Beach Cottage Vintage Treasure, Oh she’s a beauty!

Mon 10th, Sep, 2012

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Well blow me down with a feather Beach Cottage friends, I did not expect to be coming here this fine Monday with a vintage kitchen unit / dresser that blew my mind at the weekend…

Ahem, yes, I was coming here with the other piece of pre-loved but not as shabby as this, furniture that I acquired over the last week and whose rear-end I have been stroking quite abundantly – the armoire that is residing in my bedroom right now…errrrm actually let us not talk of any kinda stroking, I am now owing some serious favours to certain people around here and I can assure you there have been eyebrows raised to tops of (balding) heads muchly about my antics this past week.  I will deal with all of that later.

For now though, in this place where all is tinted with a special bit of hand-mixed rose, we will all get up, join hands and dance around the Maypole in celebration of a unique Beach Cottage Vintage Treasure Hunting Score.

Ladies, I dance and squealed for England on this one…

I didn’t expect to find her though..on Saturday we had lots going on in Beach Cottage Land and lots to do…we started off with little Mr Beach Cottage at the pool, went to an appointment and then went to vote…

And after all that I had scheduled in a bit of Beach Cottage Vintage Treasure Hunting, there, for sure, has not been enough of that around here lately and being a beautiful day we grabbed coffee and headed out to see what we could find…stopped at a few garage sales and op-shops…

I found some great things, I LOVE it when it happens like that…



…funny how it goes too, sometimes I walk away with not a single thing and wonder quite why I wasted my time…other times I have about my person shed loads of vintage treasure for our old cottage…this time some vintage mixing bowls, old plates (cough cough now I do not in any shape or form need any more of those), some old crochet and linen, a lovely platter and some vintage cutlery and baking things..


Anyway, I was perusing the furniture (which incidentally is always quite expensive in my opinion at this place)…when I stopped dead in my tracks upon spying this old girl looking very worse for the wear, and reminding me of what I felt and looked like on Monday after the self-inflicted-never-to-be-repeated Sunday shenanigans with spit-roasted pork and too much Pimms..


Mrs Beach Cottage : Oh my God!  Mr BC look at this! I love it!

Mr Beach Cottage : Where will we put that!!!! eyebrows

Mrs Beach Cottage : What!? Who cares!!!!!!!!! Like anywhere!

Mr Beach Cottage : I really don’t think we can fit it in.  eyebrows

Mrs Beach Cottage : Of course we can!



I turned over the ticket, thinking that would make the decision and to my utter delight and blooming total surprise forty buckeroos!!



Mrs Beach Cottage : OMG!!!!!! It’s fooooooooooooooorty dollars!

Mr Beach Cottage : Oh no.  eyebrows

Mrs Beach Cottage :  Oh yes, yes, yes Mr Beach Cottage I LOVEEEEEE it.  So excited!  I love you more than all the Peronis in the world, yes we are so getting it!


And with that, along came the furniture man, he told us a bit about it how it had been attempted to be restored but they had given up and donated it…on and on he went telling us how it would walk out the door very quickly and giving me a lovely lesson on how to restore it…. there he is above demonstrating how to scrub it with wire wool Winking smile



…little did he know I was sold the second I saw it and already planning how to get it home and where to put it when I saw the price..

Once we had established she was to be part of the Beach Cottage Crew there was much convo about getting her either onto the roof of our car or the hiring of a ute…they decided in their wisdom that the roof of the car would be fine…

Mr Beach Cottage makes not a bad removalist if you ever are in need…


A couple of the guys helped us outside with it…there was much talk about ropes and knots and being secure…

20120910-10-IMG_2702 20120910-11-IMG_2704 20120910-12-IMG_2711 20120910-13-IMG_2732 20120910-14-IMG_2754


While they did all that boys’ stuff, I supervised and took pictures of my shoes…


Here she is in our old cottage…you can see she is in a serious state (actually you can’t see it but she is filled with spider’s webs and dust and dirt)…not been loved for a while and feeling it…


The camera picked her up differently to how she is in real life, I can’t quite explain it, but I tried to capture her feelings…here’s her door against some white to show you what I mean….



And lookie at the leadlight…

I die


and just drink in the hardware….

20120910-20-IMG_6781 20120910-21-IMG_6743

the old ventilation at the back…



I know not what I will be doing with her yet…there has been much deliberation of that in this old cottage…like that old Hungarian trunk I scored at a garage sale I think she may well be staying like this, just hoovered out, cleaned up and given a good dose of Dettol in her life…but I think she may be the piece to (finally) replace the IKEA Expedit in the Dining Room that I have been trying to lose for years…

..imagining her filled with Beach Cottage white coastal things, perhaps the odd nautical stripe…


..but then again did anyone say Beach Cottage White Winking smile (I’ve shared lots of times how to paint old vintage furniture, here’s a guide to how I do it here)

Whaddya think?


