Beach Cottage Decorating, hook me in baby

Tue 21st, Aug, 2012

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Well a very good morning to you from Beach Cottage Land, the sun is shining here again and I am blogging from the Sitting Room, it’s very very quiet here, Barls is sitting on top of the white armchair under the window toasting in the sun and I am mustering up the energy to get stuff done…I have been for a walk this morning by the sea and then a bit of time in the gym…hello very sore muscles tomorrow but hello stronger feeling body!

I did a lot of thinking while away in New York, might have something to do with the copious amount of time spent in a very small seat at the wrong end of an aeroplane (note to self : serve beans on toast for dinner for the next year to BC Crew and squirrel away cash so that one may be able to turn left on next trip overseas).

I did a lot of thinking about blogging, about friends, about my kiddos, about our sea change and about this old cottage.

Now apart from all that other stuff, I kept thinking about housey and cottage stuff, like a lot, really Mrs BC, how odd…

And what kept popping up again and again is changing a few things around here (not the big changes that have already started…more on that soon, we have had tradies/builders here and plans being done, woot)….adding some colour to the white (you might have noticed this already) and  hooks, love me some hooks….or perhaps we should call them knobs, doesn’t knobs sound a bit more interesting Winking smile hah hah

Anyway, stop that, hooks are a big part of my decorating and I am constantly on the lookout for more…did anyone say I found some corkers in Anthropolgie, ahem.

I like the kinda shaker feel to having lots of racks of them all over the place…and I like how they add to that laid-back, beach cottage coastal  style / beach decor really easily and for a very low cost…(just a tip though, if one decides to pop a chair on hooks up on the wall for that real shaker utility look, after one has seen that style in a magazine, it is a good idea if one checks with one’s husband to see if wall plugs for said hooks will hold the weight of a chair – if one does not take this step, one will find all hooks, chair and various now shattered glass plus half of one’s wall all over one’s floor)  ever the professional here in Beach Cottage Land



Anyway, here’s how I use hooks for the beach Cottage look …

Beach Cottage Decorating Ideas

5 Tips for Using Hooks for Coastal Style / Beach Decor


1.  rustic wood for that beachy vibe

whether you buy it or find it on the beach or in the woods, look out for old pieces of wood that are a bit roughed up…any signs of a former life, all the better…knocks, bumps, splatters of paint, wear and tear are all good…beach decor means faded paintwork, bleached wood and a weathered feel…find a row of hooks with that faint nautical feel…


2. old style hooks for coastal cottage style

a vintage style hook is great for this look…keep an eye out for hooks at DIY stores, garage sales and thrift stores….also fancy boutiques often have hooks in the sale, I am guessing not a lot of shoppers want to part with their cash for hooks…I wait and more often than not hooks will be slashed in price…



3. Dress it up with flowers for beachy decor baby

I like to think past using hooks for coats, I use them as decor / art…racks of hooks are perfect for beach decor and cottage decorating because you can fill them with cottage things and pretty flowers from the garden

I dress mine up with whatever takes my fancy…love decorating with the odd nautical stripe, a bit of Frenchy grey and of course a pop of colour with flowers…

You can easily change them up, add different things for different looks and they are great for some beach cottage foofing or what we in the business like to call vignetting.

Plus being up on the wall they are away from littlies (or in my case puppies) and you can fiddle with things that might otherwise be out of bounds


4. Coastal Beachy Decor

Hooks work really really well for this look….they have that laid-back, kick off your flip-flops kinda feel to them and are just purrrfect for displaying a few casual beach things for a bit of a coastal feel but without that themed ‘seaside’ look.

Things that end up on ramdom hooks in my place for a nautical vibe…strings of shells, starfish, coastal lanterns, little jam jars filled with finds from the beach, string, jute & rope, seaglass from beachcombing, nautical stipe towels, beach bags, driftwood and beach hats..


5. Vintage Pretties

Add lastly for the BC look, gotta love some vintage things to your hooks for that old beach hut of days gone-by feel, plus adding found things really makes it individual to you, that’s what I love about treasure hunting, you have a look that is your own…

I like to add old glass bottles turned into vases, vintage umbrellas, vintage signs…

…other things that work well, pretty bags and baskets, light throws, umbrellas in sweet colours and strings of lights



Let me know your ideas for hooks and beachy decor….

Cheers girlies, I guess I must get up and get some laundry done…it’s a beauty of a Laundry Day out there!

Next time then

Sarah xo

Beach Cottage Places

new posts in Beach Cottage Food and Daily Beach – come & see the pretties  xo

oh and that putty & white puppy…he did a lil’ bit of blogging today HERE



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17 Responses to “Beach Cottage Decorating, hook me in baby”

  1. Love the color you’re introducing, Sarah! A wee bit here and there adds so much charm and personality. :) And those hooks are so unique! Love their swoopy size!! Hugs to Barls! :)

    xoxo laurie

    • sarah says:

      thanks Laurie, I am loving bits of colour here and there…been missing from my life for a while haha x

  2. Kisha says:

    Well, I don’t have any ideas for beachy designs, but I have a funny story to tell about “Hooks” – I host exchange students and 2 yrs ago we had a sweet, but silly girl from Indonesia. She was brilliant, but her smarts lacked common sense – she made us laugh all the time!

    Anyway – for Mothers day she bought me a beautiful set of Sunflower Hooks and she was so proud of them! And whenever she would recount the story she would tell everyone that she had purchased a set of “hookers” for me, for mothers day…

    LOL Hookers. In america (and I honestly don’t know where else – although it’s possible…) hookers means Prostitutes. Imagine the looks on the church ladies faces as my sweet innocent little indonesian daughter told everyone she bought me hookers for mother’s day… I still laugh at this one!


  3. Oh yeah, gotta love some hooks. So great for adding some colour and fun. I spotted some fab oars (painted in shabby whites,reds and blues!) with hooks on them today and thought of your cottage! I would love them here but not sure where they’d fit in!! They were in a cheapo shop too so VERY tempting!! Off to gaze at your pretty food shots now….xx

  4. Catherine says:

    Sarah I love those hooks!!! Thety look just beautiful!

    I made my own a little while ago, picking up the hooks at an online store based in Melbourne. I blogged about it here if you’d like to have a look. I’m still workin gon my photography skills, but you get the idea ;)

  5. bec says:

    Oh yeah, hey look great! One can never have too many hooks/knobs near the front door…and the backdoor for that matter. I might be able to see my floor if I start hanging things up!
    Snaps to you for a great post!
    Bec x

  6. zella says:

    They look really fab – not unlike a hook rack that I managed to pick up in a Belgian brocante (love how chi chi that sounds!) a couple of weeks ago. I too have started to introduce “pops” of colour into my decor much to the kids’ delight – in my case blues and aquas in the form of cushions, a wall clock, a bowl etc. Almost got a pale coastal blue Le Creset pot the other day but chickened out and went for the white – wish I had gone with the blue seeing your delish KA. Keep up the great work with the blog – think we’re overdue a fashion post???

  7. lady, your photography is STUNNING!!

    xo em

  8. Rochelle says:

    Love that hook rack, or however you would call it. I still have some vintagey hooks I bought in England years ago and that my love promised to make a hook rack of, but alas they are somewhere stashed away. I should find them, I’m actually looking for a piece of wood, distressed, painted with chips coming off perhaps. I have an old clock I use to hang on my hooks. Love them. Thanks for the reminder and inspriation. Your photos are so good! x

  9. Rukmini Roy says:

    Very nice! Ticks all the beach decor boxes with a bit of vintage and chipped thrown in. You really know how to rock the hooks!
    Please eek when I tell you that the rented home I stay in has one fluorescent green wall and a dark pink wall. My creativity is finding hard to come out with colors like that and I am not very post modern. But someday I shall have white walls and hooks like yours :) I promise.

  10. Lovely! You make everything so beautiful. Anthropologie has some glass door knobs that I think would make awesome hooks. Saving my pennies & hoping I come across a box lot of the real deals at an antique auction. Loving the little pops of color on your hooks. I’ve decided to get a lil’ more colorful at my place. A little fresh teal for the kitchen is in order. Nothing like going 0 – 100 in 5 seconds, huh? lol Have a beautiful week. xo

  11. alison says:

    Got me thinking about just how many hooks I have in my place.

    I have some hooks attached to small heart shaped picture frames. Sadly after several years the frames are still empty. Just one of those items on my T|”To Do” list.


  12. Vitoria says:

    Just love your ideas. Very nice as always. I have some hooks that I’ve been putting just towels and some bags til now, but I’ve got some good ideas from you. They’re gonna have to wait because I’m far from my home now, but I’ll not forget them :)

    See ya

  13. Andrea says:

    Hi Sarah
    Did you source these hooks in Sydney? I found a store with all colors, shapes & sizes only to be told that they were not for sale! Devastating!! Please help! Hook envy :)……Cheers Andrea