Beach Cottage & the Lady in the White Gloves

Thu 2nd, Aug, 2012

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Hey Beach Cottage ladies, here we are again in NYC.

So today I rode the subway again, only this time with an, ahem, rather sore head, I went out last night for posh Mexican (don’t ask) and had a few tipples…when I woke up this morning I felt like someone had dragged my head around the bottom of a bird cage and back again…


I had to do a little double check on firstly how many beers I had had with the posh Mexican and what I had done…but it seems, according to the other girls I was out with, also flown in from The Lucky Country that firstly I was good, there was no broomstick riding… this was the jetlag catching up on me…not indeed the effect of tippling.


So with that big old bottom of a bird cage head I went about my business…to get out of the area around the hotel and see a bit of New York…

I got off the train at Canal Street and started to mooch around…

I found, photographed and oohed at the kinda buildings I was hoping to see…


Got more shots of trucks, I know I’m weird, you like it really.

20120802-04-IMG_4105 20120802-05-IMG_4119

Random cans of basil growing in Little Italy

20120802-06-IMG_4079 20120802-07-IMG_4110_thumb 20120802-08-IMG_4115 20120802-09-IMG_3994 20120802-10-IMG_4016

I went to the Cast Iron District, also known as Soho, loved the old buildings…funnily enough there was lots of Cast iron…much older and more like the buildings I wanted to see …a little bit gentrified though, when you start seeing Ralph Lauren and Louis Vuitton in the prettied up old doorways, it kinda turns me off…each to their own


20120802-11-IMG_4041 20120802-12-IMG_4036

Laundromat with ladies sitting outside reading the paper…much more what I was looking for…


…or piles and piles of tomatoes in the middle of the pavement…


loved this…the old green ladder, Pretty Woman scene when he comes to save her written all over it, dontchya think??

20120802-15-IMG_4060 20120802-16-IMG_3993 20120802-17-IMG_3999

..and this was interesting, no entering or horn honking in this area….shame that, Mr Beach Cottage would not be happy

20120802-18-IMG_4129 20120802-19-IMG_4132

Love these New York fire escapes



hmmm, this one is interesting

20120802-21-IMG_4031 20120802-22-IMG_4011 20120802-23-IMG_4004 20120802-24-IMG_4006 20120802-25-IMG_4009

…and another one…this is the fire hydrant post

20120802-26-IMG_4026 20120802-27-IMG_4062

anyone for a little bit of pasta?


…is there nothing you cannot buy here

20120802-29-IMG_4084 20120802-30-IMG_4075

The fave part of my day?

This dudette in the middle of the road with a whistle..

20120802-31-IMG_4169  ..whoever thought of that job was having a laugh, and you must be a bit cracked up top to actually fulfil this role…oh yes let’s just pop you in the middle of an intersection, while there partake in whistling and signalling while cars, trucks bikes, people and motorbikes come whizzing by you at every which way.

Do not mess with this girl and certainly do not pass her on a red.

It won’t be pretty.

I can very much assure of that.


I watched with interest, taking notes on various things to shout at various people when broomstick riding…

..you learn a new lesson every single day people…mine today were a few new colourful sayings…right in the heart of NYC baby…

NYPD lady in the white gloves and the whistle?

I heart you.

See you next time Beach Cottage girls…I have a very nice old building that I spent too long walking around stroking things in today to show you….beach cottage love it

Sarah xo

p.s. I am missing Barley, I have jetlag & am blogging this at 1am so if this post, is, a bit, you know, more than usual …Mr Beach Cottage is sending me pics of Barls (and videos, LOVE technology) …so maybe he’ll be blogging soon



p.p.s fancy this Mr Beach Cottage and the Beach Cottage Crew??? wanna do another seachange? fancy a bit of the Big Apple instead of the beach?  yah


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36 Responses to “Beach Cottage & the Lady in the White Gloves”

  1. If you want a NYC cheap but oh, so HUGE helpings of Italian food in a very fun environment…try Carmine’s just off Times Square. Each ‘serving’ will be plenty for 2…bring a group and have a feeding frenzy! If you haven’t seen it before, the NY Public Library is awesome!

  2. Centsationall Girl says:

    Ooooh you’re in NYC!!! I’ll be there on Saturday, will you? Would love to meet up! Your pics are wonderful – the red fire escape is my favorite!! Oh and I second Carmines, HUGE portions, I had some chicken marsala there – fabulous!

    • sarah says:

      hey lovely girl! yes I am here for Blogher..are you coming too?

      I would LOVE to finally meet up, how funny would that be?

      I don’t have phone but email and am keeping an eye on Tweets, let me know…

  3. Alice says:

    I have to say NY…One word that comes to mind is HECTIC(judging by the pictures)!!! I think I would go crazy there lol! It’s like what I say about Sydney CBD…It’s fine in small doses but no way I could live too close to it (let alone within it) hence why we moved to the suburbs(close enogh to visit often but far away enough to escape it as soon as we have had enough)…I have to say that red fire escape is very nice…

  4. I really really want to visit NYC, but no way do i want to live there- Hamptons, yes!

    I believe that Basil will keep away flies, so that’s probably why there are so many pots all around.
    Keep up the piccies!

