Beach Cottage family room

Mon 27th, Aug, 2012

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G’day Beach Cottage Lovelies, I hope you enjoyed the weekend..the Seasons are really turning here, and I have that Spring feeling…know the one I mean?


I know that we who call ourselves Beach Cottagers, are, actually in different parts of the world and perhaps not all feeling that Spring feeling, but rather, you may be thinking of the beginning of the battening down of the hatches, the ceremonial putting away of the flip flops, sipping the last jug of Pimms  and thoughts of cold, cosy blankets and Christmas lights begin to waft in as a nip is felt in the air.

Whereas, we here, living in the lovely Down Under say goodbye, almost as soon as it came, to a Winter that, this year, I have to say has been far from rough…12 weeks of sunny but cool days, and the wearing of Uggs when the odd cold day really got stuck in and a bit of rain thrown in and I am not complaining.



I was talking to a friend the other day, very much born and bred Aussie, but also not from these fair Sydney parts and she said it’ll be a hot Summer according to her bones…I don’t know whether her bones are right or wrong, but I know I hope they are halfway correct…because I tell you what, I can handle a nice long hot summer…(with little dreams of a vintage car and camping, hello Mr BC)

Anyway, enough of my rambling…so this is the Family Room, I thought I might show you what’s going on in here because firstly I realised that the Beach Cottage House Tour page was way out of date and secondly the other day I tidied up in here and it was halfway decent for a photo…which is no mean feat around here with random teenagers gracing this area at any given time…and now also a puppy who seems, somehow, to be able to create more mess than everyone else put together…

20120827-03-beach-cottage-family-room-blog 20120827-04-beach-cottage-cushion

The white leather sofas are still doing well…to be honest I wouldn’t buy them again…they were a rushed purchase when we first moved in here and really they feel too modern for me…in terms of care they are ok…it’s pretty easy to wipe these babies down if anything is spilled, but I dunno I just prefer slip-covered sofas and I actually like being able to throw them in the wash and then line dry them out in the Aussie sun…a sectional too would be nice here to make good use of the space….I haven’t told Mr Beach Cottage my plans of that yet, I mean hello it took me long enough to get the KitchenAid didn’t it?

New sofas…that would be way too many favours for this girl at the moment Winking smile

20120827-05-beach-cottage-family-room-decor The one above is from my iPhone (I can get more in on that as I still haven’t got a lense on my big girls’s camera that is wide enough, yes you would think that being a blogger who blogs about the coast / sea and old cottages that I would have a wider lense by now…just call me unprofessional)…the table here to the left is that old one that I picked up and just sanded down the top to and gave a bit of Beach Cottage love to…it’s where Mr TBC does his homework (we have a no tv, no computers in bedrooms room rule in this house)..the coffee table the roadside find from when we first moved in here and sideboard also thrifted and painted a Frenchy grey when I was in the Beach Cottage French phase.

I also have my eye on this new to me but very much old / pre-loved armoire for in here…I am hoping to get it in the next few days…errrrm it’s rather big with glass panels and in need of some Beach Cottage loving for sure…I haven’t told my lovely hubby about this yet because he will be chief removal man and this baby is big…more on that soon

You can kinda feel Summer in the air now…doors and windows all open and fresh air whizzing through…and with the thoughts of Summer has come thoughts of doing nothing at all…I know that it may seem, actually on here, as if that is my life all over, but on here you only see the good bits, in fact my life is quite busy…nice busy but still busy…I fill my days with ‘being busy’ and this Summer I am hoping that will change…just a bit…

You see, I want to actually really step back and enjoy our new life here…my kiddos are getting older, I have done those hard yards of being on my own sometimes all week in a strange country raising three kids, I have driven for miles for sport, I have baked things and made things when finances were tight and I have loved all of that, certainly no complaining… I’ve loved this new life, I’ve blogged it but this Summer I am gonna sit back and really enjoy it…surrounded with white linen and a basket over my arm…wink wink

Now I must get my little self out of here (I am sitting in the Summer House as I type this, eyeing it up for some SERIOUS foofing this week) because there is a tradie arriving this morning to talk about the knocking down of walls…

I’ll be seeing ya…


p.s. Beach Cottage Places has new updates, Barley here and come and see what I grew here in Beach Cottage Flowers, loveeee xx

Daily BC pic from the beach here! 


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57 Responses to “Beach Cottage family room”

  1. Susan says:

    OH you make me want to either A) move to Australia or B) at least move to the beach. Not happening as we love our mountains, but would adore a place near the beach too.

    • sarah says:

      I love the mountains too…in fact cooking up a plan right now to head to them!!

      …Australia is pretty nice though lol x

  2. Looks beautiful, Sarah. x

  3. Just looks gorgeous! We also have a no tv, no computer policy for the bedrooms in our home as well.

  4. Chrisartist says:

    Really lovely decor Sarah. Makes me feel like heading to the beach!

