Instagram Challenge, Fatmumslim & PhotoadayAug

Sun 29th, Jul, 2012

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G’day Beach Cottage friends, well another month has rolled over and here we are ready for another set of Instagram challenges, this month PhotoadayAug

I love this Instagram challenge, it is, ummm, definitely keeping me challenged….some of them I don’t do some of them I love doing…mostly they push you to see things around you in a different light and I think that is good in life… let’s see what PhotoadayAug brings!

It is sometimes an excuse to foof when the Instagram challenge is something like ‘heart’ …there were a whole scoop of different interpretations of this one in PhotoadayJuly but mine was this rattan heart that I bought a few years ago when I was back in the old country….it was sitting on the back of the dresser and so for the photo op of its life I moved it over here on top of the old sea trunk and zap, Instrammed the life out of it…



The Instagram challenges also make you look at other stuff around you….

like this old VW….am still very much cooking up a trip in one of these….maybe with the Beach Cottage Crew and possibly not….can’t you see me rolling up the Eastern seaboard, thongs, a whitewashed oar and sun hat in one of these hahaha??



….the sea and ocean though is my favourite thing to Instgram and I will definitely be doing sea shots for PhotoadayAug…I have been walking a lot lately with Barley down here, not full on power walking but more strolling, sometimes adding in some mini sit-ups – I would really really really like to see an ab again in my life – I didn’t realise it until suddenly the other day, when faced with all three of the Beach Cottage Crew and their six packs, that actually when I was, ahem, a LOT younger I had that too…..now I will never ever get them like that again, I had two big baby boys, weighing in at 9 and 10 lbs which means I have a rather attractive amount of stretched skin across my middle, which, given certain waistbands also likes to disguise itself as a muffin top and spill over the top…

All joking aside I am working on my core strength, very very slowly mind, little baby steps here and there, because I want to feel stronger….I am not getting any younger and I am determined not to be one of those women who can’t get up, who creaks and moans and whinges – I am a firm believer in use it or lose it …and so the ab thing I hope will help in all of that….I am already feeling different, I cannot explain what a few sit-ups does but I feel kinda tighter…always a good thing yeah?

Back to ocean pics….LOVING playing with filters, I think that the App store may have to start paying me….

I fiddle with these like there is no tomorrow, I think that I could defo make a career out of Instagram filters and Instagram challenges…

Miss Beach Cottage likes herself a filter or three also…only she just goes with the flow and picks the first one to hit her fingertips…maybe I should be taking a leaf out of her book…

20120729-04-945ecc42d48211e1b0a81231380e69dd_7 20120729-05-3bd94b3acafd11e1af7612313813f8e8_7

The pace around here in terms of family life has been a bit slower lately…the big sport in this household has wound down a bit and Summer sport has not yet started…we have been taking full advantage of that, Miss Beach Cottage has been baking – these are her choc chip cookies…oh my, very very very nice with a coffee, I am hoping to blog these very soon…there is something about home-made things, isn’t there…

….there is one problem with making things though…errrm sometimes I am unsure if the things might actually make it to the oven before being stolen by any random passer-by…anyone for some cookie dough?



…and then there is, of course, plum jam…


I love this shot



…a little heart appeared on my bedside lamp, not sure who put it there, but it’s sweet…I am on the lookout for new bedsides, well at least a new bedside for me..this one is kinda cronky now but I kinda love it too…it feels like it has a few memories beside me here now…



In our cookie making partnership of her Chief Baker, moi Chief Taster, Miss BC and I do believe we have a keeper …




..this is from when I went out with my lovely big son, who I must say is huge now, sigh what ever happened to that Honeymoon baby, for a photography walk and play with the GroPro, the water was bursting with different colour and around here in this little tucked away sheltered spot that always reminds me of being in the Med, it almost could have been Summer…not the water though, still very chilly in there…


20120729-12-a09302eecf0f11e1af7612313813f8e8_7 20120729-13-dea4a226cce511e19894123138140d8c_7

So here’s the Instagram Challenge, PhotoadayAug list for August from Chantelle at FatMumSlim – you can click here to read her post on it (Chantelle has given some tips on interpreting the challenge this month too)




If you’re new to photoaday, just get clicking & follow the list, use the daily prompt as inspiration and take a photo. Share that photo anywhere you like, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter etc.

