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Sun 15th, Jul, 2012

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G’day Beach Cottage ladies, have I got a treat for you today!  We have not only dressed up coastal style tables, we have Scandinavian things and a little Beach Cottage Giveaway!


If you have been with me for a while you will know that along with white things, coastal things and vintage things, I also am a bit of a sucker for a bit of Scandinavian design and I love to pair a touch of modern vintage country with a few shells and stripes for the Beach Cottage look.

The way I like to add a bit of the Scandi in my life is often through home accessories – little bits and bobs that can be easily interchanged, do not break the bank and allow me to fulfill one of my favourite ways to spend time, when I should be doing the laundry – dressing up a table and making it all look pretty.


And in performing the pretty making bit there is often, thrown into the equation, vast amounts of white china and an obsession with anything with a name like jug, pitcher, carafe, mason jar or vintage bottle…and this vessel obsession has now actually swiftly moved from an object to hold milk, water or suchlike, to a full-blown on the shelf as a display collection of my dreams. Baby, do I love that.

And so when my eyes landed on this lovely little carafe complete with lettering and the kinda vintage with a touch of Scandi twist that makes my heart go pitter patter I knew it had Beach Cottage In My Collection about written all over it.

And it had to be.  And so it was.


As if by magic, this little carafe (and a few of its white friends, these ones here) winged their way, across the seas, to this place they call Down Under, to sit out on my deck table with me and the Beach Cottage Crew and enjoy a new warm life under the Australian sun ;-)

I have to say, when they arrived, I was not disappointed…I just love it when a package arrives…kinda like a birthday when I arrive home on the deck to see a little parcel sitting there waiting patiently for me, or the sound of the bell when the Postie rings….even though you may well have ordered it yourself, indeed spent your own hard-earned cash on it, there is always an element of the special about the whole operation and even more divine if the product is travelling to you from another land…

…and of course, in my case, with all this unwrapping and excitement there is too, perhaps an element of secrecy if indeed one’s purchase may well be being stashed in the back of the wardrobe after it’s delicious unveiling…

I don’t know about you though, but sometimes, when I order things online, opening the box has with that excitement, too, a  wonder at what I might find…but everything about these beauties from their aesthetic qualities, to the packaging, to the swiftness of their delivery was spot on.

20120715-05-beach-cottage-blog 20120715-06-design-house-stockholm

And from there, well the rest is all Beach Cottage history, I firstly initiated these babies in all things white and coastal, introduced them to some Australian Breakfast, gave them a bunch of lavender to enjoy and let them surround themselves with shells and stripy things.


Then, when the time was right, when all was quiet in Beach Cottage Land, when there were no interruptions, well, then we went out on the deck to play.  Just me, pretty white things who had travelled from half-way around the world, and the odd peony or too….with a few shells thrown in for good measure…


And boy oh boy was it fun….


I hope you like it Beach Cottage ladies, I about loved this tablescape…simple, white, a bit of coastal and a hint of the Scandi.

So very much up my alley.

a few more pics for you here

[nggallery id=65]


Now for the best bit, these can very much be up your alley too because today in Beach Cottage Land we have a giveaway!!

…a tasty little white Scandi giveaway….

What’s up for grabs :  A $150 gift voucher to spend at ScandinavianDesignCenter

What do you have to do to enter? : Answer this question in the comments section of this post, best answer wins!

 What you would love to spend $150 on at ScandinavianDesignCenter.…a little bit of zoosh for your table, hello Marimekko anything, some lovely linens, a curtain or two?  Just hit comment and let me know, best answer wins!

open : worldwide 

Good luck Beach Cottage lovelies


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ScandinavianDesignCenter is your go-to for Scandinavian design and all that that embraces, including top brands – established in 2002  with the goal of creating an online shopping experience where everyone can access and buy Scandinavian design/home decor irrespective of where they live.  Now serving customers in more than 70 countries and offering worldwide shipping with a quick, easy and comfortable shopping experience right from your home however far away it may be!


this Giveaway is now closed

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118 Responses to “Beach Cottage GIVEAWAY”

  1. megan dobson says:

    Would LOVE to buy some of their beautiful curtains or kitchen accessories :)

  2. Lauren says:

    Their roman shades are darling. I have a window in my kitchen that would look perfect with one; a nice addition of texture and class. Also, the light filtering would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Ju12 says:

    The readers nest book storage, I always have a good supply of reading material!

    And with a new house (on a cold mountainside in New Zealand) and with a new baby, STORAGE of any description.

