Beach Cottage Vintage Treasure

Wed 5th, Sep, 2012

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Hey Beach Cottage ladies, roll-up, roll-up, lookie lookie lookie a vintage side-of-the-road find is here with us today.


Now this is a pretty long story and one that highlights the very very good bits of the internet and blogging and this thing they call cyberspace…and very topical for me at the moment…


You see sometimes in life your path crosses someone that you needed to meet…you didn’t know it but you did… someone that will be nice and friendly and encouraging…and with me in the early days of this blog it was a lovely lady called Tricia Rose…our cyber paths crossed through a love of a similar style and the sea…she left a few comments on my blog, we emailed, I LOVED her linen cushions and I lusted after these (oh golly miss holly if you treat your bed to this you will not be disappointed with this linen, it washes like a dream and feels like heaven on earth)…we messaged a bit more…she sent me some of her fab cushions and all was good..

Lovely Tricia resides in San Francisco but is an Aussie girl at heart and was over here for a trip to see her sister…she messaged me would I like to hook up for a coffee?


I was looking forward to it very much, we arranged to meet down at the Wharf and it was my first meet of someone I had ‘met’ online.

It was a beautiful day, I have to say though I was a tad on the nervous side meeting someone who read my blog who I didn’t really know…



…a sunshiney Sydney day, the water was twinkling and all was good in the world…I walked down to the ferry, with a bit of a Spring in my step and I was looking out for a lovely lady, perhaps with a shoulder bag or basket over her arm and a flower in her lapel…but when I spotted her what was in actual fact under her arm was a dirty great piece of shabby old rustic furniture!  Travelled over with her on the Manly ferry from the City and wearing my name and new life as coastal style / beachy decor all over it!

How we laughed…she had rocked up to our blog coffee meet with a piece of side-of-the-road furniture…apparently where she had been visiting had Council Clean-up (if you are not from here that’s where every six months you can put unwanted stuff out on the nature strip outside your house and the council come and collect it and dispose of it..yes, unbelievable, but true!) and she had spied this on the side of the road near where she was staying, yelled at the car to pull over and shoved it in the boot…for me!

Hello lovely Tricia Rose, you be the kinda friend I like.


And so there she was, one woman and one very large vintage mantel piece travelling together on the Manly Ferry to meet up with someone met online.

…well we had a lovely coffee and not a short one either…we chatted and she was just SO very positive and encouraging and just lovely about me and my blog and being talented and where I was going and what I was doing…I hadn’t really had that before, I never told her that, but her encouragement about me did me a world of good…

Anyway, that was that and I went home to Mr Beach Cottage from a blog coffee with a BIG piece of furniture…and it went down in the storage under the house with, ahem, all the other vintage finds and has been under there ever since…sad, lonely and needing some Beach Cottage lurve…

And I don’t know why but she failed to come up here with the the white things, I suppose really it was because there was never anywhere that she would fit quite perfectly….I kept going down, looking, thinking and then going back up…. until now.

And so she is up here with us now, I about die at her round port mirror complete with aging and fading that money oh-so-cannot buy, I swoon at her unusual shape, I love her little curvy top and I cannot wait to get her cleaned up and looking hot hot hot.

What you think Beach Cottage ladies, you likey likey likey?

Me do.

Now, we all know we are in the Beach Cottage Pop of Colour Phase here so I am thinking along the lines of colour…but really I think it will be left as is but Dettol-ed up to its eyeballs or a touch of oh-so beachy / coastal white …but if I was living in a different cottage to this, or if I have a mad five minutes well then how about pink?!!


And with that she was gone with a poof.

Let me know what you think….


p.s. thanks to all those who have responded to the Beach Cottage Reader Survey, just thank you…if you haven’t had time yet it’s here, I would love for you to tell me a bit more about yourself and what you’d like to see here in Beach Cottage Land…xo



Tricia Rose found a homespun, hand sewn linen pillow slip while clearing her grandmother’s cottage in Scotland. It was made by her great-grandmother, in 1840, and was in regular use for three generations.

When it came to her, Tricia used it to store lavender. Years later, by good fortune, she found a natural linen with the same wonderful texture and feel, and decided to make bedding in this simple, elemental tradition.   She wanted the feeling of connection, appreciation of good materials and handiwork which is part of her heritage, as part of everyday life…she now produces beautiful linens of her own that should last a hundred years.

