the armoire

Mon 17th, Sep, 2012

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Yo Beach Cottage peeps, how you going this fine Monday morning? Wanna come stroke an armoire with me?

Before we start here, these are iPhone photos….

I am kinda done trying to squeeze my old forty-is-the-new-thirty-but-feels-more-like-one-hundred-and-ninety-five body into the corners of rooms and slap bang right up into the walls of this old cottage to get photos for this here blog…

…people we need either for you to send me donations to fund a new lense (so not gonna happen, for cripes sake I can hardly get you girls, and one man in the Netherlands to comment, ain’t gonna happen that you part with your money people) or I continue to fund said lense by feeding my kiddos baked beans on toast every night OR I take these wider shots with my iPhone which means they aren’t quite as hot on the ol’ quality front…

I am thinking iPhone be the way to go?

We don’t want us no mal-nourished kiddos in Beach Cottage Land.


So this is my new to me but not new armoire.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it, her, him or whatever we might like to call this piece.

I have been spending my time stroking, perusing, eyeing, viewing, stroking, loving on, whooshing, stroking, lusting, foofing and stroking…

One may find it safe to say that one is, like in Elf, very much in love…

‘I’m in love, I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it…’

I have been looking for one of these for ages, she’s a big one though! (I put the chair there beside her to show you in comparison)

…to be honest this is a tad not quite fitting the bill that I had, that said bill included mirrors and a bit more oldie Frenchie scrolling and vintage-y-ness…and indeed if I had wanted to drop $5000 in a local Frenchie boutique here on the beaches I could very easily have walked right out with all of those things…but…but….one cannot, I don’t think, be too fussy when one is playing with one hundred and fifty dollars…especially when one is playing in a field that is as small as the beaches of Sydney…people we do not have the vintage spoils of Europe, France, the U S of A, Hungary, Italy or any other place that may well be full of vintage wares at our disposal here Down Under…it be a long way from any of

those places…


And so, to find this little vintage treasure, well it was a treat…a beeeeyoutiful piece for sure…she seems to be oozing things this one…I can almost feel those hands that made her over the oceans back here in the tattiest old, so-far-from-perfect-coastal-cottage on the beaches of Sydney…the timber she is made of is just…well just…you know…

and yes we now have three rather large items in this old cottage that need love

and yes I owe waaaaay too many favours to certain persons

and yes she will be white

and yes it will be a challenge to keep things tidy behind the glass

and yes there were eyebrows

and yes I have been doing jigs…

and yes I have already had a Beach Cottage White paint shade mixed

and yes I think you might like her too?

Bye for now lovelies, I am off to make some coffee and get my painting clothes on…follow along on Instagram if you like Smile


p.s. sweet Barley blogging from my bedroom here

oh and in Beach Cottage Places, there’s a lovely seaside scene from the beach yesterday morning if you are needing to see the sea!

beach cottage decor

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122 Responses to “the armoire”

  1. Dianne says:

    I love it!!!!! I have been looking all weekend on Craigslist for something just like this. I want one so I can put it in my bathroom for towels.

  2. Sarah says:

    Oh I love it! It will look perfect painted white.

  3. Cherrie says:

    OOOOO! she squeeled. I want one too. Beautiful and an absolute steal for $150. I like how Barley is doing the “I’m ignoring you” pose in the last picture. Cherrie

    • sarah says:

      I know, how lucky am I to get it for that price….it is a steal and so glad it has a new home with me! x

    • sarah says:

      oh and yes I know, he was sooo funny, I am convinced he knows what the camera is for and purposely turns away now! xx

  4. I think that new “baby” of yours is just gorgeous!!! Can hardly wait to see it painted out in Beach Cottage white!

    • sarah says:

      I know, I have had quite a lot of babies lately…this one is a good one and she doesn’t require much feeding, watering or burping hahaha xx

  5. Oh I LOVE it too! What a great buy and I can’t wait to see it looking all beautiful and white.

  6. Sue says:

    HI Sarah, in Perth we love our Bali furniture as it comes in lovely classical pieces. I must admit I have quite a bit of it………….but none white! Can’t wait to see your new baby transformed, you will appreciate the value of your good stain sealer on this one!

