A Guest Blogger

Mon 3rd, Sep, 2012

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Hey dudettes, it’s me Beach Cottage Barls super blogging puppy from the beaches of Sydney.  Mrs Beach Cottage is feeling a bit, how shall we say, delicate today and so I am here to say G’day instead

Errrrm lovelies yesterday we had a bit of a shindig around here…it was my first experience of Beach Cottage entertaining….some serious tablescaping went on for 12 (you can see all the chairs on the deck below) ..…not impressed that I didn’t get a spot at the table though…c’mon am I not cute enough to sit up there?

…and me oh my the food, lots of lovely salads, plus couscous and pork with crackling that was spit roasted out in the garden…there is something about big joints of meat slowly turning over a fire out in the Spring air I tell ya (you can see it here in Beach Cottage Food)…we started off with a platter of antipasti…proscuitto and a slab of Provolone plus a couple of big jugs of Pimms No.1….and ended up down by the Summer House with the fire pit and marshmallows.

So Mrs Beach Cottage was a leetle bit into a few drinks, oh how funny, funny, funny, she was wobbling a lot…all I can say is wowzas that woman can put them away..

Today ain’t pretty around here, the cottage or her…she’s walking around in dark glasses and muttering stuff like ‘never again’…and something about her allergy and puffed up lips?

I ask you, owners who’d have ‘em.

I too have not been my usual self…very very tired peeps here in Beach Cottage Land…hello I went to bed at 2am so  I have been mooching around from one sleeping place to the next all day long…it’s an early night for me tonight…

OK, it’s over and out from Beach Cottage Land, normal broadcasting will resume tomorrow with some housey pics, the armoire will finally be here, a coastal furniture makeover and a lovely recipe…

You can follow along on Instagram, we are ‘abeachcottage’…I often crop up on there too….it’s the cute factor

Barley xo 20120903-02-beach-cottage-barley_thumb

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23 Responses to “A Guest Blogger”

  1. Kim says:

    Sorry Sarah but I have to LOL xox This post just lifted my spirits … you are certainly ‘entertainment’ plus :) God bless your cotton socks and Barls too.

  2. Neen says:

    Me too Kim, laughing my a#%$ off !!!! Enjoy some QUIET time for recovery BC Sarah ;)

  3. Louise@lifeondreyfarm says:

    oh cutest photos of Barley ever, we have a Jack Russell who never seems to sit still enough to get a shot

  4. Bahahaha … on a school night!

  5. Fleur says:

    Take care of your mama Barls, lots of snuggles and no barking xx

  6. alison says:

    I accidentally found out that alcohol REALLY disturbs my sleep when I practically gave it up 3 months ago to save calories. Damn, and I thought it was menopause creating my sleep problems. Sadly this aging body can only handle little, occasional alcohol now.

    Yesterday we had a big family shindig, oh I was soooooooooo good! I had 2 drinks in total over a long day. We too had meat on a spit, crackling, cous cous and beautiful fresh salads, outside in the gorgeous Australian Spring weather.


  7. Lynne says:

    No slamming of doors today, PLEASE! You are a hoot, thanks for the giggles . . . Smile . . .

  8. Right there with you Alision. I thought it was just the menapause too! Lessons learned over and over again! Rest dear Sarah rest.

  9. laurie says:

    lol! Well…..at least you had fun last night, Sarah! Poor Barls looks like he got into some good stuff, too! lol!

    xoxo laurie

  10. Inge says:

    Haha, this made me giggle a lot! :-D Thanks for the good laugh, it lifted my spirits today! And I believe it’s the very first time I commented here… glad I did, this is a fun blog to read. Will visit more in the future!!
    Inge x

  11. Susan says:

    Goodness me and you call yourself an Australian… sarah my dear you must learn to HOLD YOUR DRINK or never, ever admit you are hung-away-over……. very un Aussie……..!

    The spit roast sounds amazing, I am very jealous we are not neighbours!! Because even if I wasn’t invited in I would have just come :):)

    This weekend is when we are coming to Sydney…. staying at The Langham {what used to be The Observatory}

  12. Carol says:

    Sarah! Sarah! Sarah! A true Aussie knows that you drink lots of water to prevent the dreaded morning after!

  13. Rochelle says:

    Pj’s and a nice warm recovery soup I think. Good luck! xox

  14. Shar Y says:

    in case a hangover might have been involved, the best cure I have found is a greasy cheese burger. it really works. not that we are talking about a hangover. that barls, he is just too much! hope you feel better by now!

  15. Meghan Grace says:

    I don’t blog (yet!) but I would probably have to enlist help from my little pooches, Coco and Ping once in awhile too! Cute post and I hope that you are feeling better! By the way, what is a super cream? I need to know! Love to Barls!

  16. Victoria says:

    Hi Sarah.I’m very new with computer speak so please bear with me..I luv everything you guys do,we too have a little cottage that with a wave of your magic wand would become perfect,I can only wish.I can’t wait to see what your next project will be.I am inspired to have a go at painting a similar slat garden chair we have.Absolutely have no idea what type of paint to use tho..do you give out tips?.Keep it happening,Victoria.