Beach Cottage Lilac

Wed 19th, Sep, 2012

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Well hello there Beach Cottage friends, howdy from me in this old cottage on the beaches of Sydney…

I have to tell you that the last few weeks I have been feeling under the weather…it goes in fits and starts…nothing serious, we’ve all had it, but with me it seems to be be hanging around for a bit longer than everyone else in this place…



Little Mr BC did his normal thing when something is going around, took on a huge temperature, laid in bed for 24 hours looking and seeming extremely poorly and then bang wakes up the next day and does a fun run with Mr Beach Cottage. As you do.


The other two bigger ones dealt with it the way they do too…Miss Beach Cottage just got on with it and the resident teenager got full-blown man flu.  Par for the course I say and putting himself in training for a wife.  As they do.

But me, well it’s just been lingering, never really came out and ‘broke’ which is what always happens to me and instead I have had aches and pains and fluffly heads…do you know what a fluffly head is?  Well it’s sort of fluffly and fussed up and my version of a cold…most normal people get a runny nose, a cough, a sore throat….nope not me, I get more tempted to ride on sticks because I feel like there is indeed a brick inside my head…


So today I was under instructions from Mr Beach Cottage to stay in bed and do not much…believe it or not, I find this hard to do…if someone tells me to do something or my body is telling me to do something I pretty much try and do the opposite.  You know, to just try and be awkward.  As you do.


I did though try and take it easy and once they all had popped off to school and work I just shuffled around in my pj’s and drank tea…followed by coffee…and homemade slice that was tempting for a person with a cold that hasn’t come out…followed by leftover lasagne, homemade too…and then followed by Cadbury’s buttons, real ones from England.  As you do.

If you follow me on Instagram you will also know that in the garden of this old place, the wisteria is blooming and the orange blossom is in full swing…this makes for one seriously nice and abundantly heady place to sit one’s fluffly head with a cup of tea and rest up ones forty-is-the-new-thirty-bones.



Whilst out there though I began to muse…hmmm….wisteria…everywhere…an abundance of the stuff…flowers in this garden that we inherited with nothing in it….the ugliest garden in the Southern Hemisphere it was…and so I gathered and somehow found myself while rattling around with paracetamol, lemon, honey, apple cider vinegar and ibuprofen, with shed-load of cut wisteria all over the place…and not only that I found it hard to stop myself tablescaping and also changing around the dining room and bringing in the old vintage ladder.  As you do.

The vintage ladder has been a bit sad lately…now she is back on board and does it or does it not look good?



Well, I will show you all that tomorrow hopefully, for now…well for now perhaps have a gander at my wisteria and if you may well know all about a muffy head, please do tell how one can break it…without bashing it over the head with a vintage oar…I save that for parenting

Farewell friends


oh and fancy a little coffee and a chat?  I did an interview over here x

and more pretties in Beach Cottage Places : Flowers here


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41 Responses to “Beach Cottage Lilac”

  1. Debs says:

    Sorry youre under the weather with muffley head syndrome. Love the lilacs…was looking at my little bush today(Oo err missus) in this Autumn garden today…remembering how gorgeous it smelt in spring. Cake works for me when Im feeling rubbish and lots of tea. Got me some Annie Sloan..and paintin whilst the sun is out..keep moving says my old man…or she’ll paint you! Get well soon x

  2. Melinda says:

    BEAUTIFUL photos – very very lovely
    So sorry to hear about your “poorliness” – I think when you are the mother things do hang about as most times you dont really get the chance to stop and get yourself better – its always go go go. Hopefully you can rest up a bit ( hard though it may be) and kick it.

    (Just a small note – I think you have wisteria. Having grown both in my farmgirl garden – Im pretty sure – equally divine…I mention this with love and good thoughts xx)

    • sarah says:

      haha yes wrote this not thinking, it is wisteria!! will edit x

      • sarah says:

        told you my head was odd!

        • Melinda says:

          Your head’s allowed to be odd.
          phew, glad its wisteria, after writing I then doubted myself, thought I was a know it all and then wondered if you had a new lilac hybrid version blooming in Sydney ???!!! Anyway colour was right, both gorgeous and smell lovely.

