Beach Cottage Stagram, Ocean Coastal Pics, food & flowers

Tue 14th, Aug, 2012

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Good evening Beach Cottage girlies…


A few iPhone pics from the ocean and some updates in other lovely Beach Cottage Places tonight…

I am tucked up on my old sofa with a little drinky poo going through some photos and updating a few BC Places…to have a nosey just click on the links below

Barley blogged here, don’t miss puppy’s escapades on the beaches.

and some new updates in food too here

…some pretties in Beach Cottage flowers

Have a lovely night, or wherever you are in the world and logging into this old cottage Down Under, have a nice day… we are looking forward to tomorrow, it’s warming up people…kicking in at 23C tomorrow in Winter people, sheesh kebab I might be able to leave the house without thermals in the morning, whoa Sydney I heart you



I will see you in the morning with some very nice onions! I hope you like the pics from the beach and if you click through to Daily Beach, you’ll find one of my fave photos taken on my little phone I think ever…

Peace man




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17 Responses to “Beach Cottage Stagram, Ocean Coastal Pics, food & flowers”

  1. Jess says:

    Gorgeous photos Sarah…as always. Jx

  2. Lucy B says:

    I have a serious case of post holiday blues now. Can I beg you for some more table-scaping and less land-scaping for the next few weeks – either that or a visa please Mrs BC ;-) x

    • sarah says:

      haha well I am happy to oblige with tablescaping…just have to paint the top of the table soon!

      wish I could help with visas lol x

      • Lucy B says:

        Hey, bless you! I totally get your fascination with colour and light now. I’ve always loved your photos, but to stand on those amazing beaches and see it for myself, the way the clouds enhance everything and change the sky from blues to pinks with the light sparkling off the ocean is truly breath-taking. Don’t stop with that fabulous camera of yours x

  3. bec says:

    nice pics! .. the weather sure is warming up here in SE Qld, we’re expecting 27 degrees on friday..yeha..public holiday tomorrow here too…another yeha!
    Bec x

  4. Lassiegirl says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for Barley’s blogging. Being a big dog-lover, I am really loving this addition to your blog, which I really enjoy. His new doo looks very nice. Now, about the weather. We here are finally enjoying a down-turn in the temp…high 80′s, low 90′s (F) was sitting at 112.. We in Oklahoma, USA are seriously looking forward to Fall weather this year. Between our drought and higher than normal for longer than normal temps, our pretty plants have struggled just to stay alive. Those new plants of yours look so pretty…I remember buying mine back in May with such hopes. Well, maybe next year. Here’s hoping our pumpkins make it to harvest for a festive Fall/Halloween time. I actually had to cover them and the bell peppers with sheets to keep them from scorching…never had to do that before. Well, enjoy the planting!

    • sarah says:

      Yes, well I was determined to get some pretties in here before the weather warms up b/c they need a lot of water out here in the summer as it is SO hot…I heard about your weather, I bet you can’t wait for it to cool down…those over 100 degree days get one down lol!

      thanks for the Barley love, I am absolutely loving having him and photographing him, he is such a darling!

      I can’t believe how lucky we have been with his character though I guess everyone says that about their dog x

  5. WE heart you Sarah! I think I speak for all of us who follow you. Thanks for all your inspiration! Great post today as usual!

    • sarah says:

      well thank you lovely lady…nice to get a comment – hardly anyone comments anymore in blogland, but I can see you all lol xoxoxoxoxoox

  6. Alice says:

    Oh Sarah…The sky in that last picture…. It looks so deep and endless, I could just get lost in it….27 degrees in QLD!!!! Lucky ducks! I know I should really be living in QLD or even the NT…Those temeperatures are much more to my liking (though the rest of the family would roast)….I can’t wait to shed the 6 layers of clothes (and still shivering!!!!!), I feel so heavy and I can’t move properly!!!I I am so desperate for warmer weather (even if I still have to wear 2 layers comfortably)…

    • sarah says:

      yeah I think I am destined for warmer climes too…I seem to feel the cold much more living in Australia!

      thanks about the pic, iphone rocks x

  7. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, Sarah! That last photo is like something out of a travel magazine! :) I think I ♥ Australia, too – and I’ve never been there! lol!

    xoxo laurie

    • sarah says:

      oh thanks Laurie…that’s taken with my iPhone too! …loving having that little beauty in my pocket..yep Australia is quite nice ;-)

  8. Neen says:

    Sooooo cold here in central Vic, very, very foggy here even in the centre of the city this morning. I am ready for warmth, feels like a long winter here. Your beach pics always bring a :) to my dial. Thankyou. Hey stop teasing about that tablescaping…….sneek peek of table top ??????……..looking forward to the big reveal. LUUUURVE dropping by, Neen ;)

  9. RosieRose says:

    I hear you about Vic weather Neen………… the only good thing is that I am having a wine by our open fire…. There are really so many different “Australias” but Sarah seems like you landed in a great piece of our fine land.