    Love the site (beach cottage and the Scandinavia store).

  4. Lanae B says:

    My heart skips a beat for the Sigvard bed set. Stunning and white.

  5. Vicki S says:

    I would love to buy some curtains for the old house I just bought!
    I’m going to do it in beach cottage style, that’s why i love your blog so much.
    Thanks for the opportunity !

  6. Judy says:

    I am getting the chance to finally have a house much closer to the ocean in 3 weeks…so I could use some of this loveliness! Since they don’t sell blow ups of your lovely beach pics… I’d decorate the new home with some beautiful Speglum fabric for the tables or windows, add in some lovely white vases and cups, a few of their peony light strings and I’m on my way to my own beach cottage….

  7. Hi Sarah-

    Your stash is divine!
    Glad to see it didn’t find it’s way to the back of the wardrobe straight away!!
    Now you’ve sorted out your wardrobe- are you still allowed to stash in the back??

    The *Calender* wall stickers and the *Sill* tablecloth are fantastic!

    I’ve been looking for one of those blackboard calenders for above the kids work/HW table in the corner of the kitchen- this would look fab for me and the kids ;)

    And the *Sill* blue and white table cloth is so clean and simple and blue and white!!!! Lovely!

    Thanks for the link to the store- it’s heaven!!

    Melissa x

  8. Melinda says:

    oh my !!
    I’ll have to come back later – Ive spent way too long browsing the site and now Im totally overwhelmed with the possibilities. You have a good one going on here today – that is for sure !! xx

    • Melinda says:

      If I was super lucky I would choose the Natural Oak BIRDS – I could almost have all three sizes !!! ;)
      Ive always liked these guys and would love a little wooden flock here in my home

      thanks for the fun xx

  9. Alyson says:

    The Sweden bowl is quirky – I just can’t go past it, cute, clever little thing and the very pretty plastic Pappelina rugs would be perfect for this crazy ranch house in the bush…oh I do love online window shopping!

  10. Jenna says:

    I love the La Shelf canisters and the pappelina rugs! A plastic rug that is stylish and stripe-y that I can wipe clean?! Yes please! With a little boy in the house I need things I can hose down! What a fantastic site!

  11. ann daxberger says:

    I too love beach cottage and the Scandinavian simplicity. However I live in a 600sq ft condo in a Denver highrise. I would definitely spend the $150 on hooks and coat racks. They have unique and fun designs. Or maybe a magazine rack!

  12. kat says:

    I adore the rillo mugs, I’d order a pile of them and use them as vases/holders/vessels all round the house!

  13. Becky @ Farmgirl paints says:

    I love what you got actually. The potholders were colorful and sweet. Loving’ on some of the wallpapers too. Great site. I dig scandanavian design.

  14. loulou says:

    Hello Sarah,

    Well you had me at hello (as you always do :) and at the words beach and Scandinavian!

    My dream is to travel and spend a lot to time in the Scandnavian countries basking in their everyday living and their atmosphere when our children are a little older.

    I popped over and had a look at the site – I love the Scandinavian Design Centre Site and would love to put the gift voucher toward an piece of their clothing called the “Pleece Jacket”. Have you seen it?
    Imagine snuggling up on a sofa with a hot cocoa and having this garment soothing the body and calming the thoughts – how gorgeous.

    thank you Sarah for sharing and hosting the competition,

    x Loulou
    There are 3 colours I adore.

  15. Lil says:

    I would love a few of the gorgeous Branch Hangers. They’d be perfect for our eclectic, rustic home…& maybe a blue & pink Dalahäst for my horse mad kiddies. They’re so sweet.

  16. janita says:

    I would buy some blond plates because I have a little bit of a plate addiction unless of course I change my mind when the money arrives because it looks like there are so many fun things here. thank you janita

  17. Neen says:

    I LUUUUURVE the Attebladsrose table cloth beige…….even better ………I would love to know how to pronouce it !!!! Beautiful linen for me please ;)

  18. judy says:

    ooh I would love to win anything! we are just about to move house and Im looking forward to getting into all my pine furniture to turn it all white! big job ahead so over the pine look.so anything that would fit into my new house would be wonderful.love the scandinavian look.thanks Sarah love your blog

  19. Alana says:

    Hello! Thank you for introducing me to this site! I love their huge selection of mugs- did you see the charming Hoganas style, complete with a Wood saucer?! But, I’m in the market for some new rugs, so I’d put the $150 towards that-I’m thinking the Anna style in yellow for one room and the Hugo carpet in mud for another. I love the bird wall clock too! So fun!

