Beach Cottage doing the pastel Pommie thing

Tue 24th, Jul, 2012

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Beach Cottage ladies (plus one lonesome man – please if you are male and read this blog, speak up now or forever hold your peace) today I am going a little bit Pommie with beachy pastels and pinks, blues and some English cheer, the good old daff…plus the odd shell or starfish for some beachy decor.




Now first off if you are not from this land, a Pommie is a nick-name given to gals like me who have transplanted themselves from Old Blighty to the sunnier climes of The Lucky Country, mostly a jovial, happy, tongue-in-cheek term of affection, however some Pommies I know do not like it and in the years I have been here I have heard twice it directed towards me with aggression – once in sport where I was addressed as a ******* Pom and the other time when in a small Australian coastal town and called a ******* pom migrant because of my accent.  I can handle that.

As I write this the weather is particularly English like, the rain is not your typical lashing down Australian rain, it is rather a soft drizzle, the sky is a warmish grey pink, the gutters are dripping, the tea is in the pot and on the way home from the school run driving in this soft piddling rain, I found myself thinking of England, which fits in quite nicely because recently I did a bit of a pretty English type foof around in the dining room…

To be quite honest, foofing around is the last thing I should be doing, I am going away for a week next week, I have interesting things going on because of this here blog, Mr Beach Cottage is busy at work and I am trying to get things organised for all that, so instead of actually getting my act together and doing that, I do my classic, which is procrastinate wildly and start doing things that are ‘essential’, like tidying up the dining room, dusting and re-arranging it with pastels and pops of colour..duh

….when you hear me panicking that I don’t have a suitcase and my clothes are not ironed and I can’t find my passport or visa, please remind me that I do though have dusted shelves with pretty pastels arranged on them…


20120724-03-beach-cottage-dresser_thumb 20120724-04-beach-cottage-dining-room

This all started though because of the Daffs that are everywhere right now and because I was contacted by an English magazine for a feature, one of the questions was what would I decorate like if I were not in Australia…tricky to answer that really, I don’t actually think it matters where you live as to what you decorate your home like, I love shells and white so I think if I were landlocked in the middle of Australia or any place for that matter, I would still go down that route somewhat, but I must say that I do love the more pretty English floral/pinky look sometimes…and the best thing about using white in your decor, as I always say on here, is that you can throw anything at it and it will be able to handle it quite nicely…fancy going a bit modern, white works, chucking in a bit of chintz, yep, adding some retro, yes too easy…

So I shopped the house for this, disguised as tidying up and ‘dusting’ when really I was playing Beach Cottages…I just used books for colour and a few bits of china that have pops of bright….


I also blame this whole scenario on the Green Tea bottle, I love the colours on there right now and the Green Tea inside wasn’t bad either Winking smile


Well that is about it from me, I have lots to do, I need to go to the mall for a few essentials for my trip, but actually all I find myself doing is foofing…and for some reason I keep buying things to plant…now getting a bit embarrassing outside the back deck with the plants that I have to get in before I go otherwise they won’t be here when I get back…Mr Beach Cottage is pretty good but watering the garden is not one of his strengths…

It’s funny there seems to be some strange nesting going on here (no definitely not what you think)…I think it might be because we have finally made some more decisions on this old cottage…we have been ummming and ahhing for ages as to further renovations and what to do…finally we have made the decision to invest in a few further things, more on that soon, but including renovating the outside of the house (right now it is render, which we had done as a temporary fix when we first moved in and I have never liked), replacing the windows (most of them, hopefully not the original sash, they can be restored), a new roof and knocking down a few walls inside to change the dynamics of the breakfast room & kitchen…so I guess with those decisions made I am further putting down roots here and perhaps that is why I am buying pots of things to plant and foofing around like crazy…

Life is weird is it not?

My family are used to it whatever, there were a few eyebrows being raised at the pastels in the dining room when we ate our roast pork on Sunday, but we are happy and that is what counts eh?

