BabyMac’s Easy Morroccan Salmon

Tue 3rd, Jul, 2012

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Yo Beach Cottage Ladies, today we have Morroccan Salmon in Beach Cottage Land, a Too Easy Recipe, yes please!

…and we have a little guest, her name is Beth (you can find out all about her here - I would very like a lil’ slice of her life and her hair come to think of it), please make her very welcome here today ladies…

Hello Beach Cottagers!

It’s nice to be down here by the coast for a change rather than up in the Southern Highands of NSW where I’m from. Sarah was kind enough to invite me over for a visit and a chat today and I am delighted to be here amongst all her crisp whiteness and vintage coastal goodness!

I’ve been reading Sarah’s blog for years now and when I met her in person just a few months ago now I have to say I was quite star struck! And excited to see her face in the flesh and not just that mysterious lady with the fancy basket at the wharf, or the lady with the cool ballet flats.

Sarah is just as nice as you would expect her to be and how I imagined her to be over all these years. Now I am lucky enough to call her a blogging associate (snort) and friend and now Guest Poster of the Beach Cottage Blog!

I’m a blogger too, and while our blogs are quite different in style and content we are quite similar.

I’m like the country version of The Beach Cottage – The Country Shack, although a shack isn’t quite an accurate description.

We made the move from the inner city life in Sydney to a simpler, slower life in a teeny tiny village of just 150 people in the Highlands almost 2 years ago now.

My girls and my man are all very happy we decided to take a leap of faith and start a new life here – kind of like Sarah and her family did too. A blog is a great way to document a life change like this – developing a style and decorating your house, joining new communities and making new friends along the way – I have loved to share every step of the way. Knowing that all those people would be there every time I opened my laptop, wherever I was, well that made the move all the easier.

Now, any good country woman doesn’t come and visit without a hostess gift and I have a little something for you all. A recipe! And not just any recipe – a fish one! See?  I adapt to my environment.

Recipe is originally taken/adapted from my Mum’s cookbook “More Please” a delicious series by Valli Little

Moroccan Spiced Salmon
: 2 smallish pieces of salmon
Marinade/rub for the fish
: 1 teaspoon paprika
: 1/2 teaspoon ground tumeric
: 2 teaspoons ground coriander
: 2 teaspoons ground cumin
: 2 garlic cloves
: 1 tablespoon lemon juice
: 1/4 cup fresh coriander
: 1/4 olive oil
Lemon dressing
: 1/2 cup whole egg mayo
: 2 tablespoons sour cream
: chopped coriander
: Juice of lemon & zest
: Chuck everything mentioned above for the rub into a food processor and blitz until finely chopped


: Rub onto the salmon and set aside covered in the fridge for 30 mins


: In a separate bowl whack in all the stuff you need from the dressing. The original recipe calls for preserved lemon but I didn’t have any so used lemon juice & zest instead. Mix and set aside


: After 30 mins chuck that salmon into a hot pan with a wee bit of oil. Remember that the marinade has oil in it so you don’t need much. Cook for 4 mins each side. You want it to be pink in the middle. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT be afraid of cooking fish. You can and willdo this.


: Serve with lemon wedges and potatoes if you are greedy like me. I also made a simple “drunken salad” which is just shredded iceberg drowned in a WHOLE lot of lemon juice, oil and salt. LOTS of salt.

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Hope you all enjoy it and thanks to Sarah for having me over.

Now, I’m off to find a stripey mug in Sarah’s white and silver kitchen to have a cup of tea…might even vignette something while I’m there!

Beth x

 Beth blogs over at BabyMac from the Southern Highlands, and is  just Beth.  She believes in family. Good friends. Pork. Champagne. Long lunches. Sleeping without being woken by small children. Clean sheet day. Fresh flowers in the home. Open fires and sitting by them with drink in hand. Using my passport. Love, real proper, heart thumping love with my husband. Bad reality TV. The internet. Cooking. Eating. Changing my hairstyle. Often. I believe in reading, writing, watching and sharing. And putting it ALL out there.

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11 Responses to “BabyMac’s Easy Morroccan Salmon”

  1. Yum! I will be trying this one. I just love salmon.

  2. Will definitely give this a try. The photos are good enough to eat!!

  3. jaime says:

    I don’t even like fish and I’m thinking of making this dish. It looks that good! Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. I’m so making this one Bev x

  5. Hannah says:

    I am not even a fan of fish and I think this looks delicious! I might try it on a milder flavoured fish or with some chicken – yum! Thanks for sharing x

  6. Karlee says:

    OH YUM! That looks delish :-D thanks for sharing it

  7. alison says:


    I just LOVE the NSW Southern Highlands. I drive there just to have lunch, sight see or do some shopping.


  8. Erika says:

    this sounds heavenly! I love fish (it is in fact the only meat I eat) and salmon is my favorite!

  9. It’s no secret that I love a bit of Baby Mac, and a lesser known fact is that salmon is my ‘death row dinner’. Morbid, but true. This recipe looks divine.

    It was great to meet you at NNB2012!