Beach Cottage Flowers and Psychology

Fri 31st, Aug, 2012

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G’day Beach Cottage friends, relatives, anyone who cares to listen really, it’s Beach Cottage coastal tablescape time!

It’s been a funny week in Beach Cottage Land….busy and nice and full of stuff with me and us at the mo’ which is why, you may, or may not, have noticed that there has been an abundance of flowers on this here blog….couple all that with finally the arrival of Beach Cottage home-grown flowers in the garden and you will see at every turn pops of flora…

And why, in the midst of all this there has been the purchase of much loved furniture and a spot of tablescaping…

When in doubt.



Some may deal with the ups and downs of life with many ways of deviation, I once had a friend who tried always to be out having fun and never went home…around here it’s by flowers and furniture, and dreaming and foofing

20120831-03-BEACH-COTTAGE-FLOWERS_thumb 20120831-04-beach-cottage-decor_thumb 20120831-05-BEACH-COTTAGE-RANUNCULUS

And, as Mr Beach Cottage, trusted confidante and amateur psychologist-preneur does like to point out, in life it is better to…


…regret the things you did do not the things you didn’t…


and with that little nugget of wisdom from all things Mr BC I will leave you lovelies this happy Friday morning and ask …

What do you think?

Would you rather take the bull by the *ss (yeah I know it should be horns but *ss just felt more appropriate) and go for it in life and live, perhaps with regrets?

You know what, I think he may well be right…

Adios amigos this Friday day from the land of Down Under


p.s.oh and about collections and shells and coastal and beachy decor this morning – I recently hooked up with a very very nice stylist, thank-you-very-much (which led to this tablescape), a stylist with very very impressive credentials, you may know of her fame, who just so happened to contact me and love my little eye and this little blog (who the heck knew!) who told me that in her book and she had learnt with her eye that it’s all about life, and being you, not somebody else and collections and being unique and just the things that make you go hmmm….things that make you hmmm..yeah

…and with me that would be home-grown flowers and vintage bottles and beachy decor and white IKEA curtains turned into tablecloths and glass spheres and vintage mason jars and she sells sea shells by the seashore…they make me go hmmm


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25 Responses to “Beach Cottage Flowers and Psychology”

  1. Kim H says:

    Oh so pretty and florally:) And how exciting for you to meet up with a stylist like that. You so could write a book, Sarah. it’s my dream to one day write one but I really think you’ve got a book here already about the gorgeous Beach Cottage and all your lovely things.

  2. I so agree Kim H. Sarah you are great and any one of us would certainly buy your book! Go for it! Love the tablescaping as usual. You never fail us!

  3. ….oh and thank Mr. BC for his words of wisdom. going to have to share that one!

  4. Sassybelle says:

    Such beautiful homegrown flowers….I wish my homegrown ones were as gorgeous as yours. Your photography is simply stunning…..I wish my camera could take shots with a blurred background too….but alas, an old iPhone just doesn’t quite cut the mustard….sadly -xx-

  5. Selby says:

    Lovely pretties!! Just the ticket with lovely pinks n whites! Love your curtain turned table cloth& that scrummy white jug too:).

    I’m with mr bc- I figure if I go for it & don’t like it I can always choose some other direction:) if I didn’t just leap I reckon I’d overt honk it too much n miss out on plenty of adventures.

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  7. MDN says:

    Goodness gracious! All the pics are vunderbar; but that last one of the peony and the spider(?) is breathtaking. Practically can smell its perfume, it’s so detailed and natural. Was the critter there when you took the shot (If so, what timing!), or did the stylist and/or you come up w/ the idea? Regardless, enjoying all of the dreamy tablescape and flower pics and now am more relaxed going into the weekend. It DOES help to take time to stop to smell the “roses”. TKS a “bunch”!