You can find more about Rough Linen and the beautiful products here…

(this post is in no way affiliated to or sponsored by Rough Linen…I just love it! )


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40 Responses to “Beach Cottage Vintage Treasure”

  1. Hayley M says:

    WOW!! LOVE IT!! Your cottage is beautiful and has totally inspired me!! went to a salvage yard in glasgow today and got an old ladder, picture frame, glass bottle and a couple of amazing hooks!! completly inspired by you, your beautiful home and your blog!! THANK YOU!!

  2. Noooooooo!!!!! don’t paint it pink!!! Just hang a few pink tidbits from it!! That will give you your ‘fix’! Or hang some pretty plates with the raspberry pops either side of it. You asked- that’s my opinion. But it is your home and you can certainly do as you please!

  3. Selby says:

    Wihoo! I think it’s pretty lovely just as it is & love that porthole mirror!!:)

  4. Libby says:

    Would look great with photos in the little nooks and linen in the rectangular ones….like an ornate frame:)
    Stick with white though….it’s your signature colour

  5. Diana says:

    What a treasured find! Love it!

  6. Melinda says:

    That certainly trumps bringing someone a bunch of flowers !
    Lucky you – wonder what you will do with it?
    Not sure how wide it is but i can see it as a bedhead, prob for a single bed, but how lovely

  7. bec says:

    This is truly a divine piece of vintage gold…I love it just the way it is!….and what an adorable lady to bring something so random but so you to a first meeting. It’s lovely to know that there was someone out there happy to be encouraging and kind in regards to your blog…it sure does help in the early days.
    Have a great day.
    Bec x
    P.s I did the survey…whooohooo!

  8. laurie says:

    I didn’t know that you and Tricia met up once, Sarah! How cool is that….???!!! :) She is truly a sweetheart and does amazing work with her linens. What an awesome gift she brought you, too! Wow! I do love it white….but…..it would be amazingly beautiful in that soft aqua color you have on your nightstand. :)

    xoxo laurie

  9. Karen says:

    What a great gift Sarah. Tricia is a very astute judge of character. Certainly knows what makes you tick! I’m sure you have already decided where you are going to place this, I bet you had inspiration while doing something completely random, like sitting and reading or on waking at night. Can’t wait to see it insitu! Isn’t it wonderful how blogging has opened up such new avenues for you & others?
    Best wishes,
    Karen NZ

  10. I’m living in the wrong area and on the wrong road….I want council pick ups!!!! She’s definately a beauty Sarah, as is Tricia obviously, how kind!!! I’m running off to kids swim lessons etc (now a tad late because I had to visit you first!) but am looking fwd to looking up Tricias linens later. And will do your survey too!) Will this gorgeous piece be going inside the cottage? x

  11. Tricia Rose says:

    I am so chuffed! You are just the girl to love a white elephant, or even a pink one – have you a place in mind for it?

    It was such fun sitting drinking coffee with you and looking over the water, hasn’t a lot happened since then. I was thinking about you just today while listening to a GoPro tutorial on time-lapse photography and I wondered if young Mr BC was into all these wonderful things. One frame every five seconds and you can condense a whole day!

  12. Cheryl Pieper says:

    PINK!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. alison says:

    I just can’t believe the parallels in our lives! I have a mirror thingy that is same same different to yours.

    I got it for a song at an auction, sanded and Danish oiled it. Then I carried it all around the house to find its new home. It’s now above my desk and on its little shelf thingies I have photos, trinkets and cards people have given me. It’s a shrine full of good memories.

    Enjoy your lovely mirror thingy.


  14. Nicole W says:

    Ooooh love! Maybe some type of raspberry pink panel behind the rectangles on either side?! That way if you want a change just take the panels off & she’s good to go again! I’m loving the raspberry pink with powder blue at the moment.. =)

  15. Neen says:

    See what your amazing blog has bought to you ….pre-loved furniture………… and a delivery angel. The universe was talking to you in so many ways. White is the best chioce for you, proven many, many times by your keen decorating eye.
    A beautiful story, thankyou for sharing. (Trish you are a treasure, you even deliver treasure.)
    As usual perfect photos :)

  16. Zella says:

    Lovely lovely jus the way it is – as you say, a good dose of Dettol, and it will be grand! Far too nice to be languishing under the hosue – I’m sure you’ll find a place for it somewhere in Beach Cottage. I was at the Braderie in Lille last weekend and was thinking of you – you’d have been in vintage heaven!