  5. Marnie says:

    looks great…and warm! Can’t wait for Spring to rear her pretty head.
    x Marnie

  6. You are really making me pine for the beach…. just a few months away to the OBX!

  7. So, so beautiful. I want to re-decorate and make everything white ;)

  8. Mummaducka says:

    I love your white lounges, have they worn away a bit to the grey underneath? my cream one has. My doggies would destroy whit slipcovered lounges, I can just imagine them running in with muddy paws and jumping on them. It is leather all the way in the family room for me. But I have to do something about my carpet and Lino in the kitchen, I hate it and want to rip it up and paint the floor. Have you seen any painted cement floors?

    • sarah says:

      Yes we have painted some cement floors and also wood floors…you can get floor paint that is really good…we are about to update something with it soon…

      yeah the leather is not really worn away too badly anywhere…almost wish it was lol x

  9. Cheryl says:

    Barley is so cute in that last photo! Luv all your photos!

  10. DeAna says:

    Picture perfect!!!

  11. Diana says:

    I love this living room! So bright and cozy

  12. It’s lovely seeing the ‘whole’ room! It’s whipped me into a ‘I must paint yet more things white’ frenzy!! And we really do need one of those gorgeous puppies lying on our loungeroom floor too I feel….x

    • sarah says:

      good luck with the painting haha!

      yes I must get around to taking some more shots of all the rooms…now using the phone makes it easier! x

  13. Karen says:

    Hi, Sarah,
    Love the family room! What are the floors? My house on the beach was damaged by Hurricane Irene and the floors need to be ripped out. I have painted wood floors in my living room that used to be an outdoor porch. I love these painted floors and they are fine. The rest of the house is linoleum and needs to be replaced. Would love to use old porch flooring like in my other room but can’t find it. Stuck on what else to do but I like the look of floor in your family room. Any ideas??

    • sarah says:

      sorry to hear your house was damaged..

      our floors are just the floorboards stripped and varnished…

      If you can afford it I would invest in a lovely wood floor or if not look at some of the laminates which when laid are nice…we had them in our house in England and I was happy with the way they were soo easy to care for…

      sorry I can’t be of more use!

  14. Emma says:

    Oh, am loving this room and the spring feeling! Yay for warm sunshine and less-crisp air!
    Am so glad to hear of mothers-of-teenagers implementing the ‘no tv, no computers in bedrooms’ policy. I really want to do this too (my small people are still quite small), but thought it might have been too optimistic. I’d be interested to hear what your mobile phone policies are….

    • sarah says:

      well we didn’t let ours have phones and our little one still doesn’t until we felt like they needed them…we also had a strict tv policy in place at various times over the years, including at one point it not being on at all in the week…plus Playstation/computer games/Wii not in term time unless a friend over etc

      I have a thing that kids’ brains are going to mush sitting in front of tv and games hence my choices…it has not always been the easy option :-)

      • Emma says:

        Yep, fully agree. We do the similar things; no electronic gaming/watching during the week. Unless it’s raining/freezing/snowing or I need time for something very serious ;-) I try very hard to send them outside in the afternoons, my sake as well as theirs!

        • sarah says:

          yes the great thing about having limits is when you do* need to do something you can use the tv/computer to help out…problem I see and I found myself slipping into with Number 3 before I got myself in check :-) was it was too easy to rely on…

  15. Kat says:

    Gorgeous room. I really love it!! :)
    What shade of white have you painted in here please Sarah?
    I second the no tv or computers etc in bedrooms.
    My kiddo’s are still relatively young, but we have always said we will only have one tv (which will be in the lounge) and computer to be in a central area, which it is.
    My poor deprived kids don’t even have a wii or computer games. I tell them they are lucky to live near the beach and bush, so go play outside! ;)
    Sounds like you have had a mild winter. We have gone back to snow heavy on the mountain over the weekend in Hobart and it is still visible today.
    May be a while before we get milder warm days. Enjoy yours! :)

    • sarah says:

      Kat, I can’t remember in here b/c it’s ready to get a new paint job…I think this is just regular white from Taubmanns

      good for you for the tv/computer thing…I have the same views re getting outside (or getting the Lego out!) on playing..

      euuuh to the snow for you, I am over Winter now lol x

      • Kat says:

        OOh what colour are you doing now? Another shade of white?
        Ours badly needs doing – I did start but haven’t gotten back to it :(

  16. neen says:

    Your family room looks very inviting Sarah, makes me want to paint white here too, it’s so fresh and you can see that Spring has arrived. Too cold here yet to open windows and doors all day, gave the house a 2 hour airing this morning to try and say ‘goodbye’ to winter. ;)
    We too have a no tv no internet in bedrooms policy, here with our 12 and 15 year old kiddos. Under no illusion that they use their laptops for non-homework activities in bedrooms, but at least they have to sit in the kitchen/family room for internet usage.

    • sarah says:

      Yes I totally agree, am under no illusions either but I think our kids and us are the first lot of people going through technology being in our lives in a big way and it is and has been a learning curve to get it balanced…

      • neen says:

        Certainly is a learning curve……..where’s that parenting book again……..oh yeah ….there isn’t one!!!! Trying not to sweat the small stuff whilst smiling through this tech age we live in, gotta embrace it one little acronym at a time…… lol ???? ;)

  17. Rukmini Roy says:

    Can I use the word delicious? And Sarah, what plant is it right outside your porch? with teeny orange and pink flowers? So pretty!
    I’d love to have a cup of tea in there. Also, do you like Darjeeling tea? Going home this month and was wondering if you’d like a pack of tea, fresh from the garden factory :) I am sending several packets around the world and your tea-time snaps kept coming to my mind!

