Beach Cottage home, flowers and Anthropologie

Thu 9th, Aug, 2012

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Yo, what’s cooking Beach Cottage ladies, all good here, I am SO pleased to be home, I love coming home to Australia..


When we lived in England we did not have that feeling at all, in fact our last holiday from England, which was from the States at Christmas time, we were on the plane coming back into Heathrow which was grey and freezing and not looking forward to it at all…here, for me, there is still the end-of-holiday-oh-my-god-get-back-to-reality feeling but it’s combined with being so happy to be home to our tatty old cottage and the beach…and Sydney sure did put on a blinder of a day for me yesterday..sunshine and blue skies…


When I got home, the first thing I did was check on my plants, some of them were dead because it is too much for my lovely husband to look after the kiddos, get dinner together, do the laundry, do a job and water the garden.  I can cope with that.  Just.



Anyway the next thing I did after checking those babies (I have sunflowers doing very well, alongside daffodils, snowdrops & strawberries (!) …go figure) was pop a few around the house – errrm it was pretty clean and tidy here (apparently the Beach Cottage Crew had been severely warned not to leave the place in a mess while Mr BC collected me from the airport) but there was a serious lack of flowers…plus I always seem to miss flowers when I am away, especially in a rather grim hotel room like the one I stayed in…do you get that too or am I just weird?  Actually, perhaps don’t answer that.



So this is one of the things I brought back from Anthropologie, I see I am not the only one to have brought this mug to Australian shores…

Thought it might be nice though with a few little pretties from the garden this morning rather than my coffee…I am very much doing espresso right now and this ain’t an espresso size as you can see



Errrm you know those t-shirts that used to be around that said ‘my XXX went to Spain/Italy/wherever and all I got was this lousy t-shirt’?

Well I can’t say I went to New York City and all I got was this mug, because, ahem, I might just have a few things, now suitably stashed and hiding to show you…and boy is there ever some colour going on in this place soon…the trouble with that though is that it’s a teeny tiny bit trickier to blend things in when there are pops of colour appearing in what is essentially a white house.  Did anyone say deep blue ruffly quilt?  I thought so.

I may have to do favours Beach Cottage girls, if there is one thing we do not need in this house it’s quilts hahahaha, roflao…there are worse addictions in life, right


I will see you soon, oh and Barley is blogging again after his little holiday…see what he has been up to here…

I hope you liked the flowers and their new little vase – what do you like to bring back from a trip away?


p.s. thanks for all the comments on NYC, I didn’t get back to everyone b/c I was travelling but you girls are too kind xo



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29 Responses to “Beach Cottage home, flowers and Anthropologie”

  1. Hi, Sarah, loved reading your posts on NYC, you really got out and saw WAY more than I did. I loved your pics, and wow are you getting SO good with your camera. I should have asked for a few pointers from you. So glad we finally got to meet up, I loved chatting with you & wish we had had more time together. I also made it to Anthro too and had fun browsing. Wish I had done more sight seeing, but I had some obligations to do too. All in all, it was a fantastic trip & meeting you was a highlight for me!

    • sarah says:

      Oh me too girlfriend! I loved meeting you finally….I have told everyone about it too…remember when I was in your local paper when I first started blogging, I sometimes think of that, how funny being all that way away…

      Now don’t you forget to be inviting me to Haven next year, I’d love to meet up with all you girls…if there is a way I can make it there I will be there! It sounds right up my street.

      Love to you…oh and see you on instagram xo

  2. Have I arrived to the cottage first today?! Firstly a big fat Welcome Home to you!! Lovely to have you back on our shores and our timezone!! And of course that mug is gorgeous! Cant wait to see the quilt and the rest of your stash. I’ve been craving colour lots too lately. Maybe a yearning for spring?!? Whatever, its fun. xx

  3. Susan @ Afford Your Passions says:

    I know what it’s like to be home – it’s always fun to go away, but even more of a joy to be home (having driven 1,000 miles home from Chicago over the weekend, I was glad to be in my own bed after 16 hours in the car – not quite as far as flying from NYC to Sydney, but still a long drive!)

    I’ve found that I don’t buy a lot of stuff when I’m on vacation – I just want to make sure I take as many pictures as possible of my trip, to savor the vacation when I’m stuck back at work.

    I’m glad the Beach Cottage crew kept the house clean for you – nothing worse than coming home to a messy house!

