Beach Cottage Holiday NSW

Wed 25th, Jul, 2012

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G’day Beach Cottage friends, well here we have some more on the recent Beach Cottage goes to the country adventure that we all enjoyed very much, and it seems a lot of you lovely girls like reading about it too!

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I love going to the country in Australia and exploring this State of NSW… for a few reasons…I love the air, the different pace and I love to see more of life the Aussie way…

…one of the things that surprised us when we moved from a village on the outskirts of London to a coastal town outside Sydney by the beach, was that this place they call the Lucky Country is not only vast, but diverse, and full of holiday experiences just waiting to happen…you can do it all here…sun, sea, sand, country, panoramic outback settings, city breaks and yes even snow…



I believe holidays to be a very important part of family life…and we like to pack up and go away on our own…just our little unit away from all the comings and goings of home life …sometimes, with the ages of our kiddos at different times, this has been tricky and not all rainbows, buckets, spades and unicorns, but mostly we have a blast…and I think this is sowing the seeds for the future…making memories that will last a lifetime…and like most things in life, you reap what you sow I have come to believe…


Little breaks here and there that we can drive to work well for us at the moment, yep it’s nice to get on a plane and go overseas but for breaks, for us, it’s great to just get out from here and see what is on offer all around us….we like to pack up the car, head inland to the country or off to somewhere new up the coast for us to explore…no fusses or worries about anything much more than whether or not we actually have everyone in the car and a map…we head out somewhere to do not much and see what we might find….this time we wanted Country, I wanted a bit of local history and the kiddos wanted to kick back, eat lollies and hang out…and so we booked a retreat that was five hours north of here and then an hour’s drive from the nearest town…away from it all? Certainly.

We took board games, books and movies and lots of supplies…the boys planned fishing and snooker tournaments and doing those things that boys do, the girls planned walks and chats and movies…and not a lot else…

20120725-07-IMG_1929 20120725-08-IMG_2111 20120725-09-IMG_1955

We spent our days on very long walks, the boys doing those things they love to do, generally playing games, scheming, building fires and making weapons out of sticks and whittling things….what is it with this whittling thing? …at one point all three (not including Barls here ladies) were eyes down intently whittling at sticks they had found…and then comparing notes on them…whatever floats ya boat…if all boys are content in this place, all is good.

20120725-10-IMG_1995 20120725-11-IMG_2080 20120725-12-IMG_1923 20120725-13-A-Beach-Cottage-Country- 20120725-14-A-Beach-Cottage-2 20120725-15-IMG_1881 20120725-16-IMG_1889

and visiting country towns, eating pies, staring at old buildings, fighting over hot chips and watching random cowgirls stopping for supplies ;-)

20120725-17-A-Beach-Cottage-Country-1_thumb 20120725-18-IMG_2089 20120725-19-IMG_2078 20120725-20-IMG_2076


as long as everyone is happy I say ;-)

20120725-21-IMG_2019 20120725-22-IMG_1922

There’s always the going home bit though that I don’t like when on holiday and often it feels like just another week away would be oh-so-very nice, wouldn’t it?? …if we had had another week here it would have been sweet…more lazing around, more movies, more fresh country air, more long walks and no schedules and more importantly more making memories and more exploring…

If you are looking to get away from it all, explore and make some memories right now with your little family, Viva Holidays is offering a great deal with their One Week is Not Enough promotion.

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Cheers Beach Cottage girls…what’s your best thing about going on holiday?



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22 Responses to “Beach Cottage Holiday NSW”

  1. Mummaducka says:

    What a lovely break away for you, yes i am a bit the same, i dont want a holiday that is the same as my home life!
    Wow Sarah is that you in the middle of the stream? You look…….tiny!
    Had to laugh…random cowgirls…..bahahahah! I am surrounded by them. Tee hee.