  8. neen says:

    Foofing, flowers, tablescaping all done here too, when the rest of life is chaotic, I find balance and harmony by moving furniture, cleaning and clearing out the energy. Mini m&ms help too ;)

  9. Alice says:

    Hahaha….That last picture made me think… Look at that spider! It’s like it has been sprung halfway doing something… In my head it is humming away as it is feeling it’s way through the soft papery petals then hears a funny noise, feels the air swish… Looks up and gets startled… SNAP… Huh???? Thinks the spider…

    Lovely as always Sarah… I am notorious for playing it safe to the point that not only do I hold myself back but those in this household too…. The worst part is that I am fully aware of this…. Good thing is I am commited to breaking this cycle that began with my parents(funny enough my grandparents were more than happy to let their kids take what ever necessary risks were needed to get ahead in life)…I think it’s learning to cope with the risk and the situation you are put in rather than taking the risk itself that is important…It makes sense in my head… Never mind…

    Still can’t get over the spider! lol

  10. Deb says:

    Loving the flowers too, and the foofing as well! What, may I ask are the white flowers of gorgeousness? Are they ronuculai? (no idea if thats how you spell it, lol!)
    You inspired me to clear the layers of crap off the table, and foof a little too, Thank you! xxx

    • MDN says:

      That’s another of the wonderful things about this site, too…had seen pics of these before but always thought they were peonies just opening up, and didn’t know they’re something else…runicula! (Had to look it up!) They’re beauts! When I checked out the flower, forgot to see if it has an aroma…can you enlighten, pls.? Did find out that my growing region really is too far North for growing these, tho. (Alas)! Plus, they take sun and my minimal, shady exposure wouldn’t accomodate. So, will continue to enjoy vicariously! TKS for info…

  11. Nicole W says:

    Lovely tablescape, styling & photography as usual Sarah! Your styling reminds me of one of my favourite simple stylists who always gets it oh so right.. our own Donna Hay! Love ranunculi’s I forgot to plant them in time for this year tho .. Now I’m not a fan of spiders but that one that has made an appearance is beautiful! Hope you have a gorgeous 1st day of spring weekend! xx

  12. Julie Johnson says:

    I never thought I’d say this but, besides the gorgeous rose, what a pretty spider

  13. KatrinaF says:


    Are you aware that another blogger is spreading rumours about you? I just thought you would want to know as I have watched this from behind the computer screen for a while – I have an illness that keeps me bedriden and that means I spend a lot of time online and read many blogs. I follow many blogs and see what they get up do and often see them around on other blogs and have watched someone do some not very nice things around you and what you’ve created and because you have not said anything I wonder if you know? I am sure though that your blogging friends, who this person is now using to further the rumours, are all talking you through it behind the scenes? Your the original and I hope this does not course you to much trouble which I am sure is her intention. I read it in the newspaper this week about cyber trolls and I see it going on too in the blogs but didn’t believe people could be so jealous and nasty.

  14. Alicia says:

    Hey Sarah

    love the tablescape and your blog!

  15. Melissa@JuliesPlace says:

    Gorgeous colors, I want to dress in these colors!

  16. Jenny says:

    Delicious! I love the light and I totally agree its all about being unique and collecting.

    I am collecting shells and in my jars is sand!

  17. Louise@lifeondreyfarm says:

    Two of my favorite things, mason jars and flowers, plus of course the shells. I would buy a book too the same as the other girls above.

  18. Rochelle says:

    So when is that book being published? Lovely Sarah, and so love the spider! Flowers arranged, potted, thrown in jam jars or teapots just make me smile too. They brighten me and my days and I love baking too. When down baking can transform my mood. Happy Spring to you, and Happy Autumn here! xox

  19. janita says:

    life is better with a little fluffing : ) I love the striped curtain turned table cloth. I have s striped sheet that I think would give me the same sense of hummmm! Trying to keep the table clear of clutter seems to be a full time job , but always easier if there is something pretty on it. I love that it is spring there when it is autumn here…. makes me think that the winter will not be so long. happy day to you ! Lovely flowers.

  20. Rukmini Roy says:

    Oh hey! That spider is for real?

  21. Rita says:

    Love this! Where did you find the blue mason jars?

  22. Deb says:

    My favorite flowers! What a beautiful table, and great ideas! I will be looking at curtains for tablecloths now! Great idea!!! Thanks!