Beach Cottage Stagram, cottage & coast

Wed 5th, Sep, 2012

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20120905-01-beach-cottage-flowers-and-white 20120905-02-beach-cottage-sydney-northern-beaches 20120905-03-beach-cottage-ranunculus 20120905-04-beach-cottage-ocean 20120905-05-beach-cottage-flowers-yellow-ranunculus-spring_thumb 20120905-06-beach-cottage-ocean-sea

Good evening!   Beach Cottage Calling.

I got tagged on Instagram with #mellowyellow’ …these are some of mine from playing with my camera…yellows, beach cottage whites, blue and of course the coast…

Hope this brightens up your day…it did mine Smile


p.s.  the Beach Cottage Reader Survey is all about you! …I would love for you to tell me a bit more about yourself and what you’d like to see here in Beach Cottage Land so please click here if you haven’t taken part, thanks lovelies





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11 Responses to “Beach Cottage Stagram, cottage & coast”

  1. Stacey (harrimar) says:

    Gorgeous shots Sarah,and that yellow is just beautiful! Needed something to cheer me up, we are in the middle of a huge storm, the lights have started to flicker, so the candles have come out to play ; )
    Stacey x

  2. Debs says:

    Morning Sarah…Oo a pop of yellow is a sure sign of spring. Autumn sun here in Pommieland!! My little girl starts school for the first time tomorrow, so Im gonna be planting my daffodil bulbs and getting white paint out…whoop whoop..time on my hands finally..although Im gonna miss her! Funny coz we went corn picking yesterday, and theres always shells for sale at the pay hut..and I got 4 shells the same as the one on your table..for 50p! !Have a fab week! X

  3. Love those bright yellow flowers – great zingy start to my morning!

  4. Selby says:

    Beautiful yellows!:)

  5. Lynne says:

    Love the yellow and the blue white of the beach scenes is gorgeous!

  6. Lovin’ me some yellows today! They did brighten my day!

  7. Charity says:

    Love, love, love your blog. I consult it often as I slowly try to make my home decor look very similar to yours. Where, oh where, did you get the tan and white striped table runner on your coffee table? I’m dying to get one, my table is very much like yours.

  8. Jess says:

    Sarah…these photos are stunning!!! Jx