Beach Cottage Decor Coastal Table Makeover

Wed 25th, Jul, 2012

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Well G’day Beach Cottage lovelies, showcasing my drips today with the beachy coastal farmhouse table makeover progress…


This was all going mighty dandy, indeed there was some little touches of jigs around this cottage…

and all was planned…the legs would be pure beach cottage white, with a little piddle tad of runs here and there just for authenticity, smile*

…and the top would be, rather than what I said before, (which was waxed), white-washed with just a whisper of white grey….we were raring to go….

My professional painting assistant, ooops I mean man with a droop, I mean drip, aka Mr Beach Cottage, was all ready to go with the whitewash, there was much deliberation to the consistency…and much talking of how white it would and would not be…



…and then we put the top on her big old chunky white leggies and oooh, nup, hold it right there Mr Beach Cottage….errrrm not sure whether we should just leave this and wax as per my original plan or go for a more whitewashed look…

So now she sits here, in limbo


She hasn’t even had her legs scuffed up and I am not sure when that will happen before I get on a jet plane to leave these lucky lands and get myself to the Big Apple Winking smile

What is going through my rose-tinted avec drips head is this : she looks kinda rustic and farmy left in her naked state, yeah, and I like that whole, you know, rusticy, country, scrubbed-table-and-chickens-in-the-garden with a touch of  beach-cottage-coastal-down-under but I am thinking this may be on the orangey side……


You may have noticed that I like to foof, right now I am particularly partial to a leetle bit of food styling and foofing…and right on this table would be nice…but not with an orange background….that would need it to be white

And so as I am writing this I am back to going white….off to tell Droop ;-)

What do you think?



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65 Responses to “Beach Cottage Decor Coastal Table Makeover”

  1. Kirsty says:

    Ooh yes, I think white would be lovely! Perfect for food photography, now you’re giving me ideas for my own scrubbed pine dining table!! xo K

  2. Molly says:

    I think it should be white, or at least a lighter color. I agree it is kinda orange looking. still jealous of your table find; I’m still hunting for mine.

  3. Lorna says:

    Love it Sarah! I think you are right though…all white table would work with your beachy theme best. I read your blog daily and use it for inspiration….thank you so much for the countless hours of enjoyment.

  4. Susan says:

    I love a Baltic pine look – not quite as orangey, but very rustic without going white.

    Have a fun trip to New York!

  5. Yes it is too orange and I think you should grey-and-beige-wash it. Like the colour of french willow baskets grey and beige.

    xx Karen

    • Nst90 says:

      That sounds good to me. A grey wash or a darker wax maybe?

      Oh and if you’re going to whitewash, test on another piece of wood first to check the ‘whiteness’!! Good luck!

      Ps love your drips ..

  6. Stacey (harrimar) says:

    Yep too orange, but it would be nice left plain but a bit more “bleached out, raw state, wood looking” if you know what I mean… could you work that magic? ; )
    S xo

  7. YES WHITE!!! Quick, grab mr droop!! I am sooo in the same place as you right now, I have a bench and a table both with timber tops and it just isn’t quite right! (Especially for pretty backgrounds!) So for purely selfish reasons please slap (tho no drips please!?!) that white paint wash on and get back to us ASAP!? Actually in all honesty I do rkn a white-ish top would look gorgeous in your cottage. xx

  8. Debbie Panton says:

    Yes, do it white. I had a same issue with a table I got a few years ago. Did the whole thing white.. and I like it much better and with all your beautiful table scaping ( not sure that’s the right way to write that word), I’ll look forward to lots more beautiful pics!

  9. You crack me up … do you think they’ll paint it red while you’re away?!!

  10. Gen says:

    Yes, I think you are right – white is the way to go. I really like it but white would look better with all your taupe cushions. I have lots of the baltic pine colour in our house and it never looks good with the french greige colour unfortunately! I’ll paint everything white …one day.