Now ladies (and one man in the Netherlands) I must be off.

Do not even think about mentioning the amount of favours I have to do (especially if you are the one man in the Netherlands)…we’ll leave that as best unsaid..

I hope you like the newest addition to our tatty old cottage…there is one word and one word only from me… stoked

See you next time


p.s. very pretty Spring blooms over in Beach Cottage Flowers today xo



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68 Responses to “Beach Cottage Vintage Treasure, Oh she’s a beauty!”

  1. Wow Sarah..
    that is really an AWESOME find for the price…
    I LOVE LOVE it…but not going to offer any advice re what to do with it…~~~ (too scared)…
    although a little whitewash may work…WHATEVER~~~
    I can FEEL the excitement in your find….
    I had a similar feeling the other week when i scored MASSES of fabulous crochet tablelcoths (re my ebay thingey)..

    well done…cannot wait to see finished result..!!~

    ps..sooty left a bit of advice/comment for Barls!!~

    xx andrea

    • sarah says:

      thank you Andrea, I have to say I LOVE this…I love finding unique furniture that no-one else will have that also has a history and comes with a bit of life…shame I don’t know what that is…

      good work on your find of crochet tablecloths, I love that…once I found a big bin liner full at Salvos outside in the rain and got the whole lot for about 10 bucks, was very pleased

  2. LOVE! What a wonderful find! Can’t wait to see how you clean her up a bit with that Beach Cottage love! 33 days til’ I hit the beaches of The Outer Banks…and trust me I will be doing some thrifting as well!

  3. bridgette says:

    Wow you scored BIG time with that …. love love love it :) and am totally jealous of your op shop WOW …. Now if you decide to paint it white please be on the look out for paint runs, we must not look like an amateur painter right?? :) I spent my Saturday at our local Swap meet, totally excited cause i got my self an old sunbeam mix master for ….. wait for it …….. $5 buckaroos .yup pretty cool . I would love to get it restored. i am on the look out for the bowls and mixers to go with it .. if ever you spot them please please flick an email my way :) i am very deprived of vinnies and op shops in the country . Cant wait to see what you do with your new piece of furniture

    • sarah says:

      I have definitely seen the bowls around and about so you should come up with one if you keep an eye open…if I do I will get it! That’s a sweet price too x

      errm yeah now we wouldn’t be wanting any droopy drips on her would he hahahah ;-) x

      • bridgette says:

        Thanks Sarah , the beaters are a bit weird one of them is square- ish the other is more of an oval shape. I have found a guy in Melbourne who restores them to their former glory. i want mine painted a lemon yellow or aqua . Not sure how much he charges yet though EEkkkkkkkk!

        • Anonymous says:

          Good score. I have my grandmothers from the 40′s with the original price list, to boot! As for the beaters, the oval one goes on the side closest to the side of the bowl (follows the shape of the bowl) and the square-ish one is in the middle. Does that make sense to you. Happy baking.

  4. I quite literally just found your blog. Let me be the very first to congratulate you on your new family member. I totally would have taken her home too. So many things you can do with a piece like that. Please come back and show us when she has found her place in your home.

  5. neen says:

    ooooooh aaaaaaah she is BEAUTIFUL………. she is PERFECT……..LUUUUURVE at first sight ;)

  6. Catherine says:

    WOW!!! What a great find!! And that is an amazing price – I’ve seen similar pieces for hundreds. I think I like the idea of protecting the wood and then seeing all your white cottage beauties displayed. Regardless I know whatever you do will be amazing.

    Hopefully this doesn’t sound too stalkerish – but I love that op shop! Yes I recognise it, must be because I spend way too much time there! and because I’ve had a few of my best finds there, and they don’t overcharge either.

  7. Oh that is hilarious. Mr BC has the patience of a saint … love your work Mrs BC x

  8. Shirley says:

    What a fabulous piece! So jealous, I need more thrifting in my life…
    Good job girl. Look amazing now, can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  9. Fiona says:

    That is a find and a half! I was applauding myself on a rather lovely sideboard that we’d found on the street yesterday, but my find is nothing in comparison! The lead-lighting is just perfect!

    Also – aren’t husbands who carry your furniture finds home the best?!?

  10. Selby says:

    Yowies!! Great find!! & what a bargain!! Lovely price no wonder your stoked:)
    Can wait to see when she gets all beach cottage loved up.

