Beach Cottage Rocking Fairy Bower

Wed 29th, Aug, 2012

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Hello, it’s Mr TBC, here I am again everyone, this time for these shotsI was down at the renowned Fairy Bower watching the sunset over our wonderful corner of the world after a long hard working day at school. (Mrs BC : ho ho ho ho, sweetie, I think we need to talk)

I watched the sky and water turn from a gorgeous, crystalized blue to a mellow orange in the space of half an hour, it was amazing and I tried to capture it here (Mrs BC : mate you nailed it, I love your eye and how it sees the ocean differently to mine #soproud)


I guess I got quite lucky, there was a strong southerly wind changing the water texture and just destroying the miniscule swell there was but I managed to find a spot sheltered from the wind to get the really smooth clean water texture in these pics.


Unfortunately for me, I haven’t been for a surf in ages, there just aren’t any waves, anywhere, it’s really beginning to get ridiculous.

This is probably why I haven’t been getting any good photos lately (Mrs BC: hello!  good photos! have you seen the bokeh on these sweet babies???!!! and the captures?)

Without waves I tend not to not go to the beach so much. But a summer hopefully with crystal clear water, solid swell and offshore winds is well on its way so I presume I’ll be in the sea more and attempting to get some amazing shots with my GoPro.


(Mrs BC :sweet mother of goodness! bokeh, sparkles and flare all in the same shot)

Now I know this post isn’t as exciting as my others, but I can’t go nearly killing myself every so often to ensure I have a good story to tell can I? (Mrs BC : ahem I am liking these shots muchly more than those scary ones my friend)

So what do you all think? Should I get myself into some potentially sticky situations with a camera on a board so I can get some great shots or stay on the (boring) land side like here? (Mrs BC:  matey you are flogging a dead horse here, these girlies on this blog are so with me on this one!)

OK bye, I hope you like them

Mr Teenage Beach Cottage

(Mrs BC : and then he was gone…another & in typical teenage fashion brief blog post from Mr TBC)


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36 Responses to “Beach Cottage Rocking Fairy Bower”

  1. Yep, I am with the mumma bear on this one, no risk taking for sport or a photo!

  2. Twexploits says:

    Beautiful photos! You should try a SUP for those waveless days. Bet you could score some amazing shots on one of those bad boys. Keep up the great work.

  3. LucyB says:

    Love the contrast between yours and your mum’s photos. Beautiful diversity Mr TBC.

  4. Following in your mom’s footsteps…except for the dangerous stuff to get some shots! Be careful! Beautiful pics!

  5. Selby says:

    Lovely shots! In the first two the water almost looks like quicksilver the way the light has turned it that lovely silvery colour. Great captures.

  6. Kim H says:

    Love your photos, Mr TBC. I like the safe and sound photos the most. Stick to those. Your mum is sooo right, we here will always like the safe and sound mode:) xxx

  7. Suzanne says:

    Great captures there mate!! You defs have a talent for taking a great shot!!

  8. bec says:

    Your shots from land are captivating but you’re a teenager, you gotta get out there and live life take the risks and learn amazing things otherwise what stories are you gonna tell your kids. Put that Gopro to good use!
    Sorry Sarah!
    P.s I don’t give the same advice to my teen..(lol) x
    P.p.s Waves are awesome up here on the Sunny coast.

  9. alison says:


    Thank you for a short sojourn into a part of Sydney I never get to. Love the last photo.


  10. MDN says:

    Didn’t think Mr. TBC’s photos could be any more spectacuilar than those previously published while surfing. These were just as enjoyable, but coming to us via such a different view. Pls. tell him – great going re those awesome pics – however, am most definitely in sync w/ you, Mrs. BC, re safety first..no exceptions!

    By the way, Mrs. BC, did you teach Mr. TBC the “Bokeh” process? (Had to look up the term!) Anyway, you’ve been presenting us with some breathtaking/dreamy photos lately, too…of the garden from the Fam. Rm., the hall, the flowers and the last w/ Barls from gst. hs. – many of which have Bokeh’s, as well, right?! Did you learn this technique at Blogher, or is this something you’ve known how to do all along? (Fairly new to site and then, also, I only know a bit about short and long range fields of motion – and if my pics ever got the effect, it merely was by chance. I had thought you were using some new filter effect, so am happy that you used the term. Not only are we entertained, but now we’re gettin’ educated, too!) WOW, again! TKS to you both!

    • Mr. TBC says:

      Thanks, mum never taught me the bokeh process, I wasn’t really trying for it, I guess I just got lucky :)

  11. HRH Sarah says:

    Crazy good pictures, kid! Sorry you haven’t been getting any waves, but keep up the amazing photog work!

  12. Alice says:

    Oh well done to you Mr!!! Some of those shots (especially number 3)were like looking at a completely different landscape. Shot number 3 took me back to a cruise holiday I took before getting married… The lanscape as we traveled between the islands was very similar only yours and because of the colours/light (I reckon) gives it a really interesting mood…Almost like your the only person left on this planet…. Anyone can take a picture my friend…Very few can create a mood with them… Congratulations…

    Ummm…Sometimes it’s the safest (or boring as you put it) photos that can create the best end results… I can’t imagine a photographer taking fantastic shots while he/she is fleeing or in complete danger…There would be so much blur that it would not be worth it… With photography perspective and creativity is very important but what many may or may not know (or realise) is that patience is the secret to capturing that amazing shot…

  13. Jan says:

    Too impressive..thanks for taking the time Mr TBC for us all…

  14. Mary K says:

    Oh goodness – how could you beat that second photo on this post! No need to risk life and limb for great shots. You did an excellent job of capturing the beautiful evening light on the sea – thank you

    Mary in MN

  15. Karen says:

    Pix are excellent! Defo improving leaps and bounds. You have a good eye for shots – the third one is v good.
    I’d say life is for living so if you’re surfing anyway, take lots of shots when you’re there. But don’t dismiss dry land altogether as it’s pretty darn good for pix too!
    Have fun with the camera (s)!

  16. Surely Sarah says:

    Lovely, rich, gorgeous shots. What is it about sun and water? Thanks for sharing :)

  17. Shar Y says:

    Between you and your Mum, you have an awesome thing going here in beach photography. Seriously, so maybe we can see a large photo book some day? Mum and Son?? Totally gorgeous!

  18. how2home says:

    Love your photos! Makes me want to be by the water right now.