  20. Amanda says:

    Sarah!… having just moved house & surrounded by what seems like a million packing boxes of all my own finds & treasures I just wonder where do you manage to stash all of these beauties that you are able to roll out a different variation on your BC look at a moments notice? Are you a magician?… LOL… and thanks for sharing another beautiful site to inspire (& tempt!!!!!!!!!)… as for what I would like?… well, like you I have a stash of vintage (op shops, garage sales, dusty secondhand shop finds) & new ironstone & creamware – so I would just go cream ceramics all the way. And I would undoubtedly be SO tempted that I would spend more to qualify for free shipping to Australia. Oh Lord! I AM in trouble…. ;-)

  21. Micaela says:

    Oh gosh, what a gorgeous table setting!
    I guess ‘one of everything’ won’t really cut it, so I’ll say the Bengt Ek wall clock would make a lovely addition to our new little house in the making!

  22. Bliss Jones says:

    La Shelf cakestand….La La Lovely!…Love a pop of red in my kitchen…<3
    Wallpaper{latest love affair} in particular the beige map design!Would be great in my teen daughter's up coming room makeover…
    So many choices…! Lourv how the Scandinavians Kiss…{Keep it simple sweetheart!}
    Thanks Sarah….! <3 your blog….You make everything…All white!{right}…

    Bliss{aka Sonya}

  23. I’d get a Molly carpet in green. My floors have been begging for it for months. They are cold and drafty and need some love.

  24. Lauren Guilbeau says:

    I just moved into my first place after college, so I don’t have any matching dishes! I will be getting 4 of the my dinner plates and then a set of the long drink glasses. Then I will be able to have proper dinner parties!

  25. You know you have started a white jug addiction here? I’m getting those cups. Love them!

  26. Scribbler says:

    I really enjoyed looking at this website — never seen it before. The TULIPMANIA fabric really grabbed my attention, and would be perfect on the porch I am building very soon.

  27. Jan from Whidbey Island WA. USA says:

    My oh my, so many wonderful choices at Scandinavian DesignCenter. Thank you for letting us know about this site – it is now in my Bookmarks and I look forward to viewing all of their items. What I need right now, however, are those incredible Swedish Grace plates, in white of course. Reason #1: the dinnerware currently in use was purchased during my ’80′s English Cottage period and the rim has embossed flowers along with chips, and severely crackled centers. Reason #2: My 11 year old granddaughter Grace will be thrilled that my dishes share her name. Reason #3: My Beach Cottage decor is definitely in need of more Swedish items to complete the look and so that my Scandinavian heritage shines through loud and clear as it does in your Beach Cottage. Many thanks Sarah, for all you do.

  28. DeneAnn says:

    Oh, without a DOUBT it would be one of the Pappelina rugs!!! We’ve just moved into this cute little house that has fabulous tile laid in the kitchen and hallway. The only problem is that my little shadow, a chihuahua named Fidget, is the same color and bless his heart he blends in perfectly with the tile floor so while I’m cooking or washing dishes I can’t see him in my peripheral vision!!! He’s such a tiny little booger and he never leaves my side. You would think after being shoved and stepped on by accident he would stay away but he doesn’t!

    Thanks for the contest, and thank you for introducing me to such a fabulous website. I’m loving everything I see!!!

    • whitney says:

      Something sweet for our little breakfast table,oh also need some curtians/blinds for the window there also. Such sn odd little window.:)

  29. Susan says:

    I’ve never seen this website before and it is fantastic! I love the owls wallpaper, it would go perfectly in my little boys room Xxx

  30. Shelley says:

    Really? Are you serious? How could I possibly choose? I managed to narrow it down to something from the Kitchen and Dining, Home Accessories, Wallpapers and Wall Art, Rugs or Jewellery section……….better go back and have another look :)

  31. Sylvia says:

    It’s such a huge website, I can’t make up my mind! I would like to get either one of the wall stickers to cheer up the rather plain walls of my apartment (since you can’t wallpaper or nail things up in an apartment) or a set of cutlery. I had a perfectly good set of stainless steel cutlery, but my former room-mate thought that they looked dull and could use a bleaching. She put them in the bleach and forgot about them, and when I found them the next day, the bleach had eaten holes in all the knife-blades. They are now very, very clean but not actually safe to use.

    I love Scandinavian design, so thank you for having the contest and linking to their website.

  32. Debbi says:

    Oh my… it would have to be the Vera blanket, perfect for the cold evenings up here on the Sunny Coast ( I know, I’ve turned into a woosh since coming to live here!) Or forgo that in favour of some of the kitchen gadets.