          In a sharing vein;
          I had a coldy virus thing tha seemed to just HANG over summer. After the symptoms all went away I was still just ever so slightly down on energy for a good month or two…..weird and annoying as I like to be pretty energetic. In the end I really made a huge effort to drink a lot of water. Whether it flushed away or just went anyway Im not sure, but it did go – so maybe up the water?? Cant hurt xx

  3. Anonymous says:

    Agreed Melinda! It’s Wisteria ….just checked with my better half who is a horticulturist…and what divine pics Sarah!

  4. Angela says:

    Hydrate and rest. Orange juice, water, soup. Rest, rest, rest. A hot shower before rest may help.
    Feel better.

  5. BabyMacBeth says:

    SO pretty! That’s got to be the luckiest dog ever. My wisteria is white and still in tight buds…no sign of action here yet – it’s too cold!

    • sarah says:

      oooh love white…wow mine is nearly over and your’s isn’t out yet and you’re not even that far away! xx

  6. I’m under instruction to sit in bed and take it easy today too (the rest of the family have had days in bed…sigh). Wisteria is in my future although it’s beauty is so fleeting. Feeling the need to go and de-cobweb the outside of the house now. Maybe bed later!

  7. janita says:

    It doesn’t sound so yummy but it is a huge comfort to my family when we are sick with the fluffy Or Brick head syndrome. Hot lemonade with honey. Not sure I can give you the recipe because i just usually dump but here it goes… Pour about 1/2 inch of Real LemonJuice from the bottle in the bottom of a microwave mug fill with water to about 1 inch from the top. heat in microwave for 2 minutes or until desired temp, Stir in 2-3 Tablespoons of honey(I use 3TB) and take the end of a spoon and just dip the tip of the handle into the baking soda box really dont use more than 1/8 of a teaspoon or less it just takes a little bit to take some of the acidity away and make it a bit fizzy. Take 2 Tylenol with it and go to bed. I drink it twice a day if I am really sick.. If you drink it when you first start to feel sick it nips it in the bud quickly Give it a try Hope you are on the mend quickly….. moms don’t have time to be sick. .

  8. Michelle W says:

    Sarah, even with a fluffly head, you make me laugh.

    I love wisteria! It’s pretty and it smells divine! I also have had a fluffly head for weeks, but mine has decided to break out into a full-blown respiratory tract infection, complete with chesty cough. :-( I have no cure to offer – I’m reading the responses to your post with interest, LOL! Lemon, strawberries, garlic (not all together), rest, and lots of water. That’s my prescription. I hope you feel better soon.

  9. Jane says:

    Hi Sarah,

    When we get the stuffy head thing we use a drop or two of Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Clove essential oils on a tissue and take a whiff periodically. I also put some Euclyptus oil in a spray bottle with water and spray the whole house. It seems to clear the head and kill the germs.

    Hope you get better quickly!

  10. Deb says:

    Sarah, I prescribe a little bit of quality time with the couch, a snuggly rug and any tear inducing romantic type girly movie. A good cry does wonders for a muffy head. It may make the eye area puffy but good quality tears often make for much whiter eye whites. And we all know white is best. take care. Deb

  11. Alice says:

    Sarah…Loving the photos absolutely gorgeous! I love wisteria reminds me of many happy memories…The scent is heavenly…. I know what you mean and I hope you get well soon…. Take care…Big cuddly hug :)

  12. jaime says:


    Try a ginger and Epsom salt detox bath. It will help you sweat out all the toxins in your body. Here is a link to some instructions on how to: http://qfac.com/ginger-bath-detox , or you can Google ginger detox bath. Hope you feel better soon.


  13. Rukmini Roy says:

    Would love some coffee and chat and I’ll make it. I just recovered from a bad flu and I know its crap. I was bedridden for a week and it left me very weak. But i think I’m like little Mr. BC. I always get influenza and flu- anything that’s in disease vogue.

