It’s Beach Cottage Saturday Club Time

Sat 21st, Jul, 2012

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G’day Beach Cottage Saturday Clubbers! Come in for our mission…


Well we are on again this week, thanks to all for the suggestions, I am concocting some missions for us all with those ideas left for me, but here’s this week’s

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is this:

You must find


cosy things

lovely blue


polka dot


the odd

white ruffle or


throw in a




cupcakes with






and take



to a calm


stay a while




I hope you enjoy it!  Mine is locked-in for a bit later after some garden pottering plus I am working on the table makeover…

See you soon lovelies



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11 Responses to “It’s Beach Cottage Saturday Club Time”

  1. Alice says:

    So excited about that table of yours! I have been loving spots and knitted things a lot lately…. Stripe love, well that goes without saying. Baked the Streussel (I have mis – spelt it but I can’t be bothered to check at the moment) cake (well were meant to be cup cakes) to take to my brothers place later tonight for desert (dinner at his place). It went down well last time so hopefully it will go down well again lol! Loving your cupcakes there. They (funny enough) make me think that they are so girly! lol – love it! Food that is girly… Who knew?! Just peachy!

  2. Doing so right now post birthday lunch with a pot of tea and one of my choc superfood balls! Happy Saturday Sarah x

  3. Soooo pretty Sarah. Think I can manage this mission…Have bc choc cupcakes already baked (seriously, I bake these evil little treats way too much), plenty of stripes around here, I’m sure I can hunt out a polkadot or ruffle somewhere, may need to quickly whip up a pair of those gorgeous socks tho I reckon!?! Enjoy your decompression!!! xx

  4. Karen says:

    Thank you for the inspiration – it’s sunny, warm and dry here in the UK for the first time in about five weeks so…..
    Pretty sun dress……
    Pashley Poppy……..
    Ride down to beachfront…….
    Ice cream!

  5. Sarah, sometimes you just need someone to give you permission to take time out.

    Thanks for your post, I’ll be doing this on Sunday. Yippee!

    E x

  6. Some yummy polka dot fabric arrived on my doorstep today…Junior Mints will have to sub for cake…and I’ll tackle snugglies tomorrow morning. Love your photos. CAN’T WAIT for snuggly sock weather again!

    • sarah says:

      I know I love sock weather too….too short for us, it’s coming to an end now an I am making the most of it

      how are you? hope all is well xoxoxxo

  7. Julie Johnson says:

    Love those socks. I, too, can’t wait for snuggly sock weather. Love your tablescape the other day, tried one myself but with teenage kids, it didn’t last long.

  8. Sharran miles says:

    Loooove those socks Sarah where did you get them???……