  7. karen says:

    She is lovely with some beautiful legs:)
    It will be fabulous with some of your vintage goodies and linens inside!

  8. HRH Sarah says:

    She is indeed beeyoootiful! And a lil white paint will certainly make her even more so! Very nice lines, and pretty legs!

  9. Anne says:

    Gorgeous! but this is one piece that I think would be best left in wood… I know, I know you are all about white… It just seems to me that you need one beauty of a piece for contrast :)

    • sarah says:

      ha yes I know what you mean, though I do have a few bits that are wood plus of course the floors throughout…this is so going white though! I love the wood but it will sing for me in white! :-) xx

  10. Susan @ Afford Your Passions says:

    She’s lovely, Sarah, and will be beautiful with a new coat (or two) of white paint. I can’t wait to see the “after” pictures.

    I recently scored a glass fronted china cabinet for $0, but I couldn’t convince Mr. R. to let me paint mine, so I am stuck with an oak colored one (for the moment). I shouldn’t complain – it was free, and still shows off my blue and white china perfectly.

  11. ashlee says:

    i can’t wait to see your transformation. i wish i could see more photos of your house, haha! i think i’ve looked at nearly every one on your blog :)

  12. Kim says:

    beautiful Sarah…..just the way she is…or white…just lovely!!

  13. Melinda says:

    Lucky lucky you.
    You mentioned that its a little big – maybe when its all painted up and white it will seem smaller, still airy but just more blended in.
    Anyway its gorgeous and Im sure there’s a lot of armoire envy going around !!
    looking forward to seeing what you do with it xx

    • sarah says:

      thanks, yes maybe you are right…it is much bigger than I thought…and heavy! …I may have to move around a bit to find a good spot and yes white I think may blend in a bit more…right now sticking out a bit!

      • Melinda says:

        I think it would look AMAZING filled with plates, bowls glassware etc.

        If you’d like mirror – maybe you could get a piece of mirror glass cut to stick on the whole inside at the back to reflect whatever you choose to put in there – this would prob only be easy to do if shelves could be taken out to do it??

        Just a thought because Im in envy and imagining its mine :)

        • sarah says:

          thanks Melinda…yeah it would look lovely filled with china etc…and it may well end up like that! however I saw a picture of one of these used as a wardrobe (must say the owner may well have been OCD on folding lol) and I am going to give it a go as that first…not sure, in this crazy old cottage, how realistic that will be however! x

  14. Janet Purcell says:

    You lucky girl Sarah, I can tell you that I paid a lot more than $150 for mine! Can’t wait to see how it looks painted white.

    • sarah says:

      thanks Janet, I am sure you did, I know b/c I have been looking into these for ages…when I saw this I about jumped on it! x

  15. Selby says:

    Woo beautiful!! Looking forwards to seeing her after her beach cottage transformation:)

  16. Liz says:

    Stunning! I now understand all the stroking and the foofing and the eyeing and most of all the teasing! Well worth the wait to see her! Would it very hard to change the glass panes to mirror ones? Might save some of the stress of keeping everything picture perfect ( and provide another storage facility for those items that husbands, erm, do not need to be informed of just yet)? :-)

    • sarah says:

      hmm yes I have thought of that and will look into it… thanks

      this will NOT be a good place for the hiding of the purchases lol!!!!

