Beach Cottage Phases

Mon 30th, Jul, 2012

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G’day Beach Cottage Lovelies….I blame it totally on the Olympics and Old Blighty…there is a phase going on here, have you clocked it….it may or may not be fleeting but it’s definitely here in this old beach cottage, yes right now it seems around here a little bit more vintage English florals, vintage crochet and old-fashioned flowers for Beach Cottage style…with of course nautical stripes and putty thrown in for good measure



If you have been a Beach Cottage girl for a while you will know some of the phases in this old place, we had a bit of prairie chic a while ago and then of course there was the French phase, indeed the remnants of which are still in evidence and still very much loved, the blue phase, still here, but thinking on the way out ever so slightly and now this a tad of English


I actually brought these in here to take some pictures of the peonies, as n excuse for the new hobby aka Beach Cottage Flowers, but I thought they were deserving of their own post Smile

20120730-04-vintage-mason-jar 20120730-05-IMG_2544 20120730-06-beach-cottage-peony

I love doing simple things like this to make it all homey…not a lot of money spent here, a very old sofa (this old girl is actually on her last legs now, pretty sad about that, she’s about 13 now and she is showing it, seriously saggy and baggy and also some signs of wear and tear, the odd age spot or six and wearing a bit thin in places…it has crossed my mind that she will need replacing soon, and then I wince and think of what she has been through with us…a few babies, a big trip over the seas, literally, a new life in the Sitting Room of this old place, defrosting from Blighty and bathed in Aussie sunshine, a few cross words or two, lots of celebrations and the odd person sleeping on her…how very sad it would be to send her to the dump!), and mostly thrifted things…the mirrors, the door, the crochet, suitcase and the table….ain’t much money been spent here kiddos, but still loving it..

So, I’ll be seeing ya then…I am winging my way to the States

What to do you think of those lovely peonies, are you sick of them yet?  Must say I am loooving them

Yours in all things vintage, beachy, and cottage


You can find more Beach Cottage Flowers here, and Barley blogging from Down Under here




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23 Responses to “Beach Cottage Phases”

  1. Francine says:

    I always enjoy your photos :)

  2. That’s the beauty of being an Aussie, you can be whatever culture you like at any given time! Coz we love multiculturalism! AS long as you keep up that pretty tastefulness I’ll keep lapping it up!

  3. I’ll be waving as you fly over my area here in Southern California! Have a fabulous time in New York. It will be everything you think and more!
    xoxo, Chris

  4. I love the flowers.
    Wishing you a fantastic time in NY – I’m looking forward to hearing all about it.
    Nothing like a bit of NY sparkle to cheer up a dreary wet summer here in Ireland.

  5. Selby says:

    Gorgeous flowers! How could you possibly get tired with their happy faces? No way ! Bring on the lovely pinks:)

  6. Alice says:

    Love Peonies and I only discovered their existance a year or so ago! Such a gorgeous flower… I love those mason jars (it’s the hint of colour in the glass that does it for me….It’s exactly what I have been hunting down for ages!)…I feel much the same way about my sofa…. Have a safe and fun trip!

  7. Laura says:

    Coming to NYC? Have fun in my neck of the woods. It’ll be interesting to see what you capture on your trip! Lx

  8. alison says:

    Enjoy the States. I admire the way you make opportunities for yourself. Looking forward to your next post.


  9. Karen says:

    Enjoy the “Big Apple” I’m sure it will be a real hoot!

  10. Oh my gosh, your couch sounds scarily just like me!!?!! Love your new phase. And have a wonderful trip!!! xx

  11. Karen says:

    They are lovely! Just the right composition between the pink and the blue from the jars. Have fun in NY! x

  12. Candice says:

    Loved the post . OMG what are you wearing , packed for your trip girl ? Have the best time Sarah .
    13 years for a couch is a great age , think of the memories shared on that baby , mine was 12 years old when I purchased it , had it 7 years now .
    After I vac the floor and push her back together I often stand there and hold my breath , since she came to live with us , 2 of my 4 have reached young adulthood and emarked on their own couch in their own homes , I wipe the couch and memories come back over who is watching what and who is taking up the most room , and moans that the much younger ones wanted to watch the repeat of the repeat of their fav movie .
    Yes she’s saggy yes she’s lost her comfort and yes shes wear a cover to hide her wrinkles . But she remains last on my never ending list of improvements to make around here . Love the pics … when those darn bush turkeys leave I might be able to grow my own . Keep safe , enjoy and lap it up over there . Cheers .

  13. Kat says:

    Gorgeous flowers. I don’t think I have seen them here in Tas.
    Probably some about but rare I would think.
    Ooh have a fabulous time!!
    I too was going to ask can you please do a post on what you wore in NYC?! :)
    I was just thinking of it when out shopping the other day and wondering what you are going to pack.
    You room, couch and decorative touches are so warm and inviting.

  14. Sharon Forward says:

    What ever “phase” you are in it looks good to me have a great trip!x

  15. bec says:

    have a great time in New York.. if you see my cousins ..say hi.. lol x

  16. kath says:

    You’re coming to NYC? I live in NY, not far outside of the city! Let me know if you need a tour guide or suggestions, I’d be glad to volunteer! In the meantime, have a safe flight & a great trip, although, it’s NYC, how can you not?

  17. Ally says:

    The peonies never get old. I look at your lovely pictures and sigh with contentment.

  18. Karen Eileen says:

    So glad I wandered by and found you today. Lovely flowers. Being from Southern Calif we can’t grow them, but I more than make up for it with Roses.

  19. I know exactly what you mean about the ever-changing personality of home, Sarah. lol! Heaven’s Walk started as a beach cottage (as you well know!), morphed into a farmhouse-style Jeanne d’Arc home, was re-introduced to a little shabby chic-ness which is now blending nicely with a wee bit of bohemian. :) I love seeing changes in our homes. If we don’t change it up sometimes, it becomes stagnant and boring. And seeing those peonies again just makes my heart sing! Sure wish they bloomed all summer long!!

    Have fun in NY, girlie! Looking forward to hearing about your adventure!

    xoxo laurie

  20. Susan @ Afford Your Passions says:

    Enjoy your trip to New York, Sarah! One day, I’ll get to BlogHer (although I’m seriously hankering after a trip to the SNAP conference next year…)

    Your peonies are gorgeous – I never tire of seeing peonies!

  21. HRH Sarah says:

    Peonies are my very favorite, although roses are a super-close second. I only get to enjoy peonies here in the States for about 3 weeks, then they’re gone… Love your pictures, as always.