand toasty skin and nautical stripes and cloud watching…my glasses are rose-tinted right now and I am loving them a lot…life is pretty good….


And as you can see, for now, it’s just about enjoying Spring…

20120907-07-IMG_6655 20120907-08-beach-house-blog

Spring Days…

..the opening up of the doors

fresh air

warm coastal breezes

20120907-09-IMG_6645 20120907-10-IMG_6650

the blooming of flowers


the sun on your face


an awakening



warm sunshine through the curtains in the morning


20120907-14-IMG_6047 20120907-15-IMG_6634

insects whizzing

20120907-16-IMG_6036 20120907-17-beach-cottage-coastal-


and berry brown Aussies in hats with thongs on the beach

pretty awesome if you ask me


p.s. don’t miss Barley!  he blogged here this morning xo


find little postcards from the beaches in Beach Cottage Places here 

and need more coastal photography in your life, go here x


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50 Responses to “this is awesome right?”

  1. Caitlin says:

    Gorgeous, we really are lucky aren’t we?

    The photos are beautiful Sarah, what camera do you use? Sorry if you’ve answered that question a gazzilion times elsewhere. :-)

  2. Susan @ Afford Your Passions says:

    Lovely post, Sarah!

    It’s coming to the end of summer here, but I think summer is going to go out with a bang – it was 43 degrees (C) here, with less than 2 weeks of summer left. We’ll have temperatures into the 30′s until the end of October, so it will be a while before it starts to fell like fall here in Fort Worth, TX.

  3. Neen says:

    It’s so true, you make our beautiful country look so incredible. It actually takes my breath away when I look at your photos and in my mind and body I travel to those places, even if I haven’t been to that exact beach, I know one just like it or I grow those flowers under the same brilliant spring sky. Seeing Australia through your lens reminds me to STOP and look around at the beauty in front of me every day. The white azaelas are AMAZING ;)

    • sarah says:

      thanks Neen, I feel the same way…coming here changed a LOT for me…it’s so beautiful when all of a sudden you see the little things…Australia helps :-)

      yes the Azaleas are wonderful it seems this year xo

  4. Melinda says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I have been following your blog for a long time now and just wanted to say how much I enjoy everything that you have to say, your photo’s are awesome, recipes are yummy and like you, we have a cavoodle named Honey who is a delight. I too live on the Northern Beaches and absolutely love everything about life down this way. Have a happy weekend and thanks for such a happy blog. Cheers Melinda xx

  5. Melinda says:

    ooops I didn’t mean to publish my last name !!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Selby says:

    Ahh warm sea breezes! Missing home right now in the nicest sort of way- your photos are so lovely they make me pine for my home town:)

  7. Summer is winding for us as well here in Fincastle, Virginia. Looking forward to the Fall, which is quite unusual for me but it has been so…humid this summer that I am looking forward to a change!

  8. MDN says:

    Just outstanding! Taking all of it in and imagining the sounds and smells described. So busy looking at the various colors of the wave in the earlier pic that the bird in flight almost was missed. Your eye’s so keen. TKS PS – What are the yellow, orange, and yellow/orange flowers?

    • sarah says:

      thank you but it’s not hard to get a good photo with this scenery :-)

      I am not sure what they flowers are..they grow all down the coast here where I am

      • lg says:

        I think they are Nasturtiums – and I think you can eat the flowers.

        lg xx

        • alison says:

          Yes, you can eat nasturtiums. Lots of people put them in salads. I think their buds are the capers we eat…but I’d like someone to confirm that.


          • No I don’t think they are, the pickled and salted capers we eat come from a caper bush. You can buy these at the nursery too. Nasturtiums are completely edible in salads, so I think the buds would be too. Those Nasturtiums look like they are growing amongst a type of pigface, if it gets a big pink flower them it is a native pigface, which I reckon are the best.

  9. Hi Sarah…Lucky you!!~~

    I have just played tennis in gale force winds (with a deluge of rain in amongst it all)!! BUT the OLD GIRL continued on…next minute bright sunshine..
    MELBOURNE weather..~~~ 26 degrees the other day…cold today…
    And my MR C is heading off to the snow in our mountains..go figure??!~~

    xx andrea

    • sarah says:

      hey Andrea…that’s why we didn’t move to Melbourne lol, too much like the Old Country on the cold days ;-)

      glad to hear from you, hope all is well x

  10. 29 degrees here today and nippers sign on on Sunday … hello spring!

