Beach Cottage Stagram, a little flotsam and jetsam

Mon 20th, Aug, 2012

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G’day lovely ladies, Beach Cottage Land calling….just a little postcard from the beaches Down Under this Monday Morning…

This little collection of beach glass is from my Sunday walk..it was lovely weather, I mean luv-errr-ley here yesterday, we are surely heading out of Winter, at last, it’s been tough ;-)

I dropped one of the Beach Cottage Crew at the beach, leaving Mr BC in bed and took the opportunity for a long walk on my own…love that…

…the best bit, along with people watching, and getting some fresh coastal air in my lungs was a bit of beach-combing…

…some lovely beach glass was caught up in the flotsam washed up on the beach, I gathered it up and stuffed as much as I could in my pockets..

…and then the shells….

bliss, do you like to delve in a spot of beachcombing??

See you soon, I will be back with some hook lovin’


p.s. thank you ALL very much for the comments on my new baby in the house, yep I decided against white in the end, it was a very tough one xo

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36 Responses to “Beach Cottage Stagram, a little flotsam and jetsam”

  1. Thanks for the lovely postcard!

  2. Fiona says:

    I love sea glass. How lucky to find so much in one place

  3. Alice says:

    I am yet to find sea glass at a beach…. might make it my mission this summer…They are such lovely colours!

    I am so pleased with the weather…yesterday really was lovely Sarah…Enjoyed a walk myself with the family even though I should have been in bed recovering…It was too good not to enjoy so I couldn’t resist….Of course I am paying for it today but with the sun on my back the pain and exhaustion is bearable….Can you believe it 21 degrees tomorrow! The layers are coming off baby!

  4. Kat says:

    Ooh lovely. I found some sea glass on one of our little pebbly beaches last Sunday :)
    I love the heart made with shells too. How long did that take you Sarah?
    I think we have a ways to go until we get all spring like down here in Tassie, although we did get a little glimpse last week with some warmer sunshine, birds singing and blossom out. It’s good for the soul, especially in this cold climate.

    • sarah says:

      yes 21 (actually 23 on my car thingy) today and lurving it!

      the little heart thingy I did while sitting with a coffee…it’s the little things lol x

  5. Jaala says:

    I do love our Aussie Beaches! They are just beautiful. But I haven’t found any sea glass, I’m going to make it my mission here on the Sunny Coast.

    Great post! Thank you!


  6. Selby says:

    Gorgeous sea glass ! You were lucky to find so many pieces- usually I reckon I’ve done well if I find two or three bits, any ideas where they might find a place in bc land yet? I know it will be something pretty:)

    Thanks for the beach walk.

  7. pam in oregon says:

    Shells are my favorite. Your post has me longing for the beach, sigh…..

  8. Mummaducka says:

    That sea glass is beautiful. I have seen it made into jewellery. They put a band of silver or gold around it and make it into charms or pendants, just fantastic. Do you know any jewellery makers? A sea glass harm bracelet would be divine. I have been told that the red glass has gold in it too!

  9. alison says:



    How do you find such beautiful sea glass. After over a year of looking I found 2 pieces of white sea glass at Hyams Beach on Jervis Bay recently.

    Is there a sea glass consultant out there in BC blogland??


    • sarah says:

      haha well you never know who is reading this blog and I know there are a lot of people who read here that have a passion for it!

      I look out for this all the time, but this was a good one lol! x


  10. bec says:

    ahh seaglass…so magical!
    thanks for sharing.
    Bec x

  11. We found an entire jar full of clear glass on the south of France in a fishing village called Collieure. Not wanting to brag but it was on our own private beach. Stupendous but yours are so beautiful in color! . G. X

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  13. Cheryl says:

    Such large pieces of sea glass, and blue, as well! It is so hard to find lots of colors besides brown and white here on the Atlantic coast of New England. Blue is rare, and red is even rarer! Anything else, like aqua is such small pieces.

  14. Irene says:

    Hi there, just wondered where you stayed while in NYC I am off to NYC soon and don’t know where to start with hotels. Looks like yours was in a good spot to walk the city, would you mind slipping me a note. Many thanks, Irene.

    • sarah says:

      Hi Irene

      I stayed at the Hilton unfortunately I don’t recommend it – I thought it was rather tired and overall was not impressed.

      However it was in a good spot for seeing things…

      Good luck with finding something


    • the freckled minx says:

      Hi Irene – I’ve been to NYC quite a few time and always stay at the Staybridge Suites New York. Really well priced very close to times square. Super quiet hotel, nicely appointed although all windows open for fresh air, free breakfast downstairs each morning. The only down side to the hotel is at peak times they only have two lifts and it gets really busy (perfect excuse to stay out and eat and drink a little longer until the crowds are gone or make new friends whilst you’re waiting for the life). Hope this might help you…..B:)

  15. lovely postcard. If only I was there with my toes in the sand. New baby..hmm I think I better read some of your older posts xo

  16. Tabby says:

    oh I do love me some sea glass! never found any though. you are such a lucky lady, living in the lucky land.
    i hope to someday come to australia, you give such beautiful glimpses of it.
    thank you.

  17. Lassiegirl says:

    Argh. I could kick myself now, but as a child in So. California when going to the beach we would discard the glass for shells! Little did I know back then! I love sea glass…now.

  18. Daphne says:

    Beach is Love..