  18. bec says:

    Hey Sarah..have you ever stopped by ‘Nora pearl’ http://www.vintagecottagecamper.blogspot.com
    If you like camping vintage style, check this out!…soooooo cute!
    It’s not mine, I just found it one day whilst surfin around!
    love the view to your garden!
    Bec x

  19. alison says:

    “sectional” ? Please explain. (Channelling Pauline Hanson here.)

    That view in the photos out to your deck is a b s o l u t e l y beautiful.

    In Feng Shui terms, tvs and computers in bedrooms are a no no. But if you think about it, it’s common sense not to have them in a bedroom.

    I stopped at Audley in The Royal National Park for a coffee this afternoon to chill out, regroup, do a bit of self nurturing etc etc and just soaked up the beautiful vibe of Spring coming as I built up my vitamin D supply.


    • alison says:

      PS Mr alison and I are Spring cleaning our backyard. On the weekend we bought a new outdoor setting with the help of the $150 Bunnings gift voucher I won in a BC giveaway. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.

      alison xx

  20. Christine says:

    Hey Sarah
    Your room looks so light and airy, gorgeous. Wondering how large the room actually is? The way you have set up the furniture layout looks great.
    Ta Christine

  21. Karen says:

    It looks lovely – nice and calm amid all the family stuff. Enjoy the relaxing and maybe you should have a cheeky glass of Pimms on the deck in the sunshine…… x

  22. Susan @ Afford Your Passions says:

    We used to have a leather sofa, but it was destroyed by my sister’s in law’s two dogs (this was before we moved to Texas and got our own dog) – does Barley scratch the sofa, or is she a good dog, and not get up on the sofa?

    I was reluctant to get a sectional, but we ended up getting the Ikea Ektorp sectional, and it works well in our house, plus the price is right (less than 1/2 the price of a similar one from Pottery Barn).

    My parents live in Ballarat (about 100km outside Melbourne), and my mother tells me it is the coldest, wettest winter they have had ever since she has lived in Australia. (we migrated to Australia in the mid-60s). She is looking forward to heading up to Noosa, Queensland next month to house-sit for some friends.

  23. Laura says:

    Love the last shot with the view of the garden. The room looks so inviting and I so wish I could find a coffee table like yours at the side of the road. Lx

  24. Candy says:

    Really enjoy looking at your serene, bright, light, lovely family room, especially today as we’re currently being drenched with Tropical Storm Isaac in FL. Could be worse so not complaining too much. We need the rain. I agree with the leather sofas but you make them work beautifully!

  25. Shar Y says:

    Uhh, you really don’t have to stop drinking that Pimms, you know? If it makes you cold, just put on a sweater!! Still lovin’ that puppy!

  26. Pat White says:

    I live in the state of Colorado in the US of A. With the coming of spring and summer, to your part of the world, when do you have school vacations? We are looking at fall and winter and our schools have just begun their new year. I love to read about the differences and the similarities in our two countries.

  27. Alice says:

    I love this room Sarah… It has scrubbed up quite nicely I must say… You know, I am not a fan of leather sofas but yours looks really good there… I know you say you like slip cover (and I am all for those my absolute favourite too) but with all the vintage stuff you have going (seriously drooling over them) I find that sofa carries the whole room to now… You know, it keeps the room from looking dated…. I kind of like that modern twist and you deserve a pat on the back for doing it without even realising it… It is seriously dream worthy…

    I too have a no T.V and computers (and phones) in bedrooms policy…

    I am praying and wishing for a very long, warm to hot summer this year to make up for the crappy almost non-existent one from last year!

  28. I love the view onto your veranda with the gorgous table and mismatched chairs…I can’t wait for longer days, warmer nights and tea on the veranda. I see fairy lights and salad in my future. Such an Aussie way to bring in Summer….before it is stinkin hot!!

  29. Surely Sarah says:

    Nawww, herro Barley! He’s right at home on the rug there isn’t he? Love your storage solution of the suitcase under the coffee table.

  30. Mog says:

    Barley is absolutely adorable. I love looking at pics of your dog although I came for the house.

    Trying to decide on a new sofa myself so your input here has been most helpful. Got to be white and what with small grandchild and cat, easy to clean.

    I love all your beachy rooms and look forward to see this new armoire.

  31. how2home says:

    This is such a lovely space!

  32. Your home looks beautiful! Perfect and perfect for this beautiful spring weather :) You’ve done a wonderful job with your cottage. Enjoy.

  33. Rochelle says:

    I am having myself a little catch-up with my warm latte. Children are watching a movie and I’m catching up on the lovely Beach Cottage. Bliss. Love looking at your beautiful tidy home ;), you are so like me or am I so like you. Like things neat and tidy, but oh boy when all comes home a toddler running riot all day. No complaints though, love em too much. ;)