Tue 17th, Jul, 2012

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G’day there lovely Beach Cottage blog friends…life has not given me lemons lately…but someone did present me with a bunch of sweet peas…how kind


..but lemons are in season in this lovely land Down Under and they are everywhere…extremely good value and I love having stacks of them to brighten up Winter…my citrus trees are doing well and next year I am hoping, finally to put my rose-tinted specs on, throw a basket over my arm and walk out into the garden of this old cottage, and pick my very own lemons…right now I have one lonely solitary one out there..better than nothin’ and a whole lot better out there when we moved into this place…

I will see you later…I am spending, hopefully a quiet day today – after three weeks of the Beach Cottage Crew on school holidays, a conference, a BC birthday and just life stuff, this old cottage is needing some lurve…I will be doing just that, a spot of gardening and a walk with Barls plus coffee too, always need coffee…Barls is going for a little op this week, poor sausage

Cheers lovelies


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Barley Blogged today!  Go here to see what he’s been up to this morning! 


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13 Responses to “BeachCottageStagram”

  1. Miss Sew & So says:

    Loving pops of colour with lemons too-our tree (& one lime tree as well) took a year or two, and this year was laden with limes and now lemons…

    Nothing like your own is there Sarah.

    Hope Barley is AOK-our puppy Lola’s had her operation at the Vet’s, and we all missed her terribly!

    Take care-enjoy the day -my three are back too & the house is getting some loooove!

    Melissa x

  2. jaime says:

    Barley, my little friend,

    RUN and hide, riteawaykwik! (Maybe in the suitcase you were in the other day).

    Sure they *say* you are going to get “tutored” –but what really happens is the Dr. Vet Man makes you take a nap and when you wake up you haven’t learned anything at all! And, if you thought wearing your sweater was bad wait until you meet the cone of shame ;-( Be very suspicious, Barley, v-e-r-y!

    Zachary D. Greyhound

    Pee ess: Get better riteawaykwik

  3. SO pretty again Sarah. And a big scratch behind the ears to Barley please. xx

  4. alison says:


    Have you heard the idea that males urinating on lemon trees helps them grow well?? Sounds gross but is supposed to work!

    I love sweet peas.

    I have to soon prepare our cat Bella, a RSPCA graduate, for her next HOME visit from her vet. She is just too neurotic to get to the vet. So I have to barricade the cat flap and put out some kitty litter early in the day, shut as many doors as possible and then act as if everything is normal.

    Enjoy your cave day. My great friend, St Therese, has cave days to recover and regroup from life’s challenges and routines. I’m having a cave day too today. The key is not to tell anyone and just do it.


    • sarah says:

      hmmm, Cave Days, I do like the sound of that! I actually got out in the sunshine though and it was LOVELY! just what I needed…

      goodness to home visits from the vet!

  5. designchic says:

    Is there anything more beautiful than sweet peas – so dainty and lovely. Hope your sweet Barls has a speedy recovery!!

  6. HRH Sarah says:

    The sweet peas are gorgeous. Love to Barley, poor little man!

  7. Alice says:

    Poor Barley…. I felt so sorry for my little one when I had to take her to get done… She loved all the pampering though…. My lime tree is now flowering… Looks like another bumper crop to come (fingers crossed) it’s so exciting and the flowers smell divine! I can just picture oyu with that basket of yours with a whimsical look on your face…lol

  8. Rukmini Roy says:

    No sweet pea flowers here but loads of plump lemons. What will you be doing with them? Another batch of limoncello? Lemon tart? I’m very interested in the fate of those gorgeous lemons

  9. My husband bulldozed my orchard 2 years ago. I had 40 fruit trees in it. The problem was that it was in the paddock next to the house and I was always too frightened to get out there when the fruit was ripening as that was always snake season too!. I had heaps of citrus and stone fruit. The trees were very neglected some were a bit diseased and the ponies had really damaged them in the drought. I decided to integrate fruit trees into the garden closer to the house- which we are super happy with! But it does take time to get your return! I have planted about 15 citrus trees as a bit of a hedge/screen on the way to the chook yard. I have 3 eureka lemons in a bed next to my big shed and they have really come a head- 2 of them are full of fruit, they are only 2 years old. They have the strawberries underneath them) All the others are only 1 year old and each of them has only about 3 limes, lemons or mandarins on them. I also have a lime (and a mulberry) in my chook yard, it has been there a few years and this past weekend I picked a full bucket -yay! I made babymacs lemon syrup cake with a few of the limes ( l leave them until we have a few frosts or they fall off the tree as it makes them super sweet!) I remember having a big old lemon tree in my yard in Sydney that my dad planted and it was a eureka and always laden with fruit. I asked him what the secret was to heaps of fruit on them the other day and he told me that all lemon trees are Iron deficient and he used to drill a hole and put a bolt or nail through the trunk. I haven’t done that but I have planted all around the base, those rusty old rail pins that we find next to a disused rail track on our farm. I wonder if it will work. I have also heard to send the men out to piddle on them too!

    Sometimes, every day for me is a ‘hibernating day’ where you just can’t be comfortable getting out of the house to do anything= the guilt of the state of things keeps you trapped at home! As I returned to work as well I made sure it got to a reasonable state over the weekend.

  10. Lynn says: