just beach cottage things

Sat 7th, Jul, 2012

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20120707-02-IMG_2162_thumb 20120707-03-IMG_2153 20120707-04-beach-cottage-decoarting-ideas 20120707-06-IMG_2178_thumb 20120707-05-IMG_2133 20120707-07-IMG_2185_thumb 20120707-08-IMG_2118

It was good to get away to the country.

The fresh air and scenery was nothing short of fabulous.

But Beach Cottage ladies.

There’s no place like home.

( from this tatty old cottage on the beaches today)



p.s. Barley blogged here at his page today 

& I have been Beach Cottage Pocket Blogging today

follow along with the Instagram feed here or checkout abeachcottage on instagram


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17 Responses to “just beach cottage things”

  1. I like beachcottage things. x ps have you caught up on all the holiday washing?!?! x

  2. Alice says:

    Boy did you get that right! No place like Home! I couldn’t agree more lol!

    • Alice says:

      P.S…. I am loving the pictures you are taking of Barley… They are fantastic! I am so impressed (and in love with them) that I had to turn to hubby and tell him how gorgeous they were(I can’t keep really good things to myself- I am one of those weirdos that will aproach a person just to compliment them, I really can’t contain myself sometimes…hahahaha)

  3. Cee says:

    Very often when you post random cottage photos Sarah, I feel like you’ve been shooting my own little cottage. In this case, the beveled (bathroom?) mirror and the chipped and worn door lol. We have glass doorknobs throughout the house which are amazing. It’s not so amazing though when you get trapped in a room because the inside mechanism of the knobs goes wonky ;).

    I’m loving the ruffled curtains you have in the second to last photo Sarah, and MUST have them for my bedroom. Were they an Ikea find (please please??), because then I have hope to find them.

  4. HRH Sarah says:

    Gorgeous photos!!!

  5. cheryl says:

    LOve these fresh white pics!! So refreshing for this Saturday morning!
    Have a great weekend.
    Fresh Vanilla For C

  6. Lark says:

    Beautiful pictures, Sarah! I just caught up with the news on Barley…hope he’s doing well. We lost our little Maltese, Milo, last year and my kids are waiting for the go ahead to get a new dog. We are leaning toward a golden retriever, but I told them if I found a cute looking caboodle, I might have to give in!!!

    • sarah says:

      I am sorry to hear you lost your dog Lark :(

      well I think the cavoodle temperament is pretty good from what I have seen and heard x

  7. Candy says:

    Love everything in every photo! Washed all my white slipcovers (sofa, chair, throw pillows) today, hung them out to dry and now all clean, lovely fresh air fragance, no dog hair (that won’t last long) and am totally pooped after putting them back on. Big job but worth it and necessary with said loved dog. So glad Barls is ok…how scary! I am easily panicked when my Sailor shows any sign of distress….I think vets expect it and are not surprised at all :o)

  8. Beautiful photos of your cottage treasurer love my visits to your beautiful blog. I can almost hear the waves and feel the ocean mist. hugs and happy weekend wishes!

  9. Kim H says:

    Oh I love your photos! So gorgeous. And I totally agree, there’s nothing like home. xx

  10. alison says:

    You just reminded me that I put my first bit of sea glass somewhere safe after I found it. Mmm, now where is it?


  11. I agree…there’s no place like home and yours is beautiful!

  12. pam robinson says:

    i so love your blog… happy and peaceful… have a wonderful sunday… xx pam

  13. Rochelle says:

    Ahh, dono how I missed this post, but am I one happy gal I saw it now. Such beautiful photos. Your home is beautiful and inspiring. xox

  14. verobeachgal says:

    Very pretty and feminine. I love displaying shells and do it throughout the house in a subtle way. I also change out home decor items on occasion to have “new” things to look at (even though these items are stored away).