    • sarah says:

      yes we saw one cross the street in riding boots and a cowgirl hat…sooooo cool…I did get a picture but it showed her whole face so I didn’t want to post it b/c it was too intrusive… it was very exciting to me, I love that part of Australian life that many don’t know about xo

  2. Alice says:

    I am not big on overseas trips and get aways but I do love a good staycation! So yep I hear you about Australia having so many places to holiday and explore….So much so that we had our honey moon at shoal bay…2 weeks in paradise if you ask me… We loved it so much we were considering moving there but then reality hit so we never gave ourselves the chance to go for it…. I told hubby much prefer saving the flight money and spend it here… Have travelled a little more areound Australia after that (before kids) and decided that the whole grey nomad life style might be a good way to spend some of my retirement later on in the future(perhaps as a part time grey nomad, I am not a big fan of living out of suitcases for long stretches of time)…Loving the picture of you in the middle of the stream and that little furry thing is so cute…. But I am afraid to ask… What is it? It looks nothing like any mouse I have ever seen(it’s ears are so cute)… There are so many native animals I have not heard of or even seen pictures of…

    • sarah says:

      hmmmm interesting I am not sure what it is either, I didn’t get near enough to it !

      I am so planning going around Aus (and Italy) in my retirement …xx

      • Mummaducka says:

        Hahahaha it is a garden variety guinea pig! They are gorgeous! Breed like mice though , well that is to be expected they are a member of the rodent family. We have them in our aviary, they scare the mice and rats away!

  3. alison says:

    Australian country holidays make me mellow. I do tend to have a brain on constant overload without realising. When driving in the Australian country I soon get to a point where I think, “this is living”. Ahhh, how’s the serenity. ( Quote from The Castle movie.)


  4. Hi Sarah- firstly,,your photos are lovely…a little bit of the home country life in England – but quintessentially Australian!
    There is something different about country air and sea air- perhaps it’s throwing oneself into what one doesn’t live day by day??
    Sounds like the perfect getaway…chooks, wellies and all…just what a sandy beach reared family needs!

    Thanks for the heads up!

    Melissa x

  5. Christine says:

    This looks like it would be a lot of fun! Where I live I have San Francisco 2 hours away, Los Angeles is 4 hours and I live right smack in between Yosemite and the beach. I cannot believe I don’t get out more often…..I need to take inspiration from your beautiful post.

  6. Angela Smith says:

    ok ok ok… now I’m not only inspired with the painting and the photography and the paint drips and runs, but this momma is fixin’ to start some sort of exercise. You look great. Healthy and great. I was having some heart issues for the past year or so, was told to take it easy and so on, and it’s getting better now, thanks to the heart specialist. But as I like to say – It’s on like Donkey Kong now!
    Awesome pics, btw.

  7. Emma says:

    *Sigh!* Aren’t holidays the best?! Like you Sarah, our family has just got back from a country holiday. But ours was to desert country! Oh I love Australia! We’re already looking at the map to work out another route and destination…
    We’ve got Australia and Italy on our retirement plan too! Defn Italy without children!!! R, Emma.

  8. Love these photos … maybe you need a sister blog: A Country Cottage ;)

  9. Selby says:

    having just had a week of holidays evaporate under our feet because hubbys work wanted him back a week early then enjoying your holidays vicariously has got to be the next best thing!!: )

    lovely photos of the buildings and signage…reminds me of William Eggleston whos work I love.

    • sarah says:

      thanks Selby, I take a million photos of signage! xxx sorry to hear about your holidays, that is not good!

  10. What a fun little getaway for you, Sarah! It all kind of looks like our back yard. lol! Woods and water. :) It’s funny that whenever we plan a vacation, it’s always always always along the seashore someplace. Whereas you have that beauty in YOUR backyard….lucky girl. lol!

    xoxo laurie

  11. Ally says:

    I loved and am using your awesome blog photography tips. I’m terrible, brand new at it, and have a cheap camera, but it’s amazing what one can do if one takes a few extra minutes. I’m referring to myself as one, kind of like the queen, I don’t know why. These pics are lovely of your trip – I had to pin the muddy wellies shot at the end. So happy looking.

  12. mansuetude says:

    love your photos. such a visual diary of a world so far from mine, so fascinating.

  13. Tamara Summer says:

    Wow Sarah you are looking svelte – must be all those lovely beach walks! :-)

    • sarah says:

      thank you, I think it is an illusion as I am very unfit right now, but I am walking Barley a lot x