  11. Alice says:

    Sarah… I can’t help thinking she would look lovely in your kitchen as part of the storage with that big open space next to the draws perfect for the microwave and the rest for dishes or even pantry type stuff…lol… At least that is how I would use it… I would leave her in her state, I think the wood tone is quite nice but I would either buff up the lovely hardware…lol.. Very nice find, lots of character :) Good price too…I would be cheering too…

  12. Nomadic Tara says:

    Wow!! I can see why you are so excited about this lovely piece!! It’s exquisite. It’s filled with history and it looks so nice with its wooden goodness. I am sure you will have lots of fun fixing it up and displaying your goodies inside it. Enjoy :0).

  13. Tara says:

    What a lovely piece this is! It will look amazing once it’s restored… I hope you will be sharing pics of the finished product!

  14. Fiona says:

    it is fantastic and what an steal. I know that Vinnies quite well and i agree its furniture is usually expensive (same in our area). it is going to look fantastic with all your coastal stuff on it. i love the hinges also (got a thing for vintage hardware).

  15. well that is a find! So I see that the leadlight on one door is broken away, and is the other door missing? You need to find a leadlighter who could match up that design or repair if you have the bits. My assistant is a leadlighter and learnt at tafe- I know they run courses at night. You might have one locally that you could stalk the students of -or join up. If you don’t want to go that route you could replace with mesh or glass. HHHmn decisions, but the missing door- no ideas other than to turn that whole section into a space for the TV and make it into an entertainment unit- no need for either doors! you could have your hi fie equipment behind the big door and take off the mesh so the cables can pass through. whoops I just know you want it to put china and white bowls in!
    BTW I have almost finished my table and chairs – the chairs and table legs are all painted and I stained my big table top- it is pine and we sanded it right back then have used Feast Watson black japan prooftint at a rate of 2.5% in timber primer, (so into 250ml I have put 6.25ml of prooftint) it has given it a nice grey tinge. You can use up to 10% but I wanted light- I tested on the underside the walnut prooftint at 5% and it just looked pink! so went and gt the black. Now I just need to put the hardened tung oil on it. I am pretty happy with it, though I think the top coat may darken it a wee bit too, but that’s OK.

  16. Rochelle says:

    I’d be stoked too. She’s a keeper. I can see her painted and distressed, but that’s me. Have fun. xox

  17. Ev says:

    It is gorgeous, girl!
    Can’t wait to see what you do to it.

  18. Mary Ruth says:

    I love it! I know that feeling when you see the price… AWESOME! I will be looking to see how it looks after your touch has been applied! GREAT FIND!

  19. Oh you’ve done well Sarah. Very very well!!! And as much as I could almost drink white paint I rkn you may be onto something there regarding leaving her much to her own devices? You’re white vintagey nautical lovelies would really be singing in there! Woo hoo for you!! xx

  20. Cheryl says:

    My oh my, what I could do with that piece myself…
    You did good, lady!
    And lots of nice pics of legs (luv the purple shorts!) and bottoms in this post :-)
    Do I spy a dark cherry or mahogany dressing table and mirror in the background of the picture with Mr. B C’s legs? I know it’s more my style than yours…if only I could teleport myself to that shop!
    Cannot wait to see how you fix up this beee-yoo-tee of a cupboard!

  21. Marnie says:

    Oh, she is a beauty! Just love the leadlighting. Good to know somebody elses husband raises his eyes at his wife and her bargain decorating fettishes :)

  22. Renee says:

    Love, love, love it! I have a hair salon and would love something like to put retail in.
    Did I say I love it!! LOL AWESOME find!

  23. Kim H says:

    Gorgeous, Sarah! What a find. I have two old kitchen cabinets and I love them so very much. They have been a God send in this teeny tiny studio of ours – they amount of food and crockery they can handle has blown me away. One of them is very similar to yours. It was painted when i bought it and I stripped it back but now I’m thinking I may paint it again??? Tricky to know what to do re: painting or not/ The timber of your new girl does look gorgeous and warm near all of your lovely white. But it could look really pretty in white too??? Whatever way you go it’ll be lovely. Enjoy!

  24. laurie says:

    Holy Cabinet, Batman!!!! THAT is one great find, Sarah! Forty bucks….???? A complete steal, girl!!! I love her just the way she is, actually. Maybe with a wee bit more whitewashing….? I can hardly wait to see where she ends up!!! :) Oh….and cute shoes, too. hehehe!

    xoxo laurie

  25. Surely Sarah says:

    Utterly gorgeous! I too would find it hard to decide to leave as-is or paint white. Good luck choosing!

