Beach Cottage Dining room

Fri 14th, Sep, 2012

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Oh la-de-dah, good morning Beach Cottage ladies, how you going this fine FRIDAY?

All is good in the world here and I am having a perky morning even though I am moofed up with a cold and by the end of the day will, I am sure be feeling less than perky-poos.


It’s been a good week in Beach Cottage Land, lots going on, as usual, kiddos at sporting events and blog events…



Yesterday however I had some time to myself…all was calm, all was bright…and what else to do when there are no Beach Cottage Crew to feed, no husbands to listen to and no toilets to clean?

Well of course, one must tidy up and tablescape.


It has come to my attention lately that some may feel this hobby of mine is perhaps not, you know, quite, errrm normal, perhaps somehow it pertains to the idea that life should be like this all the time..to be foofing and fluffing with one’s house is perhaps somehow not as cool as what other people may choose to do …

I say poppycock to that ladies and one man in The Netherlands…I say to yee, Beach Cottagers both near and far, flick out those tablecloths, gather about yourselves some pretty things and go forth and foof.


There is something, to me, in this world we live in, this modern world of technology and fast pace, of big cars and postfeminist dreams, about slamming that front door shut, parking that broomstick firmly away, turning up the radio, switching on the coffee and getting down to doing something that you love…for me, that’s unwinding and slowing down by creating something that’s just nice.

I love to surround myself with things that I love and I celebrate that whenever I get the chance…



You know what though too…there is something comforting about re-claiming some domestic space…when all is crazy in the week, when school bags and homework and stinky soccer (sorry English girls I have to call it that now) socks and laptops and lunchboxes are littering about every available piece of horizontal surface, well to clear all that off helps to keep me sane…



And the secret?

Well there isn’t one…

But, I can say this, it really is not as hard as it may seem to be, to tidy up, to foof, to sort, to order, to lay a table…or dare I say it to foof your house…I am here to tell you it’s so very, if you want it to be, in your grasp..


I have learnt over the years that actually this isn’t a dream and I don’t need or want it to be…we created this, quite simply with hard work…


With thrifted dressers from garage sales, with storage from that little Swedish boutique that’s our best friend and installed ourselves, with vintage things picked up from the side of the road and with things gathered about us as we put down roots in a new life by the sea.

And with that I will waft around in this domestic bliss, I will positively revel in white, I will sniff flowers and stroke armoires until the next time someone throws a school bag on top of my tablescaping or yells mum!!!!!!!!!!!! Where’s my AFL kit????????

Til we meet again




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43 Responses to “Beach Cottage Dining room”

  1. Melinda says:

    Sarah, I think you are spot on with your thoughts of slowing down, staying at home and doing something you love as a counter to an otherwise busy life. Good for the soul and that is surely important.

    Lovely photos as always – I did wonder, as I looked at that very pretty table, whether you leave it all there and thats where your family enjoys dinner – or whether you pack it all away post foof? Maybe a bit of both Im guessing..?

    Have a lovely day and remember your southern sisters as you soak up the sun as it sure ‘aint sunny in these parts – COME ON SPRING we’re over it
    - oh and hope your cold is getting better xx

  2. Hope you feel better soon!
    I wish I could foof like that when I feel bad. I guess it is the changing of the seasons, I’ve been feeling a little ugh. We are getting ready to go into the fall of the year here in the states. Lovely tablescaping Sarah and i do hope you feel better soon. Drink you a hot toddy and kick it’s butt!

  3. Sarah says:

    Sarah could you please tell me about your wood floors (or maybe sometime do a post about them?)
    I want the exact same thing in my house. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. lg says:

    Setting the table is always such a drama in our house!. Each girl has to take their turn, but the way they carry on you’d think i’d asked them to make the dinner and do the laundy as well (ha ha!) And it’s always me that ends up the most upset when the napkins/drinks/chairs are forgotten or it’s all just slung on the table in the rush to get back to some screen or other! After reading your post however I’m thinking maybe I need to take back the task and do it the way I want – with a bit of love and care. Look out on IG – I might just start posting some foofed up tables!!! xxx

  5. Juliana Ryan says:

    Sarah- You have a beautiful dining room and your photos are gorgeous. I hope to be half as good as I go along. I just started my blog and I am finding my way around. I found you through Laurie @ Heaven’s Walk and I am your newest follower.

  6. Selby says:

    Gorgeous tablescaping! & pretty flowers in delectable Colours -yum!!:)

  7. Emma says:

    Oh I love a snatched bit of time to tidy and ‘foof’. Thanks for your lovely shots and thoughts. Hope cold disappears quickly… happy weekend!

  8. Sarah- I’m loving the photos today!

    That table cloth just make me *greeeeeeen* with envy…it is perfect…simple….just lovely!
    Can I ask where that’s from?.

