Beach Cottage Stagram daisy flowers and shells

Thu 30th, Aug, 2012

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G’day Beach Cottage lovelies, well I am out on the deck with a few flowers..


Ahem that would be exclusive Beach Cottage grown-in-one’s-soil-spoken-to-with-love-and fertilised with-hope Beach Cottage Flowers…from one’s own back yard, no less!


I am hoping you are indeed suitably impressed?


Those that have been with me for a while, know that zee growing of zee flowers has been the bane of my life for like ever.

It’s still not anywhere near where I want it to be out there, but people it is getting there slowly but surely.

I mean I have enough flowers for stuffing.

Stuffing of flowers into jam jars.

I have wanted to do that since I got off that plane from Old Blighty and kissed the Australian ground.

20120830-04-IMG_5732 20120830-05-IMG_5734 20120830-07-IMG_5700 20120830-06-IMG_5723_thumb

I took these quick snaps with my big girl’s camera for Beach Cottage Flowers (that’s here if you’ve missed it) but thought they turned out so well that they deserved a spot of their own right here…


I will back very soon this morning with some other lovely things from the deck of this once rat-infested cottage …a new way with tablecloths, coastal / beachy decor and a bit of talk about collections that has going on around me too…

..oh and guess what, the armoire, the one I have been scheming, lusting and stalking for the past few weeks, that I have mentioned on here, well blow me down with a feather, it’s soooooooooo very mine!

I am exceedingly, ridiculously excited about a piece of, and I quote, ‘showing signs of love’ furniture it’s untrue…CANNOT wait for my removalists to go and get it, umm haven’t told them yet…thinking of ways to bribe them first…

Any ideas on that?  How to bribe one’s husband and teenage son to go and collect yet more loved furniture in need of a coat of white paint and a new home?


Well, I hope these little white daisies brighten your morning…don’t flowers and nature just kick it?  That Mother Nature girl, well she be rather clever I think Winking smile

See you soon sweet Beach Cottage friends


p.s. thanks for the Mr Teenage Beach Cottage love yesterday

p.p.s. come and see Barley, he blogged here, he’s been stealing again xo

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33 Responses to “Beach Cottage Stagram daisy flowers and shells”

  1. Beautiful flowers Sarah, and photography too! Do you use a 50mm lens or set a zoom down to 50mm? I am hoping that my garden will spring to life in the next few days/weeks, there are some signs that it is happening, I’m out to take some shots right now!

  2. Kim H says:

    Gorgeous photos! Love the jam jar and LOVE your daisies! They are such a simple pretty humble flower, aren’t they? Can’t wait to see the new armoire….bribes??? Food!!!! xx

  3. Oh yes, I’m VERY impressed Sarah! Gorgeous daisies (very obviously home-grown!) and gorgeous pics. Now go lock yourself in the kitchen with that beautiful kitchen aid and whip up a feast of treats for those removalists! Goodluck!!! xx

  4. Lucy says:

    Your post reminded me of the poem “Wild Daisies” by Bub Bridger. You should read it sometime.

  5. Alice says:

    They are so sweet…. Always remind me of my time spent picking them among the fields as a kid….They were good times!

  6. bec says:

    pure and simple!
    just how mother nature would want them displayed.
    Bec x

  7. Emma says:

    Fantastic photos!! Such whiteness:-) Lovely flowers – good for you. So nice to hear of you cutting flowers from your own garden.
    I suggest, warm chocolate mud cake, strawberries and cream for the removalists…. good luck!

  8. Selby says:

    Lovely dasies & lovely jar!!:) just the thing for a beachy cottage by the sea:)

  9. neen says:

    White flowers, white label on an English jam jar………..aaaah the serenity……..thankyou:) Still freezing here….where is the warmth that your photos show????????

  10. alison says:

    Re getting your removalists. I remember your brilliant piece of psychological advice a while ago where you start off a project and then make them think it’s their project so the job gets done and everyone’s happy.


    • sarah says:

      hmmm yes, wondering how I can make this into a problem they have to solve….easy just will say I cannot do it myself!

  11. Fleur says:

    Oh Sarah, You know how much I love Daisy’s – heck, I named my kid after them! Another beautiful post and more fodder for my Jars Jars Jars pinterest board! xxx

  12. Great photos Sarah. I love Daisies too. Always brings me back to my childhood.
    By the way, it’s all your fault that I now have a big stash of jam jars growing in my kitchen…!! ;)

  13. EVE says:


  14. how2home says:

    Love your photos, they are so clear and gorgeous!

  15. Motherofluvlies says:

    Hi Sarah I live in Colchester near Tiptree in England!Now do you really need to ask how to sweeten that removal man of yours.Wink Wink ;)

  16. Suzanne says:

    One word Sarah!! Stunning!!

  17. {sigh} It’s always such a breath of fresh air over here. Love the flowers. Love the jar. Love the laugh. Husbands and teens love dessert. (That ought to get you your armoire.) xo Jami

  18. Selby says:

    Watching ” Hairy Bikers Food Tour of Britain ” last night & they visited the makers of your lovely jam jar- small world isn’t it?! :) made me smile.

  19. filme says:

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    recent and earlier technologies, it’s amazing article.

  20. Rochelle says:

    Love the flowers and the jam jar. I have a large jamjar vase that I wash ever so carefully so not to damage the label. Love new blooms in it. Gorgeous piccies Sarah, as always. x