Tue 17th, Jul, 2012

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Beach Cottage Ladies, hello, how the devil are you, Slow Cooker Asian Beef on the menu today…yep we have in Beach Cottage Land, not beach decor, not old things found on the side of the road ready for a bit of coastal treatment, nup today we have another Dump & Go, Too Easy (you heard that cooking term here first) Beach Cottage Crockpot Slow Cooker Recipe.

Yah, this one is about as easy as all the other crock potting lovelies I make…ready?  let’s go

So, those of my, ahem, vintage, may remember the crock-pot as this rather odd looking gadget sitting in the cupboard, mostly covered in dust and often of the errrm 70′s fashion and styling- you may indeed remember this fondly, or indeed, not.

Whatever you do think of this humble little gadget, with or without brown 70′s styling (shudder), it is definitely this girl’s very best friend …and I wrote here they whys and wherefores of that.

Now, this recipe is all over the internet and I have to say that when I first made it, it was again from the old forum I belonged to – long long before blogs and fancy recipe sites – this was simply one of those forums with a list of recipes with headings like Beef, Chicken, Lamb …you had to laboriously go through the links, plus no images… people just added in a recipe and other people commented on it.

This one was something along the lines of pop in your beef, add some soy sauce and leave on low all day…and so I tried it and it was not bad, but something was missing…

Then the next time I added a few more things…garlic, ginger and chilli …and it was much nicer

…then I saw another recipe along similar lines, which included the addition of sugar…

which led me to how it goes in today…



This is just a fabulously easy recipe, it ticks every single box you may ever wish to tick in your life as a busy mum to three Beach Cottage Rugrats – it it Dump & Go-able, it can sit more than happily all day long as people come and go at different times, it is easy, it’s good on the budget, and, as ever, it tastes like you made mucho effort, but instead you pinned pins on Pinterest all day long ;-)



So, here we go my Beach Cottage Lovelies, throw this in your slow cooker / crock-pot, head down the beach and think of me…

Beach Cottage Recipe

Crockpot Asian Beef


1 beef roast

1/3 cup soy sauce

1/4 cup brown sugar

1 onion finely chopped (I use green onions from the garden too)

3 cloves garlic

1 inch fresh ginger, grated

1 chilli

3 tbsp rice wine vinegar


1. throw all ingredients in slow cooker / crockpot

2. leave on low all day (8-10 hours) or high 4-5 hours

3. serve over rice




Beach Cottage Recipe Notes

*you can use chilli flakes instead  *omit the chilli if you don’t like a kick (I add more than this for my portion)  *adjust sugar as to your taste – I have seen this in similar recipes with double this sugar  *substitute rice wine vinegar with sherry  *this is best left all day and is a perfect one if you are out of the house for a while (depending on how your slow cooker cooks I might also add in there a half cup of stock if I were to be out all day)  *if cooking only for 4-5 hours on high, divide the roast in two so it cooks nicely (don’t take the lid of too many times)  *if you like onions, throw another one in

***I actually do two of these roasts at the same time – the first one served over rice with the sauce from the crock too and a green salad (I like salad with everything but I also often throw in a pack of carrots with this so I don’t have to do anything) …I use my rice cooker too so this is one seriously easy meal to come home to….the second night I shred this to within an inch of its life and then serve in tortillas with lots of fixings like avocado, cheese, loads of veggies etc (my kiddos love this dinner)




a few more images here xo

[nggallery id=66]

I hope you like the look of it….thanks so much for all the feedback on the recipes here, I love a comment on an old recipe post from one of you girlies saying you tried it and it went down well…they are not culinary masterpieces but more recipes that might save you from a white-washed broomstick one night, and that my friend is gold ;-)


See you soon, I have got some ahhhhhmazing beachy, coastal, ocean, sea, water shots to show you from Mr TBC!

Next time friends, let me know if you like the look of this one and as ever, please feel free to leave me your fave things to Dump & Go in your slow cooker




p.s. find all Beach Cottage Too Easy Recipes right here 

guess who is blogging?  That lil’ puppy be blogging right over here, come & say G’day ;-)








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38 Responses to “Crock-pot-Asian-beef”

  1. Going straight to the recipe folder – love it Sarah!

  2. Back to work after a little mini vacation ( family reunion in PA) so this one is on my list!

  3. Marnie says:

    I’m trying that this week, thanks Sarah.
    Here’s a spammy link to my fave slow cooker recipe.
    If you like pork and laziness, you’ll love this
    BTW: your food photos are beautiful x Marnie

    • sarah says:

      thanks Marnie – I do a similar thing with pork, I like the sound of this, I will be trying it xo

  4. Kirsty says:

    So making this!
    I made your slow cooker roast beef last week and hubby was very impressed. It was so good! I love my slow cooker. Best. invention. ever!

    Currently have Portugese chicken and chorizo cooking in mine at the moment. Looking forward to dinner tonight :)

  5. ComfyChair says:

    Synchronicity – reading this wonderful post after eating a dinner of twice-baked crockpot potato with goat cheese – I’ve got the name all wrong I’m sure – it’s your recipe that I make once a month and freeze the extras for later. Delicious! Love your recipes.

    • sarah says:

      I think you go the name right lol!

      I really appreciate you taking the time to leave me feedback, thanks! I love that recipe, I make it often x

  6. Oh yum! This sounds similar to the one I make, I use this recipe only reduce the sugar and use low sodium soy sauce. I’ve used it with many different cuts of beef.


  7. alison says:


    Here are 2 of my favourites at the moment.