  33. carol says:

    oooooh, so many things to choose from. but am really drawn to rugs,linens, and drapes right now. everything is lucious.

  34. Holy ^*#@!!!!! I’ve never heard of this site, haven’t even popped over to look yet (WILL DO!!) but your photos are so pretty and have given me that rather anxious excited oh-my-goodness-I-need-that feeling so I’m thinking I’ll be loving everything?!? I wanted to come and sit in your pretty (tidy) loungeroom last week….may I now move out to the deck please??! xx

  35. Sue P says:

    I would love one of the duvet covers. They look gorgeous. But, then I may end up with a lot of kitchen stuff instead. :)

  36. Karen says:

    What a wonderful website! Thank you for introducing it to us. I, too, love beach decor and live in a little cottage on the water here in Connecticut in the USA. I just found some oars and paddles at a tag sale that I have wanted to hang or use like you have the white ones standing against the wall. I have a big sliding glass door that I have been trying to figure out how to cover without a lot of drapery to block the view. Right now I have an old sheet thumbtacked up there to block the hot sun. Talk about blocking the view! Being Swedish myself, I fell in love with this website and especially the white Vera or Signe cotton roman shades. The idea I instantly had was to white wash or paint the oar or paddle and use it as a curtain rod over the sliding door and suspend these roman shades from it. How cute would that be??
    I use a wheelchair and I love roman shades or blinds that pull up out of the way so I don’t entangle in fabric when I am going through the sliders with my chair and the breeze is blowing! These would look so cute and could easily attach to the oar, especially the Vera roman blind that ties on! I am so excited!! I hope I can win the giveaway!
    Thank you!!!!!!

  37. Nicola says:

    It would have to be the Aalto vase – I have wanted one forever. Everyone knows this classic piece of Scandinavian design.

  38. Melinda says:

    If I was super lucky I would choose the Natural Oak BIRDS – I could almost have all three sizes !!!
    Ive always liked these guys and would love a little wooden flock here in my home

    thanks for the fun xx

  39. indiansummer says:

    I see myself drying off with new bath toweIs, stepping onto my new rug, and putting on my new Frill nightgown. ;-)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. Elizabeth says:

    That little carafe and those mugs are pretty cute!!!

  41. Alice says:

    Grand Cru Soft carafe
    Paperboat drinkingset
    Korento mug blue x6
    Parken coffee cup light blue x12
    Kivi candleholder large
    Floating Flowers vase (blue) – pricy but gorgeous
    Sill tablecloth
    Eva Solo Citrus press
    These are a few of my favourite things…lol Ofcourse this is a small list of things I would have to choose from….

    I love those stripy mugs of yours…They are lovely (I have something very similar) and that jug is very cute… I am fiding that I am very drawn to glass especially if it is lightly tinted with a blue/green/yellow shade!

    • Alice says:

      Didrik fabric in creme – plus this one to make curtains for the kids rooms – absolutely perfect and gorgeous!

  42. Anne Hartman says:

    My daughter is getting married soon and will be having purple ranunculus in her bouquets. I would love to get some Ranunkel string lights for decorations. I also love love love the Roman shades.

  43. the freckled minx says:

    The universe has spoken and it is definitely the Marimekko Fabric – loving it sick and imagining all the lufflies that I could whip up using it…..B:) x

  44. Catherine says:

    Has to be the calendar wall decoration – I would so love to be organised!!!

  45. Trudi says:

    I have a lot of daggy that could look a whole lot of pretty with the help of $150 from SDC!!! First up would be some gorgeous fabric to cover my awful, but full of potential, hand me down dining chairs!

  46. Elizabeth Ramstad says:

    That Marimekko Ladybear bag definitely spoke to me. I love this website! My Mother and I traveled to Norway and Sweden many years ago and she sewed a dress of Marimekko fabric for me which I loved forever–she also made tablecothes and runners–very bright and cheerful and shouted of our heritage. Love that memory and love this website–thanks for bringing it to my attention. I love following you on Instagram, too.

  47. Sarah says:

    Such beautiful homey bits. I am swooning over the “Monogram roman blinds” in white. Perfect for my laundry window and kitchen window and french doors. Currently we have blankets covering the windows. Mind you they are very nice blankets but it still gives a rather ‘rental’ feeling about the room.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win. :)

  48. Anonymous says:

    The dorm shelf. It’s in the kid section but lots of times that’s where you find the best stuff…cause kids always have the best things.

