Beach Cottage New York City Central Park

Tue 7th, Aug, 2012

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Well Beach Cottage ladies, interesting, very very interesting…you see I thought that Grand Central Station was the best bit of my visit to New York City, that was until this morning and a lovely lovely time in Central Park.


20120807-02-IMG_4338 20120807-03-IMG_4470

And the wonders of technology mean that with a gazillion hours to kill at John F Kennedy Airport  I am gonna give this New York City trip one more blog post….by the way thanks for all the comments on it – to be honest I wasn’t sure whether or not I would blog while I was away – in the early days of my blogging I got my knickers in a twist about this, especially if I didn’t post and started getting emails asking where I was or was I ok….

20120807-04-IMG_4490 20120807-05-IMG_4329 20120807-06-IMG_4453

…nowadays I go totally with the flow, I take my laptop with me, perhaps schedule a few posts and all is tickety-boo…funny how that goes, because now I love the logging in and the blogging of the times I go away, if I am away on my own, it’s mainly to connect with the Beach Cottage Crew, but this trip Skype took care of that and yesterday I was speaking with Mr Beach Cottage while he sat by the beach…that’s quite a nice view for a video call, I love you Australia…



This is one fabulous park and I hadn’t appreciated quite how wonderful it is…I definitely came here before but I don’t remember it being anything like this, perhaps that is because the last time I came here it was Winter, Christmas and frrrrrreeezing.

20120807-08-IMG_4474 20120807-09-IMG_4471

Anyway, so I had scheduled Central Park for the last day of my trip to New York before I left for the airport mid-afternoon, I grabbed my camera, a coffee and went walking…thinking this would be the perfect way to get in some exercise, see some wonderful NYC life and get my body moving before the 20 or so hours sitting high up above the clouds, couped up like a sardine…

20120807-10-IMG_4393 20120807-11-IMG_4340_thumb

It was a beeeyoutiful day, not for the faint of heart where the heat was concerned though, not quite as humid as the day before but the sun was shining and Central Park was putting on a show of shows….yah

One thing I have learnt as a Sydneysider is to gallon down the water when it’s hot, if I take on board a good load of water early in the day, even if it is very hot, I can cope, so I got a couple of

So many things for me to enjoy here, but really I think anyone could go at least a walk around here and be entertained…as I walked around I loved everything, but I wished my family had been with me, my little one would lurve the street entertainment, indeed he probs would have set up a hat and entertained a few passsers-by himself, Mr TBC would have enjoyed skating this place, Miss Beach Cottage would have lapped up the sport and Mr BC, well there isn’t many places he doesn’t like…


I walked and walked through this park, it changes totally in different areas…the best bits for me though were when it came alive at lunchtime as New Yorkers began to play…and sigh did I nearly die and go to heave when I saw a real baseball game, like a real one in the park, with guys dressed in all the gear…cleats are they called?  Love.

20120807-13-IMG_4540_thumb 20120807-14-IMG_4388 20120807-15-IMG_4413_thumb 20120807-16-IMG_4451


I started off at the Southern end of the park, as I guess, most visitors to the city do…when I arrived with a coffee and a bagel, there were not many people around, too early for the full-on tourist drag and not yet lunchtime for New Yorkers…


I loved it all…pretty amazing for such a huge park to be in the middle of this city….all that bustle and life and excitement going on down the road and this slap bang middle of it all and within ten minutes or so you can, if you wanted to, be surrounded by trees and flowers and wildlife.

20120807-18-IMG_4449 20120807-19-IMG_4343 20120807-20-IMG_4466

I loved the flowers and wildlife, I was surprised though that the park was less ‘kept’ than many of the city parks I have been to before…it was less manicured certainly than any of the London parks I used to frequent and the Sydney city parks I love to wander around…


Hot dog?  Totally…love me some street food of any kind…

20120807-22-IMG_4368 20120807-23-IMG_4344 20120807-24-IMG_4353

The dappled colours in here were beautiful….


The horse drawn cabs were interesting, I didn’t take one but liked the feel they gave the place…touristy perhaps, but I was very much enjoying being a tourist here…

20120807-26-IMG_4568 20120807-27-IMG_4562

As soon as I started walking here I got the feeling of Disney and I do believe this park was what Walt himself modelled his parks on?  Not sure if that is correct…but there was a definite feel of it, especially in the railings, bridges, bubblers, fountains and architecture…good job Walt but I am thinking the original is best

20120807-28-IMG_4341 20120807-29-IMG_4518 20120807-30-IMG_4535

Street entertainers here too…lots of talent and lots of fun…

20120807-31-IMG_4380 20120807-32-IMG_4373 20120807-33-IMG_4363

I didn’t get a $1 joke, perhaps I shoulda

20120807-34-IMG_4491 20120807-35-IMG_4459

I did buy some candy from a young boy about the same age as my youngest raising money for his basketball team…I have noticed how very polite and well-mannered most of the New Yorkers I have come across have been…so I was walking up the steps with my camera and he said

‘Good morning M’am, I hope you are having a wonderful day enjoying this lovely park..we are raising money for our basket ball team and our park’ and extended his arm to shake my hand.

