Gone to Anthro

Fri 3rd, Aug, 2012

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G’day lovely Beach Cottage ladies and welcome to Beach Cottage does Anthro.

Are.  You.  Ready?

Strap yourself in for the ride of your life baby.

I have to tell you I am not a hugey pugey shopaholic, don’t get me wrong I like it, and when I am in the mood to mooch in the shops, nothing can be better, but the latest Jimmy Choo’s do not this heart get a pumping and I have said on here before that the shopping in Australia, unlike just about everything else in the country is pretty mediocre, at best….

But shopping in New York, and I don’t mean for trainers, well, HELLO!

And a homewares store that sources vintage things, is quirky if I want it to be, promotes up and coming brands and has window dressing and styling out of a storybook???


All the way to the door, pronto.

We are going down, baby.

Strap yourself in for some lovely virtual Anthropologie shopping via my iPhone.


and with me lovely Beth, from Babymac who, like me wandered around in snapping and oohing (you can find more pics of our shopping trip to Anthro here)


Just piles of things to fall in love with…you know I like a lot of white and coastal things with pops of colour…errrm the pops of colour will be changing quite a bit.  ahem


I loveeee this piece, it is like the vintagey Anthro version of an Expedit and exactly what I want for the Dining Room and have literally been on the lookout for for years now…one day I will find that not in a store in New York but rather at Vinnines on the beaches.

Let us not even talk about that tote down there, errrrm that is one seriously good tote, with my name about written all over it, yep it’s been tried on and walked around by me and I am currently scheming how I can get this into my cottage via Qantas without Mr Beach Cottage raising eyebrows at the purchase of yet another tote..


…and from totes we move swiftly to mugs and china…errrm mugs in zee suitcase indeedy


and pretty blue plates


…oh and this unit too!

bowls, little patterny printed bowls.

Come to mama.

Chalky blue wall, say no more


Just yes…



Lights, lampshades and linens…can’t WAIT to show you what is coming home to Beach Cottage Land.  My children may never eat again but our ratty old cottage will be smooching and smiling.


….and a trip to Anthropologie would not be complete without a Beach Cottage foot shot, would it?


That is it from me ladies, I have had a couple of messages re a What I Wore post on here, errrrm we tried to get one last night on the Upper East Side so it’ll be coming soon…oh and no I haven’t forgotten about the old station stroking, that’s on the way too…

I was actually bombed out big-time yesterday with jetlag, it hit me seriously on Day Three, and it weren’t pretty for anyone…my roomie, aka Nikki from Styling You arrived in town and we stayed up late chatting and talking, got to bed after a Skype with the Beach Cottage Crew at about 2.30am….and woke up at 5am as if it were the middle of the day….Skyped again with Beach Cottage Land, and Mr Beach Cottage’s eyebrows were raised quite high and he made some reference to the fact that Nikki may see another side of me after 2 and a 1/2 hours sleep…hmmm, now I must say there was no partaking in broomstick riding, there was a trip to Soho for lunchy-poos, a Blow Out (aka blow dry and sometimes mistakenly given another name by me) in a very very nice Blow Out Joint, haha, and a fancy schmancy Blogher outside party on a Manhattan rooftop…by which stage we were to say the least flagging, my feet were three sizes bigger than my shoes because of the heat, my blow dry had drooped just like the drips on my coastal table and one’s eyes were sporting a lovely shade of bloodshot…

But I am loooving New York city baby, jetlag or not.

Bye for now lovelies  – oh and if you have any recommendations for homey shops I might like here please let me know…


p.s. yep this chair has a seat on the plane Winking smile….just how am I gonna coastal her up?


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45 Responses to “Gone to Anthro”

  1. Oh thank you thank you thank you. That is my idea of NY shopping *sigh* So many pretty things!

  2. Angela says:

    I really love this post. Love that store. Lovin’ your trip to NYC. Thanks for sharing! and omg… that chair. I’m jealous of the chair. You should just have that chair shipped to a certain “shack” , to a certain girl (me), in Western KY. ;)
    ps you’re hilarious when jetlagged! I really did lol with the “kids may never eat again” bit. Love it.

  3. Karen Hancock says:

    omg, words, gone, cant speak…..

  4. Julie Johnson says:

    My daughter went to New York with the choir this past year and could not stop talking about how great it was. Have a great time and happy shopping!

  5. so so so so so so jealous. That’s all.

  6. Karen says:

    Oooooooooooooooooo Anthropologie, it is all so so lovely. Have fun! x

  7. kath says:

    If you get a chance, check out the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market. It’s every Sat-Sun. from 9-5. Always some great finds there! I’ve also heard that Housing Works in the Village is a great thrift shop. I’ve ordered stuff online from them, but I hear it’s great in person. There are also some great little shops in Soho if you get down that way. Have fun!

  8. Susan says:

    I went to the Anthro store in Chicago (2nd largest one in the world) – I wish I felt as comfortable as you taking pictures in stores – I didn’t feel comfortable asking the sales assistant for permission (I always ask first – some stores don’t allow photography!), so I didn’t take picturesm but did bring home some goodies.

    It sounds like you are having a fun time in NYC

    • sarah says:

      I actually asked if I could take the photos, which I do if I am going to publish them – not many stores say no, in fact, any that are media savvy embrace it…so just ask!