    Slightly Different Pancakes (can freeze cooked pancakes, makes 6+ pancakes)
    1 cup of cooked sushi rice ( I haven’t tried other rice yet. I freeze cooked sushi rice in 1 cup portions)
    100g rolled oats
    200g cottage cheese
    4 eggs
    1 tspn cinnamon
    Put all ingredients in blender (I prefer using my food processor)
    Cook 1/4 cup of mixture (more or less if you choose) per pancake
    I have cooked these in a seasoned non stick pan and have used Glad Bake to reduce fat content

    All Bran Muffins (Makes approx 24 muffins)
    2 cups All Bran (or rolled oats or muesli)
    1 1/2 cups low fat milk
    2 tablespoons honey
    2 tablespoons butter/margarine (I am going to try substituting this with apple puree to reduce fat)
    1 egg
    11/4 cups SR flour
    1 cup of your choice of fruit or vegetables eg, mashed banana, cooked rhubarb, grated carrot, raspberries etc
    Pinch nutmeg


    Stir in the rest of the ingredients and mix until well combined
    3/4 fill muffin patty pans
    Can top each muffin with pecans or almonds slivers
    200C for 20 minutes or until browned.
    Cool on wire rack.

    Warning: The All Bran works!!!!!


  8. Stacey (harrimar) says:

    Brilliant!! And not much washing up…..even better!! ; ) x

  9. Do you promise it will look as pretty as that on my table? This is definately going in my slowcooker, everyone in our house eats asian and the easier the better!! Tried the BC chorizo stew the other night and it was very much a winner Thankyou! The best thing about your recipes Sarah is the fact that they are NOT culinary masterpieces, they are just normal do-able can-find-the-ingredients-at-safeway recipes. With gorgeous pics thrown in! x

  10. Tania says:

    Love your blog Sarah! (I’m a long time lurker, first time poster) :) Do you or any other readers have a slow cooker to recommend? Mine is just a ‘half price sale’ purchase, and I don’t seem to be able to leave it on low all day (or even 4-5 hrs) it just seems to cook too fast & I’ve got to watch that it doesn’t dry out a meal altogether.

    • sarah says:

      Tania, some of them seem to cook ‘hotter’ – if you Google that you will see other people with the same problem….it means that you will have to adjust the amount of liquid you add to it as you get used to using it…for example with this dish you and want to go out all day you might need to add say a cup of stock to save it drying out….I don’t think it is anything to do with the brand or price that you paid, in fact I always go for the cheaper model

      I hope that helps

      oh and welcome to Beach Cottage Land and out of Lurkdom

  11. Robyn says:

    Hello Sarah, I stumbled across your blog a few days ago, googling about meal planning. I live in England (Brighton) and have a six year old son and 4 year old twins (a boy and a girl). I’ve been reading over your past recipes and menu planning and it looks great – very inspirational. I made your honey joys on Monday with my twins and they were gone frighteningly fast!!!! My twins start school in September and I’m looking at how to manage cooking along with everything else so I can minimise housewifely stuff and actually start working again. I bought a slow cooker when the twins were teeny, but gave it away because everything I cooked tasted of nothing! I guess I was doing something wrong??? Anyway, thank you for all your hard work and I look forward to the arrival of my slow cooker and trying out some more of your recipes (although the honey joys have set a very high level!!!!)

    • sarah says:

      well G’day to the Old Country! …I am getting homesick pangs for Brighton Pier!

      …yes the first time I had Honey Joys here in Australia I nearly killed the person for the recipe and she thought I was a lunatic lol!

      The first few times with the slow cooker are a learning curve, if you get past that you just simply don’t look back

      oh and welcome to Beach Cottage Land ;-) x

      • Robyn says:

        Beach Cottage Land seems to be a very lovely place to be! Brighton is a bit damp and grey at the moment – despite being the middle of Summer. If you look very closely on google earth you can see me waving at you from the end of the Pier!

  12. Robyn says:

    Durrr – you see my brain has completely gone . . . that’s what having twins has done to me – I meant to tell you the exciting(!) news that you inspired me to buy a new crock pot!

  13. Liz says:

    I just showed Mr 2IC your gorgeous pics and this dinner is on the meal planner for next week and I can’t wait! Pretty sure it’s going to become a new favourite :)

  14. Helen T says:

    Hi Sarah, have just arrived home to the most delicious aroma in the air, we’re having this for our dinner tonight and if the smell is anything to go by we will be having a yummy meal, thanks for the recipe

  15. Jos says:

    Yumbo – that recipe sounds delish. Tell me by the end of cooking time does the meat fall apart so you can achieve that pulled beef effect? I love a bit of pulled meat – even though we’ve been going fairly meat-less for awhile – this will be our return to feasting on the beast! It would probably work well with pork too do you think?!!!! Of to the butcher I trot!

    • sarah says:

      Yes it literally falls apart but only if you leave it in there a long time….more than 8 hours is even better, as long as you watch the liquid content though…I do something similar with pork but with different spices xo

      • Jos says:

        Yum – it’s slow cooking now and boy am I ravenous from the delicious aroma – dinner tonight is going to get the thumbs up big-time. Thanks Sarah – another winner of a recipe. xx

  16. Kristin says:

    Hi Sarah
    This looks delicious!! What sort of roast do you use and roughly what weight?
    Can’t wait to try it :)

  17. Mel B says:

    My hubby made this on the weekend. It was so yummy. He offered to cook dinner for me and I showed him your recipe. We loved it. Thanks for the inspiration.