Beach Cottage Hallway in the Spring

Tue 28th, Aug, 2012

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Good moaning Beach Cottage friends, a little bit of my old hallway today…another place that is feeling like Spring in our cottage…

You already know from yesterday, that, around here, Winter is tailing off…I think that really becomes apparent here when the coats get moved from the hallway to stored away in a cupboard for the next 8 months…

Now I may just be jumping the gun a bit, because there is definitely still a nip in the air, but, this weekend the hallway got zapped and Winter things got put away.

I have recently been putting quite a bit of effort into keeping this old cottage looking the way I want it to look, more of the time, I have been de-cluttering, re-organizing, chucking out the chintz, scrubbing and spritzing…and a few people commented on Instagram about how it always seems tidy and clean here…

Well I would like it to be like that all the time, but remember I show you the good bits on here…when the Beach Cottage Crew are home from school and husbands kick off their shoes at the end of the day it certainly is not looking all things perfect …what you see is how I like it, I come here to make me smile, to inspire me to continue to make improvements in our home and to celebrate the little things of our new life by the sea in Australia…it just as simple as that..

And this is part of all of that… the hallway, tidied up of Winter stuff…

…doors wide open, fresh air wooshing through, sunshine streaming in and Summer baskets back in rotation, waiting to go…


I moved this old white ladder in here and the unit that was in here out…it’s just too tiny for much and I thought the ladder might hold a few things but without making it too cluttered…it used to live in the bathroom, in fact it’s lived most places now..


I do wish there was some magic potion for the keeping-everything-straight-whilst-having-three-kiddos-and-a-puppy-scenario – some secret little housekeeper’s pill or some amazing ‘system’ that works…

…do any of you know of one of those?  Probs not I am guessing, if you knew that you’d be rich and certainly not here reading about my old tatty old cottage on the beaches

…the only answer to it all I thought as I got down to it in here, is as ever in life, a bit of hard work, a tad of elbow grease and that you reap what you sow.

But I am guessing you knew that already?

Bye for now lovelies

I am off to put something away, to paint something, or perhaps if all that fails, tie the odd messy toe-rag of a teenager to a tree…hahaha

See you soon with some beachy shots and more on the coastal table…I think you are going to love them

I hope you like my Winter-cleared ready for Spring hallway?

Next time then


p.s.  in Beach Cottage Places, some lovely comfort in Beach Cottage Food

Barley just blogged….come and say G’day and see his antics! 


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23 Responses to “Beach Cottage Hallway in the Spring”

  1. Cheryl says:

    This makes me wonder how you keep everything so white…you must get some dark marks on the walls often. Do you have Magic Eraser down there? It’s supposed to be the perfect thing for cleaning wall marks. I use it to get dirt marks off my white shoes.

    • sarah says:

      I think it is here, but I don’t bother…to be honest I live with the marks and I don’t care! …and we re-paint quite often to freshen up :-)

  2. I’ve been tidying up today and stopped to check on some e-mails. You just gave me some more inspiration for the day! Thank you Sarah!…and by the way I love coming to visit your old tatty cottage by the sea.

  3. Well all I can say is that if your family is like mine then you must work like an absolute trojan to keep on top of the putting away and neatening of things. I just don’t have that sort of hard work in me at the moment ! Ah! a hpusekeeper’s pill! Now I would need quite a supply of that! Your photos are Great Inspiration!

  4. Selby says:

    Gorgeous hallway for spring!:) just the thing to make me smile on this cold grey morning.
    Thanks for sharing your pretty hallway:)

  5. HRH Sarah says:

    LOVE! We’re gearing up for autumn here, so our tidy up is a bit different. However, any change of the seasons seems to mean time to pitch the excess, and make things neat. I will enjoy seeing all your summery goodness while we’re freezing here in the states over the next few months! :)

  6. Kerri Cook says:

    Looks lovely Sarah.
    Think we all know the reality is, when you have little critters, our home will not be as I would like 100% of the time. But hey, life wouldn’t be the same without them;0). But your “good bits” look fab! And I’m sure the “bad bits” aren’t so bad!
    I find the system that works in our house, (some of the time) is that “everything has its place.”
    Storage, storage, storage!
    Baskets, labels, IKEA units.
    Now off to create some “good bits” in my abode, have a happy day x