  17. laurie says:

    Holy armoire, Batman! THAT is one gorgeous piece of furniture, Sarah! And quite a steal, too! LOVE LOVE LOVE her and I don’t blame you for all of that lusting, foofing, and stroking. lol! Can hardly wait to see how looks with a dress of white on her! :)

    xoxo laurie

  18. Great find Sarah! Nothing like finding the perfect piece thats for sure. I hear you on the french boutique furniture, I’m having the same conundrum with a large fancy bookcase that I have pictured very clearly in my head for a hallway here at Greystanes. Trouble is that the one I want translates to $5000 – aint gonna happen :( thats a small horse / car worth right there!! Soooo still scheming I’m sure my perfect piece will come along one day, just hope its not when I’m 90 and cant lift a book ;)

    • sarah says:

      hahaha, I hear you Alicia! I often wonder who does buy this stuff?? and yes $5000 is what I will be spending on something other than a bookcase lol…I do think tho that you will come across it one day…especially in your line of business x

  19. Angie says:

    Your photos are always lovely ! Pshh…do what is easiest. That is one honey of a piece. Wood looks gorgeous as is of painted white. I think you got quite a bargain on that one. At least 300-400 here ! Cant wait to see it all full of your lovelies !

  20. She is pretty, and she is going to be even prettier in BCwhite.

  21. MDN says:

    Well…she (appears we all agree on HER gender) indeed is your piece de resistance! (Can’t get accents inserted here for your new Frenchie!) Is “Giselle” a fitting name for her? (Your BC followers may have better ideas – maybe an international naming contest of sorts is in order?!? Open to all, including one male from the Netherlands.)

    Can’t believe the price, either…what a coup!

    I do agree w/ Anne with the view that keeping her as is might be a better choice (at least for now). My Dad (now gone) worked in furniture manufacturing and taught me about the beauty of certain woods and their grains….and not only has she the classic lines, but the wood out of which she’s constructed is perfect for her. (I even love her back interior. What character!) Don’t you wonder what she’s been through ’til now? Does she really need to have her past “covered” or is she all the more alive with her current “complexion” …which represents her journey to you? Maybe you can keep her this way – au natural – for a bit (Once painted, there’ll be no going back…sorta like when one begins shaving one’s legs, and mother nature [and her maker] made her this way so she can “sing”! And, she deserves to be your furniture Diva.. The contrast of her natural beauty against the painted pieces just will make a true symphony of all you have composed. (Yes, too many puns. Sorry.) Since these pics were w/ iPhone, can only envision that she’s even more stunning (if this is possible)! Convinced yet to give her natural beauty a chance to shine through? (Maybe first try a tad of orange oil on her at first, too…for her “blossom” to speak to you?) (Alas, more BC references…and, I have not been imbibing this evening.)

    PS – I got my “French” armoir (sans lovely windows like yours) about fifteen years ago and remain as enthralled with her to this day as the first day I saw – and had to have – my “Grand Dame.” Saved and saved, negotiated and negotiated price. Haven’t regretted this big-time purchase – ever! Do believe that you’ll become accustomed to her size after about a week to a month. Know that she seems larger than life right now, but your view of her will adjust and at some point, you won’t be able to imagine that at first, she seemed perhaps almost too large space wise. (I went through this at first, too!) She “demands” all of the attention that one cannot help but pay her. [Plus w/ your other two new grand acquisitions (same in size and scope), she'll help balance out those pieces in other rooms.] Obviously, it’s hoped you’ll consider keeping her as is for a while, but…you are her new keeper… (She hopefully will continue her journey through the generations.)

    Regardless of what you decide to do w/ her, she’s just plain gorgeous. Anxious also to see how you fill her spaces…maybe clothes at first, or linens, then perhaps, special keepsakes of fine times or memories had… Congratulations, girl! Exceptionally well done! Have you caught your breath from all of your recent acquisitions – including the chair Mr. BC found for you? Good things seem to come in waves! And, it appears you’re swimming WITH the tides! (Beachy reference – Couldn’t help it!)

    • sarah says:

      oh yes I like it! errrm a BC naming session might well be fitting…

      I totally hear you with the wood…it is always a conundrum here, I have looked at her a lot and thought about keeping her that way, so we will see…but the way I look at it I would rather her have a long life with me fitting in quite nicely :-)

      indeed at the moment I seem to be flooded ;-) with good finds and I haven’t even shown you all what I found at the weekend at the flea market…I was almost, but not quite, embarrassed to bring them home roflmao :-)))))

      I very much like your puns, keep them coming please!


