A vintage ladder, sheets & Beach Cottage Guide to Marriage

Fri 21st, Sep, 2012

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We have Beach Cottage vintage ladders in the house, yah.

I was recently somewhere that had promised to douse me in canapes and sheets..you may well not get me with the latest Manolos, ways to improve your storage solutions, cough, or a new brand of coffee…but bedlinen, ahem, so very very  there…

…this was an event put on by the sheet people Sheridan..hmm, Sheridan I lust after you in department stores, I stalk you until you are on offer and I salivate when you find yourself on my bed…which you very much are on my bed at the mo’, thank you Sheridan, you are making Beach Cottage nightimes very soft



But, I digress, this ain’t really about sheets, though I think one day we must talk sheets…there be a girl on the beaches of Sydney who knows a thing or two about sheets and linen…

..but this is about the vintage ladder that was at that lil’ sheet soiree, said vintage ladder was topped with a beautiful girl wrapped in a white sheet…


Now you know I love me a vintage ladder, you know indeed that vintage ladders grace a lot of the rooms in this old cottage, leaning here there and often sporting the odd bit of coastal decor…you also know that I don’t need any more vintage ladders in my life, there are more than a few under the house (and what Mr BC doesn’t know is that there are two in the shed too, heehee, keep ‘em guessing girls the Beach Cottage Guide to Marriage)…but mostly for some reason, of which I know not, this one had been confined to life out on the deck…yes she has been dressed with various things…you can see her here dressed up for Easter and in the finest lemons this country could offer, but she hasn’t really been dressed up and gracing the inside of this old cottage…

20120921-04-beach-cottage-vintage-ladder 20120921-05-IMG_7563

And so the other day when I was supposed to be taking it easy but instead finding myself pottering around with copious amounts of flowers, I thought of that vintage ladder, went out to the deck, turned left and retrieved her, opened her up and brought her in.


Oh yes.

Oh yeseeee, yeseeee, yes.

Now, I did think that this may well be a move that could prompt much eyebrow raising from any one of the four the males in this old cottage…a ladder in the Family Room dressed with flowers?  Those dang dudes just don’t get that…

So when Mr Beach Cottage got home from a long day in the office and walked in to see a vintage ladder standing in his old cottage, his eyebrows did indeed shoot up because his wife, also known as Mrs Beach Cottage had removed her clothes, wrapped herself in a white Sheridan sheet, propped herself on top, gazing down remotely at her knees…

Which I must say, even with this forty-is-the-new-thirty pair of legs went down rather well.

Keep ‘em guessing people, keep ‘em guessing

See you next time lovelies.




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38 Responses to “A vintage ladder, sheets & Beach Cottage Guide to Marriage”

  1. jody says:

    hysterical…and i bet he loved and and will never say a word again about a ladder in the house…no sirree!

  2. I bet a few of those favors you owed him were fulfilled. Right there with you Jody! I bet he’ll be bringing in all those ladders!

  3. Mary says:

    OMG – people think I’m weird when I laugh out loud while alone in my office – thanks for the woderfully told story!

    Mary in MN

  4. kim says:

    That was gooood! I must say if my husband found me like that he’d have me committed,lol
    great blog, glad I found you :)

  5. You go girl, you go!!!!!

  6. Cheryl says:

    ooh la la…..
    I bet your husband loves your vintage legs, all dressed up with sheets and flowers next to some vintage hardware….

  7. Oh my that ladder would have collapsed under my hefty weight! There would have been dreadful embarrassment at the nudey in the ambulance! Then later he would have asked me what I was trying to paint!

  8. Ginger says:

    Too funny. Love the ladder.

  9. This was funny! Loved your post. My husband would be rubbing his hands together. G.x

  10. bec says:

    Holy moly…I bet he loved you on top…..(of that ladder)…:)
    Bec x

  11. Sarah says:

    You funny!!!! Me laugh!!!!

  12. Susan @ Afford Your Passions says:

    Cute story!

  13. Love a fun-friday story Sarah- this one is a classic!!

    That move surely knocked a few favours off the ladder…err list!

    Looooving the wider angle housey shots as I’ve said before! Gorgeous fresh whites everywhere…..I could almost smell the Lux!! :)

    “Ave a good one!

    Melissa x

  14. Alice says:

    I don’t think he will ever object to another ladder again Sarah! Well played me lady! lol… I so needed that…Thanks….

  15. All that gorgeous white….LOVE!!! Tho I think there must be something wrong with my laptop, it doesnt seem to be downloading the pic of you up the ladder in your sheridan sheet???!!? xx

  16. Emma says:

    What a ripper of a story… ! Bet he won’t ever question the purchase of Sheridan sheets either!
    Sounds like your cold is a little better, your mischievous self is back ;-) Good on you!

  17. Liz says:

    I don’t think Mr BC will look at a ladder the same way again! Love it!!

  18. Fiona says:

    I think you can bring home all the ladders you like from now on! What a great move – and a lovely treat for your husband to come home to!

  19. Ellie says:


    There I was admiring how lovely your home looks, how welcoming and cosy it seems, how you seem to have a skill to turn any random item into a beautiful decoration for your home.
    And then you throw in the image of you wrapped in a sheet posing on the ladder to welcome Mr BC home. Well I never – great ending – and they all lived happily ever after! ;)

  20. HRH Sarah says:

    SO funny!

  21. Motherofluvlies says:

    Wonderful it’s your own “Carry on beachcottage…” How did you make sure your young BC were not the first thru the door?wonderful happy saucy sharing.Thank you.xxsmiling for the rest of the day.

  22. Jojo3b says:

    Too funny, he’ll never look at ladders the same way again, terrific destination haha. I love vintage ladders inside,and out. I have a gorgeous weather beaten ladder that belonged to my husbands cubby house. So not only vintage but memories attached. Although my in laws don’t quite understand it. Lol

  23. Elaine in Laguna says:

    LOL! Thank you for the Friday Funny! Way to go! Glad you’re feeling better now!

  24. Anna says:

    That’s hilarious! This may be your most clever post yet. I think I’m going to laugh about that all day, and maybe even tell my husband :)

  25. Kim H says:

    Haha! You didn’t. Did you? LOL You are a funny, funny gal xx

  26. laurie says:

    lol! Oh my gosh, Sarah! Mr BC must either greatly anticipate his arrival home every evening OR he’s scared to death! lolol! You’re so right that you’ve got to keep’em guessing. It’s all part of the training process, you know. :)

    xoxo laurie

  27. Deb says:

    Hahaha!! Keep em on their toes!!

  28. Candy says:

    My hubby would be so excited, he’d knock us both off the ladder with a thud!! hee hee

  29. alison says:

    Keep em guessing, keep em confused. But tread softly with their gentle souls.

    Poor Mr alison thought we were travelling 4 hours west by car the other day. I said we were travelling 4 hours west, he didn’t want me to tell him exactly, he wanted a surprise. I just didn’t mention the trip was by plane. He was speechless for about 2 hours as we headed to the airport and got on our flight to Uluru for a short holiday that he really needed.

    Keep em guessing, keep em confused, but tread softly with their gentle souls.

    PS He hates my old ladder on the balcony that I use as a plant stand!