Crockpot Cream Cheese Chicken

Fri 27th, Jul, 2012

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Aloha Beach Cottage recipe girls, today I have one of my favourite recipes in the world, super easy, super tasty and can be dumped in your slow cooker / crockpot before you go out or put together on the top when you run in the door…we like those Too Easy dumpable recipes, don’t we?

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Right, now, if you are on a serious diet, either leave this blog pretty pronto or do an extra kilometre in your walking because this may go straight to your thighs. I must say though my thighs quite like it – it’s creamy and soft and garlicy and yummy and has Rosemary and wine and oh the list goes on and on.



But as ever in this old cottage, deep Down Under, in the depths of that place where the sun often shines and people call you ‘mate’ this is firstly a mega easy chicken recipe, you could, at a push, produce it with your eye’s shut…and secondly it uses fresh, natural, easy ingredients..



One of the things that I love about Australia is the produce and its accessibility…I was, to put it simply, flabbergasted by the produce and groceries when we moved here…and many other English girls I know feel the same….I came here from a land where it was unusual to see a greengrocers…all had long gone, to be replaced by the giants – but I did wonder if I would be able to get some of the groceries and staples I had come to love in England that were perhaps a bit more unusual – but far from not being able to get them, many grocers provide an extensive range of products from all corners of the globe.

And oh boy do I ever revel in that.



It did make me laugh when I came here to see a certain salt, made famous by a few of those TV chefs in England, and local to me in Kent, right slap bang, piled up to the ceiling in an Aussie grocers and cheaper here than over there!

It is not lost on me every day when I pass my favourite market that I have this amazing selection of groceries and fresh food at my fingertips…I love food, I try to eat un-processed stuff, I cook real meals for the Crew in this old cottage most days and I love that it’s easy for me to get fresh food easily.



So this recipe ticks all the Beach Cottage Too Easy recipe boxes – it uses everyday fresh ingredients, can be left happily to sit on its own, is easy to throw together but the most important thing, it makes it look like all of these things are in fact untrue and that you stayed, all day, tied to the kitchen, apron on, stirring and whizzing and chopping while all else were out and about doing their thing..

This chicken recipe is also fab because it can be foofed…meaning you can fancy it up a bit if you have people over… throw in a few posh mushrooms, add the odd fancy schmancy loaf of oh-so-rustic bread on the side, preclude it with some delightful little bits from the deli and serve it with some designer greens and those guests that you invited over and wished you hadn’t will think you all the better



Righto so this started in my life years ago back in the Old Country when I was saddled with a huge third baby and could just about get dressed in the mornings, I was looking for something to throw in the slow cooker / crockpot to go with chicken in the fridge…I found this recipe, it included not wine but a tin of condensed chicken soup and cream cheese (as do many recipes you might find for the slow cooker – and purrrlease do not discount, or turn your nose up at this adding of convenience soup to a piece of meat and some onions served with some fresh veggies – throw this in in the morning on low and come home, still to a home-cooked meal…..a can of soup in that situation is miles better than a take-away pizza in my humble opinion) …I threw it all in about lunchtime, mixed it together and hoped for the best…it’s has been on the menu here ever since…the kiddos like it, but it’s me that loves it – I love the garlic and the herbs with the creamy cheese…though I have to say this is coming from someone who eats cream cheese (please don’t even think about low-fat version) straight from the fridge by the spoonful…

As it evolved I left out the soup and instead just added wine, stock and big handfuls of herbs from the garden, or whatever I had on hand….slowly that whittled down to, if I had it, Rosemary and parsley and often sage too…but really, any that are to hand…

20120727-08-IMG_3666 20120727-07-IMG_3583

This recipe sings with fresh herbs though and I recommend that you include them if you can…


Beach Cottage Recipe

Crockpot / Slow Cooker Cream Cheese Chicken

1 kg chicken breasts or thighs

3  cloves garlic

2 sprigs fresh Rosemary very finely chopped

handful fresh Parsley

1/2 cup white wine

1/2 cup stock

I cup (packed) cream cheese

2 x medium onions finely chopped

1. add onion, garlic, herbs, chicken, white wine and stock to crockpot / slow cooker

2. leave on low 4 hours (check the consistency of the sauce – slow cookers cook differently, if too watery, turn to high and leave the lid ajar for a bit)

3. about an hour before eating, roughly ‘chop’ the cream cheese into smaller pieces and add cream cheese to crock and stir through

Serve over rice and fresh veggies

Beach Cottage Recipe Notes :  *as always sub fresh herbs for dried if you don’t have any fresh – whatever makes your life easier and means your family get a home cooked meal – mixed Italian herbs thrown in here work fine *guessing you could sub the cream cheese for low fat cream cheese if you like *you can make this on the stove top or in the oven, about an hour, adding the cream cheese about 15 mins before eating  *chop the Rosemary very finely if you don’t like little bits, I don’t care about that *throw in an extra clove of garlic if like me you love it, lose one if you don’t *a squeeze of lemon doesn’t go amiss here and there

Crockpot Notes : I have been getting lots of emails about crockpots – it seems they all cook differently so if you are new to this cooking, it will be a learning curve, I have got to know mine now – you will too.  This dish can be left all day also, but, depending on your crock and how hot it cooks you may need to add some more stock so that it doesn’t dry out over a whole day. Also you can whack it over to high and lessen the cooking time….just keep an eye on it every now and then


While we are talking about food and recipes and all things lovely and fresh I would like to let you know that Harris Farm Markets are currently running a competition, click here for more info (and this post is brought to you by them – I love that and I love Harris Farm – it is a place that is part of my new life in Australia and has been since about the day we landed ….I love the flowers, the plethora of Aussie fruit and vegetables, the special offers, the groceries, the ooodles of fresh Aussie things, the dairy produce, I like to swipe a recipe card at the counter, I simply adore that it’s still family-run and I love the little leaflet that shows you Dave’s tips on what is in season and how to cook it. Dave Harris is the founder of Harris Farm Markets and is the go-to guy on fresh produce – he’s been in the job for 40 years!


