Tue 10th, Jul, 2012

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Hey Beach Cottage Ladies, new updates from Beach Cottage Land

I love the beach shot from our walk by sea today…it captured it wonderfully…

plus slow-cooked lamb shanks which according to the Beach Cottage Crew were delicious!

and you have to come & see what Barley did today, hilarious, love what he has brought to this old cottage lol

oh and I spent the afternoon doing some much needed, ahem, cobweb removal, I mean hello where exactly do they spring from what seems like every five minutes?   And shouldn’t I have someone in my life who deals with those little, you know, minorities…?

..also cleared off this old seafaring trunk, she was drowning in cookery books…and realised just how much I love her!

Be still my heart with the vintage Australia lettering already (there’ll be more tomorrow, just sayin’ ;-) )

That’s it from the beaches today




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6 Responses to “BeachCottagestagram”

  1. I’m kind of curious, Sarah, with all those gorgeous pics. you take, why is it when I have done the “tour”, can I not find some of those pics. as artwork on your walls?! Am I missing something?

    • sarah says:

      Hi Sue

      I don’t really like much on the walls …I like vintage doors, a painted surfboard, vintage ladders and oars instead of ‘art’ …I do have a lot of my pics printed though


  2. Alice says:

    Hahaha that picture of Barley was soo cute and funny… I couldn’t help but crack up because 5 minuted before turning the compute on we found our cat a sleep on his “grandpa” slippers lol! I usually find her under the covers… Our dog has completely ruined my lavender bushes :( Not happy she has been sleeping in them! I could of killed her… Completely ruined all that hard work of shaping them like a wall…. Uhhh… It still makes my blood boil, she’s so lucky she is so cute! or else she would have been out of here…

    I also love the beach picture…. LOVELY…. I am desperately waiting for spring…. CAN”T wait! It can’t come soon enough, though I have to say the lighting and colours…Perfection in that shot of yours….

  3. HRH Sarah says:

    The colors in your beach picture are stunning! That little Barley is just too adorable!!! Our cat loves sleeping in suitcases, and in open drawers. Pets can be so entertaining… Thanks for sharing your day, looking forward to more on the vintage Australian trunk!

  4. alison says:

    Cobwebs! If I don’t do a thorough removal every week the place looks like a haunted house. I hate sucking up the hard working spiders in the vacuum but it’s essential.

    I had a massive case of “be still my heart” yesterday when I went to the Heritage Building Centre at Rockdale to get ensuite renovation inspiration and advice and got it! It was bliss just browsing.