  11. Alice says:

    ou captures srping beautifully Sarah… Just lovely…. I am loving the warmth and slowly my spirits are lifting too…. It is so ridiculous how my mood (and it seems health) is tied up with the weather (especially warmth)… Bring on spring… I just hope the weather holds up untill well into Sunday. I have my now 5 year old celebrating her picnic/playing in the sand and park birthday(yep her favourite things to do all in one one) party to celebrate…Fingers crossed…

    • Alice says:

      p.s…. Berley is looking so handsome he has really grown out of the puppy look now…. He looks like a teenager now lol! Adorable…

    • sarah says:

      I hope it holds up for you…a cold wind is whipping through here I have to say!

  12. Kat says:

    Sarah you are such a joy. So uplifting and positive in your posts.
    I need to take on more of that lately, so thank you for inspiring me to be more positive. (thats one of the reasons I love your blog so much, it really is uplifting! :) )
    I find it amazing that Sydney has such warm temps. 27 is a warm summer day here in Tasmania ;)
    Today it is wet, windy and only 11, so I yearn for 27 and sunshine. The positive is that I have a hot chocolate in my hand, the heater going and am cosy inside.
    Tomorrow the sun may be shining again :) (see your positivity is working on me already!!) :)
    Happy weekend to you!

    • sarah says:

      yes I know I find that amazing too, though have to say we are having some cooling ocean winds whipping through now this arvo xox

      keep up with it Kat – I really have to work at looking at the little things…but once you do it for a while it becomes a habit.

  13. alison says:

    Photo 5 made my eyes well up. Go figure!!! I suppose it’s a typical view of many places I like to visit or holiday in.


  14. Robynne says:

    Oh, you’re making me homesick…Spring in Melbourne really ‘springs’…I know my azaleas are flowering at home, along with the early camellias…I’m sure the kids are oblivious to it all…we are having some lovely balmy, mild weather here in Buckinghamshire, but the mornings and evenings are getting crisp and dewy…and the light is fading earlier in the evening…so we know that Autumn is marching on into Winter. I’m starting to think about my winter wardrobe, warming stews…orange hued roses, berries and foliage…and pumpkins!! Have I made you a little homesick too….Robx

  15. Angela says:

    The colors in these photos are ridiculous. Love it. That ocean and sky? My Gawd…

  16. Claire says:

    Can we have pictures of berry brown Aussie men in thongs please Sarah?!! Y’know, just one or two would be enough ; ) Happy weekend x

  17. Julie Johnson says:

    Incredible pictures! looks absolutely breathtaking. No wonder you call it the lucky country. I live in North Georgia in the US and we’re anxiously waiting for fall here. Spring and fall have always been my favs.

  18. Motherofluvlies says:

    A really stupid question ,no doubt but do you have sharks or can you really just jump down on that beach and go swimming without worrying about being safe?The thought of it……so envious

  19. Wonderful post, Sarah! I must say, tho, you are making me a bit sad, as summer has just ended here (although we still have the hot, steamy weather!), and it’s back to school and work and busyness and looking to autumn. Which I love, but all that talk of beachiness…. {sniff} :’( just a little sad here. It is a little weird to read your blog where it’s always “opposite world”! I do enjoy it tho!!! I hope you can bask in your lovely spring days… xo

  20. Fleur says:

    Totally agree x I do the same thing, oh Spring, you’re my favourite, wait a minute, Summer you are awesome!

  21. So inspiring. And so wonderful to know that somewhere in the world someone else is starting an entire different cycle, so no matter what time of year it is … I can enjoy any cycle I want!

    Thanks again, Mary

  22. laurie says:

    It’s got to be total heaven on earth!!! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  23. Vicki says:

    Sarah, what model Canon do you have?

  24. lovely photos Sarah, I love african daisies, but I am not a huge fan of mauve or purple, so I am always looking for them in white and pink. Sorry, but I gotta say, that last photo of the bloke sitting near the lifeguard board on the beach makes me cringe, he looks red and sore and all I can think of is the freckly, leathery damaged skin! I hope it isn’t your hubby!

  25. Karen says:

    Beautiful photos and flowers.

  26. HRH Sarah says:

    Wow, fabulous views from Down Under, I can understand why you’re in love!

  27. Jess says:

    Apologies for being so late with my comment but these photos are stunning!! Happy warm spring days to you and the BC Crew. Jx