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That’s it from me with this Beach Cottage Chicken Recipe for your slow cooker or crock pot…I hope you like it ladies…this one sure is a keeper…team it with some fresh greenery and bob is your crockpot-get-the-dinner-on-the-table uncle

Oh and remember if you make this I would love your feedback if you get time – a lot of the Beach Cottage Recipes are gathering comments, so it’s a good resource to go back to

Adios my friends or perhaps today we will say G’day




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don’t forget it!


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29 Responses to “Crockpot Cream Cheese Chicken”

  1. Neen says:

    Yipeeeeee another easy recipe, if its half as good as your chicken curry it’s a WINNER!! My teen daughter has even raved to girlfriends about BC chicken curry and invited them for tea !!! You are the chef in our lives ;)
    Am I first ????? heheheheh

    • sarah says:

      wow, I am SO impressed that a teen liked my recipe ;-)

      this is just as good, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this…I hope you will too xx

  2. Kristen says:

    Very naughty recipe. Must try immediately.

  3. Melinda says:

    - thighs in trainging for impending holiday where they might be bare – will save this for their “off season” !!

  4. Thanks Sarah- was just looking for a fab creamy recipe to counteract the beach walking I’m doing!! ;)
    This is sooo on the agenda this soccer filled Olympics watching sunny weekend!

    Can I also just add that these are, for me, the loveliest *food* photos you’ve taken yet!

    Happy Friday…Melissa x

    PS_ I agree- I love those little recipe leaflets at Harris!

  5. Selby says:

    Yum!! This sounds fab!:) I love that your recipes not only look great but are actually achievable too, any recipe that starts ” three days ahead..” just leaves me cold.

    Sticking this on my to try list for sure:)

    Thanks for the eye candy and dinner inspiration


    • sarah says:

      thank you for your lovely comment…

      I only do achievable lol, my life does not need any complication around the dinner department x

      this is a no brainer, it is soooo easy!

  6. Sarah Klem says:

    This looks amazing, it’s freezing cold here at the moment, perfect slow cooker weather! Your food piccies are just lovely, I live about 800k’s from the nearest city so ‘fresh’ fruit and veg is trucked out usually resulting in a few defrosted tomatoes, wilted greens and limp carrots…yummo

    • sarah says:

      wow that is a long way from the nearest city!

      I hope you like it Sarah, it is super easy x

  7. alison says:

    When grocery shopping does anyone else just stop and look at the variety and abundance of high quality food we have here in Australia?

    Some people hate this domestic chore but I treat it as time to appreciate how blessed I am.


    • sarah says:

      oh I do Alison! I love the choice here and the amazing fruit and veg and all Australian too!

  8. kate says:

    i am totally doing this for dinner tomorrow night! might even just throw it all in the slow cooker ;) Kate x

  9. Yummo, This will fit perfectly into my low carb regime!! No rice for me though.

  10. Thighs or no thighs (I’m choosing to ignore them at the moment)….this recipe sounds so good, Sarah! I pinned it under my recipes!!! Thanks for sharing another great one! :)

    xoxo laurie

  11. Laura says:

    Hi Sarah :)
    Looks yummy – I will be trying it soon!
    I am pretty new to your blog…only about two
    weeks or so and I am just eating it all up!
    Pure deliciousness my friend! I love your
    simple style and your personality really makes
    me smile! I have just one favor to ask…
    umm…can you explain to my Hubby why I came
    home with an oar today when we haven’t
    got a boat ?! Thanks…tee hee :D
    Hugs, Laura

    • sarah says:

      hahahhahahhahah rolling on the floor here….ummm can you explain to my hubby why I came home with an old boat strapped to my roof????

      if he starts giving you eyebrows just tell him to be happy that you are not hitting him around the head with it ;-) x

  12. Alyson says:

    I Love my crockpots (I have two and would contemplate a third if I could get a different size!) – and after a hectic with freezer food for dinner most nights, I think this is just what we need…and it’s probably no more trouble! I’m crazy and going sugar-free at the moment, so this one fits the bill nicely!

    • sarah says:

      good luck on the sugar-free Alyson!

      I have two too, and love doing dinner in one dessert in the other…my family then think I am super-duper hahaha x

  13. Suzan says:

    Now if only someone would eat chicken I would make this. I remember the version with soup, cream cheese and an Italian seasoning I could just not buy in Australia. A modified version went in the pot and it was wonderful.

    Thanks for the inspiration

  14. Rah says:

    I think I just found tonight’s dinner! YUMMO

  15. HRH Sarah says:

    Do you generally use thighs when you make this? I’ve never done breasts in a slow cooker, and was worried about them getting kinda dry. But then, with all that wonderful cheeeeeese maybe it’s not an issue!

  16. Isis says:

    This is a thousand times more delicious than the traditional old Crock Pot Cream Cheese Chicken recipe (i.e. the one that calls for Campbell’s soup). You truly nailed this one. Thank you so much for sharing – I LOVED it!