a Busy Beach Cottage weekend

Mon 10th, Sep, 2012

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Hey Beach Cottage ladies!

It’s me Barley, you got stuck with me this morning…Mrs Beach Cottage just ran out to a school thing mumbling something about kids and who’d have ‘em…

..but she’ll be back later on with something that is awesome…gotta say I am not sure what is awesome about this to be truthful…it’s an 80 year old piece of furniture which to my eyes is looking, well, a trifle on the shabby side…anyway she found it at the weekend at an op-shop…I knew nothing of it until there were hugeee raised eyebrows from Mr Beach Cottage when he came in the front door asking the teenager to help him get something off the roof of the car…and then Mrs Beach Cottage came in like really excited and doing this weird kinda jig and squealing, ooh ooh…and she was being really nice to him for getting it for her…quite unbelievable really Winking smile

and all I got was this lousy carrot…

I must say it ain’t ever dull in Beach Cottage Land

Barls x

you can find more of my adventures here

oh and if you would like to be a part of this little blog, you can take the Beach Cottage Reader Survey here…the results so far are interesting and it’s closing soon …of course you want to see more of me! hahaha xx



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15 Responses to “a Busy Beach Cottage weekend”

  1. Alice says:

    Hmmm… I never thought of carrots….It beats chewing on a stick Barley… Might actually give one to my Bella now…Thanks…

    P.S: Can’t wait to see your score Sarah…

  2. You don’t need to get the whole chippy furniture thing B!

    Just look cute and run with it……she’ll love you for it! ;)

    Melissa x

  3. Hey Barls…
    life sounds pretty cool around your neck of the woods..
    I am nearly 14 yo’s old now and totally blind, so i get a real kick when my “mum” aka “Andrea” reads me what you have been up to~~
    hang in there buddy cos there is lots of living to be done yet….
    cos I know..been there and done that…~

    xx from SOOTY…

    • sarah says:

      oh hello Sooty…do you blog too? I am sorry to hear you are blind but boy you’ve had a long life for a doggie! love Barls x

      • Hi Barls…No I don’t blog…(too old for that now)…~~~
        I just idle the days away watching “mum” cutting up her doilies~~
        I still look cute though..cos us little doggies (i am a toy poodle)…can age gracefully and still look like puppies….

        well that’s what i am told anyway….
        I have another female friend, also called SOOTY and a toy poodle..she is 18.5 years old…
        so heres to longevity Barls..

        xx sooty

        • sarah says:

          oh yes Sooty, I hope I make it as long as you! I have a couple of playdates already in my little life so my life is pretty good

          …I think you might want to try this blogging lark, it’s quite fun…women like coo over you and you get more treats :-)

  4. alison says:

    Today’s random question: Does anyone else get hiccups when they eat raw carrot??


  5. Hey Barls, Maggie (my dog) loves raw carrots too! Keep up the great posts x

  6. Sue says:

    Hi. Love this. Is your dog a cavachon by any chance? He looks just like our cavachon who is Anya, but smaller at 12 pounds. Love your blog!

  7. Jess says:

    You certainly are cute Barley and I love that you eat carrots. Jx

  8. Victoria says:

    I love carrots too Barley..My name is Bear,I’m a small Maltese so ask my family how I got that moniker?.Seems to me you and I have a similar lifestyle,although when new planting of pretties is going on here I’m right in there too but while I’m trying to help dig the hole I get the feeling,with these crazy arm and hand swinging from my ‘mum’,that my help is not needed.Who can work them out eh Barls.

  9. Jennifer says:

    I wonder if is it legal to be as cute as your are Barley ??
    While you eat carrots , Oskar my cat LOVES rocket and grapes :)