      • MDN says:

        TKS for considering keeping her as is, at least for a bit…I’m kinda biased when it comes to high quality wood – and like the idea that if kept so,, she’d call out for attention…and she so deserves it. It doesn’t appear that she has any blemishes to cover up. Plus,, once filled, the appearance will soften a bit…

        Even MORE surprises!? Ooh La La… SO exciting! How could it get any better than the past few weeks? (Deep breath…Aaaahhhhh!) And, you’d mentioned having workers there? How’s that going, too?

        • sarah says:

          no they are not here yet…

          no she doesn’t have any blemishes, in fact she is the most beautiful wood and much better in real life than the pics xx

          • MDN says:

            PS – Please don’t take it in any way that your pics aren’t wonderful…from your iPhone. They are! Just know you’d have more flexibility w/ your other camera. Saw later posts where you’re discussing getting a new lens. Couple of suggestions possibly to consider: 1) check out the CNET site which does regular product reviews – very thorough re both advs. and disadvs. (reviews.cnet.com/) and always very current. Or, if you don’t mind working w/ an analog camera, you might want to check out estate sales. No one seems to want analogs any more (no instant gratification) and cameras which used to go for hundreds (even thousand +), now are going for a song ($20 ish or less). Not enough of an expert on this; however, maybe some of the lenses will work with your camera… (They were interchangeable among analogs…maybe w/ digitals, too?) Oh well, keep on clickin’ for our pleasure, please!

          • Sarah, don’t get anything but the best wide angle lens, you will then bring out the best in your camera (5D?). Save your dollars and get the newest model with all the new features- there’s a reason for newer models- they work better with your Autofocus and camera’s capabilities! Or a generic one. I asked about them though and was told that they were no where near as good as the canon L series. I have a sigma 50 mm and it was better to buy than the canon, so you must go to a dealer who knows what they are talking about. I can highly recommend a guy at Camera house in westfield Parramatta. He has been so wonderful with me, this is not my area of expertise either, so I want great advice. I wouldn’t touch an old or 2nd hand one without going through a dealer. I know someone who burnt out the motor in his high end nikon last year putting an old lens on it! Terribly expensive lesson, but one that I took note of.

          • sarah says:

            hmm interesting lesson Jodie…

            I am saving up right now and have been gathering advice from all over the place x


      • Shar Y says:

        I like what you say about creating a new life for living with you. Keeping the wood as is makes sense but what makes even more sense is making it be the way you want. I can’t tell you how many pieces that to me are more beautiful painted. But, maybe I just like paint? Looking forward to whatever you do!!

  22. Karen Sack says:

    Oh Sarah,

    You are on fir the past few weeks…..I think maybe I should live in Sydney….lol Go Girl.
    Well done! The old rule to thrifting if you wait long enough you always find what you want even if it is years.


    • sarah says:

      yeah that old saying is so true…all the weeks of finding nothing and walking out of op-shops shaking my head at the prices have paid off big time x

    • Karen Sack says:

      Yes it is like Saturday I was at the local markets and bought 3 – 14″ x 14″ canvases covered with a childs elephant print. I just wanted them for the canvases as I paint. Well last night I pulled of the fabric which I might add is in great condition. But the best part is the fabric is a 1973 reproduction and I searched it online and this fabric is worth $65 per metre can you imagine that……talk about good taste so I will recycle the fabric into some great bunting.
      thrifting and up-cycling to the max


  23. Neen says:

    Gosh she’s beautiful…..classy lady. Enjoy ‘splashing’ white paint on her, can’t wait to see……;)

  24. Alice says:

    Very , very nice Sarah. I would paint her white without hesitation. I hear those voices talking about wood grain, and I agree but when you have a small white space and a big bulky piece of beauty, painting it white will allow it to blend in harmoniously with the rest of the house instead of standing out (or in my case when dealing with small spaces sticking out) like a sore thumb. You could always get some twine behind the doors and “ruche” some gauze like fabric (like your ikea curtains) both top and bottom of the doors to hide the contents of the armoire if it really bothers you in the future… Great find indeed… Would love one just like it but there is no where I could put it so I will just admire yours from a distance…

  25. Cheryl says:

    I want one, too! wahhhh…
    I am with the ladies who prefer keeping her dark wood, but it’s your cottage and your style that matters.
    iPhone photos are great, just mix it up a bit with your other camera, and we’ll get a nice assortment of images to look at.