  26. Laura Scott says:

    Ong, as much as I love your blog for all of its vintage finds and decorating how-to, it’s your humor that truly keeps me coming back. You are too funny. Thanks for the giggles.

    • sarah says:

      thanks Laura, funny you should say that b/c that is what a lot of people on the reader survey said…errrm I don’t actually think I am funny which is worrying lol! x

  27. Oh wow, what a score, you just never know!! Love it when things as special as that have a low price so someone who will love it & restore it to former glory has a chance. Congratulations!! Love Posie

  28. Emma says:

    Oh Sarah! She’s so fine!
    She’s actually very like one of mine… I’ve got a smaller one, painted white. If you’d like an idea what your’s would look like if you painted it white (though I am not as clever as you with the distressing…) have a look at the ‘Wool in the white cupboard’ post on my blog, way back in May. Mine is from my grandma’s beach house, and I LOVE it! Sounds like you might just have fallen in love too…

  29. bec says:

    Sarah you sure have snagged a bargain there. Don’t you just love how slim these pieces are. I am currently using one similar as a pantry. I can’t wait to see the makeover of this little treasure. $40.00 is a price tag you cannot walk away from. :)
    Bec x

  30. Just back after a crazy month of selling and moving. She’s beautiful, truly. Great score Sarah! It was meant to be!

  31. Tricia Rose says:

    Is that a metal-lined bread compartment in the middle there? I’d love it just for that!

    • sarah says:

      yes it is, we have the drop out drawer too…it is amazing, I wish the metal wasn’t so rusted tho

      • Julie says:

        Love the cabinet as well!
        Molasses is a great rust remover, you can buy it in bulk from most hardware, agricultural or feed stores. Just mix it with a little water and then soak the metal pieces, they come out good as new, and it’s not harmful to the environment or your hands, and smells good too!

  32. alison says:

    You just know when you first see some pieces of furniture, you just know.


  33. Marnie says:

    You always find the best shiz!
    x Marnie

  34. Karen says:

    How fantastic!!!! What a great find and an even better price. I”m sure you will have her whipped back into shape in no time. Looking forward to the next installment

  35. Elaine in Laguna says:

    Excellent! This is a beauty that you’re going to make even more so! Congrats on this score! I look forward to seeing her cleaned and transformed!

  36. HRH Sarah says:

    What an amazing score! It’s worth all the favours ;)
    I love the distressing she’s already got, can’t wait to see where she ends up!

  37. Chantel says:

    Oh Sarah , I think I’m in love ! That is a beautiful cabinet. She’s gonna look so good white washed.

  38. joyce tx says:

    …drooling here…

  39. merilyn says:

    hi sarah, thankyou for always being entertaining and full of life and joy.
    i am always laughing when i read your stories, you portray a great sense of humour.
    it’s always a delight to read your blog and look at your great photos.
    you certainly share your love!
    gratitude is my attitude!
    much love m

    • sarah says:

      well thank you very much merilyn for such a lovely comment…!

      it seems a lot of people laugh at my stories…can’t think why ;-) x

  40. rachel says:

    oh how very lovely!! :)

  41. DeAna says:

    I am STOKED for you !!!! and a bit jealous…but mostly STOKED for you.
    How exciting.

    I can’t wait to see what you do with it. I love everything about it. So excited!

  42. Vicki K says:

    Absolutely cAnnOT WaiT to see how you use this!! I am so thrilled that you found it!!

  43. Candice says:

    Ok I am in big time envy . Our coast opp shops would have asked around $150 + for your awesome treasure . So cool Sarah . One paint product for the rusty area to goggle is Hammer Finish . Images for Hammer Paint are worth a look too . Lots of other ideas . Hmmm not sure of food storage though . So love the cupboard . Bet your still smileing .. Enjoy .

  44. Jess says:

    You have a great eye. I can’t wait to see what you decide either way and especially to see her full of lovely BC things. Love your work. Jx

  45. Leave it as it is? Who are you kidding Sarah! Paint that old girl beach cottage white and don’t look back!

    x Catherine @ The Spring

  46. Susan says:

    I am not joking but we have an almost IDENTICAL piece! My husband restored it, left the wood bare and the headlight is all intact. It’s a truly lovely piece…… great find for you XXX

    Can’t wait to see what you put inside it as in mine, none of it is transparent {and one would never replace the headlight} so I don’t know what to put in it, it has had many & varied over the years…….


  47. Antoinette says:

    Super I would do the same like you! I’m very curious what you are going to make of it. Greetings from Holland!!