  17. Beautiful!!
    Can’t wait to see it made over for sure.
    I can almost imagine it whitewashed with coastal decor hanging from her – she will be so lovely in whatever way she gets transformed!

  18. Oh, I do like this piece. I do!

  19. Kat says:

    You have THE best stories to tell and I think THE best luck.
    Good things happen to nice people :)
    I agree it is lovely and will suit you and your beachy home perfectly!
    Ps I also agree about the universe and it’s universal energy :)

  20. Surely Sarah says:

    Oh yes, me likey! What a woman! The perfect gift :)

  21. Julie Johnson says:

    Love it! I want to come to Australia if for no o
    ther reason than to get some of the cool side of the road stuff.

  22. Shar Y says:

    that is such a really cool piece. lucky you! Tricia is so nice to bring it to you. I lOVE her linen. Recently bought a set and a cover piece. Am saving now for a linen bed skirt and curtains. (hear that, Tricia?) What a match, two of my favorite things, A Beach Cottage and Rough Linen! Yep!

  23. Karen says:

    Oooooo it’s v lovely! X

  24. I like it the way it is, but pink would be fun. Great story, too. Wish that would happen to me someday when I’m meeting someone for coffee! :)

  25. A. Marie says:

    What a great piece! I especially love the round, beveled mirror. It would look great anywhere.

    I just scored a vintage mirror whose frame was painted the loveliest shade of teal. It’s hanging in my beachy guest room.

    And the linen looks so luxurious and inviting! Makes me want to dive into that bed. LOL

  26. Nadine says:

    Looks gorgeous as is. SAY NO TO PINK.

  27. I like it as is in it’s shabby little glory but I won’t argue with the pink either. You know you have a true friend when they haul a curbside castaway to lunch. I totally agree with the crossing paths thing. And, I will second Tricia…You are truly lovely, your blog is my favorite, you are unbelievably talented on so many fronts (decorating, life, cooking, photography…comedy) and big(ger) things are definitely in store for you. You keep it real over here and it’s such a breath of fresh air. It meant the absolute world to me when you featured my little blog. If i could have coffee with you and tell you all that, I would! xo

    • sarah says:

      oh thank YOU! too kind, I love all this stuff, but the photography is the best for me!

      and I would love to have a coffee with you, because I love your blog too x

  28. Mellie says:

    What a cool story!
    I recon you’re right, in another house pink, like bright pink would be so cool but all I can see is white for your beachy cottage, it’s so lovely it will great what ever you decide. can’t wait to see it finished and in it’s new home.

  29. Helen says:

    I love the colour and it’s vintage shabby charm. How about adding some rustic hooks for hanging hats and scarves.

  30. Stick with the white and just add some pink .

  31. Mimi says:

    Love it just as it is! Seems as though it has enough of its own color to stand out amongst your white. Have fun finding the vintage hardware for hooks and knobs!

  32. jennifer says:

    I want one too :0 )
    enjoy it Sarah !!

  33. Heather says:

    Unfortunately the ACT (Australian Capital Territory) doesn’t have council pick-up days, but it does have the Revolve centre where you can sometimes buy some good stuff. I’ve retired and I am just about to move down to the NSW coast to live in a very modern house, but which needs some of me injected into it. Happily it does have council pick up days. But before I take the plunge there, I’m starting slow with a recycled wrought iron outdoor sofa (it’s huge). I’m also going to take the plunge and paint a treasured Queensland Maple buffet and a gorgeous antique dresser. Wish me luck – btw what is beach white – do you mix it yourself and if so, what is the mix?

    • sarah says:

      yes I mix it myself, it’s white with a grey hint, but other times I just go for standard white – any of the classic ‘white’ mixes in the DIY store are find though I stick to the cleaner ones rather than the vintage ones because of the light in this house x good luck with your projects x