  49. Lynn Cleave says:

    If I was lucky enough to win the $150 voucher one of the items i’d splurge on would be the ‘Sill Oilcloth’ for my new white UV resistant wicker outdoor dining set i’ve just purchased. The Sill oilcloth is retro Scandanavian style with blue herrings printed on linen – perfect for a beach house! Having moved into my house (fairly near the beach) in October finances are VERY tight and I often don’t have the luxury of much money for accessorising – it would be awesome to go crazy in this great Scandanavian store – thanks for sharing this good website find x

  50. Kat says:

    You know on a very limited budget in a very small house, I would be grateful for anything that would lift my spirits and that of our home right now.

  51. Kamini Navin says:

    Hej Sarah! (‘Hello’ in Swedish)

    I have an uncle who’s Swedish, and my aunt who’s married to him, have been my source of inspiration, for Swedish home decor inspiration. I could absolutely relate to this Scandinavian website, as I have seen many of my aunt’s beautiful Swedish ornaments and furnitures(through FB photos) and love their simplicity and fluid designs in all textiles, furnitures and kitchen items.

    If I were to win this delightful voucher, my first choice would have to be the Fjord Salad set as I love entertaining during summer and spring, with the roaring barbie in the background. I would also purchase the attractive school of fish design beautifully laid out on the Sill tablecloth , which would be perfect when I throw my outdoor ladies hi-tea parties.

    Lastly, I would frame the Kurbits kitchen towel with a thrifted frame from one of the delightful op shops in Adelaide, and hang this gorgeous prints in my sons’ bedroom.

    Thank you for a delightful opportunity, it was such a pleasure for my eyes to peruse the Scandinavian Design Center website.

    Kamini xx
    Adelaide, SA

  52. Julie says:

    Yowsers! I do love me a giveaway Sarah! That Scandinavian Design Centre website is positively brimming with delicious items to tempt. I was kinda hoping to see some very Scandi Christmas decorations cos I so love to decorate northern hemisphere style during our Aussie summer Christmas – I will be sure to pop back to their website closer to Chrissy. BUT I did find something that has coastal/vintage/industrial style written all over it and would fit into any room of the house. I loooove the KORBO range of galvanised baskets. Lots of sizes to choose from and I can just see them in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room or out on the deck filled with whatever takes your fancy. Love. It.

  53. Chantel says:

    Gotta say I have major table love too, Sarah. I’d probably spend it all in one swoosh going towards the Attebladrose tablecloth :)

  54. Anonymous says:

    Wow.. have you seen the Lappuliisa fabric? How could there be any unhappiness in a house with some of that ? You’d just have to point a grumpy child at it.. their eyes would widen, the complaints would immediately cease and everyone would start to smile! I need some NOW.

  55. Rachel says:

    The Nordic Shine candleholder (in white) is one of the many pretties I’m coveting. With four little kiddies, that would certainly bring ‘date night’ home. x

  56. Sharon says:

    Having been reading your blog for a few months now, I always come away from your posts feeling inspired to create in my own home on the mid-north Coast of NSW, the “feeling” that comes across in yours from your blog. I have just painted our nasty bottle green verandah a gorgeous shade of white, put in some matchstick blinds and some white painted furniture, together with a table made from an old crate (which I found at a recent council chuck-out after reading of your roadside crate find), which I’ve put casters on. Now all that’s left to find is the perfect blanket to snuggle up with my family on my new verandah in these chilly winter months (though not quite as chilly as back in blighty – I don’t miss British winters). Lo and behold, after reading this post, when I checked out the Skandanavian Design Center’s website, I came across some gorgeous wool blankets with designs that instantly transported me back to childhood and my favourite book – The Bullerby Children by Astrid Lindgren (who also wrote Pippi Longstocking). So, perhaps if I’m lucky enough to win, I can sit on my Beach Cottage inspired verandah, with my Skandanavian blanket and read The Bullerby Children to my own two beautiful children, Emily and Ben and then they can grow up with the same wonderful memories as me!

  57. bec says:

    Ok.. this is big! I have (scan)ned…the entire website…(do you like my pun?).. and it’s official I’m in love!… I desperately need some bowls and adore the small origo stripy ones..in beige..cute as! Oh and those grace coffee mugs in white and grey are lush!… and that Blond creamer is finding it’s way to my house one way or another!
    Great give away Sarah, and thanks for the hot tip on this great website.
    cheers Bec x

  58. Robyn says:

    Hi Sarah! My son and his fiance are at the moment planning their very exciting wedding in January which will be held in the “Ice Hotel” in Sweden! If I had $150 to spend at the Scandinavian shop I would buy things for their new home together so that every day as they used these things they could remember this special day. A Kullinar plate , A Dalahast horse,some grey Kulku mugs, An Ida Kitchen towel. Thanks so much for the give a way and the chance to win- !