    Try some tea with lemongrass. Its hot and it has healing properties. Plus, it’ll clear that 200 kilo weighing head of yours (I dont know if you have that, I did) :) Get well soon and stay where Mr. BC told you to :)

  14. Hey there Sarah. Even with a fluffly head your pics are still spot on! I often have a fluffly head mostly due to sinuses and 3 very LOUD children. I know most bc’ers are recommending natural remedies (the best!) but when I’m muffly over a long period I tend to grab the Rhinocort. May help? Or keep on grabbing leftover lasagna and chocolate buttons, they sound good too…xx

  15. Debbi says:

    Beautiful photo’s Sarah…when I have a stuffy head with a cold, I use the NeilMed Neti Pot! Hate using it but it’s the only thing that clears it. I also suffer badly with sinus and this teapot saline wash is the only thing that clears this as well. I find it’s best to use it while you’re in the shower… Less mess!
    Hope you’re feeling better soon.


  16. Selby says:

    Beautiful wisteria:)
    Sorry your feeling fluffy headed – hope barly gives you lots of comforting cuddles!

  17. Annie M says:

    Beautiful pictures as usual Sarah and with a fluffy head. Sorry to hear you are under the weather. My teenage son has glandular fever and it was recommended that he take large doses of powdered vitamin c mixed in water. It is supposed to speed up the recovery time so maybe you could try it too. Hope you are feeling much better soon, take care of yourself, Annie M x

  18. Fleur says:

    Sending you a big fat get well soon my love. hope whatever it is passes. x Try some Olive leaf extract – tastes horrible but does the trick.
    Love your wisteria very very much – does it have a scent?
    Lots of love xx

  19. bec says:

    Oh Sarah, It sure has been bad this year, I work in the health industry and ended up catching Influenza (yes the real thing)… 10 days later…
    Not sure about your fluffy head, as I had the throat and cough!
    Just go with it….relax… and do everything you are doing… it will pass… it’s the universe telling you to slow down :)
    All the very best!
    Bec x
    P.S interview was a great read!

  20. alison says:

    My aunty had a beautiful wisteria growing along her open front verandah. This time every year she used to have a wisteria party on the front lawn, formal dress of course.


  21. My Wisteria is in bloom and I just adore it. my young male neighbour was asking what the fragrance was when I was showing him a snow pear yesterday. They certainly are stand out, one hit wonders!

  22. Motherofluvlies says:

    Do you know Wisteria won’t grow in Northern Ireland?too wet I think,at least in the town where I was born.Noticed no one suggested a hot Toddy ;)
    hope you pick up soon.Its probably from the plane.Did you use to get a “tonic” when you were little and at school and run down?

  23. laurie says:

    No special fluffly head recipes here, Sarah ….but if you stay in bed, read blogs, eat bon-bons, drink lots of peppermint tea, soak in the new tub, and let the BC crew wait on you hand and foot…..well, it may not make your head clear up, but it’ll certainly make the rest of you feel better! lol!

    Beautiful photos as usual, girlie! I just adore seeing that turquoise throw on the back of your sofa. Where in the world did you find that beauty?

    xoxo laurie

  24. Surely Sarah says:

    Gorgeous purple! Love it.
    When I’m horrid in the head the only thing that makes me feel better is dis-solvable paracetamol and lots of liquids. and rest!

  25. Candice says:

    Hi Sarah loving the pics , such a pretty setting . Hope your feeling better . Rest up . Cheers

  26. alison says:

    I know you aren’t a big magazine buyer but the Sept 2012 issue of Australia Coast to Coast COUNTRY STYLE has a lovely article on Noroo, a wisteria garden on Mt Wilson in the Blue Mts.

    Church Lane, Mt Wilson NSW
    Open 10am-4pm Frid-Sun until early November
    Group bookings any time of year for 10 or more
    $8 entry
    (02) 4756 2018


  27. Katherine says:

    Hope you are feeling better?
    The wysteria pictures are so beautiful – I can almost smell it! lovely Sarah!
    Katherine X
    PS: Had to tell you – I went a bought myself some $7 skinnies from Big W, and – a tube skirt!! On special at Target!! It’s true about the skirt – loving it! Those two things had been in the back of my mind, like forever!! On the look out for a maxi dress now! Thanks for sharing : )

    • sarah says:

      oooh go you! enjoy the skirt and the jeans x

      I am still erring on the side of unwell but slowly getting there…this has been a horrible virus and lots seem to have it…been to the doc and got medicine so hoping for improvement