He so had e at M’am.

‘Would you like to buy a candy?’

Goodness I had to think quickly as i had run down my money to just about enough for the cab fare and the airport….

The price one for $2 or a deal for $10.

I quickly found 2 bucks and handed it over.

‘Thanks M’am so much’ with big beaming smile and delving into the candy.

‘You have a wonderful day and enjoy the rest of your time in New York

As I walked away i smiled and was then approached by another boy, this one a bit older perhaps 14 or 15…he too extended his hand, oh no though I, I have been done, I was gonna be bamboozled with more…

‘Nice to meet you M’am and good day, thank you so much for supporting our program, we very much appreciate it, now you have a nice day’

Well blow me down with a feather…there are some people who could well do with taking a leaf outta these boys book…good manners are not dead…the Beach Cottage kiddos will be getting this story told over and over again over dinner that is for sure


Right now I am sitting on the plane, high above America, just passing Oklahoma City, outside air temp is –54F, ground speed is 568mph, altitude 38,000 feet… Qantas is doing me very well, we were late taking off, but so far I am very comfortable…

When we boarded I got to my seat and was greeted by a gentleman in the aisle seat (I always like to take the window seat) with a friendly hello and would I like some help with getting my bag to the overhead?  Oh yes I would, thank you so very much.  We got talking and it turns out he’s a clergyman from Melbourne who just celebrated 40 yrs in the business and his church in New York…he opened my eyes to a few things I can tell you.  So very interesting who you meet if you smile at someone and chat isn’t it?

Well, anyway, I hope you enjoyed Central Park through Sydney eyes?

I will see you Beach Cottage ladies on the other side, yeah?


p.s. if you are missing my coastal pic, there’s a pretty one that Mr Beach Cottage sent me from his walk with Barls on the Beach Cottage Facebook page (click up there on the right) x


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36 Responses to “Beach Cottage New York City Central Park”

  1. bec says:

    looks like a great trip, always nice to come home though… nothing beats Australia.
    Bec x

  2. Neen says:

    Thankyou for showing me NYC Sarah, I loved ‘our’ trip.Central Station is BEAUTIFUL, those lights, the clock…..everything!!! I have never really wanted to go to the USA, now I am inspired to go. Your photos are amazing, I LUUURRRRVED the owl sculpture in Central Park, thankyou for letting us share your holiday away. Safe trip home, Neen ;)

  3. Lovely pics…every city needs one of those! Hope you continue a nice trip home. How much are you gonna squeeze Barley when you see him?!? Oh and your hband and chldrn too of course!! xx

  4. Been sooo lovely Sarah- troupsing (is that a word??) round NYC with you- I just wish we could have heard those NY Jazz players in Central Park…they looked fantastic!
    Today has been total heaven here on the beaches as you know from Mr.BC…but the temps perfect so you won’t have hot toes!

    Welcome home Sydney girl…

    Melissa x

  5. Leisa Flanigan says:

    Thank you Sarah, I have loved your New York blogs, I’m sad you’ve left :(

  6. Selby says:

    Loved the walk in the park!! Thankyou – just the break I needed from the crazy big house packing bonanza that is packing a house with a two year old helping:)

  7. Central Park was my favourite part of my visit to NY too. I hadn’t thought much about it before but once I got there I was blown away – its amazing to have such a green space in the middle of the city. It was a sunny April day when I was there so I think the sunshine makes all the difference!

  8. Jan says:

    oh Sarah I have loved visitng NYC with you after visiting myself last Christmas..looks so different green and hot than grey and cold but so wonderful. Cant wait to hear about conference. So many thanks…welcome home …

  9. MDN says:

    It was so great to have all of the NYC pics of your experiences, esp. those of Central Park! And, even more interesting was what caught your attention as a tourist not from America (e.g., school busses).

    We were so lucky in the U.S. to have had in the late 1800s a gent (and later, his sons) by the name of Frederick Law Olmstead who designed numerous parks in our country. Included besides Central Park in NYC was his effort at Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. I’m lucky enough to live in Louisville, KY, which had three parks (and parkways) designed by Olmstead himself and later, fifteen more by this sons who ran the firm following his death. Included below is a link to the National Association for Olmstead Parks for you all to peruse, if you’d like to know more about his accomplishments. While there, it’s suggested that you see the (short) section on Mr. Olmstead’s “(10) Theory & Design Principles” which explains his approach…and why his parks aren’t as manicured as those in England. (His studies in England did get him started on designing parks in the first place.) He felt that with industrialization in the late 19th century, everyone needed – and deserved – a place to be with nature and relax (or play)… There are a lot more sites online (Olmstead conservancies, etc.) with details of parks in those cities, too. This site is a good starting point to get the low down on Olmstead: http://www.olmsted.org/the-olmsted-legacy/frederick-law-olmsted-sr

    Thanks for your site, pics, blogs, and recipes – for me, it’s like taking a vacation (at no cost) and being able to have a pup (which my cat, Gracie Pawline wouldn’t tolerate – nor would the condo rules allow), too! Likely won’t ever get to travel to Sydney, nor have my own beach cottage, so you sharing yours and your decorating ideas is most enjoyable!