  11. Sharon says:

    Hey Sarah
    Yes I agree, go white and don’t forget the mandatory paint dribbles :-))) . Anything in our house with even a hint of the orange-ee tinge has got ‘the treatment’. I can’t help myself. I was wondering what mischief your family will get up to with it while you’re away . Painting the top a different colour everyday?? I think mine would! Have a great time in NYC. Was there Oct last year, just a fabulous city. We squeezed in a trip to the Hamptons, hope you get the chance to go there too. Take care Sharon :-)

    • sarah says:

      thanks Sharon, they would know their life wouldn’t be worth living to do that lol!

      I won’t be making it to the Hamptons :-((( xx

      • Sharon says:

        Oh that’s a shame , you would absolutely love all the beautiful houses there. Give my regards to the Big Apple. Travel Safe x :-)

  12. Alice says:

    Hmmm.. What do you mean by white? White washed (I am partial) or completely white like the gorgeous legs (not so keen I am afraid). You are right the top is too orange but you can remedy that…. Get your self some dark stain… Apply in small doses and as you apply rub it in with a cloth…Keep repeating layers until you get the look you like…. Once dry apply white/grey wash to your hearts content… Then seal with some black (or clear wax though they say you should use something more durable to seal like a matte or shiny floor boards sealer)… The only reason why I am not so keen on the all white it’s because it is a nice chunky big piece…It might look like a huge white piece in your dining room/space and dominate or compete in the space… The wood top adds a bit of warmth and will ground the piece a bit (in my humble opinion) plus tie in all hte other bits of rustic wood you have about like your aors.

  13. Candice says:

    Hi Sarah , I am in the same situation , not sure what to do with the top of my table . Ive painted chairs recovered them , painted table underneath and legs . Just the top has me confused . Wax ? does that work with teens and the lads ? Solid paint ? I think I might hit this table top with bleach and steele wool to start with to see what I can come up with first . Its an on danish wood table I scored for $50 . Same thing though looks orange , and I don’t want a dark stain . If I play with grey whites and black waxs with lighting from the pine ceiling it throws shadows and off whites take on yellow and its looks dirty . I am off to bleach . Cheers .

  14. Think you need to *white it* Mrs.BC…
    It’s a leetle too orange and it will always look that way to you , no matter what you do, or foof, or cover it with…

    Awesome size..will you keep it on the balcony or drag indoors when you do that renovating and removing of walls you mentioned??

    Enjoy packing for NY- one of my girlfriends just returned from a week there- it was HOT HOT HOT with very high humidity….sunscreen a must…Enjoy!

    Melissa x

  15. Melinda says:

    Def go with the white top – orange wood is not your friend !

    Have a fabulous trip if I dont get to wish you it before you head off – looking forward to hearing all about on the blog xx

  16. Kim Buca says:

    hmm now we all know i am a huge fan of paint it white but i kind of rather like that table as it is!! i had a cute pic to add to your wall of troll spray in a can keeping trolls away but i cant post it on your beach cottage wall darn it! thought you would like it lol

  17. Catherine says:

    I’m another one who thinks it needs something.. white wash, or maybe a very light tea stain colour to give it depth… good luck!

    Have a great time away!!!

    • sarah says:

      I am thinking it’s going all the way white baby!

      having a 65th look at it this afternoon it’s not staying that colour lol x

  18. bridgette says:

    OMG is that a paint drip i see before me PMSL !! haha ummmm i reckon you should white wash it, or paint it completely white or a grey top, now that would look mighty sweet, i love white and grey with a dash of aqua and yellow these days yummy :) now go and fix those paint drips ;)

    • sarah says:

      I am off to fix my droops and drips, thanks Bridgette for pointing them out to me, I didn’t notice them…what an amatuer ;-) xxx