  5. Miss Sew & So says:

    Loving this NYC tour Sarah-birdcage & all! ;)
    Jet lag from Oz is a killer-you look fab & are doing soooo well to be out & about & taking photos!!

    Adore the Singer sewing machine bldg -and those deli’s!!!!
    How many bagels & coffee’s have you loved!

    Keep enjoying!
    Melissa x

  6. Angela says:

    Ha!Ha! I bet you did learn some new words! Love these pics. The last one of the cop is great.

  7. Lynne says:

    Great pictures . . . capturing the flavor for me, been there but it has been years . . . is the head thingy better? Looking forward to more . . .

  8. Laura says:

    Hey Sarah :)
    I love NYC! If you are there on Saturday (or Sunday) try and get to the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market and Antiques Garage – one is on West 39th St.(& 9th Ave) and the other is on West 25th St. (between 6th and 7th Aves) I think the Garage on 25th is a little better if you can only go to one but both are great! Google them! Have fun – wish I was there too!
    Hugs, Laura

    • Angie Smith says:

      OMG Laura I have been to both ! I agree the garage is better. You need to get there early and hold your $$$ close to you. My daughter bought several fabulous Vintage dresses there that still had the tags on them ! I had to almost drag her out by her feet !!!!

  9. Ally says:

    I am so enjoying your pics. My parents just tried to get me to go to NYC next week, but I can’t impose my 4 chilluns on any friends during summer break. It wouldn’t be nice. Anyway, I feel like I’m seeing it through you.

  10. Sharon Forward says:

    Fantastic pics ! hope the birdcage feeling didn’t last long!x

  11. Shar Y says:

    Lived in the US my whole life and the closest I have been to NYC is flying over in a jet. Now, look here, it takes an Aussie gal to show me the real thing! Love it so much, it looks like you really captured the real thing and not the stock photos we normally see. Good job!! Can’t wait for more!

  12. Loving my tour of the city with you! I have never been to New York, so I am thoroughly enjoying my trip. Hope you are feeling better and out of that birdcage. I’ve been there a few times myself!

    • sarah says:

      hmmm the birdcage thing got worse before it got better but am feeling good now after 8 hours of full sleep in a nice bed x

  13. Susan @ Afford Your Passions says:

    It’s been a long time since I was in NYC, but I love the vibrancy of the place. I recommend eating in Little Italy if you find the time – there’s lots of good food, and some celebrity watching (think famous movie director a a series of mafia-inspired movies…)

    Have fun at Blogher!

  14. Janet says:

    Hi Sarah, looks like you are having a fantastic time. Love the pics. In the news here today is s story about a guy that was on the line to QANTAS for 15 hours. Ha, wonder if he was called names?

  15. Did you go to NYC all by yourself, Sarah?? Daring girl!! :) But it sure looks like you’re soaking up all of the life there….and taking no prisoners! lol! Loving your pics!

    xoxo laurie

    • sarah says:

      Hi Laurie

      Yes I did go by myself but I was meeting other friends here …I wanted to do my own thing for a few days but we have met up in the evenings for dinner etc

  16. Susan says:

    I will move to NYC with you! I think I will have to “live” there at some stage as I age……. we met a great male couple in the Gggenheim who had rented an apartment for six weeks. They bought all their theatre tickets ages in advance and were LOVING it all. That may be the way…

    That jet lag really messes with your mind doesn’t it? have fun xx

    • Susan says:


    • sarah says:

      oooh very interesting Susan…we might have to get our hubbys together b/c we have the same plans! …includes a stint in Italy (down the bottom in the heel) in the summer and a time in NYC in an apartment

      great minds think alike eh?


  17. Jenni Johnston says:

    Great pictures once again, I really feel like I am there. Thanks! And yeah I agree, women sitting outside the laundry are much more interesting than Louis vuitton (how do you spell that?) shops! more old building photos please!

  18. Kat says:

    Your pictures tell such a fabulous story.
    I really, really want to go to NYC now!!!!! ;)
    Love the green fire escape, a la Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

  19. Marnie says:

    great…now I’m hungry for cannelloni
    x Marnie

  20. Candice says:

    Nooooo u can’t move to New York . Come to the Sunshine Coast instead . Love the pics . Hope you are feeling better . Enjoy and have a drink for me .. Cheers

  21. alison says:

    Thank you so much for these delightful photos that capture the atmosphere of your trip to NYC.

    Recently the traffic lights at a very large intersection near by house were out. Watching the police officer direct the 16 lanes of traffic was poetry in motion. He was just so talented. Without missing a beat he even managed to quickly take his pen out of his vest and write the rego number of a car on his hand that didn’t follow his signals .

    One of life’s small, but memorable moments.


  22. Robynne says:

    Great photos Sarah…you’re really catching some candid shots…love them….just be careful and don’t photograph a payroll truck or you might get chased up the street and arrested! I’m sitting on the couch (my butt is glued) watching the olympics…and nearly wet my pants laughing when I read about your head being dragged around the bottom of a birdcage…that really does present quite a picture…and I may use that description one day myself!! Have a great time. Robx

  23. Surely Sarah says:

    Loved looking at all these lovely photos! I would be taking photos of fire escapes too :)