  7. Alice says:

    Loving the hall way. Have plans to finally build one for this home of ours as at the moment you walk right into the living room/study area(all in good time) …Yep, wish i could get my place tidy but it is impossible with toddlers following behind me undoing my good work. Sigh I find myself giving the place a tidy in a mad rush just before I go to bed and then lovingly look back at my tidy house as I do the rounds before turning in (it will be the only time this house will look as I like it lol)…

    I have been cracking onto my windows this last week (slow going while battling serious hay fever but bring spring on I want the warmth and hay fever is a small price to pay)…Still have the kitchen windows to do… I seriously love your home; I could just move in and be content in all that serenity…

  8. MDN says:

    Just found your site about two months ago and can barely wait for each new post! Have been working my way through prior posts and am enjoying every one.

    ENTRY – The updated entry must make those who come into your home feel welcomed and comfortable as soon as they come into the Beach Cottage! (I get to “visit” your lovely abode vicariously…Thanks!)

    BARLS – Sorry to hear of Barley’s latest foible. He is in the age of discovery, after all. Hope that the vet was able to take care of things for you all. It can be scary, eh? Years ago, we had a little poodle/terrier mix and a Weimaraner (both pups) and I took them to the local Humane Society where they offered the three of us all obedience lessons. These were inexpensive and really worth the time and effort. Barley’s is the in the prime age for puppies to learn. We evenutally were able to get both dogs off of their leads and on voice commands, and later, hand commands. They craved the training and it made taking them on all outings so much easier and safer. Don’t know if you have something similar in Australia.

    TABLE – Know from your site that you enjoy both French and beachy looks and agree with your decision to update the “orangey” tabletop. The whitewash turned out really cool. Have you considered putting on a very heavy, clear finish (as w/ a varnish) on the top only – over the whitewash – to mimic tables found on a boat/ship? While a shiny patina isn’t beachy, it is nautical, and also would make preservation of your efforts virtually maintenance free (no stains). And. it would also be “Frenchy”, since they did invent the “French polish” (like w/ violins) and that is very shiny… Just something to consider…

    RECIPES – Followed your suggestion and checked out food posts. (Pavlovian responses!) It’s likely me; but, I can’t find the recipe for the roasted French cauliflower that was to be provided soon after the post. It sounded scrumptious! Could you advise where it may be found, please?

    VIEW TO GARDEN FROM FAMILY ROOM – Oh, my, OH, MY! Gorgeous. How joyous and soothing all at the same time!

    Does Mr. TBC stil l have his camera – and will we get any more pics from him, too?

    Thanks for your blog and all of the work you put into it! PS – Still curious re bombshell… Any hint until you can tell us…or when you may be able to share the news? Enjoy your pending Spring…we’ve been enduring a draught along with record heat here in the midwest, so Fall can’t come soon enough. Plus, the colors are wonderful.

  9. Is that a little fluffy head I see in the bottom corner of the last shot?? I s he helping??? x

  10. alison says:



  11. Shar Y says:

    Looks so good! And, Barls is such a rock star! I love him!!

  12. Tamara says:

    It’s 9.15 pm, I have just read this post and immediately felt the urge rush to my porch and declutter/ coastify! At this time of evening? Just couldn’t wait! Now it looks lovely, fresh and coastal with my summer scarves all neatly displayed (a bit late as there’s deffo an autumnal nip in the air). THANK YOU Sarah as ever for your inspiring pics :-)

  13. I find a good de-cluttering session is good for the soul. I always put it off and off but when I do it I get immense satisfaction from it. Your hallway looks lovely by the way.

  14. Claire says:

    Funny reading about you moving into summer as in Old Blighty we are slowly starting to creep the other way towards autumn ; ) Your post has inspired me nonetheless – I love a good ‘back to school’ declutter at the end of summer and if we are blessed with a few warm autumn days so much the better x

  15. how2home says:

    very lovely hallway :) always a pleasure to see you making these seasonal changes!

  16. Emma says:

    Hi Sarah, lovely pics as always! I recently bought a second hand oar. I was wondering what paint you would recommend to get the same effect as yours? Thanks!

  17. Sara Ali says:


    I want to get a utility closet in my hallway. Could you suggest how I can make look more beach chic please?