G’day then


p.s. if you are a fat blog troll do not even think about right clicking and zooming in on my dusting skills or the state of that tablecloth or the chairs, you will not be impressed Smile  and thanks for the comments yday, to be honest I am so glad I blogged about that troll because I found myself feeling really self-conscious and stupid about this whole blog and worried that I can never put anything on here again (like the tablecloth above that is showing signs of life) unless it is perfect…you girls confirmed everything I think and why I blog…that being perfect ain’t what is happening at this stage of life for me…three kiddos, busy mum, one lovely naughty puppy and starting a new life in shabby around the ears cottage on the other side of the world…


Barley Boo blogged here when we were down by the sea when the sun was very much shining check him out xo


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38 Responses to “Beach Cottage doing the pastel Pommie thing”

  1. bridgette says:

    bhahahahaha I loved your PS :) have a nice trip next week

  2. Glennie says:

    Nice – love the colours. Oh and by the way “stick your addy” is such a down under comment – not a pommy one at all … Glennie x

  3. Jane says:

    Your “foofing” inspires me. Please keep it up. Oh, I too love that Green Tea bottle. Hard to imagine such lovely artwork on a bottle and you get great tea too. Another good idea …nice work! Hope you have a wonderful trip.

  4. B says:

    Right, well… There will be a garage sale at my house on the weekend selling all my dark timber furniture. I need to have white… really… there is no other option! I love the fresh clean lines and your pops of colour. Love, love, love it!


  5. Alison says:

    Hi Sarah, I love popping over to white beach cottage land, you’ve always got some great inspiring foofing going on…i need my dose of inspired foofing every now and then and you always come up with the goods. I’m off to get me some English daffs and dig out my green tea bottle, it’s too cute to waste tucked away in the cupboard (actually I think my daughter stole it and is using it as a decorative piece on her dressing table). And thanks so much for making me feel better about procrastinating, it’s the one thing I do the best. Glad i’m not the only one ; ) Have a great trip…look forward to reading about it. x

  6. bec says:

    Awwww…so purrty!!!
    Sometimes posting things that you are passionate about whether it be pictures or words can feel like you’re bearing part of your soul and you can feel very vulnerable…( or is that just me?)… don’t feel self conscious.. we all love it… warts and all!
    keep it coming sister…
    Bec x

  7. Scribbler says:

    I have tried to subscribe to your blog several times to come in the email but it just doesn’t seem to work. I do love to read your posts.

  8. Debbie Panton says:

    Enjoy your trip!! Like the English touches… although with the ” eh” at the end of the post… thinking you might be going a bit Canadian… You’d be welcome anytime.. and we’re having some great weather…so you might enjoy it. Missed the post you were referring to about the ” Blog Trolls… what was that about??

  9. Oh the passport, visa, packing etc will take care of itself (?) you just keep foofing and showing us pretty pics!! And your ps IS funny!, I have found myself panicking slightly when taking a photo and spotting dust, stains, smeared biscuits in the background but really, that’s life. Well my obviously filthy one anyway!! Love the tea bottle and pretty colours! xx

  10. Alice says:

    Personally I love the way the pommies ;) do coastal… I find myself at this time of the year hunting magazines from the U.K for inspiration (I find Americans and french do the whole rustic thing(I love that too) the best in my humble opinion, the aussies do bush/outback really well nothing quite like it <3). Pastels are gorgeous and cheery! Love them. You remind me of me during exam time… I would clean the house top to bottom before I could muster up the nerve to sit and do my assignments or study for any exam (my mum loved exam time…I wasn't allowed to watch T.V but cleaning was always encouraged – HA!)

    So excited to hear about your renos! We just got our Asbestos removed yesterday from the laundry area and tomorrow they start on the footings for the wall that is going up that will convert this tiny house into a 2 toilet household with an internal laundry! Horrah! Are you goiong to go with color bond roof?! We have that planned for our place…. Love me a tin roof any time of the week! We are tossing up between blue or silver… I want to write more but I am so aware of all the web space I am taking that I will stop now…Looking foward to the news letter!

    • sarah says:

      you can take as much space as you like here, it’s not limited lol!

      Yes we are going with a nice tin roof…cannot wait x

  11. Sarah,

    Please don’t listen to those negative people. I love popping over here, reading your blog and pinning some of your pics too! I hope you’ve gotten some traffic from that.

    Keep it up for our sakes please :)

    E x

  12. Hannah says:

    I missed the troll saga – but good for you for ignoring them! I don’t mind it people give constructive criticism but so many people troll and are nasty absolutely for the sake of it and it is just awful. Your place and your blog is gorgeous – don’t ever stop!