  59. Claire says:

    I’d grab myself a gorgeous cotton chenille Vera blanket (in nougat) and a couple of cushions’ worth of the lovely Pieni Unikko cushions. Then I’d head out into my little Old Country garden with some warm bread fresh from my current crush – our new breadmaker – popped into a breadbag (it has to be the Milano sand/white colour). Mmmmm : )

  60. Vic says:

    So many delicious goodies to choose from but top of the wishlist is Kaiku fabric from Marimekko. It’s so pretty and so typically Scandinavian :-)

  61. Susan @ Afford Your Passions says:

    I’ve never heard of this store before, but it looks like they have some lovely things.

    If I had $150 to spend, I would buy the Hoganas jug 1/2 (which I believe is the one featured in your post), and a couple of the Karamell wool throws, which look deliciously soft.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway, Sarah!

  62. Nathalie says:

    Love, love, love… even if I don’t win it is so much fun to choose from this webshop some really nice things to create beautiful little corners around my house. Like the romantic Vera curtains and roman blinds for my little girls’ room or a touch of turquoise on the table with the Grand cru waterglasses or even as simple as a nice Ulla kitchen towel (with a few blue stripes of course) and to go over the top a VIPP wastebin for the bathroom (because who can justify 250 something € on a trash can ?!? ;-))… oooh, I just have to stop shopping because I get overexited of “buying” all these lovely things … ;-))

  63. Angela says:

    I just want to win something.

  64. Diana says:

    Oh the little white jug with the creamer and Rillo mugs to add to my collection
    to help dream another dream of my beach house ~~~~~

  65. Anne says:

    I would use the $150 to get lamps for our living room. We moved into our new house 4 months ago and I am still looking for the perfect lamps to complement our decor – help us!

  66. consolacion lauria says:

    Dear Sarah,

    I have spent a LOT of time than what I have intended on your website and at the ScandinavianDesignCenter! Your photos are inspiring, they send feelings of joy and serenity by just looking at them.
    Anyway, we have recently moved to NSW two months ago and left everything behind (we brought mostly only our clothes!) Most of our stuff were given away to relatives and friends and is starting over. As husband is still trying to get hold of a job that will match his profession and get us back on track, I am holding back on buying fancy stuff. After almost two hours of browsing the website, I still have not made up my mind which item to pick if I win the voucher! I am torn between the Lisa rug (pink/vanilla) to put in our bedroom plus the Acrobat cutlery (so we can have decent,matching ones) OR the Rug plus the Under cover oven bowls OR the cutlery plus some Tulpania Fabric for a DIY curtain…oh wait…maybe spend it all on those Swedish plates in white which are lovely. Oh well, if I dont get the voucher at least it was fun visualizing and designing our home in my head. :) (More fun if I win it though!)

    Wish you more success and thanking you for inspiring us.


  67. Cheryl says:

    Hi Sarah!
    Boy, if I had $150 gift certificate to Scandinavian Design Center, I would buy just a few things that made me feel like I was *you* busily enjoying life at the Beach Cottage. For instance, I would need to have the oatmeal-colored Fleece Snood Scarf for $60. Gotta keep that neck warm from the offshore chill! Then I would take the Eva Solo White Towels for $24. A total necessity after bath in the garden! Then I would want to install the white Notre Dame Roman Blind for $49, in order to keep the sun out of my room when I am having a nap after a busy afternoon treasure hunting. The Smile Art Print I’d buy would for $3 remind me to “Smile, breathe, and go slowly” the next time, so I wouldn’t need a nap. Finally, the blue Shark Bottle Opener for $12 would help me get to that frosty drink I need when I get up to relax for the evening. That’s $60+24+49+3+12 = $148. Woo-hoo! I’d still have $2 left to find that unexpected last-minute treasure, wherever it’s lurking at the ScandinavianDesignCenter [dot] com.
    This is so fun! Thanks for the chance to win!

  68. Rebecca Colman says:

    If I was blessed to win $150 from the Scandinavian Design Center I would follow your lead Sarah and add touches of whimsy and delight to my growing beach cottage, just like you do. It’s the little elements of simplicity and purity that capture the greatest moments of pause for the soul.