  10. I just moved to NYC on August 1st!! Glad you enjoyed your stay… I will explore Central Park soon! So far I have been enjoying the great parks by the Hudson river in my neighborhood down in Battery Park (just south of the World Trade Center). …, most of the time there’s a nice breeze going on.

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  12. Amanda says:

    Love your stories and fab photos…thanks for sharingx

  13. Claire says:

    It’s a great park, isn’t it? We hired bikes when we were there, which was good fun. And I do love the attitude of the people – I always have a lifted heart when I’ve been stateside!

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  15. Jeannie-JB says:

    I’ve loved reading your posts about NYC. We feel like it’s America’s City { no matter what state we actually live in}. So glad you got to meet some of our best – hopefully someday I will be able to soak up some of Aussie charm!

  16. BabyMacBeth says:

    Central Park was my favourite park of NY hands down – LOVED it. Amazing shots Sarah – captured the colours and atmosphere perfectly!

    • sarah says:

      thank you lovely Beth you are too kind, I hope it’s not too boring mopping floors at home ;-) x

  17. Jo says:

    I’ve been to NYC three times and I enjoy it everytime.and I’ve enjoyed the visit with you extremely well.It is fun,ain’t it….your photo’s took me right back to Central Park,on a beautiful day,and sweet leisure walk.Thanks for sharing!

  18. jackie says:

    Did you get a chance to go to Chelsea Market/Food Network? Did you walk the High Line? You would ADORE that!

    • sarah says:

      Yes I did go to the Chelsea Market but I didn’t take my camera….oh my goodness it was amazing, loved everything lolx

  19. Susan @ Afford Your Passions says:

    It sounds like you had a fabulous trip – your pictures of Central Park are gorgeous!

    I have taken the horse and carriage ride a couple of times – yes, it’s touristy, but it’s always fun, and when you’re a tourist, do as the tourists do!

  20. Annie M says:

    Hi Sarah. I have been lurking on your blog for sometime now, getting to know you and your beautiful beach cottage. ( I’ve nearly finished reading your archives from the beginning) I have really loved following you on your trip to New York. Your photography skills are amazing and you have inspired me to polish up on mine and maybe even write a blog someday. It has been lovely to see New York through the different viewpoints of each of the girls in the Remarkables group. I love how you have all shared the experience and supported each other. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your return to your family and beautiful Australia. Annie M

    • sarah says:

      hey Annie

      thank you for your lovely comment! I appreciate it.

      So glad to hear you are enjoying this little place of mine – go for it with the photography, I haven’t looked back

      Sarah xo

  21. Mimi says:

    I can’t believe we were in NYC at the same time. Your pics rock! I don’t have a blog, but check out my IG @aTreasureInStore. I have my iPhone pics from NYC, Anthro, Urban Outfitters, and of course NC country living.
    I should have looked for you on the streets ha ha!

  22. Mimi says:

    Oh, forgot to mention Cost Plus World Market has the mason jar dispenser.
    I got mine there for only $14.99! There is a pic on my instagram( (IG) showing it. I made sun tea. I actually have two IG accounts, so it may be on my @mts202.

  23. Felicity says:

    Thank you, thank you for sharing your journey in New York. Your photos are amazing and are just what I have expected that magical city to be. I have been amazed at your posts and even more so now would love to visit NY one day.

  24. April says:

    Gorgeous photos again……if I may ask, what lens do u use or have u used several here? X

  25. So, so, soooooo gorgeous.

    And yes, funny the people you meet. That’s my favourtie part. :)

  26. Surely Sarah says:

    Thank you for sharing these pics and your observations of the park! Just lovely. So refreshing to look at after a long day at work :)

  27. Melissa says:

    Thankyou for sharing your visit – it was like going on holiday everytime I looked at your site!

  28. janmary says:

    Love the jokes for $1 sign!

    I assume by now you are home sweet home …… welcome home :-)

    Still house swapping in the Cotswolds ….. loving the wee honey coloured villages and hamlets

  29. Alice says:

    Central park puts Hyde Park (Sydney)to shame!!!! What a gorgeous place!!! I love the manners part hee..hee…I always get taken a back by good manners. I usually have to pinch myself when anyone is actually being courteous to me! I don’t know if I should laugh or cry at that realisation…I think I will laugh, it will ease the pain a bit…lol

  30. alison says:

    Your NYC blogs have been so interesting and entertaining. Thank you!

  31. Paula says:

    Sarah – I love your photos and your take on NYC. Your comment about Disney … I love it – I often have that feeling, when travelling, that the place I’m visiting is so REAL, so immersive, so tangible, and I see that Disney tried to recreate it. Las Vegas tries, too, but both miss the “muchness” of a place, and I’m always grateful to see the real thing. I like that you comment on that, too. It makes me sad that many folks prefer the “Vegas version” of things to the real one.

  32. Rochelle says:

    Great pictures Sarah, looks like you had a fab time. Did you miss your family? x