    As for your pretty new pastel pieces and the gorgeous daffs on the table – I love them, they look beautiful and make me thing of spring x

  13. Kat says:

    Ooh lovely as always.
    You wouldn’t be popping over to NYC like some other bloggers I have been reading about, would you?
    Hm…do tell ;)
    I second loving your ps. Nice work Miss Sarah! :)

  14. Mummaducka says:

    Your priorities are like mine! However you seem to have most everything all tidy, decluttered and organised. Therefore packing will be a breeze! I recall planting heaps of plants and fresh garden beds last year before I went on a three week trip, then had strict watering instructions for the young house sitter- Who really could not have given a toss about it. Dah!!! Luckily it rained most of the time and she didn’t have to worry about it. Plus then I had to get things in a state that she could live in da house! Trying times!

  15. Selby says:

    Gorgeous as always! Love the pretty touches & thinking I need to make space for doing more of that… I used to & I miss it- makes a place feel like home with a few pretties about I reckon. Love the daffs:)

  16. Sharon Forward says:

    Your dresser looks so pretty! Funny your being reminded of ol blighty with the weather and I at last am being reminded of Oz with our weather lol I do exactly the same a bit ot trissing which translates as foofing is a great way to put of the really important stuff lol I do it all the timex

  17. HRH Sarah says:

    Hey, Sarah. I don’t know about you, but when I have something stressful or “important” going on, it really helps me to foof around with something that isn’t obviously important. A lot of times, it’s just that distraction that allows me to zone out enough to keep my mind from buzzing too much. I was told once that when we start working on something that seems irrelevant, it’s our brain’s way of calming our nerves. It actually causes you to focus more effectively on the things that need doing. Or, it could just be that the Arizona tea bottle was too freakin’ cute to toss without styling first ;)
    Can’t wait to hear your bloggy news, and keep them foofin’ pictures coming. I don’t have time for my own foofing, so I have to enjoy yours for now.

  18. Alexa says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I have been follong your Blog for a while now. Never commenting. But today I want to tell you that i really love it! All the decor, your ideas and your style of writing.Thanks for the inspiration. My old Cottage in the vinyards is getting white more and more ;-)
    Just one thing: Couldn’ t find any pics of your house from an outside view.. Don’t want to show?

    • sarah says:

      Hi Alexa

      Nice to ‘meet’ you, I like the sound of your vineyard cottage…

      I prefer to keep some things private :-) x

  19. alison says:

    I am procrastinating big time today over a very unpleasant, but essential task that may lead to all sorts of good things in time but ohhh the pain.

    Like your knick knacks on the shelves.


  20. Sarah Klem says:

    Oh so pretty! So nice to see the ‘good’ floral china out and about. Mine is stored safe and sound (away from the cat and dust) but I’m always thinking of ways to get it out and about…as long as it doesn’t involve plate hangers……more scones and tea………and maybe wine!
    Please keep foofing, it’l keep the blog trolls on their toes xx

  21. Oh yes I agree about the china too – it looks great against the white. Keep foofing. We’ll keep reading and oohing and aahing over your photos!! :)

  22. Ooooooooo, I especially love the pops of blue and aqua!!! My favorite colors!

    I’m sorry someone slapped you around, that is NOT nice and I’m sure they don’t have any friends, or fans.


  23. Eleanor says:

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  24. loulou says:

    Dust *coughing now!
    You’re kidding me Sarah – you are gorgeous in every way, you keep it real and I love that about you.
    Yours was one of the first blogs I followed – a few years ago – never commented until about a year ago.
    We have growth and changes and lots of love expressed through blogs.
    so you keep on doing was peeves the trolls right off – it’s the best.

    x Loulou

  25. Manda says:

    No fat blog troll here, just a very appreciative reader who loves your style. And LOVES the fact that you are ‘real’.
    Keep blogging Sarah, life here in my little cottage wouldn’t be the same without you!

  26. Helen T says:

    Kia ora Sarah,
    your blog is part of my daily routine, like reading the paper and logging on to Facebook, I am always so excited to read every new post from either yourself or Barley lol. People are so mean and spiteful, I love your ethos and practical approach to supporting your family, and aspire to have a home which looks as beautiful as yours, Delete all nasty blog trolls horrid comments in future, pity you couldnt have a toilet button to send them to their proper place
    Kind regards