Beach Cottage living the country life – Visiting NSW

Tue 10th, Jul, 2012

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Morning Beach Cottage ladies, a few pics from our recent trip to the country today….

I love going away here in Australia, this is such a big country to get to know, to explore and to find out more about…in the early days of living here we would mostly go coastal to the beach on our holidays too, but a few years in we started to look a bit further afield and now we like to go into the country to get away from it all…seems a bit strange sometimes to be going away from the beach, but if there is one thing I miss about Old Blighty, it’s the rolling fields, long damp walks in the woods, the country air, trees, and old buildings…

For this little Winter break we headed up to Gloucester and then about an hour in from there to a very remote place smack bang in the middle of…nothing…hills, fields, wallabies, rivers and trees, oh yes…..internet, coffee and mobile phone, errrm not really…

When I go away I love nothing more to wander, to mooch around taking photos, soaking up the culture and looking at life….we took a trip down to the nearest town one day, population 2500 and did just that…and there was coffee…


I normally head straight to the tourist office for the local history walk, often in Australia, I have found that sadly many of the points of interest on the walks have actually been demolished to be replaced by some new block of apartments and the map will read ‘here stood xxx’  …very sad in my book….Gloucester didn’t have a history walk so I did it very much DIY…

 Gloucester is a town in the  dairy and beef cattle country of NSW , about 150 km from Newcastle, settled in the 1830′s apparently by migrants from the Isle of Skye – that’s a long way to come people in the 1830′s!  From an island off Scotland to the country of NSW…

So anyway, there is one small problem with my walking, photo taking and soaking up of the life…that would be the Beach Cottage Crew…now Mr Beach Cottage, well he can go an hour or two walking around with me doing the same thing…the kiddos, not so much.  When they were little it wasn’t really a problem, strap them in the pram or stick them on a scooter and they would get just as much enjoyment from the mooching as me…nowadays we go our different ways….they go find things to amuse them…while I go walking, oohing, ahhing and sighing at the buildings and history of Australia…

 Here we are in the centre of Gloucester…good golly miss holly, a Rodeo!  Can I tell you how much I want to go to a rodeo.  That would be muchoness…shame we missed this by a couple of weeks, I would certainly have been in my Australian Country Life element… ;-)


or perhaps to visit one of these sales would be nice…not sure what the fragrance would be like though!


I love walking around the streets, gazing at old cottages, getting lost in the wondering of the people who built here, those who lived in here, the life that went on but also the daydreaming of buying one of these and doing it up…


I love how in these old Aussie towns (at least the ones I have been to) there is nearly always a theatre in the middle of the town, along with a hotel/pub…not sure when this one was built, but I think it looks late 20′s..not sure…often these are still in use as cinemas but this one had a new life…

20120710-06-IMG_1690 20120710-07-IMG_1724

love all the rustic stuff goin’  on


and I love seeing things I wouldn’t normally….next fuel on the Thunderbolts Way, no less, 155km

20120710-09-IMG_1694 20120710-10-IMG_1692

love spying on the locals….hats & doing deals on the phone


seeing things I wouldn’t normally experience….not sure what one of these is…anyone care to enlighten me?

20120710-12-IMG_2062 20120710-13-IMG_1698

the odd gold mine always worth a trip too ;-)

20120710-14-IMG_1777 20120710-15-IMG_1730

In contrast to all of that, we headed way up to the top too…

errrrm there was snow, we got to see our first Aussie snow…

sheesh kebab it was cold up here ladies, the Beach Cottage Crew thought it was really weird to be that cold!  Mr BC and I remembered how this living with the cold used to be our life for a good four months of the year….

and this is hardly a lot of snow!

20120710-16-IMG_1572 20120710-17-IMG_1565 20120710-18-IMG_1554

…lots of walks too were had around the Homestead (more on that in the next part) and of course, a little guy came with us all the way…his first Beach Cottage holiday….and not without drama lol!


 one of the best bits of this day stay though, for me, was the war memorial – I think I have said before I am really interested in WWI and II history and I always seek out the war memorial….this one was pretty special…I am still finding it staggering, particularly in WWI, how these young boys, not much older than my Honeymoon Baby went off to fight for a country so very far away…can you even get your head around that?

Lest We Forget


[nggallery id=63]

…that’s it from me then, this is Part Two, next instalment coming soon, I am off for a walk with Barley at the beach and to go to lunch with my two younger kiddos…life is good today ladies…rock it.

Oh and if you have any recommendations for NSW places to visit or any really just leave them for me in the comments, love to know, thanks x


we used the Visit NSW site for our trip – if you are wanting more information on visiting NSW this is an excellent place to start..I love the comprehensive information on here – you can start searching by place you want to visit, what you want to do or what is going on…we are already planning our next one with this website’s help – hello Country NSW, here come the Beach Cottage Crew ;-)


20120710-21-IMG_1784 20120710-22-IMG_1789

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19 Responses to “Beach Cottage living the country life – Visiting NSW”

  1. Lovely photos Sarah! And we are WW2 buffs too. But especially so since we had family fighting in it.

    We live in the country, but just came back from our beach. Thank GOODNESS our beach is only about an hour and 15 minutes away. I couldn’t bear it if it was farther.

    God bless you Sarah! keep taking those beautiful photos!

  2. Alice says:

    Gorgeous photos Sarah as always ofcourse…. Fancy that all the way from Scotland… lol Amazing!

    “I have found that sadly many of the points of interest on the walks have actually been demolished to be replaced by some new block of apartments and the map will read ‘here stood xxx’ …very sad in my book”

    In my book too… It’s happening to my little suburb but you don’t even get the plaque… All the cute little cottages instead fo getting a facelift are getting knocked down to make way for town homes or very ugly duplex buildings (poorly built selling for a fortune – disgusting!)Thankfully the locals will not allow apartments in this area (it will just ruin it! At least if they built nice ones but they are just the plainest ugliest things no thought to them at all…) There use to be a wharf, shops/tea house along the wharf, baths up until WW1 I believe(until the shark attack – nothing serious I believe), cinema etc… All of that gone (the cinema is still there but used as a church)…I wish the council would consider reviving/building it all once again…

    Whoops just realised I started a rant… It’s something that really stirs something in me I really can’t help it…

    Looking foward to the second instalment…

    • sarah says:

      Yeah I could rant on about this too…in my suburb every time I take Barley for a walk, it seems another old Aussie house has been demolished for one of those kit homes! I am surprised more isn’t being done to protect them xx

  3. Melinda says:

    Sounds ( and looks ) like you had a lovely trip away.
    If you are after a rodeo/cattle man extravaganza may I suggest the Man from Snowy River festival at Corryong http://www.bushfestival.com.au/. This is the full big bang and Im thinking you might just love it.
    I spent 14 years living in the nearby area – we are talking an hour’s drive to the supermarket – if you want to know more about the area I’d be happy to help. There’s alot to do round about, walks treasure hunting and old towns aplenty, plus some very beautiful scenery.
    Take a look and see what you think xx

    • sarah says:

      oh my good lordy lou! thanks so much for the link, talk about exactly what I want to go and do! x

  4. that thing on the chain looks to me like some sort of pulley, was it a grain store or something, I can see sacks of maybe cement in the top level?

    We moved to coastal NSW (Lake Cathie, just south of Port Macquarie) last year from New Zealand (Christchurch, earthquake central!) and haven’t done much exploring yet, not inland at least. I want to visit Tamworth (3 hrs drive from here I think) and I would love to go to the annual country music festival held there in January. I’d also like to spend some time exploring the Hunter Valley, and also the little towns down the NSW south coast. Orange is on my list mainly because the name tickles my fancy, lol! Further afield I’d love to visit Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and Uluru. Such a big country and so much to see, so exciting!

    • sarah says:

      I loved Adelaide and Perth is a long way away!

      I fancy Orange too…the French one also lol…x

  5. alison says:

    West of the NSW Blue Mts has a lot to offer. Mudgee is my favourite. Bathurst, Orange, Gulgong, Parkes and Dubbo are all interesting if you are into Australian country towns. I just love a w i d e main street with the clock tower, a war memorial, an old theatre, historic retail shops, a pub on several corners along with the large parks. These large country towns have regular events and annual festivals worth going to. There is a range of accommodation options from camping, farm stays, budget motels, pubs up to 5 star luxury guesthouses. Good cuisine and produce are becoming a huge part of some of these towns as well.



    • alison says:

      PS “sheesh kebab”…LOL

    • sarah says:

      thanks Alison, I have Dubbo and Orange on my list…my kiddos have been to some of these on school trips…I must get out that way, not done it yet

      yep to the sheesh kebab roflmao x

  6. Johanna says:

    Ahh, what a lovely town Gloucester seems to be. So much to discover on the East for us … oh The West is too far away sometimes, lovely as it :) Loved your offbeat photos x

    • sarah says:

      it is lovely…yes I have only been over your way once and was surprised how far it was! x

  7. Ellie says:

    As Karen said above, that “thing” is a winch (I think thats how you spell it). For lifting goods up into the storeroom or for lifting them back down again.

    Your photos are excellent. So glad you took the time to wander around on our behalf.

  8. HRH Sarah says:

    That snow covered fern photo was just marvelous! Of course, all your photos are really good, but that one put me there in that place. Beautiful!

  9. Dimity says:

    If you are after a Rodeo, Coonamble which is north of Dubbo has the biggest Rodeo and Campdraft in the country!
    Visit http://www.coonamblerodeoandcampdraft.com.au/CoonambleRodeoandCampdraft/index.html

  10. how2home says:

    looks like you guys had a great trip!