  48. ashlee says:

    this is just fantastic! what a score. SO much storage space in that unit. i, too, can just picture it filled with beachy delights..sea shells, a wash basin, star fish, a ceramic water pitcher, a porcelain vase..etc. oh, the things i would fill that with!

    the shade of wood is very similar to my bedroom furniture, which i love. it looks..i don’t know…purposely shabby chic? if that makes any sense :) regardless, i LOVE what you do with white so i’m tempted to say i’d like it white washed. but…that being said…leaving it wood coloured and filling with white accessories would also be sooooo lovely..

    i can’t wait to see what you do with this. thrift shopping is so fantastic.

  49. Katherine says:

    Very nice – think you did pretty well with that one for forty bucks! Enjoy : )
    Katherine X

  50. Marlene says:

    Read your convo with MBC to my DH. We laughed and he said “has someone been listening to our conversations?” I said “Yes, all the way across The Big Pond”. Love the piece and cannot wait to see it prettied up and in its “meant to be” home.

  51. Liz says:

    Oh my goodness! I missed this back when you posted it! Am I in love or what? That is beyond perfect for a spot in my house. Gosh I’m just amazed at how cool that piece is. Good job getting it for so cheap. I love it jus as it is. Yes, I drank in the hardware and I could gladly drink some more!

  52. Clare says:

    Enjoyed reading this so much. Loved the story and the pictures and what a find!!!! So exciting when something like this happens. Would love to know what you ended up doing with it…..

  53. Saoirse says:

    Greetings from Sea-Breeze Cottage Hastings on the South Coast of England! I have just found your blog and I LOVE IT and am enjoying it so much!! Isn’t she just fabulous?! What a find … lucky you! I am delighted that she will be loved from now on, whatever you do with her. For now I would give her a through ‘Detoled’ spit and polish, after maybe a little wipe over with some lavender oil, to let her know she is loved … then I would let her glow in her magnificence and listen to her, and wait to hear what she wanted! If that small cubbyhole has lost its leaded window then I might use a small wire mesh with small white shells on it. Oh dear, I am getting carried away, I must remember that she is not mine. Love her!

  54. Danielle says:

    Hi Sarah
    I laughed at your description of conversations about how to get it home – ropes, knots, making it secure etc. I’ve been involved in a few of those conversations in my time – blokes standing around telling me I’m going not going to fit it in the car and looking at me like I’m deluded and/or crazy. All I can say is where there’s a hatch there’s a way and I’ve transported many a treasure home safely despite the contrary opinions. Gotta have faith.
    Love your blog, haven’t been by much lately as 2012 seemed to pass in a blur but will definitely stop by more often.
    Best wishes, Danielle

  55. Susan Smith says:

    Love it, love it, love it! Now I’ll be looking for one like it! Can’t wait to go back to Nebraska to get our enclosed car trailer with all our stuff, especially my Hoosier cabinet…..

  56. Jen says:

    Just saw this! Wondering if you’ve done a following up with how “she” turned out??

  57. Ellen says:

    Oh Sarah; you have Noo idea! I find and sell vintage treasures. To say your Mr. Beach Cottage could possibly get a teensy bit emotionally drained at dragging an occasional (heavy) piece of furniture to the top of the car and securing it just right for the ride home would be a grand day off for my Mr. Smith!!!! He shoves and carts and carries (for me, his lovely), nearly seven days a week:) oh my I love what I do…this week I scored and Mr. Smith carted a pie safe, primitive, a little wobbly, (which of course he could fix),kind of warped on the top, adding invaluable charm and stories, and the two attached antique iron gates used as a kind of set of doors. I saw a vision; the cupboard turned into a potting shed beauty, the iron doo dads are removed and sold separately, i go and find more:); he sees he is going to have to cart this out of a walk out basement, through a huge lake of melted Colorado snow just to get to the car. Now, this being my passion, I must say my dear Mr. Smith may have to do this several times each week. Can you imagine! The rest of my recent finds I could cart myself; oh smile! One fabulous huge heavy oval metal tray painted yellow w/roses and old green paint peeking itself through, one green enamel pitcher one teensy birdcage from France, a handwoven linen nightgown from there also, some enamel bowls for a gardener’s delight, an oh so cute arm chair with fabric seat to be re-done, a beauty of a dresser with the prettiest spindly legs,(well i must credit Mr. Smith with getting that home), shutters a tad bit peely door, a pair of white trellises, a large picture, an old tablecloth I made into two green checked towels, a basket covered wine bottle, a lovely green basket, an the find of the week???? I found my fourth antique, most awesome, dress form. I love this old tattered at the edges girl. She takes up her rightful place in my antique stall as we speak. All this to say, I loved your post, your cupboard and mostly your vision to see a tattered cupboard could become a grand addition to your little Beach Cottage. You go girl!