    Aside from your goodies…it is so lovely to see a wider view of your cottage!
    I love it…!

    These photos kind of tie all your other house posts together….it’s gorgeous!

    Happy Friday foooofing!

    Melissa x

    • sarah says:

      thanks I am trying to get some wider shots…I need to buy a new lense for my camera, that would be much better than standing up against walls and doing strange movements lol x

  9. Alice says:

    All i have to say to this is ….. Ahhhhhhhh and flop down on one of those chairs…lol… Serene….

  10. shari says:


    Look at YOU… a stripe o’charcoal down the middle of your table!! :-) lookin good!

  11. Rukmini Roy says:

    I like you. I really friggin like you. You are like this bundle of joy and energy!
    And if I had a word for your home, it would be “Buddha Bar”. Serene, modern and just about perfect

    • sarah says:

      haha too funny, I only show you the good bits…sometimes it’s so a bombsite in here..which makes the good bits even sweeter if you know what I mean x

  12. Rukmini Roy says:

    What I also wonder about is how do you exactly keep all things white, day after day, alone. Are you some hybrid human being with super cleaning powers. I think if I saw you when I was 5, I would have definitely shifted my focus from being Neil Armstrong to Mrs. Beach cottage.

  13. Love it. Can see those shoe lasts we bought on the dresser. They look great. xx

  14. ali thompson says:

    you are a wise soul. fluffing and foofing is therapeutic and great for the mind. enjoyed reading your post!

  15. Oh I so wish you would jump on that broomstick, fly over here to Ireland and wave your magic tidying and whitening wand over my house! ;)

  16. Surely Sarah says:

    I read Mrs Woog asked you about your beach cottage photos looking like designer house porn and how you rolled your eyes… love it! I adore that you are so upfront about the fact that your house does not look foofed ALL THE TIME. After all, you do live in it!
    It makes me cut myself some slack in the interior design jealousy area and realise if I want to make the pretties, things have to be broken down into do-able tasks. One, clean area. Two, foof. Three, enjoy.

    • sarah says:

      thanks Sarah!

      I really do try to keep up with it because I like it a certain way….I have learnt though to cut myself some slack…there are three kiddos here and they are not interested in tablescapes and foofing :-)))

  17. Jess says:

    A table I would love to sit at. This is a gorgeous post. I need to work on my table foofing skills. First off I need some lovely linens! Have a wonderful weekend. Jx

  18. Hey, Sarah. I love your flowers! And the decor is so amazing! I hope you will fell better soon!

  19. laurie says:

    There is just sometime so refreshing, so comforting, so fulfilling about foofing one’s house as often is as needed, Sarah. :) I truly think it centers us and we should have no shame about reveling in it. Our house is a reflection of our heart and soul! :)

    xoxo laurie

  20. alison says:

    Foofing is domestic meditation.

    Love the close up photos of the pink ranunculas (??).


  21. Jo says:

    Sarah, gorgeous photo’s with more to see of your lovely home, Beautiful tablescaping and I must know where your table cloth is from? It looks just perfect for my home….love it….love you.
    Hope you get well soon. Hugs x

  22. Joanne says:

    I also love your photo’s and tablescaping and I must know where you got your table cloth from? STUNNING Only if you are happy to share.
    I hope you get well soon. A hearty hot spicy soup for dinner tonight might help. xo

  23. Rochelle says:

    So lovely, and I adore foofing and makings things pretty too. I get depressed when things start to get taken over by boys smelly shoes and toys. Thank goodness for good old therapeutic foofing. Hee hee! xx

  24. Sarah says:

    I say you do what you like, your house is so picture perfect and you take great photos! why not? have a great weekend!! ;-))

  25. Lisa says:

    Hi Sarah
    Love the blog – I’m just starting the process of giving our home some character and personality – we are near the beach too so lots of inspiration.
    Can you tell me where the wallpaper in the hall came from?
    I love it

  26. Robynne says:

    Sitting in bed with the laptop…loving that tablecloth and those flowers…missing Spring in Melbourne…if I can drag myself out of bed I may go forth and ‘foof’. Robx

  27. Stephanie@geezees says:

    Sarah, love this dining room. It is so fresh, clean and bright. The tablecloth is perfect and I love the salvaged ladder against the wall. It is all pulled together beautifully.

  28. Love this post, Sarah. Wonderful affirmation for foofing, of all sorts : ) Great tablecloth!

  29. Kat says:

    Gorgeous as always! :)
    I am loving being able to peek into the other rooms from this angle.
    Your house is so ordered, organised and the colours all work so well together.
    I think you must be a whizz at decluttering. I need to refine my technique after seeing your pics!

  30. Kat says:

    Ps just munching on fresh out of the oven banana bread (your recipe!)
    Always so yummy!!