  69. Rukmini Roy says:

    Hahaha, I’ll have to go with you on that. You know, that’s one reason I buy things online. love opening bubble wraps and the carefully packed box…even when I know whats inside, it feels good to have it. Its just the childish joy.

    LOVE the second photograph. We dont get peonies here :(

  70. Twexploits says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I live on the eastern coast of Canada and our decorating styles are very similar. My family took a leap of faith 8 years ago and moved to an island for a new life from a busy industrial city. And now we own our own seaside cottage as well Our move left dear friends behind. I’d use the gift certificate to buy matching mugs for my girlfriends who live far away so that we could share a cup of tea during our long distance chats to catch up.

    Thank you for all the beautiful pics that bring so many of us joy.

  71. Sara P. says:

    I am in love with the Hennika teapot! It would make my afternoon tea an extra special treat!

  72. pam in oregon says:

    My daughter is moving into her first apartment and i’ve been having the best time thrift shopping to find things for her. If I were to win your giveaway I’d use the voucher to purchase the Nobel Cutlery for my daughter to use. Thanks for the chance.

  73. Kelly says:

    Oh my goodness – what a great competition. I’m in love with those Tete A Tete salt and pepper mills – absolutely gorgeous design. It would also be hard to go past the Grow carpet (white/black).

  74. Madeline says:

    What a fabulous shop! I love the Unikko bed linen yellow-grey. It’s gorgeous.

  75. Diana says:

    Oh. I am sooooo not good at snap decisions. I would need to ooh and ahhh and look and think and. Then just be so very happy to be able to picks some goodies!!! Thanks so much!!it WOULD be just like Christmas!!!!!

  76. Dimity says:

    Some curtains would be on the top of my list! My first house, which I am about to guy… YAY! has old drab kiddie print curtains in some rooms, and no curtains in the others! I love what you have done with neutral curtains in your Beach Cottage and can’t wait to do the same.

  77. Kat says:

    I stumbled on your blog just recently and was instantly drawn to the white theme. I’m happy to say I’ve been inspired. To that end, I have a daughter in law who loves decorating too but times are tight for them financially with two little babes, so I’d love to share this shopping spree with her if I was lucky enough to win it. I’d go for the small Origo bowls. Super cute! I’m sure she’d love everything. But if we’re shopping together I’d bet we’d end up buying things for the wee grandkids! Thanks for the contest and thanks for your blog! Kat

  78. Susan says:

    That is just awesomely cool……okay, the first thing that hit me square in the eyes was the wonderful vase collections. Just WOW!!! At thos fabulous prices I could score an entire collection for the top of my mantel…..great summer surprise and thank you for thinking of us….Susan

  79. Sherry in Canada says:

    So any beautiful things. I believe I would choose to spend it on 6 of the Mon Amie plates. They seem so scandinavian to me and I collect blue and white kitchen ware. These plates would be so beautiful on my table and echo my Swedish heritage….(which I know very little about). Maybe they would encourage me to actually research my family tree? Hope you pick me.

  80. Ashley K says:

    I’m painting a black/white/red cherry tree in my bedroom instead of painting the walls, and those tree bomb cushions would be a perfect match! I love the simplicity of scandinavian design :)

  81. i would love to spend some of that money on things for my house thanks for the giveawaya

  82. Suzan says:

    So many choices and oh so many wishes. Right now I am trying to prettify my bedroom and want to add a few more simple touches. Besides my eldest girl loves anything from Europe. Even her boyfriend is Finnish. I am sure there are many things we could do.

  83. I’d go for a graphic table cloth (maybe the Åttebladsrose in beige) and a few of the beautiful cheap tea towels on top… they can be turned into cushion covers, dining chair covers, place mats… all kinds of things. I love the look of clean coordinating graphic fabrics and the base for popping a few simple white and glass accessories around the kitchen/dining/living area (all spaces are one, at my tiny place!)

    Thanks for the great giveaway offer Sarah!
    Catherine @ The Spring

  84. Carina says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Love your blog! And how exciting with a giveaway! Scandinavian style is my big favorite and your blog has so much of that style. Must be the reason your blog is the one I visit most often:-)

    If I was the lucky one to win a voucher I would go for one of the Pappelina rugs, which I love love LOVE! Especially their “mud” colored ones…. (A Viggo maybe, or a Bob?)