  26. Wow! I seriously love that sweet thing so much it kind of hurts my chest. Lucky you! xo

  27. Min says:

    I love her! Due to her lovely curves I have donned her a ‘she’ :-) I can’t wait to see you transform her. What a find! BTW – you take THE most amazing photo’s with you iPhone! I have an android (Samsung Galaxy) and aspire to take photo’s as lovely as yours! I have a fancy pants camera (Nikkon) but need someone to teach me how to use the thing!!

    • sarah says:

      errrrm I am wishing I had a fancy pants Nikkon lol! …my top tip : switch it on and hit the button to snap away…that’s how I learnt :-)

  28. rosie says:

    Love the new armoire. It looked so familiar to me when I first saw it in your pix – I have a little one almost exactly like it! It’s a little different on the top and is only about 26 inches tall. Have been wanting to paint it white as well. You can change out the door glass with mirrors or put mirrors in the back inside.
    Happy foofing! Such a nice, relaxing way to spend the day. My late friend, who was a queen foofer, used to say she was ‘making love to her house’. That about sums it up!

  29. Nicole W says:

    Stroking, stroking…! he/she is DIVINE! I am so jealous!! I’d love me one of these.. I can wait to see how he/she scrubs up! Im imagining some folded linens & cushions on those shelves.. Get painting woman!! =o)

  30. DeAna says:

    I got a cabinet at about one tenth the price of yours and about one tenth the looks and style. Hoping to make it look like a……………. 1000 dollars.
    I’m looking to you for inspiration (as always). No pressure.

  31. Rukmini Roy says:

    She is a beauty, ain’t she? Pure Beach cottage white or will you also include some robin’s egg blue?
    Btw, can’t stop laughing with the 40 is the new 30 but feels like 195 body! Seriously, sometimes taking photographs can be excruciatingly painful. I often find myself in an oh-so-gross squat position as my rooms have low seating arrangement and furniture to go with it! Spell *pain*.

  32. Kim says:

    A touch of french vintage coastal especially once painted white … just love it and also love the kitchen cabinet (we had one when I was a kid in Melbourne before we got built in cupboards and then it went down into the garage and my dad stored his tools in it) …. you are just the bestest thrifter ever Sarah :)

  33. Karen says:

    Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo she’s lovely! Well done you!! x

  34. katerina says:

    a lovely thing Sarah, you are going to have it,like, forever,me thinks!! there are certain pieces like that, they just become a part of ones life…….well scored !!

    • sarah says:

      I think so Katerina….there are a few things now that I will never part with including some of the first pieces of furniture that I thrifted and then shipped over here to Australia from England xo

  35. dam.jane says:

    I agree with MDN totally! Please, don’t paint it white! I am sure that, when you fill it up with white linen and other white stuff it will fit perfectly although you keep that (precious) wood intact and preserve it’s beauty for future generations.
    Good luck armoire!

  36. jennifer says:

    I was waiting for the line .. “yes she will be white” becuase like you Im a white paint addict and I so love to see gloomy brown turn into cool white..can wait to se the transformation.
    Hugs from malta :)

  37. Angela says:

    She’s absolutely beautiful – both as is and when she will be white. I dream of such beauty in my house! I was wondering, i know you are super-clever when it comes to painting these beauties, but do you have a tip for painting NEATLY around the glass panes? I am so rubbish at it and just always seem to mess it up, even after scratching it carefully off afterwards……is there a magic trick you know for this? Yours always look immaculately painted. Have a great week.
    Angela xx

  38. Kim H says:

    Oh my goodness that is gorgeous! Did you say $150!!! What a steal. Love, love, love it and want, want, want one xx

  39. It Is a beauty! I looove it, and yes paint it white! I do believe though if you are using it as a wardrobe you should look into those window decals to stick on (so it looks like frosted glass)- It would give you your scrolly, perhaps fleur de lys fix! Plus you won’t have to be so anal about the folding inside. I think I would store perfumes and hats, scarves and bags or smalls in pretty box drawer type set ups (cover paper boxes in spray glue and beautiful fabric or paper), etc in it. But for a china cabinet, clear glass all the way!