  19. Would be cool if the top was made of driftwood, but maybe a project for another day? I’dlo e it white as well :)

    E x

  20. bridgette says:

    oh oh i had to come back cause i though of another idea Cheveron is all the rage too a cheveron top in grey and white could look so cool .. Or keep it white in as your originally plan and have a cheveron runner……. NOICE !!…. Going now :)

  21. Stupid phone! Previous comment should read, I’d love it white as well.

  22. Karen says:

    Hi Fiona, I agree nice table legs are great but think top is a little on the orange side. Needs a little white wash touch….touche

  23. Karen says:

    White all the way! You know you want to…….. X

  24. Amanda says:

    I think it looks lovely as it is …..white would look just as pretty also!!!
    So jealous of the daffodils ..we had such a short season of them here this year due to all the rain.

  25. Cherrie says:

    I like it au-natural with the white legs best. Cherrie

  26. Just popped back to read other comments, and can’t find the one I left with a link, has it been deleted? :)

  27. suzanne says:

    Hi sarah,
    I agree with everyones ideas, it does look more country than beachy, so off to white wash land for that big chunky table and I do believe you will be much happier.

  28. Def go white do your little whitewashing thing! Hope you have a wonderful time in the states! Too bad I live so far away I’d run around the corner to meet you.

  29. jan says:

    Greyish whitewash and wax….orangey wood just doesnt do it for you Sarah….think Layla did one a few years back. Have a wonderful wonderful time in NYC….looking forward to cyber travelling with you ……

    • sarah says:

      yes I think she did now you are saying that it has reminded me…a good few years back..will look it up xo

  30. Patricia says:

    I say White……
    Also adding that Pine wood goes more orange over time especially when exposed to light. So being outside you will end up with one orange table top Sarah.

  31. Emma says:

    Am grinning right now… not so long ago I re-arranged my whole house so I could have a white table to use as a backdrop for blog pics :-) I think I even devoted a post to the white table.
    Maybe the fairies will come in and paint it while you are away! Happy Travels… Emma.

    • sarah says:

      hmmm, I hadn’t thought of asking the fairies Emma, haha

      a white table goes a long way in blogland lolx

  32. Christine says:

    Sarah have you seen Diana’s table at Our Vintage Home Love? http://ourvintagehomelove.blogspot.com.au/

    To.Die.For!!! Seriously, if you haven’t seen it already, check it out :)

    Love, Love, Love the white legs, Gorgeous.


    • Christine, that is gorgeous, I have just become a follower our vintage home love, thanks!

      But it leaves me with a question for Sarah – how did this link get past your ‘spam’ filter when the one I posted yesterday didn’t? If you didn’t want me to post it there, I would have appreciated an honest answer as to why.

  33. alison says:


    I’m sure it will turn out lovely whatever you decide.

    Now more importantly, just where are those drips???


  34. I think you need the woody finish on the top. As you know I have the same dillemma with my table and it is indeedy very orange, I have a pic today of it in my post. If you go all white it will just look like a quickly painted white table, but if you finish it with a darker, greyish wood stain and sealer, it will be so much more handsome with a bit of character. I have asked around a lot about mine and that is what is the go at the moment. Not that I am in any way a trend follower. Just remember, if you still don’t like it, you can then paint it white. But it is so much harder to take the paint off once it is on there.

  35. Vicki says:


    Have fun on your trip to NYC! Have you ever visited the city before?

    • sarah says:

      yes I have been before, so even more ready for this trip and just soaking up the ambience ;-)

  36. jenni says:

    oh Sarah how much I luv this table and how much I wish I had the space for a similar one?!! you are amazing
    you do transform these pieces of furniture just like magic!!
    I will have to settle for an IKEA ext. round table but the leg is really nice and most importantly its white :)
    hugs xxx

  37. Love this table! In fact before I knew you had one, we bought one for our beach cottage! Was looking ideas and checked out your blog (as I do!), and voila! Snap! Looks divine! Have you an updated picture of this baby with white on top? We were just doing the legs too, but would love to see what you’ve done… Xx

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