  9. Jess says:

    Those blue plates….MUST HAVE!!! Amazing store. Could take home everything. As I said to BabyMac…I’m off to hit their website…Jx

  10. Go on Sarah, I dare you, buy them! wrap them well and stash in your bag. I did it , I bought all sorts of cups and even some chunky crystal pieces, nothing broke (- but I do have extraordinary packing skills)and also had 12 bags to choose from to put them in! You may blow your weight limits but you will have some treasured pretties! I just love that chair too!

  11. Claudia says:

    I love Anthro!!! I haven’t gone in a few weeks so I am waiting for the boys to go back to school so I can browse for a few hours :D

  12. chris says:

    thanks for the walk thru anthropologie! Guess where I am headed this weekend to be inspired? :) chris

  13. Lovin’ this trip to N.Y Sarah! Love the amazing Anthro! two hours to get to one near me. Keep enjoying your trip and sending us these wonderful pics1

  14. Karen says:

    Have you been to Fishs Eddy? It’s near Union Square. It’s one of my favs!

  15. Sarah says:

    How you didn’t spend you’re last dime in there I don’t know. You have more willpower than me. Love the porcelain strawberry baskets. sigh.

  16. Fleur says:

    Oh MY Sarah! It looks A.. MAZING
    Im guessing that you bought the last F mug in the first photo… maybe for Moi?
    Hahha I totally would have taken out a second mortgage to get out of that store!

  17. Vicky says:

    Such pretty things… I’d be ohhhhing and ahhhinh, and wishing in that shop! Damn luggage restrictions hey?!

  18. Oh lordy, I seriously am sitting here at my laptop in my little farmhouse in the oz countryside experiencing that heart pumping, breathing funny, anxious feeling one gets when one walks into a #@$^%$ beautiful homewares store!!! So thanks (I think?!) for that! And I love the look on Beth’s face, that same dreamy look we all get when overwhelmed by too much gorgeousness!! Oh and you MUST NOT leave that tote in NY, it needs to be in a cottage in Sydney. Keep up the good fun!! xx

  19. ComfyChair says:


  20. Jenni Johnston says:

    How can one shop have so many gorgeous things? I say get the tote, you can never have enough….

  21. Alyson says:

    Hey Sarah – just so you know…Anthro mugs have never survived in one piece in my husband’s (superbly packed – it’s his OCD) luggage – they always become pen holders instead…but don’t skimp on the candles, they are superb and never lose their scent… ahhh NY’ing precariously through you! xx

  22. Oh…..the tote! That awesome chair! Those pretty aqua glasses! Those sweet boho plates! I’m in heaven, Sarah! I think you should bring something home and do a giveaway….? lol!

    xoxo laurie

  23. Meghan Grace says:

    Oh, I just love hearing about your trip to NYC! Enjoy, enjoy!!!

  24. Alice says:

    THANK YOU Sarah!!! This post was drool worthy….Sigh, you are so right about shopping here down under… I think you were too kind using the word mediocre… The word(s) I would use would be far less lady like and they would make your average feral either blush or fall in love with me…

    I loved everything in your pictures… those plates…Sarah those plates had my name all over…Sigh…Rest up Sarah… You don’t want to get so sick that you will end up in bed and missing out on more days than you would resting up a little…

    Take care and live it up girl!

  25. Susan says:

    Sarah… I hope you did not buy there….. get it online when you get home!! try on clothes etc but don’t haul it home in your suitcase…… :)

    I bought plates, bowls etc online and only had one break out of about 50 items! I was very impressed.

    Have fun… make sure you get to Magnolia Bakery… it’s pretty small but very photogenic and SOOOOO bad for your waistline! XX

  26. Robynne says:

    Sarah, loving those green drawers…could you send me a couple….the retro kitchen chairs….the leather arm chairs….and those sandals are gorgeous!! Robx

  27. Oh that chair will surely fit in your hand luggage!! ;)

  28. julie says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I second the recommendation for Fishs Eddy – it is on 19th off 5th, so not too far from Anthropologie. Also, if you have time and want to take a trip to Brooklyn, there are really cute shops in Park Slope on 7th Avenue. It is only about a 10 minute train ride from Lower Manhattan (Q to 7th Avenue or 2/3 to Bergen Street (a little longer walk). Park Slope is also a really picturesque neighbourhood – lots of brownstones, right near Prospect Park and Grand Army Plaza. Lots of great places to eat too.

  29. I just can’t cope with this type of styling. My brain explodes! I don’t know where to look, and how to make it all fit into my reality. In stores like this I pick up a basket load of things, then freak out and give up before getting to the checkout. Perhaps I need to take you with me!

  30. Kim H says:

    Oh my fave shops!! how gorgeous are all of those drawers and storage units that everything’s displayed in? Love everything there! Love that chair too. Are you really bringing it home to the beach cottage? Gorgeous!!! have fun over there. Loving your tour and beautiful images. x

  31. janmary says:

    My kind of shopping!

  32. alison says:

    Be still my beating heart.


  33. annie says:

    You could go with the ‘sample bag’ excuse. Just fill that tote with pamphlets from blogher and say it was part of the package! Kinda true….