    • Oh yes I so ‘get’ the lense business. I just bought a 100mm Macro on Thursday, tossing over the nearly $2000 wide angle (can’t stand fisheye though – they make me queasy!) , simply due to the time of year and that I am taking loads of photos of flowers at the moment! Next one will be that wide angle though! My kids can go and pick some silverbeet or some mulberries or squeeze a chook or hunt down a duck or rabbit for their dinner! hahahahahaha!!! Couldn’t your’s go fishing????

      • sarah says:

        ha I will put going fishing to them to save money for my camera gear lol!

        I am so into lense stalking right now…every night I am looking at camera gear online…it won’t be long til this girl who is supposed to be a homey blogger will have a lense that can actually fit in a whole room…and that will be a liberation on the beaches of Sydney hahaha

        oh have fun with that new lense girlfriend x

  40. alison says:

    Looking forward to the amoire transformation.

    BTW, has the “bombshell” been dropped ? Did I miss it? Am I out of the loop? I’ve been hanging out for it!

    alison (who has been busy and may have missed the bombshell)

    • sarah says:

      you have not missed the dropping of the bombshell on the blog…though the bombshell was VERY much dropped in this old cottage…and the repercussions are in effect right now in this old place…more news soon… :-)

  41. Motherofluvlies says:

    Oooo gorgeous.Now I will be watching you carefully as I have 2 sets of antique drawers waiting….waiting….I can’t bring myself to paint them in case it doesn’t look right and then I can’t turn back….so they look at me and wait.i,ve never painted quality furniture before so please put the process up to help us cowardly custards.You. Are so confident in your own style.xx

    • sarah says:

      the way I look at it is that if it is white I will love it and it will stay with me for a very long time and not make its way to landfill! xx

  42. Wow! It’s lovely… And Barley is so cute in that last picture!

  43. Jenny says:

    Woooowww! What a score!It was definitely worth waiting for the unveiling! I’m definitely on the ‘paint her white’ team though. I just painted a cute pedestal table which I found for $20, in a dire state of brown drabness and she now looks a million bucks! Even my stick-in-the-mud timber-lovin’ husband agrees. However, we have a grand old lady in the dining room – a huge old dark-stained dresser that would look AMAZING in a whitewashed frenchy sort of way, but no matter what favours I offer, he won’t agree… We are about to redecorate that room – am toying with the idea of accidentally ‘spilling’ some paint on her…. ;}

  44. Shaz says:

    Yes love her very much. Of course a shade of white will do her the utmost of justice – can’t wait to see it. Just a thought, what about lining back inside with sheets of mirror cut to size – it’s not expensive. :)

  45. Nicole says:

    I love it! I have a cabinet, no glass though with turned legs she’s a beauty! I would live to paint her a white or a pale blue! Would love to share. Now I am looking for a piece similar to yours for my bathroom. For towels, soaps, vintage jars filled with bathroom nessecities.

  46. Katherine says:

    Wow! What a find. Lucky, lucky you – enjoy your lovely armoire! Where exactly did you find it? Op shop??
    Too magnificent!
    Katherine X

  47. Surely Sarah says:

    When I use the word “armoire” to describe my display cabinet in everyday life people look at my strangely. I love that you use it too. It is beautiful! Not to fancy-schmancy, just decorative enough. Those sweeping curves – gorgeous. Will be watching her getting Beach-Cottage-ified with interest.