  4. Kat says:

    How lucky to have been to NYC not once, but twice so far.
    It has been great to live vicariously through your pictures and words. :)
    Hm, I don’t go on that many trips away. Although if I do spend it is usually on food and experiences.
    When we went to Europe 11 years ago, (before kids) we made sure we ate really well and just soaked up the culture, rather than buying things.
    I did get a fabulous leather jacket in Florence and a gorgeous oil painting in Venice, but other than that, food, wine and taking lots of pictures.
    Clothes are probably the main thing if I head away, especially if it’s to Melbourne.
    Loving bursts of colour right now and I too am yearning for spring. Think I need to add some pops of colour to my wardrobe to give me a lift.
    Looking forward to seeing your other purchases. The mug is beautiful!

  5. Susan says:

    I was online shopping at Anthro just two days ago and was perusing this exact Mug {as our initial is the same}….. I too came home with lets call it “pops of colour” too… and then proceeded to purchase said ‘pops’ to make up sets of eight for my pretty much neutral home :)

    LOVE Anthro….. I spent hours on their site :)

  6. Karen says:

    The mug is gorgeous, loving the ‘pops of colour’ and can’t wait to see what other ”this honey, I’ve had it for months and bought it in a sale’ items you also bought, heh heh heh…………..
    PS I love Barley sneaking into the first shot, v cute, with cushions all over the place! X

  7. If I buy anything on a trip it is always something for the house – I bought some cute measuring spoons back from Atlanta! Of course I always track down a bead shop …. or two!!

    • sarah says:

      yes me too tho this time I did buy clothes and bags too…just too tempting with the prices compared to aus x

  8. Aisling says:

    So loved your NYC posts Sarah and I am now desperate to visit an old friend who has just transferred there.- with a company appt in manhattan! I have recently returned from 5 wks in the Europe . I had to travel light and had tow kiddos in tow so little shopping opportunities, but managed to pick up some vintage tea towels at a French brocante, two duvet covers in the uk (m&s and tesco!) and some violet syrup to hopefully make the violet ice cream I tasted in France…


  9. Rochelle says:

    Ah Sarah, welcome home! Love that mug, might have to come round so I can stroke it ;) . Me like you, loves having flowers around and I often while having my morning cuppa will go out scissors in hand in search of some blooms to brighten my day. Nothing like some fresh flowers to start the day.
    P.S. You are one lucky girl and I’m happy for you xx

  10. gorgeous flowers there in your pretty mug. I bet you are glad to be home. me too after our time away (Bali and then my poor beautiful mum’s funeral – still getting over that one… tough time lately here) but i did buy the sweetest little little ornate temple roof cap thing while I was away. (on my blog today). not mainstream souvenir but definitely my style.
    at least Sydney has put on the sunshine for your arrival home. how good is this weather!
    cheers Fiona

  11. Robynne says:

    Sarah, whenever we travel somewhere new in England or into Europe I try and pick up one of those little pins with the city or country on it…I know they are a little tacky…but I tell my hubby that I’m leaving them to my (future) grandchildren so they can see what ‘Grandma’s Grand Tour’ was all about….they will probably bin them as soon as I cark it!! Whenever I return to Oz for a visit…the minute we get over the mainland and I can see the red soil of W.A. out the window I just get this great feeling of being home….no matter how fantastic it is being in U.K. and Europe…Oz is and always will be home!! Robx
    p.s look forward to seeing your loot!

    • sarah says:

      oh I know how you feel about this lucky land!

      I like those pins too, my daughter collects something similar xo

  12. bec says:

    welcome back… lovin the little cup..it’s always nice to bring something new back from a trip. My weird thing is I bring home free coasters from all the surfclubs I visit around the country..lame I know but it’s what I do!
    flowers are gorgeous… a sign that spring is almost here..yay!
    Bec x

  13. Alice says:

    Oh that mug/vase – beautiful!!!! No you are not weird (about the flowers) I have noticed I am much the same (much to my surprise – hubby however doesn’t see the point so no flower bunches for me unless I buy them myself)…Glad you are back nice and safe and HOME!!!! Whenever I am on a trip I buy a charm to add to my charm bracelet…Most of the charms were from our honey moon. That bracelet always brings smile to my face…

    Welcome Home Sarah :)

  14. smithshack71 says:

    Glad you made it home safely and had a good trip. Now, I’ve just been sitting on the porch waiting for the delivery guy to drop off “that chair”. I just know it will be here any day! haha
    But seriously, these pics are badass. Mind me asking what kind of a lens are you using?

  15. BabyMacBeth says:

    First thing I did was go and buy flowers and FILL the house with them. That and mop the floor, I couldn’t help myself.

  16. Glennie says:

    Welcome home – love the flowers .. and the mug … And I especially loved the photos from NY. x

  17. Mary Lu Chang says:

    Your website is very artistic. I enjoyed the writing. Flowers are a true blessing. Everyone to enjoy. I have bookmarked your site for my family and friends.

    Thank you