    All the best,
    New Zealand

  85. Shaz says:

    Hi Sarah,
    For startsrs I would love a collection of the La Shelf storageboxes. Love the pops of colour they would add to the kitchen and our sons room. And if there is some change I would go for one of the graphic tea towels.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  86. limor says:

    hi sara،
    first I must say that I enjoy your blog!
    I would love to use it for my daughter room and buy a”vera curtain” we need at list two, because we have two windos.
    limor ~ israel

  87. Deborah Daigle says:

    I love your ideas I live in my grandmothers home which was the towns school house my father went to the school when it closed my grandfather bought it I’ve been in it now for 13 yrs the house in general hasn’t changed the house is bead-aboard ceiling an walls it had no closets do I had a large walk in built have put down new floors, painted I’m now in the kitchen which has 8 foot windows so curtains an blinds are very hard to find to fit so I would use the money to buy old shutters an use then for window treatments i think it would add a Lil something to my kitchen

  88. Karen Hancock says:

    Oh my goodness, I just spent over an hour window shopping! And my list is growing. What a simply delicious shop, thank you so much for sharing!
    I would have to choose, vera carpet grey, hmm no I think yellow, oh no but the turquoise is amazing too.
    Oh no have you seen the Prick Apron, Polka dots are my porn! Is simply fantastic.
    And the milk floor lamp, and oh I havent even made it to the wee little white jugs and I am already in so much trouble!
    I think It would take me days to choose, but they would be glorious days!

  89. Sharyn says:

    Lovely linens and white – anything white white white! Specially white jugs. I guess I am going to end up with a collection shelf of my own too. :)

  90. Ellie says:

    Oh dear big mistake clicking on that link. Gulp.

    Have to say that I am very tempted with the Korbo Bins. I am in the process of planning/designing a butlers pantry and those would be great for potato/onion storage bins..

    Though that jug on your table is just gorgeous. Our local flower farm have Iris in bloom at the moment and they would just look gorgeous in that jug.



  91. sherry says:

    Oh,so many lovelies to choose from!!! Needing some curtains, but I am also in the process of redecorating my bedroom in white and beachy blue. Your blog always has great inspiration!
    Thank you for sharing :)

  92. Selby says:

    Fairy lanterns for the garden at the new place to make it feel a bit homely when we move to in a few weeks & snuggly throw rugs for keeping toasty on the lounge because winter out there sure is properly cold- colder even than melb which feels pretty cold to this little kitten:)

  93. Shell says:

    Love your taste and style! I also have a beach cottage but it’s extra small! (400 square feet) it’s on a small island in Washington State. I love it and have been slowly working on it. My latest project is building a window seat in my kitchen and I also put up new window trims and a window sill, So I would love dress up the windows with the Notre Dame roman curtains, and use the matching cushions on my new window seat. I also would love the herb stands to put on my new window sill and then I may need some of those neat herb savers! That would finish off my latest project! : )

  94. Cheryl S. says:

    G’day Sarah! Love, Love those pretty Marimekko fabrics for some new pillow covers and curtains… and really anything would be fab, as I am Scandi too. Your beach cottage style is just awesome! XX

  95. Jennifer :: says:

    Oh, so much Swedish goodness to chose from …. but .. definitely Wallpaper – Family or Amelie. Ah, but then again a couple of Tillsammans ViTre pillows would just be divine. Decisions… decisions … but thanks for pointing me towards that great website. x

  96. Sarah says:

    Our shower screen just broke, so my handyman fiance has revamped our bathroom with a delightful (word…insanely uuuuggly) clear and grey shower curtain. I’d definitely be picking up a Unikko Shower Curtain and as quickly as I added that to my cart, it would have to be closely followed by a handful of Filippa K Plates. These would be perfect for entertaining and distracting oneself’s from the minor bathroom reno.

  97. Jennifer says:

    My creative juices are not flowing at the moment. I was newly married in May and newly unemployed in June…we would love $150 to spend on kitchen accessories that we need to update in our home. Salt and pepper grinders, canisters, etc…Linens would be great too!

  98. Karen says:

    Hi, Sarah,
    Just wondering if you picked a winner for the giveaway yet? I feel like an over excited kid just waiting for an answer! Sorry to bother you!

  99. Michelle Frain says:

    being a Marimekko devotee I would put my gift voucher toward some Nanuk fabric to upholster a retro arm chair with which lives in my guest bedroom

  100. Anonymous says:

    Wondering to who won the giveaway!! When do we find out? : )

  101. Roslyn Young says:

    I am just starting to create my litttle beach home and I know it will take a little time to finish but ohhhh…. what fun I am having seeking, searching, buying all those little things that will fit in just perrrrrrfectly and to win a voucher the mind just boggles:-)