  48. Tessa says:

    Classic, elegant and rather pretty, $150 bucks, no way!… L.O.V.E x

  49. She’s gonna be a show stopper in white!

  50. Angela says:

    That is, and is gonna be nice! I feel you on the whole 40something deal. Hey, it just occured to me, I’m not really 40 something til next month! I’ll be 41 on the 8th. Then I’ll officially be 40 something. :)
    I’m on instagram, smithshack71


  51. Tamara says:

    What a lovely, shapely girl, she’ll look lovely in white!

  52. Deb from Maine says:

    As my grown children would say, “SUHWEEET!” Love it Sarah, and I know you’ll make it even more beautiful. and remember….big is beautiful! You can hang doodads on the outer sides, like a sweater or a scarf to grab on the way out, or the camera. Buy those nice large 3″ nails. Voila! My ‘Giant Cupboard’ as I call it, has a wok and a gill pan hanging on one side, and my fav scarf and sweater and hat on the other. On the front there’s a calendar with pics of the grandkids, and a artsy red lobster just because I live in Maine. The cupboard itself is probably 8 feet high and is stripped pine. It originally came from Scotland, was imported in the 70s by an antiques dealer in Virginia where it was purchased by moi. It is huge and heavy and has been in many of the rooms of my house, always downstairs as there’s no getting this baby up the stairs. She lives in the kitchen, currently, housing pots & pans, odds and ends, the panini maker and blender, and whatever else I shove in there when cleaning up. As long as I’ve been reading your blog, a couple of years, I’ve been planning on painting her white, but haven’t yet had the gumption to just do it! The other adults in the house (my husband and my 39 yr old daughter and her husband) all decry the use of white paint, saying I will ruin the ‘antique value’ but I say screw the antique value, it lives in MY house and I want it white. Now for a day when I’m home alone….it’s so big that I can’t just push it into a corner and say – oh, it’s been white forever, don’t you remember????

    You are wonderful, Sarah!

    • sarah says:

      well thank you very much Deb!

      I like the sound of your Giant Cupboard and yep get that baby white lol!

      thanks for commenting, I appreciate it :-)

  53. Susan says:

    She’s lovely. I’ll be getting a very nice glass cabinet soon that will be painted white…and don’t care what hubby says or how he cringes when I do it. The trick will be finding a place to do it.No garage and normally I would use the patio…but with our chickens running around the backyard..>SOMEONE will end up in it and pooping OR there will be feathers in the paint. The front yard it is (entirely privacy fenced for now).

  54. Rhonda says:

    I am inspired by your blog. I have a china cabinet that has been in my family many years. You have inspired me to paint it white. I enjoy your blog very much. (Tenn)

  55. Hi Sarah! I’m with you … I love her and I’d be doing the jig too … and favors to the man, no doubt. I can’t wait to see her all white and agey … and I truly hope, hope, hope you’ll paint the inside turquoise! Whatcha think of that idea?

    Have a sweet, sunny, Sydney day ;)

  56. By the way, in the last pic your dog doesn’t seem to want to have anything to do with her :)

  57. merilyn says:

    hi sarah,
    yours is my favourite blogspot, inspired and always delighted by your natural enthusiasm and wit.
    great armoire, very stately, will look great when you’ve white washed it.
    just noticed the cane chair beside it, i have one just like it, in fact mine was my special childhood chair
    when i grew up in the 50′s and i’ve just recently painted it white … i love white too!
    you’re doing a great job entertaining me…
    have to ask, what is barls staring at?? …thankyou from merilyn

    • sarah says:

      Hi Merilyn

      thanks for your lovely comment!

      I got the chair and painted it white, love it, though haven’t had it as long as you :-)

      I am not sure what Barls was staring at…


  58. Tamara says:

    LOVE the armoire! And at $150 bucks, what a steal!
    You are so entertaining, love to read the blog. I also love your wee kitchen. So cute.
    Recently, I was on a business trip and took a detour to the IKEA in Dallas. Oh Girl! You are so right about that place! I signed up for the membership and got a free frozen yogurt. This month I received the catalog. What an excellent place to buy items for a wee kitchen, or as I will use, for an recreational vehicle kitchen. Thank you for all your inspirational ideas. Tamara (Arkansas)