If you are a new blogger too I think this is a great way to push yourself to take photos and start to get a feel for what you like, how you like to do it and what you want to say….

I find that doing an Instagram Challenge for me is an escape…in my little life, which is actually quite a busy little life, I like to take time out with Instagram…it’s fast, simple and almost instant (if one doesn’t spend an age deliberating on filters lol) and for me it has really got my creative side going…I also love, at the end of the day to sit down with my phone and look through the photos of the special girls I follow…plus I like to look through memes I like the look of …it’s so easy and mobile….sitting down with Instagram has become my new magazine…

…plus there are lots of Instagram Challenges out there now to tickle your creative fancy, though I have to say I love this one, as is often it has sadly been much copied (tell me about it Chantelle, I know how you feel!), but I believe it to be the original and the best.

Anyway Beach Cottage girlies, if you haven’t joined in yet, there’s no time like the present…just hop on in with the PhotoadayAug challenge….you won’t look back…

See you next time lovelies


p.s. I am ‘abeachcottage’ on Instagram if you wanna follow along

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14 Responses to “Instagram Challenge, Fatmumslim & PhotoadayAug”

  1. I love your pictures. Each one is something different from the last, something unexpected.

    Oh, and I have the same problem with my cookie dough. Go figure. ;)

  2. Pardon?? Did I hear someone mention cookie dough?!?? I seem to be getting quite a collection of choc-chip cookie recipes so am looking forward to trying the bc version! And yes I so agree with all you say about chantelle’s photo challenge. Except i don’t have instagram yet. (sob) Not letting that stop me having alot of fun with it though. Happy Sunday Sarah…x Oh and I have to ask – how is the drippy droopy table top coming along??

  3. lee says:

    The polka dot grey bedding – love it ! Where is it from please ?

  4. Alice says:

    OMG the 7th picture!!!! The coastal shot right after the cookie one! That is GORGEOUS! I love the caramel tones, the beige, the blue and the green…The angle…STUNNING! The one of the clear water (the trip with your honemoon(all grown up)baby hehehe)…Gorgeous too… I love the VW shot,too cute! Those cookies look yum! They don’t last a day in my household when ever I get the chance to bake them. Spring looks set to start early this year!!! Cherry blossoms are making an appearance around here… Not just buds actual flowers!!! Wooo Hoooo Bloddy ripper!!!!!Now we need to loose the cold winds and we may actually get some warm days! I can’t believe the weekend is already over…It just goes way too quick!

  5. Chantelle says:

    Your photos are just stunning. Thanks for sharing this, and knowing how I feel. Sigh! xx

  6. bec says:

    I am sorry to say I failed dismally on the July photoaday challenge. Time and equipment was my enemy. I attempted the challenge using my basic little canon digital camera and well you know how it is…firstly fighting for time on the computer with 2 teenagers, then uploading and tweaking…blah blah..anyway once I get my smart phone I will try harder …I promise. Meanwhile I will enjoy the creative shots of my fellow bloggers.
    thanks for the lovely pics.
    Bec x

  7. Lark says:

    Gorgeous pictures, as always. What a nice way to spend my Sunday morning with my two girls still sleeping and the boys out fishing. I get a peek at such a beautiful place! I must get to that part of the world someday. I drove up the coast here in California a couple weeks ago with the kids and hiked around Point Lobos near Carmel. The water is amazing there, too…and quite chilly!

  8. alison says:

    Save your strength for turning 50! Believe me being 40 is the new 30 is a breeze in comparison. Despite my best efforts the poor body just starts to show its time on this earth from aged 50. BUT, I keep going and doing what I can to keep my body and mind well tuned.

    Now, as for your belly. Don’t worry about it. You always look fabulous and we never would have known if you hadn’t had told us. You are such an inspiration to many and a great motivator.

    Cheers big ears